Hey! I have proof on this page, Timeline, that May 8 is Katniss' birthday. So in honor of it, I am making a birthday party. =D

Katniss Everdeen walks out of the forest in district 12 after a long day. She moves towards her home when all of a sudden tacosalad1127 pops out. "Hey!" says Katniss, "What are you doing?"

tacosalad1127 replies by saying, "Come here, I have something to show you." Katniss follows him through the streets a very long way until they are at tacosalad1127's house.

"Why did you bring me here?" asks Katniss.

"You'll see." Says tacosalad1127. They walk in and the lights turn on. Banners are everywhere and decorations are spread out. The kitchen table is all set up with foods and drinks of many kinds. There are lights in the backyard turned on and people are partying.

"Whoa! This is awesome." Says Katniss.

Just wait till you see your gifts." Says tacosalad1127, opening the door to the basement and pointing at the sea of presents already their.

Fidofiderson, TeamPeetaForever, Leshawna33, Totaldramarox97, Mockingjay5, Elviaalova, Firecatcher, and Anon... all say hi and then start partying. Katniss asks where Gale is and Everyone doesn't kknow, but TeamPeetaForever is just looking away and whistling. "Where is he?" asks Katniss.

TeamPeetaForever replies, "Don't worry I got him from district 2." She leads Katniss to a closet where Gale is tied up with a rag in his mouth.

Katniss is about to get revenge on Team PeetaForever, but she has run away and then she sees her cake and runs to it. Everyone starts singing happy birthday for her and then tacosalad1127 drags all the pressents in front of Katniss.

She starts opening them. The first gift is from Totaldramarox97. She receives a Phineas and Ferb T-Shirt and a The amazing race T-shirt. On the back of the amazin race T-shirt, there is one plane ticket for roundtrip anywhere. She thanks totaldramarox97 and opens her next gift.

It is from FidoFiderson. The gift is Portal 2. She has no clue what it is and tells him that she has never heard of Portal. He gets out a laptop and puts in the game. Then he explains it to her and shows her how. When she asks to play he keeps playing and ends up beating the game in 10 minutes.

Katniss' next gift is from Leshawna333. She opens up the gift and inside is the whole first season of Glee. Leshawna also hands her a DVD player. Katniss puts in the disk and watches an episode. She loves it and thanks Leshawna333.

Next gift is from Elviaalova. She gives her a sock monkey wearing a hat with the Ireland flag and receives a CD with popipo on it. thumb|300px|right

Katniss loves it so much that she starts crying and Elviaalova hugs her, so then she is OK. Anon... walks up to Katniss and hands her another DVD. It is a DVD to teach her karate. Then Katniss puts on a ninja mask and does a ton of karate. Anon... claps for her and then

Phoenixfeather13thgesecond walks up to Katniss and hands her a new bow and arrow to hunt with. Fidofiderson gets out a spear and everyone expects him to pole dance, but he tells Katniss to shoot it. She thinks she will hit it and closes her eyes. She spins aroun and around and somehow the arrow hits the spear.


(put your name and gift idea at the bottom of this page if you are interested in being at her birthday party)

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