Hey guys! I liked seeing everyone else's hunger games, so I am making my own. Please submit up to 4 tributes. When submitting, include: District, Name, Age, Appearance, Skills, Weapon, Strategy, Token, Personality, and History.

  • Yuri Blue District 1
  • Joo-Chan District 1
  • Lucy 'Dumblonde' Fighter District 2
  • Ernie Sasalot District 2
  • Sky P District 3
  • Crayon K. District 3
  • Waterlily Wave District 4
  • Splash Blue District 4
  • Maple Tinder District 5
  • Lyon Shade District 5
  • Andrea Grain District 6
  • Jason Rivers District 6
  • Moss Dawn District 7
  • Ash Burn District 7
  • Amy Delecroix District 8
  • Jackson Michaels District 8
  • Spring Howards District 9
  • Sam Jones District 9
  • Ether Lustrare District 10
  • Zero Bismuth District 10
  • Jay Sparrow District 11
  • Robin Miller District 11
  • Erien Smith District 12
  • Amethyst Trestan District 12

District 1:

Yuri Blue

age: 16

Personality: Very sweet. She hopes she can make it without killing many people

Skills: Knives and Sharp things

Strategy: Grab what people are not fighting over and run run run....make an alliance with a nice person, only kill if needed, hide. hunt when hungry,

History: Has 4 other sisters named Rini (4) Akira (9 twins) Kagami (9 twins)and Miki (14) she is the oldest so she hopes her family can make it her mother is dead so they live with her father Seung....(Miki was chosen so she volunteered)

Token: A pin with blue diamonds and pearls that looks like a diamond
Male: Joo-Chan Park

Age: 17

Apperence: Dark curley black hair very dark brown eyes Korean(his last name is park so DUH)

Personality:Quite shy at first,Violent,Career!

Skills:Swords, spears, Throwing knives,

Strategy: Join Careers and KILL KILL KILL

History:Career trained all his life, has a Mum (Yoona) and a Dad (Nickun)

Token:a necklace his trainer gave him for his 16 birthday( has a large circle that is just above the heart)

District 2:
male: Ernie Sasalot

Age: 18

Skills: slielently killing people with cat claws

Weapon: knife, catclaws and crossbow

Strategy: Do not become part of the careers alliance stay by yourself killing the best people first

History: dad was an assasin who was killed in the job she was training with him before he died and vowed to avenge him by killing the daughter of the man who killed him CAPITOL VIEW terible they killed her father indirectly

Token: none

Female: Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter

Age: 18

Skills: everything

Weapon: everything

Strategy: Normal careers strategy

Personality: stupid

History: dad killed ernies father was a voulenteer tribute seeing this as a chance to prove that she was the best blonde ever CAPITOL VIEW awesome NICKNAME dumb blonde Dummy and Blondummy

Token: None

District 3:

Male: Crayon Koopalonmangariohasaverylonglastnameandhewillhopefullywinthesegamesinasongthatmak ehimseemlikeapyromaininacthatsnotevenhalfthisnamewillgoonforeveritwillnotstopwheneverit rytostopbecauseitisaddictingtomakeverylongnamesandidonotknowwhatelsetosaysobannacre ampuffyougotownedyeah
Skills:Aim accuracy speed gracefullness swords bows knivfes and Bladed frisbees
Weapon: sword, knives, bows, and bladed frisbees.
Strategy: Make an alliance with a weakerplayer then betray them take all of there stuff and kill them in the slowest most brutal way possible (would be prefered if this person was 12)
History: he was an orphan raised by nuns who whipped him he then went psyco and killed everyone there he hates life and he voulenteered
Female: Sky P
Skills: Traps, snares, spear traps, moderate with a spear in combat Smarts predicting things fire
Weapon: snare or spear
Strategy: Get 2 spears at the cornucopia then set up traps to kill other tributes who come near her
History: her father was a security person who taught her how to set up traps if she was ever reaped.
District 4:
Female: Waterlily Wave

Age: 16

Skills: Amazing swimmer. Very fast when running, can run faster than anyone else you have ever seen. OK with a trident. Can fish pretty well. Good knowledge of what plants can be used for food, medicine, or
not at all. Can climb trees well and can be so quiet it is like she is not even there.

