Ok guys. I know I am kinda on an off the wiki, but I just got this great idea that there could be a quarter quell and the arena would be in Santa's workshop and on the northpole. I hope you guys all submit tributes. Only 2 a person though, so don't submit a ton. K, hope you guys like my idea and please submit fast! COMMENT FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JK, but you will get a sponsoring opportunity. You can pick two items to send your tributes. OR one big item.

I will try to post a question daily and whoever is first to answer correctly wins the top prize. Second place gets one small item of their choice. And third place I will pick.

1Carpen Shim (17)

1Shimmer Goldstone (16)

2 River Rhodes (17)

2 Sutton Yates (16)

3 Digit Starr (17)

3 Lucky Dawn (18)

4 Benjamin Logan (14)

4 Evelyn Dreamcatcher (13)

5 Alec Powers (14)

5 Addie Buzz (16)

5 Harris Jon (17)

5 Kathrina Loula (15)

6 Jack Gardes (15)

6 Lillian Gardes (15)

6 Rick Jones (13)

6 Cathy James (15)

7 Herflex Nome (13)

7 Taytum Mason (17)

8 Will Simpson (16)

8 Sarah Kid (12)

9 Akim Yakoliv (17)

9 Linda Pierre (13)

10 Joe Smith (17)

10 Jay Forest (14)

11 Kratos (16)

11 Isabella Trance (12)

11 Jonah Monarcha (15)

11 Revelyn Eagle (15)

12 Arthur Turqouise (15)

12 Suzy Turqouise (15)

District Male Female User
1 Carpen Shim (17) Shimmer Goldstone (16) Rueflower
2 River Rhodes (17) Sutton Yates (16) Wolverine1717
3 Digit Starr (17) Lucky Dawn (18) Anon....
4 Benjamin Logan (14) Evelyn Dreamcatcher (13) Anna-athena
5 Alec Powers (14) Addie Buzz (16) Necterine41
5 Harris Jon (17) Kathrina Loula (15) ~ilovepeeta~
6 Jack Gardes (15) Lillian Gardes (15) Iluvgale
6 Rick Jones (13) Cathy James (15) Nate777
7 Herflex Nome (13) Taytum Mason (17) QuinnQuinn
8 Will Simpson(16) Sarah Kid (12) TotalDramaRox97
9 Akim Yakoliv (17) Linda Pierre (13) Foxface911
10 Joe Smith (17) Jay Forest (14) Tigerstripes325
11 Kratos (16) Isabella Trance (12) Skyandbray
11 Jonah Monarca (15)

Revelyn Eagle (15)


12 Arthur Turqouise (15) Suzy Turqouise (15)


Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(DO rest of ages later. Too tired now. Also guys, why didn't anyone, except for likke 2 people, just post tributes on this page. seriously, it would have saved me a lot of time)

OK I made up tributes for the left over spots. Lets start these games!

Ok, I realize that while some spots were empty, but actually picked in the comments, I will have to give a few other people chances to submit tributes. These games will be a quarter quell so certain districts are required to give double the tributes. Districts 6, 5, and 11 were picked to give extra tributes. *Evil smile* Everyone gets to wear green and red christmas costumes! Complete with boots and long white sock. You also get a gift to start off right when you are in the arena. When the gong goes off, you can pick up a gift at your feet and it might be something good. You will get food, a weapon, or (if you are unlucky) coal. HAPPY HUNGER GAMES! "And may the odds be ever in your favor, and stuff.........."

Tribute Info (Because most of you were to lazy to leave a comment with this)

Gender: Female

Age: 13 1/2 Evelyn DreamcatcherToken: An mulitgem bracelet given by all her friends. Each of her beads represents someone or something.

History: Evelyn is an straight A student that dreams of becoming an lawyer. Shes short tempered and enjoys getting into fights. She's popular though, but her friends are more of an temporary alliance. Evelyn is an only child, her father died when she was young. Or so what everyone thinks. Evelyn and her mom think that maybe, just maybe he was turned into an Avox and is still in the Capitol. She wishes to find out.

One thing about Evelyn is that she enjoys causing pain and suffering. She killed her "best friend" and framed someone. She killed the girl because she stole and guy she liked. That didnt work well with her.

Evelyn volunteered to be in the games because she wanted to satisfy her love of killing, become even more popular when she wins, and also see if her dad is alive.

Appearence: Golden Brown Hair. Dark Browish Eyes.

Hobbies: Dancing, Gossiping, Shopping

Fatal Flaw: Thinking shes the best. Otherwise Huberis

Name: Benjamin Logan

Age: 14

History: Ben is a popular, cocky and witty boy. He can be loyal and nice too those who gain his trust, but mostly will be hostile to those he first met. Ben is deeply in love with Evelyn, but she isn’t as serious about him as she is about her. Evelyn sometimes has mixed feelings about Ben, she always thinks of her troubled ex Adrain. Evelyn ignores those feelings and dose her best to be with Ben. Ben is rich. He is what people call a “JERK” Juinor, Eduacated, Rich Kid.

