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District 1 - Fidofiderson and Totaldramalover

Jo H
Name Chell Portal

Jo Istheawesomestpersoninthewholeflippingworld

andisreallyamazingandisagreatkisserandhealso loveshichildrenbackhomehehasfoursonsandadaughter




butanywaysyoutotallyaregettingownedcauseyouwillhave tocopyandpastethissobam Jr. IV

Age 18 17.543543542353245
Skills Ideas endurence speed jumping INCREDIBLY Smart great with a portal gun He is a great singer and he is good at kissing people
Strategy Be on the run the all the time away from All fighting maybe ally with someone To kiss people during his chariot ride. Then get people to ally with him during the games by kissing them.
Personality Modest is cool and an amazing singer.
History at age 18 in the year 2090 she was forced into a group called "Apeture Science" led by a robot named GlaDoS she woke up in the place with no memory and had to do a series of incredibly hard tests to make sure that a Portal gun would not maulfunction at all. after the testin was over she was promised cake but she found out that it had been 500 years since she enterd the facility. the robot who was in charge had gone beserk and killed everyone inside the place a couple years ago. she then escaped by puting the robot into a giant lava pit she then woke up in the middle of panem another 500 years later and was sent to the reapings she was reaped. Jo has 3 wives and babies back home. He has so many friends, but they are all girls and he always kisses them.
Token None Wedding Ring
Death Neck cut open by Reed Chell shot portals, so when he went through them, he fell from too high up.
Kills Mantar, Jo

District 2 - Totaldramarox97

Name Vanessa Jimenez Alexander Sidorov
Age 15 16
Skills Scimitars, fast runner, great swimmer, intelligent, and knows who to avoid and when to attack Smart, elusive, mace, using arena to his advantage
Strategy Kill the other careers at the cornucopia except for Alexander and stay with him for most of the games Team up with Vanessa and use his appearance to pretend he is from the Seam
Personality Nice, strong and is not afraid of anything Conceited, smart, nice and strong
History Native to Mexico, she has a father who is a master at martial arts and a mother who's an attorney. She was only meant to be in Panem for her mother's one year job transfer and she was supposed to go back to Mexico in two weeks. She hopes to win it so her family doesn't have to face tragedy when they go back to Mexico. She has a crush on Alexander who understands her. SHe deeply loves her twin sister (Cecilia) and her 2 younger brothers (Pedro and Rick). He was born in Russia nd moved to Panem at 7. He is an only child and both of his parents worked at a monastery in Russia and still follow their religion. He has a huge crush on Vanessa at will protect her at all costs. He is often mistaken for living in the Seam
Token None None
Death Knife thrown into his neck by Nina

District 3 - Ruerose

Name Ariadne Digit Vulcan Etna
Age 15 16
Skills Her brain, running, and using a knife. She has terrible aim, however, so she prefers to stab people with the knife. Using a sword. Trapping, inventing, being strong, and his brain.
Strategy Show off her amazing fighting skills and join the Careers. Turn the Careers against each other. Before they can kill her, try to run away. Ally with a few people, then take down the Careers. Kill everyone else until it's only him and the group, and then try to kill them all, one at a time.
Personality Ariadne can easily get attached to anybody, and has a slightly fragile personality. It's easy to break her, but also easy to get her to be whole again. She's actually really sweet, but in the arena that can melt away. Vulcan doesn't really like to talk to people. The only people he's comfortable around are his family, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend's family. However, he's very devoted to Althea, and will do anything to come home to her.
History Ariadne has lived with her parents, Andromeda and Theodore, all her life. She has a little brother named Daedalus who is 3, and a little sister named Nymphadora, who is 13. Vulcan lives with his parents, Jameston and Heather, his 14 year old sister, Violet, and his 5 year old brother, Perseus. He was planning to propose to Althea after the reaping, but never got a chance to.
Token A piece of wire that had been made into a bracelet. Her best friend, Piper, made it for her right before she left. A piece of wire bent into a ring that his girlfriend, Althea, gave him.
Death Axe thrown into her face Eaten by hippo mutt
Kills Leroy, Chlorine

District 4 - Totaldramarox97

Name Chlorine Nickelon Mantar Preseur
Age 16 16

Not afraid of anything, trident, great on edible things, strong, smart

Good with Trident
Strategy Avoid bloodbath and get trident if possible. Team up with Mantar. Avoid Bloodbath and get trident if possible. Team up with Chlorine.
Personality Sweet, smart but is willing to kill anyone her attacks her friends and family. Doesn't talk much but is still a nice guy. He has a slight crush on Chlorine
History Her great aunt was Annie Cresta. Her mother and father both work and she is a straight A student. She doesn't get along well with her 3 brothers. She has had a crush on Mantar since she was 10. He is an only child from a single working mother. He has had a crush on Chlorine since he was 13. He is an A and B student and is very athletic
Token A bracelet that she ALWAYS wears around her wrist None
Death Stabbed by Ariadne with a sword Stabbed by Chell

District 5 - Elvialova

Avatar (13)
Avatar (15)
Name Doris Humprey Jay Billllyyyyyy
Age 17 14
Skills Very graceful, can use a knife, flexible nothing
Strategy get to the conercopia if no one is there, if people are, just run, DONT MAKE ALLIANCE DIE
Personality Very shy and scared Scary crack baby
History Her mother owned a ballet academy, she never was in the classes but learned how to do ballet by watching the classes, learned pointe at age 8 , when her mother discovered she could dance ballet, she was enrolled too...has only her mother crack baby
Token a pair of pointe ballet shoes weed
Death Sank into quick sand Stabbed with a sword from himself
Kills Jay (Himself), Janet

District 6 - Fidofiderson

Liesel (Memminger) Hammerman
Name Liesel (Meminger before adoption) Hammerman Ruby Steiner
Age 14 14
Skills Stealth, knives knives and swords
Strategy try to stay away from other tributes in an area with hiding spots Protect Liesel
Personality Modest Sad
History at age 10 her mother couldn't keep her anymore so she sent her and her brother to District 6 where they could be safe. on the train ride her 6 year old brother died in her arms from a coffing spurt. she was a sad lonley girl. her foster parents loved her and she loved them but she was always sad and lonley then rudy came along. they where friends and decided to steal books so that she could learn to read. she stole 6 books. She was in her basement writing a book when the bombs dropped she was the only survivor thanks to a great clean up crew growing up he was put on the peace keeper reserves and taught how to kill with pretty much anything when he was 10 a girl named Liesel moved into there neibhor hood and he instantly befriended her they became best friend and he secretly harbors feelings for her. at age 14 he went to the peace keeper reserves for training when he was there his street was bombed by accident by the capitol his entire family and all of his friends (except Liesel) died
Token None None
Death Mauled by turtle mutt Stabbed by Kyrie
Kills Elder, Kyrie