Weapon: Trident

Strategy: Wave to get a lot of people to like her during chariot rides. Blow kisses but don't talk. Do whatever her stylist says. At interviews act like herself (friendly, kind, but not afraid to kill). In the games, try to get a trident or food (maybe a backpack) from the cornucopia. Run as fast as possible to find a cave or somewhere to hide out for a while. Try not to make an alliance unless she has complete trust for the person. Avoid people as well as she can, try to stay away from allowing people to find her. Go as long as she can.

History- Has loving mother and father at home. Has twin younger sisters that are only 3 (Emma and Anna). Has many friends and is popular.
Male: Splash Blue

Age: 16

Skills: Very strong. Amazing with trident. Pretty fast runner and swimmer. Good fisher. Can climb trees and is OK at being quiet. Good at impressing people.

Strategy: Splash has always been deeply in love with Waterlily. He has seen her around and loves her very much. She does not know it, but when they were little (until they were 5) they used to be best friends and do everything together but when Waterlily made new friends that thought boys were "icky". He hopes to regain her friendship and convince her that he loves her. He wants to hold her hand in the chariot. Announce to the world he loves Waterlily at interviews. Try to get close to her. In the arena, grab a trident or try to get sponsors to send him one. Avoid careers. Try to find Waterlily quickly and convince her that he will not hurt her. Find a cave to stay in with her. Keep her safe no matter what, even if it means dying for her. Will not let her out of his sight.

History: Splash lives with both of his strict but loving parents. Has one little sister that is 5 (Bree) and one toddler sister that is 2 (Gabby). Is popular and has many friends. He is kind and friendly, but like Waterlily, won't hesitate to kill as long as he keeps Waterlily safe.
Female: Waterlily Wave


Skills: Amazing swimmer. Very fast when running, can run faster than anyone else you have ever seen. OK with a trident. Can fish pretty well. Good knowledge of what plants can be used for food, medicine, or not at all. Can climb trees well and can be so quiet it is like she is not even there.

Strategy: Wave to get a lot of people to like her during chariot rides. Blow kisses but don't talk. Do whatever her stylist says. At interviews act like herself (friendly, kind, but not afraid to kill). In the games, try to get a trident or food (maybe a backpack) from the cornucopia. Run as fast as possible to find a cave or somewhere to hide out for a while. Try not to make an alliance unless she has complete trust for the person. Avoid people as well as she can, try to stay away from allowing people to find her. Go as long as she can.

History: Has loving mother and father at home. Has twin younger sisters that are only 3 (Emma and Anna). Has many friends and is popular.

District 5:
Male: Lyon Shade
Age: 17
Personality: Quiet, daring, smart, quick thinker, cautious
Skills: Great with throwing knives, hand to hand combat, and throwing spears
Weapon: throwing knives or spears
Strategy: Get something close and run, find food and water, find an ally, preferably Maple to protect her
History: Lyon grew up with two older siblings and more recently, one younger one. His mother is sick, and is close to death. His older sibling, Birch (19), taught Lyon how to hunt and has taken care of him since he was young. Lyon and Birch hunt for the family while Fern (18) and Sparrow (4) stay home and care for their mother. When Lyon was reaped, he knew he was going to die, or at least be different. The Hunger Games isn't something you go into and come out of the same. He lifted his little sister onto his knee and said; "Don't wait for me to come home, because I might not, Go and live your life just the way you want." He knows she doesn't under stand, but he hopes she will someday.
Token: A Band around his ankle with a notch for each member of his family
Female: Maple Tinder
Age: 15
Skills: Great with a bow and arrows, climbing trees, and tracking
Strategy: Get something close and run, find an ally, hopefully Lyon, find food and water, stay out of the fighting, don't kill unless it's necessary
Weapon: bow and arrows.
Personality: Quiet, smart, true to herself, quick to react, trustworthy
History: Lives with her older sister, Lark (18), and two brothers, Pine (16) and Cedar (19). Everyone in her family knows how to hunt. She, being the youngest, learned last. She has always been protected by her siblings. Maple is loved by many in District 5 and she is very kind. She and her siblings distribute their extra kills to those who don't have enough to eat at night. When she was reaped, Lark volunteered. Lark and Cedar made a pact when Pine and Maple were eligible for the games; volunteer for them. So, Lark volunteered. Once up on the stage, the people realized that she wasn't eligible. Maple still had to go into the arena. Lark turned 19 on the day of the reaping. Lark is crushed. This one time, she wasn't able to save her sister. Maple promised to do her best. Maple will try and come home.
Token: One red string tied around her wrist from Lark

