This is a spoof of the hunger games. So enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1: The Reaming

I wake up on the floor of my house. Well, actually it is the front lawn. That was a crazy party last night. Some guy is on our front door step with a pink flamingo. I make him leave and then go to find Pig. She is probably the fattest little girl in all of Panumb. She is even fatter than those people you see in hot dog eating contests. Of course she competes in those and always wins, but that isn't the point. Her hair is as beautiful as our bathroom floor and her eyes are the color of our cats butt. So in other words she is very pretty. I push her off the couch of our living room, but she doesn't move because she is too fat. I throw a pillow at her and she doesn't move. I start cooking breakfast and she gets up. She starts eating the plates out of our cabinet because today is a special occasion in Hood 12. The Reaming is today so that means that 24 unlucky people will be forced to be murdered and tortured in many unpleasant ways. In other words they are going to the capital and then the hunger games. I throw a plate onto our forklift to make Pig sit on it. She does, so I drive the forklift to the town square to be at the Reaming. She is crying the same cry she does when she doesn't get 10000 calories in a day because she is scared for the Reaming. "Don't worry Pig" I say. "Just don't be the last one to put your finger on your nose, okay." She squeals and then burps. She is disgusting I say to the man next to me who just finished eating a 5 pound cheeseburger. I roll Pig out onto the ground and push her into the crowd. "Welcome everyone" says Iffie trumpet. "when I blow this horn you have to touch your nose and stuff, K?" she blows the horn and I touch my nose immediately. Pig is so fat she can't reach her nose. The kid with no arms gets a by so that means Pig is chosen. "Pig, come up here you are coming with us." says Iffie. "No! I volunteer" I say. two ugly men in white suits start dragging me onto the stage. "Sike! Just kidding haha! I'm a trickster. Sike" I say, but I am forced to go up on stage with Peter Melonkey, pretty much the weirdest guy in Hood 12.

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