District 7 - Totaldramalover and BlueStripe

District 7 Guy
Name Janet Hasaveryshortlastname Hunter Saul
Age 14 15
Skills She is an amazing skipper and she is great at eating humans He is handy with throwing axes, a melee axe, and swords. Can identify all sorts of edible and poisonous plants.
Strategy Eat as many People as possible Likes to find areas that are somewhat secluded and near a supply of food and water so he can travel between them while he avoids the Careers and kills other tributes. Prefers to work alone.
Personality random
History She loves to eat people. She also ate her pet cat. She only has one hand though, because she got hungry and ate her other one as a snack The son of a blacksmith, who later in life became a lumberjack, and a worker at the wood mill. His parents rarely saw him or one another. His father was executed by the Head Peacekeeper for false charges. He was once recommended to be sent to District 2 so he may become a Peacekeeper.
Token Friend's Ear None
Death Accidently stabbed by Jay. WINNER!!! Congrats Bluestripe
Kills Ivy Xedrick, Ariadne

District 8 - Joekeybladeaura

Name Nina Ziles Xedrick Xyxstaryalin
Age 16 13
Skills Strategy and knife trowing and fenceing Archery and stealth and a little good with a Dagger
Strategy Allign with the careers before the games in order to surrvive Allign with a tribute and kill him or her if he has to
Personality Crule and cunning and will do what it takes to win Sweet and gentle and has a kind soul
History Her mother is a survivor of the war and tricked the capitol into thinking she neve joined it so she wouldn't be killed. Orphaned durring the war Xedrick always stayed strong so people wouldn't think of him as weak
Token A box of hot chocolate mix she got from her escort that can last for a week A locket with a yin yang on it
Death Stabbed in the chest with a knife from Elder. Axe thrown into his chest by Hunter Saul.
Kills Alexander

District 9 - Anon...

H Thorne, Ivy (2)
H Thorne, Elder (2)
Name Ivy Thorne Elder Thorne
Age 16 16
Skills Bow and arrows plants She is very clever. Is good at plants and bow and arrow.
Strategy Kill Tributes and protect Elder. fall in love with a random person from another district.
Personality she is scared of spiders, birds, heights, the dark, and blood. very dumb.
History When they were drawn they sobbed and cried. Parents abonded them to a previous winner who trained them. He has a sister. When they were drawn they sobbed and cried. Parents abonded them to a previous winner who trained them.
Token None None
Death Bitten in the neck by Janet Knife thrown into neck by Ruby
Kills Nina

District 10 - Jacob55111

Name Kyrie Oleal Leroy Noks
Age 17 16
Skills Is extremely adept with a knife, is very quiet in the woods, and is smart. She also makes friends easily. Is good with an axe or other weapons like it, but he believes his main weapon is his single minded drive to get back home to Mira.
Strategy Try to get into an alliance, keep away from careers. Try to get a knife, but other than that, stay away from the cornucopia and don’t take too many risks. Stay away from the cornucopia, keep healthy. Allys are fine, but never trust them. Other than that, anything goes, as long as it gets him home to Mira.
Personality Very nice and bubbly, has many friends Not a people person, will do anything for his mentally disturbed girlfriend, Mira.
History Kyrie is a pretty poor girl in district 10, her parents having lowly factory jobs instead of working in the large research center. She, too, works in a factory, cutting cloth to be sent to district 8. Has never known either of his parents, and grew up in the childcare center. He has but one love in life; his mentally disturbed girlfriend, Mira. He is extremely protective of her, and does everything on account of how it would benefit Mira. He works so he can eat, and he eats so he can live, and he lives so he can be there to help her. Other than Mira, he barely has any friends, and most consider him a little insane.
Token A locket with a picture of her mother, father, and little sister inside of it. A slip of paper, with Mira’s signature on it.
Death Stabbed by Ruby Stabbed in the chest by Ariadne
Kills Thorn

District 11 - Mockingjay5

Name Reed Bliss Thorn Stone
Age 12 16
Skills She has a very large knowledge on edible and non-edible plants. She is a very fast runner and very smart. Has a very large knowledge on edible plants, ok with a knife and spear.
Strategy Avoid the bloodbath at all costs, then find an ally. She is going to try to avoid killing but if it means winning, she will. Grab somethign near and run. Don't ally. Won't hesitate to kill, but would rather not.
Personality Reed is very sweet and nice, but she is cautious. She hates to be on her own. She is very trustworthy and caregiving. Quiet, mysterious, cautious, adventurous, brave.
History Reed lives a poor life on the farms. Her mother is dead and she has 3 siblings. 2 older brothers and an older sister. During the Reaping, her sister, Dawn who's 15, tried to volunteer, but their father wouldn't let her because they needed her at home. Dawn was devestated. Thorn has two younger twin brothers. They look exactly alike, and their names are Torin and Thomas, both 10 years old. He lives with his father who cares for them and works on the farms for money
Token A small bracelet that Dawn gave her for her 10th Birthday. It has her name woven into it. None
Death Stabbed herself Leroy threw an axe into his face.
Kills Chell