Once, when he was 9, he and his best friend Micheal Summers played a trick on him. The trick was that he set his alarm to 10:00 am in the morning. Ben got a whipping from the peacekeepers for that but all he said was Shakespeares famous line “I know a trick worth two of that.” Micheal knows not too crosss Ben anymore.

Appearance: Golden Brown Hair, Green Eyes

Token: A picture of him, Evelyn, Micheal and Calla. Calla is Evelyn’s best friend. And is dating Micheal. On the back has everyones signatures, with Micheal’s writing saying “I know a trick worth two of that.”

Fatal Flaw: Losing Evelyn, would do anything for her. Hobbies: All Sport

Name: Arthur Turqouise

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Arena Strategy: Ally with Suzy and hide away until only a few tributes left.

Arthur Turquoise Skills: Dagger,

Weaknesses: Suzy in pain or trouble, running.

Token: None

Appearance: Short blonde-gray hair, blue eyes.

Reaped: Yes

Name: Suzy Turqouise

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Arena Strategy: Ally with Arthur, and hide away until only a few tributes left.

Skills: Fast talking, sly, elusive, getting out of tricky situations, resourceful

Weaknesses: No good at fighting.

Token: Bracelet of 3 beads Arthur gave her for each reaping.

Appearance: Long blonde-gray hair, blue eyes.

Reaped: Yes


Skills: Strength, Hand to hand combat, Short and Medium range, Hates everyone and is stuck up (yep, I made that a skill)

Weakness: Slow, Reckless, Not stealthy at all.

Strategy: Run into the cornucopia and grab the first weapon he finds. Completely DESTROY any tribute he sees during the bloodbath. If he dies, he dies. He doesn’t care. He will kill anyone he sees even if he sees a group of 10 people. He will charge in and kill as many as possible before he dies. To make a long story short. Kill who ever the heck he wants even if it means certain death for him.

Personality: very, very, very, quiet. He probably has only said one word in his life time. So during the intervie

ws he will just sit there. Just being around him can scare people because of his size, his quietness, or the way he sits\stands there. doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and could care a less if he killed a 12 year old girl…..or anyone at that matter.

History: his mom died giving birth to Kratos (named after the Greek god of strength. Not the video game character…..even though the game character was based off the god) and his dad died about a year later from a heart attack. He then moved in with his evil uncle who treated him like trash. Kratos started to train with any weapon he could find\make. When he was 16 he killed his uncle because he was just tired of him. So the Capitol rigged the reaping to make him participate in the games as a punishment.

Weapons: anything but a Bow. Anything he can find. Anything that can kill.

Token: his massive Biceps. Zues and Hades (Zeus is the right one and Hades is the Left one)


Isabella Trance

Skills: Sleeping, Gathering, Finding water, Camouflaging herself and locations (for example, she can make a cave entrance look like a solid rock, so it appears to not even be a cave at all) Basket weaving. Wide knowledge of edible nuts, berries, and plants

Weaknesses: fighting, killing, swimming, tracking, hunting, all weapons. Pretty much everything that isn’t listed as a strength. Has dreams of killing the pair from 5 who are in her games (once she is in the arena) which makes her want to kill them, even though she has no skills at all to do so. If she does is up to you, the writer of the games ;) Strategy: Sleep. Yes, you read right. No typo. No misread. Sleep. She is going to run out of the cornucopia with nothing at all. Find water. Gather roots, berries, and nuts. Then find a very good hiding place. Make it better by camouflaging it. All in day 1. At the end of day 1 sleep. Sleep until the games are over, or when she dies.

Personality: Funny. Likes to joke about her Condition\power\disorder, and makes it known what her strategy is without exactly saying it. (dropping hints mostly)

History: every since she was a baby she never had a problem sleeping. Her parents didn’t like that she spent almost all of her time sleeping so they talked to a doctor and she was diagnosed with Hypersomnia. A condition where she sleeps to much. After she was diagnosed she had an idea. From that day on she would train her body to be able to sleep, and wake up on her command. When she was 12 she mastered it. Now she can lay down, tell her body to sleep, and it will. After about 18 hours her body will wake its self up from either hunger, thirst, or the need to go to the bathroom. Other then that she has full control of her sleep cycle. When she was 13 her sister was reaped and killed by the tributes from District 5 (they were working together when they killed her) because of her lack of sleep (ironic, huh?) so she decided to learn all of the skills necessary to be able to do nothing BUT sleep in the arena. She learned about edible plants, berries and nuts. Found TONS of ways to find water, and became an expert at basket weaving and camouflage (basket weaving to hold water and food, camouflage to….well….camouflage) she then volunteered to use these skills and avenge her sister.

Weapons: her sleep cycle

Token: a blue ribbion

Female, Linda Pierre

Age- 13

Personality- Sweet, funny, peaceful, plants skills, best slingshoter in all of Panem

Skills- Speech, peacemaking, plants skills, best slingshoter in all of her district, camouflage, tree climbing

Weakness- Using most weapons, lying, running(but can climb trees really well)

History- Lives with her father and mother in a cute little house in a wealthy(ish) village. Has had a wonderful life, is much loved because everybody knew she would be reaped. The mayor had only one child: her. She has always secretly wanted to rebel against Panem, because they ruined her life from an early age. Panem has always been cruel. She doesn't know it, but originally her family is directly descended from French royalty.