District 6:

Male: Jason Rivers

Age: 18

Skills: he is good with an axe and is a good climber.

Strategy: to get an axe and hide in a tree for most of the games.


Personality: Very mysterious

History: Jason was nice back home. He had three younger sisters and a father. Jason has some problems and he would always slack off from work and school and start climbing trees.

Token: A leaf from a tree in front of his house.

Female: Andrea Grain


Skills: good with a bow and arrow and a fast runner.

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Strategy: Find a bow and arrow and stay alone. Trust nobody.

Personality: paranoid, but nice if she isn't scared

History: Andrea is an orphan and she has few friends.

Token: a locket with a picture of what she thinks is her old family.

District 7:

Male: Ash Burn

Age: 15

Skills: Great with a knife and good at hand to hand combat. Also he is ok with spear.

Strategies: Grab something and run. Find an ally, maybe Moss. Doesn’t like to kill.

Personality: Funny, smart, sensitive, cautious, adventurous.

History: Ash grew up with his little sister. His dad is dead. He gathers food for his family. His mom is a farmer and he helps. He is pretty popular at school. His sister is best friends with Moss’s sister so he kind of knows her, but not really.

Token: A woven band that goes around his ankle. It is engraved with his sister’s name.

Female: Moss Dawn

Age: 14

Skills: Great with a bow and arrow, very fast runner, great at climbing trees.

Strategies: Grab something nearby and run. Ally with someone.

Personality: Shy and cautious, but also adventurous. Funny, smart.

History: She grew up with her little sister who is best friends with Ash’s sister. Moss’s birthday is in 2 weeks, so she will most likely have it in the arena. She kind of knows Ash, but not really. Her mother works on the farms and her father is dead. They are very poor.

Token: A leather wrist band with her sister’s name etched into it

District 8:

Female: Amy Delecroix

age: 12

Skills: stealth toxicollogy and is able to make a poison out of anything

Weapon: Whip blowgun and anything sharp

History: Is from a family of victors dating back to her great grandma.

Token: A small cabinet with notes on how to survive the games in it from her family

Personality: Smart cunning and has very heightened sences
male: Jackson Micheals


skills: Fencings and long range shooting

weapon: bow and arrow

Token: a necklace with a mirror on it

History: Was orphaned at the age of 3 when is family got ran over by the tribute train because they were blind and deaf whitch sadly when to him too

District 9:

Male: Sam Jones
Age: 16
Strategy: Get good supplies from the cornucopia and team up with a strong tribute untill the final 5 then he
will break it off.
Skills: Running and throwing weapons
Token: none
Weapon: Spear or throwing knives
Personality: Smart and nice
History: He lives with his parents and has one little sister who would probably kill herself if Sam dies.
Female: Spring Howards
Age: 12
Strategy: Only go to the cornucopia briefly to pick up necessities and hide by a water source, avoid fights, she will not go to the feast but if confornted she will fight and kill.
Skills: Great at identifiying plants, good climber and handy with a knife.
Token: A golden bracelet with her grandmother's name on it
Weapon: Knife
History: She lives with a poverty stircken family. Both parents work from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. She has one younger sister whom she adores.