District 12 - InsertRandomnessHere

Maisie Red Gallium
Name Maisie 'Red' Gallium Odysseus "Odd-ysseus" Six
Age 17 14
Skills Fast runner. She also knows how to use a pick axe because that's her future occupation. She can pick out plants. An affinity with animals. Guns. Fast runner. Knives and other sharp things. Can hide really well. Can climb trees. Extremely silent. Flexible. Practicly immune to pain (That doesn't mean he's invinsible. just that he rarely FEELS anything anymore.)
Strategy Her mother, being a Peacekeeper, taught her how to use a gun. She'll flaunt her stuff to get a good score. Gain as many sponsers as possible. She also plans to keep Odysseus as safe as possible (Not that he'd notice.) none, really. But his brother's "spirit" will often appear and he'll just copy what it's doing. But most tributes should leave him alone, considering he is weak and insane. They probably wouldn't bother him till the end. (What thy don't know is that all it will take is one more push and he'll go on a insane killing spree).
Personality Funny and carefree. A little bit ditzy and naive but not overly so. She's good at cheering people up and is extremely loyal and friendly. Used to be a healthy, fierce and stubborn little boy. Now he is soft spoken. Rarely shows emotions. Is broken/silent/considered insane.
History Her mother once read her the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Every since she's been absolutely obsessed with it. Grandma Mae made her a red hood and she wore it all the time. She also found an old basket, which she fixed, and carried it around everywhere. Even though she isn't supposed to, she sneaks into the woods just she can feel as though she actually is Little Red Riding Hood. Often she has seen a pale, thin boy haunt the woods. Maisie tries to catch up with the ghostly boy but she either loses him or he manages to somehow escape her constant stalking. She has human friends but perfers the company of animals. When she was Reaped, she skipped to the stage, her basket swinging back and forth and full of treats. She gave a pastery to some little kids and then one to the escort. She herself bit into a cookie (one with no chocolate), turned to the camera, and flashed a large smile. As Odysseus stepped forward, her eyes widen and the grin disappeared. Later she tried to approach him but he still avoided her somehow. When Odysseus (5) and Troy (9) were orphaned, the first place they were sent to was the community home. Odysseus felt awfully alone. The only one left was his caring brother. Troy taught Odysseus several things and bought him his first and only books. The books were rather expensive because only a few copies had survived. But Troy insisted on buying them because the books was where both had gotten their names. The Iliad and The Odyssey. A few weeks later as the Reaping and Odysseus' birthday. When Troy got Reaped instead of going to the stage he turned to his little brother. "I was going to give this to you after the Reaping... But, I guess there won't be an after will there? Take care and remember I'll always be watching," Troy had told him then walked towards the stage. Tears sprang to Odysseus' eyes and he reached out to his brother. He was still a little too young to understand the Games but he did know that those who went never came back. Weeks later, his brother was still alive. Odysseus clung to that and was also surprised to hear he did have a living relative. One willing to adopt him. He moved to his grandfather's house and tried to bring up the happy mood his old family had. But he wasn't allowed to. His grandfather hated him and abused him. when his brother was captured, his grandfather forced him to watch every single moment of his brother's gruesome death. That's when the first strands of sanity started to snap. Then he found out about his grandfather's real job. By day, he owned a shop where coal miners got their equipment. by night, he went to the Hob and sold the body's of young girls and boys, desperate for money to feed their families. His grandfather saw him as merchandise and what was best was that Odysseus didn't need to be paid. He was treated as a slave and abused in many ways by strangers. He began to detach himself from reality, to a place where there was less hurt. Before he used to object, but he was weak and couldn't stop them. before he used to stare at his grandfather and his buyers with large, hurt eyes until the people beat him to get him to stop. They felt guilty but they continued using him. in the day, he was used as a sort of maid or slave to gain a few extra coins. But usually he ran away into the woods, where he was safe. He still carried around his books everywhere he could, refusing to let them out of his sight. One night his grandfather caught him reading the Odyssey, ripped out the last pages and tossed them in the fire. Odysseus never found out if his namesake got his happy ending. Finally he parted with his full sanity and began seeing deceased people. his mother, father, brother, and even people from his books. He would often have long, drawn out conversations about nothing. When chosen for the Games, Odysseus had noticied his name being called out until someone guided him to the stage. He looked up and remebered his brother. Suddenly Troy's illusion appeared and like before, walked away from him, towards where the escort and female tribute was. Tears sprang to his eyes, which was the fist time many people had seen him show emotions. He raised his hand to rty and stop his brother from leaving him again. He bagan screaming out, begging his brother to stay. Or so he thought he was yelling. Everyone else saw him extend a pale, thin hand and mumble out several things, the tone desperate. The escort guided him off the stage and into the waiting room.
Token Her red hood (She won't wear it in the Arena because it'll attract a lot of attention. But she'll keep it with her. His Books
Death Sank in Quick Sand Died of dehydration


This year the arena is a desert. There are a few small ponds and one lake, but the only other source is rain or from a cactus. The desert will sometimes have sandstorms and temperatures will be extreme, so with no water, you may die of dehydration. There are caves tributes may use for shelter, but might also have something dangerous in them. The mutts include gecko mutts that are almost impossible to see and can be up to a foot long. They can eat supplies. They can not eat tributes, but can use their tongue to hurt them. Another mutt is a hippo mutt. Although it is misplaced, if you happen to find the lake or a pond, these hippos will be near. One pond is safe. The rest are not. These hippos are carnivorous and can kill tributes with their size by drowing them or eating them. They hide in water. Turtle mutts are the last ones and they appear to be rocks. The advantage about them is that they lead to water, but it may be a cactus. The turtle mutts are pretty fast and have claws. They can scratch tributes a lot, and even to death. There are rattle snake mutts and scorpion mutts. The scorpions have huge tail thingies that contain tracker jacker venom. The rattle snake has the same venom and can also suffocate a tribute.


The Arena

You get $550 for each district and get more sponsor money by doing good in the arena, interviews, and chariot rides.
In a backpack you get five matches, a box of crackers, a bottle of iodine, a heavy coat, a loaf of bread, and a half full gallon canteen.


Dull knife- $75

Sharp Knife- $100

Machete- $150

Spear- $200

1/2 Dozen Throwing Knives- $200

A Dozen Throwing Knives- $350

Bow and Arrow with a dozen bows-$450

Each Additional Bow-$25
A Dozen More Bows-$200






Blowgun with 20 darts-$425

A Dozen More Darts-$100



Bladed Frisbee -$100 per frisbee

Cat Claws - $175

Snake - $600

Portal Gun - $700


Armor (Does not Cover Head)-$700


Other Stuff


Strong Tent-$600


Small Amount of Food-$200

Medium Amount of Food-$300

Large Amount of Food-$400

Light Clothing-$100

Heavy Clothing-$250

Bottle of iodine-$30

Ten Matches-$50

Burn Ointment-$350


Medicine for a Disease, Sting, or Bite- depends on affectiveness




Chariot Rides

District 1

Joe and Chell come out in matching outfits. They are both green and made of money. They have pots of gold to celebrate St.Patricks Day. (HAHA it was two days ago, but who cares. =P) They start throwing the gold out to the crowd and everyone loves it. People point at Jo because he has blue skin, but for some reason people think he is attractive. He kisses a random girl in the crowd who begins screaming. With all of the gold thrown into the crowd, they love it.

District 2

Vanessa and Alexander walk out nervously. Neither are wearing outfits as evil as last year and this year, they look normal. Vanessa is wearing a beutiful dress that is the color of peacekeepers' uniforms and Alexander is wearing an outfit that looks likme it is from district 12. Everyone is confused why he looks like he is from the seam if he is really from the Nut. The crowd leaves, kind of unimpressed, but also confused.

District 3

Vulcan and Ariadne walk out wearing outfits that light up and flash different colors. The crowd is a little impressed, but not a lot. They both do something and all the power goes out. Everyone is confused, but then the entire crowd begins to feel themselves rise a little. Everyone is excited and realizes that they somehow stopped gravity.

District 4

Chlorine and Mantar walk out wearing beautiful outfits. Chlorine is wearing an aqua blue dress and Mantar has a matching tuxedo. Mantar puts on a robe and a crown and so does Chlorine. The crowns are full of water and inside the crowns are beautiful fish that change colors. The crowd loves this and cheers.

District 5

Doris and Jay come out. Doris smiles and waves to the crowd. She appears to be wearing an outfit similar to last year's tributes chariot ride outfit. It is a black robe and she is about to wave it, but notices Jay is doing nothing. She looks over and he is staggering around. She tells him to wave his cloak, but he is too confused and, something else, to listen to her. He falls into the crowd and needs to be carried for the rest of the chariot ride.

District 6

Ruby comes out dressed as a doctor. Liesel is in a bed and looks sick. He picks up a clipboard at the end of her bed and flicks it. it dissappears and she hops out of the bed, looking better now. The crowd likes this and knows that it means Ruby will help Liesel.