Strategy- Possibly ally with Alice. or else go and hide in a tree while slingshoting people from above. Maybe ally with a lot of weak people and just have power in numbers. She thinks she will mostly go by impulse.

Token- a small green and gold necklace that her grandmother gave her.

Male, Akim Yakovliv

Age- 17

Personality- Cold, hard, non-forgiving

Skills- Running, swimming, fencing, bow and arrows, knife, axe, courage, tree climbing

Weakness- Linda

History- His mother won a games almost twenty years ago, but survived with only half a leg and one eye. Whenever he sees his mother reliving her moments in the games, he swears that he will NEVER be in a games. EVER. And that plan worked out well until very recently. The love of his life had always been Linda. She never knew it. On day he planned to tell her. Now he's not so sure.

Strategy- Run off by himself and then when someone gets near his spot, kill them. Protect linda AT ALL COSTS. Even his life.

Token- His green cloak

The Games Day 1- Bloodbath and Merry Christmas

In Isabelle's POV

OMG! So we just got taken here on the day after Christmas. Or the second day of Christmas. We were taken on like a sleigh with magical reindeers to this place in the North Pole. Its full of toys. Nothing creepy about some random old guy with a building full of toys in the middle of nowhere.......

In Linda's POV

So We are all given gifts and the cornucopia is a giant Christmas tree with presents under it. Of course we are all given presents ahead of time so that we don't all have to go to the cornucopia. I open mine up and get a bouncy ball! I am so excited and I immediately bounce it to see how high it goes. All of a sudden it gets out of control. I yell look out, but it hits Akim in the head. I guess that's what you get if you are stupid, cuz seconds after he falls, he blows up my bouncy ball! What an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Digit Starr's POV

YAY! Merry Christmas. Instead of those green and red christmas costumes, we are all wearing footy pajamas. I see presents under a big Christmas tree. There are big ornaments with tributes faces on each one. Twenty four total. One falls and shatters. A boom is heard and now there are only twenty three ornaments hanging up. I open up my gift and I get an iPod. I put in headphones and start blasting the music. Under the mistletoe by the Biebs is playing. OMG! there is only Justin Bieber music on this iPod. YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I blast it and hum along. Now I see an app for Justin Bieber's twitter page! I click on it and die. I think my heart just exploded. Wait a sec, WTH I don't even like Justin Bieber. She is a terrible singer.

In Herflex's POV

Okay, so I am in the hunger games. OMG! It's Christmas. I see a hanukah tree with ornaments on it. Twenty three cuz someone already died. I open my gift and see coal. IS THIS CUZ I'M JEWISH?!?!?!? WHAT THE HECK! I HATE YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Will's POV

The gong thingy just rang. K so in my gift I got a box. I opened that and found another box. Then another box. Then another box. Twenty more boxes and a note saying that I am stupid because the real gift is at my feet. I pick it up and see a gun. I point it at a fat girl next to me. Or maybe its a guy, IDK. I shoot and then a flag comes out saying pow. I am sad cuz nothing happened. So I aim it at myself and a bullet comes out but it misses me. I officially hate Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Joe's POV

I russian to get a gift when the gong rings. Get it? It's a pun cause I am rushing in. But russian sounds like that........never mind. I get a big red gift box and carry it away. I open it up and find a sword. YAYZ! I hold it out in front of me and it impales that ugly thing from district 5. He yells in pain and then I drag him away. I steal his footy pajamas so now I is double warm! Strangely though, he had two pairs of footy pajamas, so I just leave him in the other pair and wait for the bloodbath to end so the magic flying claw machine thingy will pick him up.

In Jonah's POV

I run to get a gift from the tree. I hope santa bringed me something good cuz all I got in my other gift was a backpack stuffed with food, water, and a machine gun. I just hid the ammo cuz I don't believe in guns. I get a toy train. I hold it up and run. WEEEEEEEEE! Now an axe hits me in the chest. I am sad. "WHAT THE HECK MAN! GET YOUR OWN TOY I FOUND IT FIRST!" then he says too bad and I go to sleep forever.

In Carpen's POV

Yeah! I is a gangster. I runned of teh plate and get good weapons in wrapped boxes under big tree. I first got a train but put it back in the box and left it on the ground. Some other idiot stole my train and started playing with it so I hit her with my axe and now she is napping, but she spilled red kool aid all over herself.......

Next I get grossed out so I chuck the axe and it impales some blonde kid from district 8.

In Jay's POV

I run off of my plate and look for toys. All I got was some map of the arena and a book of useful hints. I also got a bottle of cherry koolaid. I see a kid grab a choo choo train and get killed with an axe. I get the train when he is fully asleep and start playing with it. Some idiot hits me with an axe in the chest and I drop my kool aid and it spills all over me. Now I feel tired for some reason and I fall asleep. Before I am asleep, I see that girl that I meat in training, Taytum, get her head blown off by a midget with a sword.

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