District 10:
Male: Zero Bismuth (Zero as in the number and bismuth as in the element.)
Age: 16
Personality: Perverted. Total otaku (that's in Japanese!). Nice. Weird. Elegant. Easygoing. Funny. Has a sweet tooth.
Weapon: Sword
History: Zero has a mother (owns sweet shop) and younger sister. His girlfriend's name is Marina Vista (She's very jealous and hates it when Zero flirts.). His best friend, practically brother, Orion Vector. Orion's girlfriend, Katie Higgs.
Token: A picture of his friends.
Female: Ether Lustrare
Personality: Shy. Guarded.
Skills: Camoflauge. Stealth. Running.
Weapon: stealth
History: When Ether was young her parents died. She was sent to live with her uncle, who constantly abused (sexually, physically, emotional, mentally) her. One day, she snapped and killed him. However, afterwards she didn't remember what happened. Everytime she becomes so emotionally overwhelmed or panics, her mind protects itself by blanking itself out. Most of the times, she wears baggy, secondhand, boys clothes.She lives in the community home and has a crush on Zero.
Token- A small pendant that is the only thing she has of her parents.
District 11:
Female: Jay Sparrow
Age: 15
Skills: Can convert any animal to her side by mimiking thier sounds can master anything.
Weapons: The Snakes
Strategy: Hide with the animals- use the snakes to bite people
Personality: Clever funny cautious
History: Lives in District 11 and has been able to enchant any animal from a young age. Trained by a victor because of her talent.
Token: A locket with the picture of all of her family and pets.
Male: Robin Miller
Age: 15
Weapon: Knife
Skills: Good with plants And Knife.
Personality: He is tough on the outside but has one weakness, he loves Jay. History: He was orpaned and brought up by Mr Sparrow. The Only one who knows his secret Has no siblings.
Token: A clue to Mr Sparrow's secret- A broken syringe

District 12:

Female: Erien Smith
Age 12
Weapon: Machete
Skills: Athletic, flirtatious, nice, suspicious
Strategy: is to get a machete and run and hide till the finals and possibly trick some tributes into giving her food.
Male: Amethyst Trasten

Age: 15

Appearance: Short black hair, black eyes, tall, strong, very tan

Weapon: Nunchuks

Skills: Strong witty, and competitive

Personality: Insane but can control it he is also very strong

History: Only child that came from a single mother and his mother is almost never around due to dating many men.

The Arena

This year the arena is mostly a forest. It has a few lakes and rivers in it and it has some mountains that have caves, but also have mutts around them. The mutts include snake mutts, bird mutts, and wolf mutts. Some of the rivers have edible fish in them, but the lake has mostly fish that will pull you under the water and drown you. There are also a few edible fish in the lake, but not many. In the arena, there is also a pit. It's not acid or full of mutts, but you will fins out what is in the pit when a tribute goes in it. Also, in between the cornucopia, the forest, the lake, and the mountains it is all gravel.

HG map

A Map of the Arena

You get $500 for each district and get more sponsor money by doing good in the arena, interviews, and chariot rides.
In a backpack you get five matches, a box of crackers, a bottle of iodine, a heavy coat, a loaf of bread, and a half full gallon canteen.


Dull knife- $75

Sharp Knife- $100

Machete- $150

Spear- $200

1/2 Dozen Throwing Knives- $200

A Dozen Throwing Knives- $350

Bow and Arrow with a dozen bows-$450

Each Additional Bow-$25

A Dozen More Bows-$200






Blowgun with 20 darts-$425

A Dozen More Darts-$100



Bladed Frisbee -$100 per frisbee

Cat Claws - $175

Snake - $600


Armor (Does not Cover Head)-$700


Other Stuff


Strong Tent-$600


Small Amount of Food-$200

Medium Amount of Food-$300

Large Amount of Food-$400

Light Clothing-$100

Heavy Clothing-$250

Bottle of iodine-$30

Ten Matches-$50

Burn Ointment-$350


Medicine for a Disease, Sting, or Bite- depends on affectiveness



OK, my computer went crazy and deleted all of my sponsor stuff, so let me know in the comment section if there is something I forgot.

Chariot Rides

District 1: Yuri and Joo-Chan come out first on their chariots. Joo-Chan is wearing a solid gold suit and Yuri is wearing a dress made of diamonds. Joo-chan is showing off his suit and has his head held high, while Yuri is looking around and smiling nervously at everyone.