District 7

Hunter and Janet come out dressed as trees. Hunter grabs an axe and chops off what looks to be Janet's arms, but are really wood branches on her costume. Janet pulls her hands out of the holes and does the same to Hunter. Then the two do some tree dances. Janet takes a bite out of the chariot and by now the crowd is creeped out.

District 8

Xedrick and Nina come out wearing awesome outfits. They are both wearing extremely fashionable outfits and doing many poses. All of a sudden Nina's hair turns brown and she is wearing a pink short sleeve shirt and a blue skirt down to her knees. Then she starts singing this song:thumb|300px|right

At the end she is wearing designer jeans and everyone is confused.

District 9

Ivy and Elder come out next. Ivy is like, "Dang! I want her Jeans. OMG! Keke Palmer and Hannah Montana were wearin her jeans. NO WAY!" Elder has to control her and then the two ride on horses like last year, except these horses have wings, so they fly on them for the rest of the chariot ride and the crowd likes them

District 10

Kyrie and Leroy come out in overalls and hats. They get out cows and milk them. It is not really milk, but dust. They throw the dust in the air and it says 'District 10, The Real Champions'. The crowd is confused a bit, but they like the special affects and clap.

District 11

Reed and Thorn come out in checkered outfits and are holding grain. The pile it up and it is stacked ten feet high. Thorn tells Reed something angrily and walks away. She picks up the grain and it turns to gold. Then Thorn comes back and sees the gold. He is happy and hugs her. The crowd realizes what the chariot ride is and everyone cheers loudly for them.

District 12

District 12 comes out last and Maisie has her red hood on. Odysseus is wearing a gray jacket. They both put black robes over themselves and the robes start glowing until they appear to be a fire. The two stand together and glow. The crowd oohs and aahs at their glowing out fits and they walk for the rest of the chariot ride, glowing.



Joe walks out onto stage first, smiling as if he looked beautiful. He has no shirt, but has on a gold pair of pants and gold shoe.

Caeser: "Good evening Joe, would you care to take a seat?"

Joe: "Why yes, thank you Caeser."

Caeser: "You have very unusual skin. Would you like to tell us about it?"

Joe: "Well, I guess it is just natural. My mother and father both had blue skin, but my mom had yellow hair and my dad had blue hair, so I guess it mixed to give me green hair."

Caeser: "Okay, that is interesting. I also hear you are a great singer. Is this true?"

Joe: "I am probably the best singer in all of district 1. Not the best dancer, but my singing is great." *Sings a song amazingly and crowd cheers.*

Caeser: "Thank you Joe for that amazing performance."

Joe: "That's not my only talent. I am also a good kisser and at home, I have three kids."

Caeser: "Okay, that is not weird." *sarcasm*



Caeser: "Looks like that is all the time we have, next up is Chell Portal."

Chell walks out in an orange jumpsuit. Everyone dosen't like the outfit.

Caeser: "Good evening Chell. Would you care to tell us anything about your life back home?"

Chell: "NO! I mean, not exactly. I would rather not."

Caeser: "Um, okay. Would you like to tell us anything."

Chell: "I am strong and tough and I might be able to win these games. So everybody better watch out."

Caeser: "Wow! Anything else you want to get off your chest?"

Chell: "Yes. If GLaDOS is anywhere out there, somehow still alive. I want you to know that I had cake. And also eat it! Because I avoided your stupid incinerator trap."

Caeser: "That was very interes-



Caeser: "Looks like we are out of time for Chell. Now onto Alexander Sidorov from district 2."

Alexander walks out wearing a seam outfit.

Caeser: "Hello Alexander.

Alexander: "Hello, Caeser."

Caeser: "Your outfit seems very unusual for district 2, would you care to show it to us."

Alexander; "I ummm. I think it symbolizes that district 2 tributes are the same as everyone else."

Caeser: "Very interesting. Would you like to tell me anything else?

Alexander: "Yes. My partner, Vanessa is the same as me. We are both equal to everybody in these games. I am not saying that we are weak, but I am saying that we are not the biggest threat."

Caeser: "Very well. Good luck."



Caeser: OH! That is all the time we have. Now onto our next contestant, Vanessa Geminez.

Vanessa walks out wearing a white dress that is very shiny and reflects a lot of light.

Caeser: "Good evening, Vanessa. And might I stay you look amazing in that dress."

Vanessa: "Why thank you Caeser. My stylist did not agree at first, but I talked her into it."

Caeser: " You must be very persuasive. Is there anything you would like to talk to us about?"

Vanessa: "Yes. What Alexander said before is right. We are not the strongest or weakest tributes. We are just like everyone else."

Caeser: "Very well. Anything else you would like to talk about?"

Vanessa: "Yes. As you probably can tell, I am not from Panem, but from smewhere south of it. My mother had a job transfer here and we were going to move back in two weeks, but we never got the hance. District 2 has no carteers that are trained. The only trained ones are 12 and 13, so when I got reaped, it meant I had to come here."

Caeser: "Don't feel too bad. I think you have a good chance of winning"

Vanessa: "You really think so?"

Caeser: "Of course"



Caeser: "Next up is Vulcan Etna of district 3."

Vulcan walks out in a flashing yellow tuxedo. Nobody knows what it is supposed to be, but they like it. Caeser: "Hello Vulcan."

Vulcan: "Hello Caeser."

Caeser: "Those are quite some lights on your outfit.Would you like to explain them?"

Vulcan: "Well, the blinking lights are supposed to represent lightning flashes."

Caeser: "Well, I think you look great in it."

Vulcan: "Ummmm, thanks."



Caeser: "Next up is Ariadne Digit."

Ariadne walks in wearing a dress similar to vulcan's suit, but it is flashing a goldish color.

Caeser: "Wow! Ariadne, your dress looks just as great as Vulcan's."

Ariadne: "Thank you."

Caeser: "would you care to tell us about yourself at all?"

Ariadne: "Well, I have a little brother and a little sister at home. Forunately, my parents are both alive. I have a best friend named Piper, who made me this." *Holds up wire bracelet.*

Caeser: "You must have quite a nice friend. Do you have many other friends back home?" Continue later

Ariadne: "Well duh. I am very popular and strong. Everyone loves me at home, and lots of kids in my district fear me because of my toughness."

Caeser: "You sound very confident."

Ariadne: "Why shouldn't I be?"



Caeser: "next up is Mantar Preseur of District 4."

Mantar walks in wearing a bright blue tuxedo.

Caeser: "Welcome Mantar. You look great this evening."

Mantar: "Thank you."

Caeser: "Are you nervous for the games?"

Mantar: "Yes, well kinda. I am very athletic and smart, so I might have a good chance. But not very much more than all the other tributes."

Caeser: "I think you seem like you will get far."

Mantar: "I hope so."

Caeser: "How will you win these games? Any strategies?"

Mantar: "I would like to tell you, but it won't be smart if everyone knows, because than it won't be a good strategy."

Caeser: "Oh yes, I understand."



Caeser: "Next up is Chlorine Nickelon."

Chlorine is wearing an aqua blue dress. It is reflective and looks like flowing water.

Caeser: "Hello, Chlorine. What an outfit."

Chlorine: "Thank you, I picked it out myself."

Caeser: "You're outfits have seemed amazing. Especially during your chariot ride."

Chlorine: "Well, my stylists wanted me to wear this, but my mentor convinced her to design another dress and have that whole fish crown thing. I liked wearing it. Although, I don't know how the fish changed colors."

Caeser: "I think you modeled it very well and nailed your chariot ride."

Chlorine: "Thank you."



Caeser: "Next up is Jay Billllyyyyyy from district 5."

Jay walks out, staggering. He is missing a shoe, his socks do not match, he has a ripped sleeve, and he is wearing no pants.

Caeser: "Hello Jay."

Jay: "No, give that back it's mine."

Caeser: "Are you okay?"

Jay: "Yes I would like my turtle. His name is Doug."

Caeser: "Anyway, how do you think you will do in the hunger games?"

Jay: "Lemon ice cube. SUGAR!"

Caeser: *whispering* "Do you need help?"

Jay: "Raspberry iced tea cupcake."

Caeser: " I think I just heard a buzzer, time to go, Jay."

Jay: "I don't want to grow up. I want to be a toysrus kid!"



Caeser: "Jay has to leave, too bad. Now welcome Doris Humprey

Doris walks out wearing a silvery dress. It looks kinda like the color of the moon and is very shiny.

Caeser: "Good evening, Doris."

Doris: "Hello Caeser."

Caeser: "How are you tonight?"

Doris: "Well, I'm kinda nervous, but I feel kinda excited at the same time."

Caeser: "Very well. How do you feel about your district partner?"

Doris: "Well, I think he has some problems. He twitches a lot and can never control himself. I don't feel too good about him in the games. I just have a really bad feeling."

Caeser: "Well good luck to you, Doris."

Doris: "Thanks."



Caeser:"Next up is Ruby Steiner from district 6!"

Ruby walks out in a red and white suit.

Caeser: "Hello Ruby."

Ruby: "Hi Caeser."

Caeser: "How do you feel about being in the games?"

Ruby: "Well, I am not happy. I will probably die. I could win, but I only have a 1 in 24 chance."

Caeser: "Who do you think will be the biggest threat?"

Ruby: "I can't tell for sure. Too many tributes who act and those that do bad on training purposely."

Caeser: "Well good luck to you."

Ruby: "Hope to see you again."



Caeser: "Next up is Liesel Hammerman."

Liesel walks out in a dress that has the same colors as Ruby's suit. It is not very shiny.

Caeser: "Hello Liesel."

Liesel: "Um, hi Caeser."

Caeser: "Are you ready for the games?"

Liesel: "No, I never have been and I never will be."

Caeser: "Don't be too sad, you will do great."

Liesel: "Yeah, but you said that to at least two other tributes."

Caeser: "And I meant it."

Liesel: "Yeah, but three tributes can not all win."



Caeser: "Next up is Hunter Saul of district 7."

Hunter walks out wearing a green suit.

Caeser: "Hello Hunter."

Hunter: "Hi."

Caeser: "Do you think you will win these games?"

Hunter: "Maybe, maybe not. There are only so many tributes who can do good, and only one can win."

Caeser: "Oh. Is there anyone back home rooting for you?"

Hunter: "No. My dad was executed by the head Peacekeeper for false charges."

Caeser: "What exactly was the situation?"

Hunter: "I don't want to talk about it, but I don't hat peacekeepers 100%, I was actually recomended to become a peackeeper!"

Caeser: "Why didn't you?"

Hunter: "I guess it was the whole situation with my father."



Caeser: "Next up is Janet Hasaveryshortlastname."

Janet walks out in a bikini. The bikini is covered in turtles.

Caeser: "Hi Janet."

Janet: *Licks her lips in a hungry way* "Hello Caeser."

Caeser: "Your skin is quite unusual. Very similar to Joe's. Are you two related in any way?"

Janet: "Me and him?! No way!"

Caeser: "You soubnd like you hate him. Why?"

Janet: "Well, duh! His skin is not natural. Mine has always been like this, but he probably is just covered in blue tattoos."

Caeser: "Do you think he is even a good singer?"

Janet: "Please, I can sing better in the shower."



Caeser: "Next up is Xedrick Xyxstaryalin from district 8."

Xedrick walks out wearing a designer suit.

Caeser: "Hello Xedrick, nice suit."

Xedrick: "Thank you."

Caeser: "Do you enjoy wearing fancy clothing?"

Xedrick: "I am not used to it. I was an orphan, so I had cheap, used clothing."

Caeser: "I see. Did you ever want nice clothes?"

Xedrick: "Yeah, I guess."

Caeser: "You seem nice, is your partner as nice as you?"

Xedrick: "I would rather not describe her right now."

Caeser: "Okay."



Caeser: "Next up is Nina Ziles."

Nina walks out in a designer dress and high heels. She doesn't speak or make eye contact with anyone and looks VERY sassy.

Caeser: "Hello Nina."

Nina: "Uh, hi."

Caeser: "Do you think you will win these games?"

Nina: "For sure. If I don't win, pigs will fly."

Caeser: "You seem very confident."

Nina: "Well yeah! I just explained that."

Caeser: "Is there anyone you are fighting for?"

Nina: "No. I am on my own. It is more of a one person thing. I shouldn't fight for other people if I am the one being thrown in here."

Caeser: "How will you-"

Nina: "Okay, stop talking. It is obvious I will win and you need to stop asking useless questions."



Caeser: "Now onto Elder Thorne of district 9."

Elder comes out wearing a tux.

Caeser: "Hi Elder."

Elder: "Hi Caeser."

Caeser: "How do you feel about your sister being reaped with you?"

Elder: "Maybe it is good that we both got reaped, because now we can help each other. Maybe there is a way we can both win."

Caeser: "No, there is only one victor."

Elder: "Oh."

Caeser: "Is there anyone you want to win these games for?"

Elder: "My sister."

Caeser: "Any special friends?"

Elder: "Sorry, no friends in specific."

Caeser: "Any special, special friends?"

Elder: "Nope."

Caeser: "I mean girl friends!"

Elder: "Um, well I have a crush on the girl from 6. Her hair is cute and her eyes are clear and beautiful."



Caeser: "Now up is Ivy Thorne."

Ivy walks out wearing a revealing dress. Every guy is watching closely, but most are getting scolded.

Caeser: *Is distracted by her dress*

Ivy: "Hi Caeser."

Caeser: "Hi Ivy. How are you?"

Ivy: "Nervous for the games. It won't help to watch my brother get killed."

Caeser: "Well, the rules could change and you could both win."