District 2: Lucy and Ernie come out next in Peacekeeper uniforms. The crowd gasps, but the capital loves it. They are both holding guns in their hands and look confident. Lucy and Ernie hold up their guns to shoot them into the sky and Lucy shoots hers into the crowd, which doesn't hit anyone, but scares people. Ernie rolls his eyes at Lucy and fires his gun into the sky. District 2 appears from his flare gun and Lucy's went into the crowd, so nothing else appears. The crowd hates them, but the capital loves them.

District 3: Crayon and Sky come out next. They are both wearing outfits that have lightbulbs on them. Crayon has an evil look in his eyes that creeps some people out, while Sky is looking kind of scared. They both turn on their costumes so that the lightbulbs flas different colors. They then both jump onto a hovercraft and the crowd cheers

District 4: Waterlily and Spring arive in a chariot that has a tank, but you can hardly see the tank. They are both dressed in light blue wetsuits. Waterlily starts blowing kisses and waving at the crowd and then they both climb into the tank and our out bags of sand. The tank then starts filling with water and it looks like a beach. Waterlily and Splash trace 'District 4: The Real Deal' into the sand. The crowd cheers loudly for their performance.

District 5: Lyon and Maple wear black cloaks when they arrive on their chariot. The crowd doesn't like their outfits and some people boo. There is then black smoke everywhere and the tributes dissapear. Everyone is confused, but then someone sees them up in the air. They float down and are both dressed in beautiful outfits. The crowd loves them and everyone cheers very loudly. Even the capital likes them

District 6: Jason and Andrea both come in wearing doctor and nurse outfits. They both are holding needles and give each other a shot. It is not really a shot, but the needle causes their outfits to change colors and flash white and red. The crowd is kind of bored by this, but then they both get out tubes of medicine. They drink them and are able to do a ton of difficult acrobatic moves. The crowd is confused, but there is some clapping.

District 7: Ash is wearing a brown suit and his sleeves are green. Moss is not with him on the chariot. The crowd is very confused by this and so they are silent. There is a tree on the chariot and Ash picks up an axe. He begins to cut the tree and after a while, the tree is cut and Moss comes out of the tree stump. The crowd claps for them and they love it.

District 8: Jackson and Amy come in wearing very fashionable outfits. Their chariot is a runway and they walk down it together. They both pose and walk back up the runway. Amy helps Jackson move since he is blind and deaf. They come back and are wearing new outfits that are beautiful and shining. They both smile and everyone cheers for them, but the capital doesn't like it that much.

District 9: Sam and Spring arrive smiling very nervously. They know they won't win, so they are both shaking. Sam is dressed in an amazing tuxedo and Spring has a beautiful red dress. They both hop off of their chariot and land on horses. The horses go next to each other and Sam and Spring hold hands on their horses for the rest of their ride. The crowd claps for them a little.

District 10: Zero and Ether both arrive in outfits that make them look kind of like farmers. They are both holding whips and pitchforks. On the chariot, there is a ton of hay. Zero removes the hay and there are two horses. Ether and Zero get on the horses and begin riding on them around the chariot. They are both infuriated when they look ahead and see Sam and Spring riding on horses and are mad at them. They ride on their horses for the rest of their chariot ride anyway and the crowd gives them a small applause.

District 11: Jay and Robin both come out on their chariot looking a little confident and are trying to smile. A bird flies to Robin and another one to Jay. The two then grab some dough and start molding it. The dough is molded into a big chair and is put into an oven (convienently located on the chariot). Within seconds, the bread is really hard and Jay and Robin both sit on it. hundreds of birds now come to them and pick up their chairs. The crowd cheers for them and they both know they will get some sponsors.

District 12: Amethyst and Erien both arrive on their chariot wearing nothing and only covered in ash. Their chariot ride is not very special and everyone laughs at them, until the chariot sparks and they both put on long coats. The coats glow up a little and both of them look good. The crowd doesn't do anything, but then fireworks are launched into the sky that look amazing, so the crowd claps, but Erien and Amethyst are still embarrassed about when they first arrived.


Yuri Blue: She mentions that she is nervous and a little scared to be in the hunger games. She says that she will probably make it past the bloodbath, but will not kill anyone unless absolutely necessary. Yuri also mentions that back home her siblings miss her and she hopes she can win for her dad and for Miki especially. Yuri ends the interview crying.