Ivy: "Even if there was a rule change, I doubt that we would be the final two."

Caeser: "Well you don't seem that bad at fighting."

Ivy: "I might not, but me AND my brother is not good fighting."

Caeser: "You won't do that bad."

Ivy: "Maybe."



Caeser: "Next we have Leroy."

Leroy is wearing a suit.

Caeser: "Hello Leroy."

Leroy: "Hi Caeser."

Caeser: "I guess I will go right ahead and ask; is ther any special girl back home for you?"

Leroy: "Yes. I have a girlfriend named Mira. She is the most amazing girlfriend ever. I will do anything for her. I would even volunteer in the games if she got reaped so I could protect her."

Caeser: "Do you have many friends back home then?"

Leroy: "Well, no. People think Mira is insane and they think I am insane for loving her."

Caeser: "You don't seem insane to me."

Leroy: "Thanks."



Caeser: "Please welcome Kyrie Oleal."

Kyrie walks out in a beautiful dress.

Caeser: "Hello Kyrie."

Kyrie: "Hi Caeser."

Caeser: "How do you feel about being in the games?"

Kyrie: "I am scared and kinda nervous. I don't want to die, but I also don't want to kill people, but I am forced to."

Caesr: "Is there anything else you would like to say?"

Kyrie: "Yes. If my mom and dad are watching this, then I want to say I'm sorry I can't be there and I hope I can win and provide for our family."

Caeser: "I hope you do well."

Kyrie: "Thanks."



Caeser: "Next up is Thorn Stone of district 11."

Thorn walks in wearing a suit.

Caeser: "Welcome Thorn."

Thorn: "Hi Caeser."

Caeser: "How are you?"

Thorn: "Not ready for the games."

Caeser: "Why is that?"

Thorn: "District 11 almost never does good. We always die right away, so I doubt I have a good chance."

Caeser: "You look like you are big and strong."

Thorn: "Not really. Just wait till training scores come out."

Caeser: "Don't feel too much like you will die right away, or it could just happen."

Thorn: "Thanks for making me feel better." *Sarcasm*

Caeser: "Well I meant that-"



Caeser: "Now please welcome Reed Bliss."

Reed walks out in a pretty shirt and a nice skirt.

Caeser: "Hi Reed."

Reed: "Hi Caeser."

Caeser: "How are you?"

Reed: "Worse than the other tributes."

Caeser: "Why is that?"

Reed: "Three reasons. One, I am from eleven. Two, I am small. Three, people are already targetting me because I am so small."

Caeser: "Not all 12 year olds do bad. Some have won."

Reed: "No, they lied about their age."

Caeser: "You will do good."

Reed: "Probably not."



Caeser: "Next up is Odysseus Six of district 12."

Odysseus walks in wearing a tuxedo.

Caeser: "Hello Odysseus."

Odysseus: "Hi Caeser."

Caeser: "You look like you will do well in the games."

Odysseus: "Well as in 1st place, or well as in like 12th place?"

Caeser: "1st place."

Odysseus: "I hope so, but district 12 has only ever had four victors before me."

Caeser: "Well then. You could be their fifth victor. Amythest did great last year and he was from 12."

Odysseus: "Yeah, but that was someone else. Not me."

Caeser: "You look like you will do even better than him.

Odysseus: "I hope."



Caeser: "Finally, we are finishing with Maisie Gallium."

Maisie comes out in a red dress, with her red hood on.

Caeser: "Hello Maisie."

Maisie: "Hi, Caeser."

Caeser: "Why are you wearing that hood?"

Maisie: "Well, my favorite story was always Little Red Riding Hood. I loved it since the minute my mother told it to me. So, I always wear a hood."

Caeser: "I've never heard of that. Interesting. Why didn't the gamemakers take the hood away?"

Maisie: "The material is very thin, so they probably noticed that if I was freezing to death, my tribute clothes would help more than my head."

Caeser: "Do you always wear your hood?"

Maisie: "Absolutely! Even when I sleep!"

Caeser: "You must REALLY love Little Red Riding Hood."

Maisie: "Yeah."




Name Score
1 Male Jo I. 2
1 Female Chell Portal 10
2 Male Alexander Sidorov 10
2 Female Vanessa Jimenez 9
3 Male Vulcan Etna 6
3 Female Ariadne Digit 10
4 Male Mantar Preseur 9
4 Female Chlorine Nickelon 5
5 Male Doris Humprey 6
5 Female Jay Billlyyyyy 2
6 Male Liesel Hammerman 4
6 Female Ruby Steiner 7
7 Male Hunter Saul 4
7 Female Janet Hasaveryshortlastname 3
8 Male Xedrick Xyxstaryalin 4
8 Female Nina Ziles 8
9 Male Elder Thorne 3
9 Female Ivy Thorne 8
10 Male Leroy Noks 10
10 Female Kyrie Oleal 2
11 Male Thorn Stone 11
11 Female Reed Bliss 5
12 Male Odyseuss Six 3
12 Female Maisie Gallium 9

YIKES! My app gave out no 1s or 12s! It also liked the careers, but didn't love them.

Day 1

The tributes are raised into the arena. All of them are wearing very thin clothing and the arena stretches out with bare sand. Everyone is counting down and some are praying to live. While others are just standing there hot. Jay is doing something on his own. Inhaling something from his hands and shaking. The gong rings and everyone rushes to the cornucopia. Ariadne and Nina are trying to get the careers to join them, but the careers attack. The two team up and Ariadne runs to people leaving the cornucopia. She stabs Chlorine with a sword. She is also able to stab Leroy in the chest, but Leroy throws his axe at her before she stabs him. The axe misses and hits Thorn in the face. Ivy and Elder are at the cornucopia when all of a sudden, Ivy is bit in the neck by Janet. She falls down dead, and her neck is still bleeding. Nina is at the center of the cornucopia and throws a bunch of knives. One lands in Alexander's neck. The others miss and hits the cornucopia. Jay is over excited about all the weapons and begins stabbing himself. He is laughing and at the same time killing himself. He finally dies when he stabs his chest with a sword. The sword goes so far through his chest that it also goes through Janet's chest and kills her, because she was going to bite his neck. Xedrick was trying to grab a bow and arrow, but Hunter threw an axe at his chest. Chell finds a Portal gun in the cornucopia and grabs a knife. She shoots two portals so she can go in one way and sneak up on people. She does this and is able to stab Mantar. She is almost killed by Nina, but dodges the knife and escapes through the portal to somewhere far in the distance.

In Nina's POV

I am raised up into the arena in thin clothing. I am very hot and the arena is covered in sand, stretching ouut for miles in every direction. I look at the cornucopia and smile, knowing I will soon be killing tributes in it. As the gong rings out, I rush to it and try to join the careers. They don't agree, so I go with the girl from 3. I grab some throwing knives and start killing. I am sad, because I only make one kill. The tribute was from a career district, so no harm done. That night, me and the 3 girl pick off the rest of the cornucopia. We try to grab as much as possible and to hide what we don't need. That night, I see Nine faces. ONLY Nine! Last year two more tributes died in the bloodbath. This might mean I am in here for longer! I am not a fan of this place, but I do love killing.

In Jay's POV

WEED! WEED! WEED! WEED! I am inhaling it. Other tributes are giving me strange looks. I shove some in my pants for later. Except, I won't need anything for later in the arena, because there won't be a later. Everyone goes to the cornucopia when there is a ring. I get there and stab my arm with knives and stuff. I see cat claws and scratch myself hard. Finally, I grab a sword and plunge it into my chest. IT HURTS SO GOOD! I laugh as I collapse, but I feel someone collapse on me. The red skinned girl has fallen on me and is on the same sword. I yell at her to get off because I want only me to die from this sword, but she just stays there. Then everything blurs out and I am moving into a bright light. WAIT A MINUTE! I forgot my weed!

In Joe's POV

I am in thin clothing and I am hot. My blue skin is being burned from the sun as I am raised into the arena. I start singing and look at the cornucopia. I wave at Chell. Then I cry and start thinking of my wives and kids. I will miss them. When the gong rings, I run as far away from the cornucopia as possible. Nine faces are in the sky. I don't like people dying, so I cry and sing myself to sleep.

In Maisie's POV

With my red hood in my hand, I am raised in thin clothing to the arena. I am burning up and realize it is a desert I am in. I know I won't need to wear my hood, so I put it in my pocket. I get ready to run and as the gong rings I think what would Little Red do? I grab a few things from the outside and a basket. I run off into the desert and pretend I am going to grandmother's house. I find a cave and in the cave, there is also that boy from 7. I know he is violent, because he killed someone, so I walk away. That night, nine faces are in the sky.


Chlorine Nickelon - Stabbed by Ariadne Digit 24th Place

Thorn Stone - Axe thrown into his face by Leroy Noks 23rd Place

Leroy Noks - Stabbed by Ariadne Digit 22nd Place

Ivy Thorne - Bit in the neck by Janet Hasaveryshortlastname 21st Place

Alexander Sidorov - Nina Ziles threw a knife into his neck. 20th Place

Jay Billlyyyyy - Stabbed himself with a sword 19th Place

Janet Hasaveryshortlastname - Accidently stabbed by Jay Billlyyyyy 18th Place

Xedrick Xyxstrayalin - Hunter Saul threw an axe into his chest 17th Place

Mantar Preseur - Chell snuck up on him and stabbed him 16th Place

Day 2:

Ruby and Liesel wake up first. They are in the middle of the desert near cactuses. Ruby cuts one so that they can drink something. They are both really hot and thirsty. While Ruby is getting the water, he hears a scream. When he turns around, Ruby is being scratched and bitten by a turtle mutt! "What the heck is a turtle doing in the desert." Said Ruby. The turtle barks at him and scratches his hand. Ruby tries to slash it, but the shell gave protection. He goes for its legs and arms, but the turtle is still able to attack Liesel. Ruby finally stabs its head, and at the same time, Liesel's cannon fires. After it fires, Ruby continues hacking away at the mutt. Then he vows to win it for Liesel.

Nina and Ariadne are still by the cornucopia and have everything you could possibly need. They break what they don't need and start walking away from the cornucopia. They reach a cave and find Hunter. He hasn't noticed them, so they decide to get him together. They both run at him, but he throws an axe and it hits Ariadne straight in the face. Nina grabs a throwing knife. It misses Hunter and he escapes.

Jo is alone and singing his songs. Sing till the end! He is singing and trying to get Chell to ally with him, which is actually working because he is charming her. Then, he coughs and she is uncharmed. She shoots a portal underneath him and another at the top of a tall rock. The fall is very high, so Jo dies.

Vanessa is alone and scared. Her partner is dead, and she thinks she will be next. She gets water from a pond quickly and purifies it. Then she drinks and keeps on walking.

Reed is alone and scared. She comes upon a cave and finds Maisie there. Maisie comforts her and allies with her. Then the two eat food and drink a little amount of water.


Liesel (Meminger) Hammerman - Mauled by turtle mutt 15th place

Ariadne Digit - Axe thrown into her face by Hunter Saul 14th Place

Jo Istheawesomestpersoninthewholeflippingworldandisreallyamazingandisagreatkisserandhealso loveshichildrenbackhomehehasfoursonsandadaughterandliveswithallthreeofhiswivesandhehasa


firsttributeihavedonethiswithbutanywaysyoutotallyaregettingownedcauseyouwillhave tocopyandpastethissobam Jr. IV - Chell shot a portal at him and on top of a rock, which caused him to fall from too high up 13th Place

Day 3:

Elder's POV

I am alone in the desert. I have no clue where I am going and I only have some dull knives, a bottle for water and a bottle of iodine. I find a pond and drink some water. I am very thirsty and hot even after drinking the purified water. I sit and think of how I can possibly win this with practically nothing. To make things worse than they already are, that bratty girl who tries to acts tough is attacking. She has throwing knives and chucks some at me. They miss, but then one lands in my shoulder. I scream in pain, but she has no more knives. She is about to grab a spear, when all of a sudden, I tackle her and stab her with my knife. She looks sad and angry at me and her cannon quickly fires. I don't like killing, so I cry too when she dies. I would never kill anyone and enjoy it. Like that girl from 6 last night. I finally learned her name, Liesel. She was pretty and I am sad that she died, because I actually kind of liked her.


Reed and Maisie are hiding now and have moved to a cave that is far from Hunter. They see Vanessa get some water. She spots them and sprints away.Then they both get water and walk to find protection from tributes.

Vulcan is dying of thirst and has found the lake. He is tired and sits down by it. He gets his canteen and fills it with water, while being sure to purify it. While he is waiting, a hippo mutt comes out of the pond. "What the heck is a hippo doing in the middle of the desert!" The hippo is angry now that he insulted it and runs at him. Vulcan grabs what he can and starts running. He is not fast enough and the hippo gets him by the leg. Then it bites his neck and his cannon fires. Even after that, it continues biting him and even eating him.


Nina Ziles - Elder Thorne stabbed her with a knife 12th Place

Vulcan Etna - Eaten by hippo mutt 11th Place

Day 4:

Odysseus is alone and has only a knife. He has not had anything to drink this whole time. He is very thirsty and falls over. He sees a pond and tries to crawl to it, but his cannon fires while he is inches away.

Maisie and Reed are discussing their next move. They are ambushed by Chell and she almost kills Maisie. Reed is crying and punches her. This has no effect, so she grabs a knife and slices her neck. Chell falls over and before dying says, "Why did you do this to me? You're only 12?" Reed bursts out in tears and Maisie hugs her. The two pick up Chell's gun and try to figure out what it does.

Hunter is in his cave and goes out to get a drink. He is stocked up on water and food. He stays on guard all day and night, but no tributes attack him anyway.