Joo-Chan Park: He appears confident and is proud to be a volunteer tribute. He says he is positive he will win and will do whatever it takes. He also says that he will not worry about killing and will kill anyone. Joo-Chan says that back home is mother and father are probably waiting for him and they are probably positive he will come back home.

Lucy Fighter: Lucy appears confused and trips when she walks onto the stage. She forgets Caeser's name and calls him Seeder. She is sure she will win the hunger games and says she will definitely do a career alliance. She mentions that her dad is rooting for her and will be proud of her. She then gets completely off topic and starts talking about shopping, but the buzzer goes off and she leaves.

Ernie Sasalot: Ernie comes out looking very ready for his interview. He says that he will team up with the careers and he will kill Lucy. When Caeser asks him if he's worried Lucy will find out about him saying this, he says that she probably doesn't understand him because she's so dumb. He talks about how Lucy's father killed his father and that he has to get revenge on Lucy. He keeps talking about this but the buzzer forces him to leave.

Sky P: Sky comes out in a beautiful dress and smiles at Caeser. She says everything very clearly and seems very prepared. She is not sure if she will win the hunger games, but she says not to count her out because she is not bad at traps and snares. She explains that her father is a security guard and helped her prepare for the hunger games if she ever got reaped. She also says that she thinks Crayon, her district partner, is really creepy.

Crayon K.: Crayon comes out with a long black coat, white gloves, and he has a knife in his hand. He starts telling Caeser he will kill everyone and win and then he starts walking towards Caeser with his knife. A guard runs on stage and tazors Crayon. Crayon falls down and is then put in a straightjacket. A little while later, Crayon is reinterviewed in his straightjacket tied up on the chair. Crayon does not want to say much and only repeats what he said before.

Waterlily Wave: Waterlily comes out in a light blue dress that matches her eyes. She mentions that she hopes to win the games for her family and will team up with Splash for a while. She talks about her two younger twin sisters and her parents a lot. She also talks to her friends and tells Caeser about how much her friends will miss her if she dies. Waterlily has nothing else to say and so she leaves long before the buzzer goes off.

Splash Blue: Splash walks out in a tux and he waves to the crowd. He mentions that he hopes to do well in these games and help Waterlily. When Caeser asks him why he wants to help Waterlily, Splash says that Waterlily has always been the girl that he had a crush on. Everyone is surprised and Waterlily gasps. Splash then tells about his connection with Waterlily back in district 4 until the buzzer goes off.

Maple Tinder: Maple comes out nervously smiling at the crowd. She doesn't seem confident that she will win the hunger games, but she says she hopes to win. Maple also talks about her family back home and how devastated Lark was when Maple got chosen. Maple then starts to cry, and puts her face in Lark's string. Caeser tries to cheer her up for her interview, but pretty soon the buzzer rings and her interview is over.

Lyon Shade: Lyon walks out trying to look confident. He says that in the games he will try to ally with Maple and protect her. He then talks about his family and his little sister. He says he hopes that she will understand what he told her when he was reaped and he also hopes his family can survive with their mother sick and dying.

Andrea Grain: Andrea seems very energetic during her interview. She is unable to answer many of the questions Caeser asks her due to her being an orphan. She does, however, talk about her orphanage and that she has few friends and no idea where her family is. She says that it won't matter that much if she doesn't win because she has no family or friends.

Jason Rivers: Jason looks around the stage a lot as he starts his interview. He says that he will hideout for the games so that nobody can kill him. He tells Caeser that his family will miss him, but he thinks he has a good chance of winning since he is 18 and there are some other tributes that are only 12.

Moss Dawn: Moss walks onto the stage casually to start off her interview. She says that she might ally with Ash since he and Moss' little sisters are best friends. She hopes to get to know him and work with him in the games. She also says that she needs to win so that her family will have enough food and so her little sister will have someone to look up to.