Vanessa is in the middle of the desert and is worried about being killed becuase she is the only person left from a career district, even though she isn't a career.

That night, Reed and Maisie accidently go through a portal and figure out what the gun does.


Odysseus Six - Died of dehydration 10th Place

Chell Portal - Neck cut open by Reed 9th Place

Final Eight Interviews

Vanessa Jimenez - Vanessa's mother and little sister all attend her interview. Her mother is looking sad and her sisters are confused. Her mother tells her that even though they are going back to Mexico no matter what, she will still miss Vanessa if she dies. She tells Vanessa to hang on and she promises to send water.

Doris Humprey - Her mother only showed up and told her to come back. She says she loves Doris more than all of her students and she promises to help her with all the dancing wshe wants if she comes home. She cries more about the rest of the family and walks off stage.

Ruby Steiner - Ruby has no family, so he has no interview.

Hunter Saul - One of Hunter's friends comes and tells Hunter he is really tough and can win it all without a doubt. He keeps going on about how amazing Hunter is at everything until he is finally pulled off of the stage.

Elder Thorne - Elder's parents come in still sad about the loss pf Ivy. They cry and tell him to be smart and come home for them so that they will have at least one child to love.

Kyrie Oleal - Kyrie's parents both come in cheap looking clothes and the capital laughs at them. They smile and tell Kyrie that they took time off of work to come and hope she can win it for all of district 10

Reed Bliss - Reed's family comes and her sister looks very sad. Dawn tells her to not kill anyone unless she has to, but mostly just to try and do what you need to come home. Her father is silent and is telling himself he should have let her stay.

Maisie Gallium - Her mother comes and tells Maisie to avoid the wolves (Tributes) and make it to grandmother's house (Home). She has a copy of Little Red Riding Hood in her hand and cries while looking at it.

Day 5:

Ruby has been trying to hide in the desert and has avoided Nina and Ariadne during the games. He finds a pond and gets some water. While he is drinking he hears splashing and sees Elder. He is laughing and he feels sad about what he needs to do. He wants to ally with him, but realizes he is too dumb. He grabs a knife and goes into the pond. He swims to him and stabs him in the leg. He thinks it is a shark and gets out of the water, armed. He starts moving away, but Ruby's knife lands in his neck. He falls over and Ruby is sad about what he had to do.

Doris is searching for somebody she trusts. She knows it is the final eight, but a cannon sounds and she now knows it is only the final seven. Nobody to ally with, she continues walking.

Vanessa is alone near some caves and sees Hunter. He sees her and holds up an axe. She runs away and he is too tired to kill her.

Reed and Maisie are in the middle of the desert. The portal has taken them to an area in the arena that is all flat. Reed is still crying and she is holding up a knife covered in blood. Maisie cries too and hugs her. Then Reed falls over and Maisie takes the bloody knife out of Reed.


Elder Thorne - Knife thrown into his neck by Ruby 8th Place

Reed Bliss - Stabbed herself in the chest out of sadness 7th Place

Day 6:

Hunter is in the desert looking for some water and all of a sudden feels strong wind. He notices sand blowing and is hit by a scorpion mutt. He throws it off of him and kills it. The sand storm is forcing him somewhere, but he doesn't know where, so he goes into it and gets back to a cave.

Doris is also out in the desert looking for food. She sees movement, which is Hunter and tries to move towards it. Hunter gets in his cave and Doris is almost there when all of a sudden the storm picks up and is too strong for her to walk. It is pushing her into the desert and she is trying to move away from where it is blowing. When it stops she does not know where she is, but she sees Maisie.

In Maisie's POV

She screams out my name. I am scared and do not know whether to save her or watch her get suffocated in the sand. She is getting lower and lower as I worry and think. What would Red do? What would Red do? But then I remember all Red had to do was avoid the wolf and get to her grandmother's house. She was NOT in the desert, but what if she was. If Red was here, would she want me to save Doris? What about my parents? Of course. I am from district 12 and even if we always die in the games, that doesn't mean we are bad people. I shout for her so she knows I am coming and I grab her hand. By now she is down to her shoulders and I pull with all my might until I can pull no more. I am not Red. I think. Because as the sand pulls us both down, I know there is no happy ending for me.


Ruby is thinking about Liesel and knows he must win for her. He thinks about the day he last saw her and hopes her memory will live on when and if he makes it out of the arena alive. He gets some water, takes a rest and picks up some knives. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day. He thinks, grinning evilly before he shuts his eyes and goes to sleep.


Doris Humprey - Sank into quick sand 6th Place

Maisie Gallium - Sank into quick sand 5th Place

Day 7:

Ruby heads out to hunt for tributes early. He walks to the caves, knowing someone will be there. He sees Vanessa and heads in to kill her. Kyrie sneaks up behind him and stabs two knives into his back. He falls over and she takes the knives out. His cannon has not yet fired and Ruby is able to reach his sword. Kyrie is moving away, but he stabs her through the chest. She falls down, but before she dies, makes sure he dies first. By the time they are both dead, their is a bloody mess outside of the cave.

Hunter hears both cannons and thinks one of them is a major killer. He thinks it is Vanessa and watches his back.

Vanessa is freaking out and sees the pool of blood outside of the cave. She starts crying as she recognizes Ruby's and Kyrie's faces. She knows it is down to her and Hunter and prepares herself for him.


Ruby Steiner - Stabbed by Kyrie 4th Place

Kyrie Oleal - Stabbed by Ruby 3rd Place

Day 8:

Hunter and Vanessa are both ready for their last day in the arena. They know it is ending and they also know that one of them will leave soon. Vanessa grabs her knives and gets ready to face Hunter. Hunter does the same. The two are looking for each other when suddenly the ground begins dissappearing and they are both forced on top of the caves. They both know it is the final battle and one of them will die right here. Vanessa throws some knives, but she slips and misses. Another knife is thrown and someone falls. Hunter has his last axe and raises it over Vanessa. With a loud crack, it comes down on her, cutting her chest. "Why di-" but Vanessa is cut off and her cannon fires. Shortly after, Hunter waits for the trumpets, but the hovercraft suddenly crashes. He has no clue why, but then spots a zombie. It is killing mutts and then sapots Hunter. Hunter sprints away, but the zombie knocks him out. (The zombie is Ruby)


Vanessa Jimenez - Hit in the chest with an axe by Hunter 2nd Place

Hunter is the WINNER *Gasp*

Right After the Games

In Hunter's POV

I knew I could win. I wish I had parents who appreciated me though. Because without them, I really didn't win completely. But hey! Who needs parents! I am a victor. Now I can move into the victors village with Johanna and that weirdo Terra girl who has a mutt for a pet. These doctors are looking nervous and have been operating forever. I just can't wait to go home and live a life of luxury.

HUNTER WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just as surprised as everybody else! Oh well, nice job bluestripe =D

My third games are now. Reserves for 2 days and enter tributes fast!

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