Ash Burn: Ash waves to the crowd a lot during his interview. He tells Caeser he is thinking of helping Moss and being allies with her since their little sisters are best friends. He also says that he needs him or Moss to win so that their families will have someone to get them food. He says he misses his mother and little sister, but he hopes to see them again.

Amy Delecroix: Amy walks out confident even though she is only 12. She acts as if she is sure she will win. She shows Caeser her notes on how to survive the hunger games and tells him that her family is all victors, so she thinks that she has a great chance. She then continues showing Caeser her notes, so the buzzer rings early and she skips off of the stage happily.

Jackson Michaels: Jackson is escorted by someone to his chair on the stage since he is deaf and blind. He tries to tell Caeser about his family, friends, and how he will win these games, but it comes out as mumbling. When the buzzer rings, Jackson is escorted off of the stage.

Spring Howards: Spring comes out Nervously, almost tripping in her high heels. She seems pretty scared about having to be in the hunger games, but talks to Caeser about her famioly being very poor and that they will most likely die if she dies. She tells Caeser that in the hunger games, she will grab just some little stuff from the cornucopia and then ally with someone. She does not mention that she will leave them in the middle of the night though.

Sam Jones: Sam comes out for his interview smiling. He talks to Caeser and tells him that he's a strong tribute. He also says that he plans to ally with a strong tribute until the end is near. He talks to Caeser about his family and says that he must win for his little sister because she loves him so much that if he died, she would kill herself.

Ether Lustrare: Ether nervously walks onto the stage for her interview. She tells Caeser about her life back in district 10, but she leaves out the part about her undle and her parents being dead. She also talks to Caeser about being really good at hiding and being a fast runner. She also talks a little about her crush on Zero, which the audiance loves.

Zero Bismuth: Zero walks out calmly in a tux. He talks to Caeser about his life back home. He tells Caeser that his mother owns a candy shop and that he has a younger sister. He also tells Caeser about all of his friends back home. When Caeser asks him what he thinks of Ether, Zero tells him that he thinks she seems nice, but he already has a girlfriend back home. Zero ends his interview leaving everyone dissapointed.

Jay Sparrow: Jay comes out normally for her interview. She tells Caeser about her talent to control animals. Caeser thinks she is a little weird, but then she whistles and out of nowhere, a bird lands on her hand. Caeser is impressed and the crowd loves it. Everyone claps for Jay and then the buzzer goes off, ending her interview.

Robin Miller: Robin comes out next, not sure if he can impress the crowd as much as Jay did. He begins talking to Caeser about his past and how he was brought up by Mr.Sparrow. He also tells Caeser that he likes Jay and has always had a crush on her. He tells about her being like a sister and the crowd loves this. The buzzer interrupts Robin and he is forced to leave the stage.

Erien Smith: Erien walks out nervously for her interview. She begins talking to Caeser about her strategy. She tells him that even though she is younger then most tributes, she might do really well in the games because she is great at stealth and she is really good with a machete. Caeser seems impressed at how confident she is and the crowd likes this.

Amethyst Trasten: Amethyst comes out last and the crowd is pretty tired by now. Amethyst starts out by talking about his mother and talking about how she will miss him, but not that much because she is so distracted by dating people. He also says he could get knid of far because he is strong and amazing with nunchucks. The crowd is still bored and a buzzer quickly ends Amethyst's interview.

Training Scores

District Tribute Score
1 Joo-Chan Park 10
1 Yuri Blue 7
2 Ernie Sasalot 9
2 Lucy Fighter 9
3 Crayon K. 11
3 Sky P 8
4 Splash Blue 12
4 Waterlily Wave 8
5 Lyon Shade 6
5 Maple Tinder 9
6 Jason Rivers 6
6 Andrea Grain 8
7 Ash Burn 10
7 Moss Dawn 8
8 Jackson Michaels 1
8 Amy Delecroix 4
9 Sam Jones 7
9 Spring Howard 6
10 Zero Bismuth 11
10 Ether Lustrare 8
11 Robin Miller 6
11 Jay Sparrow 2
12 Amethyst Trasten 8
12 Erien Smith 5


District 1 $650

Joo-Chan Park - Ernie stabbed him with his cat claws. 13th place

Yuri Blue - Ernie shot her with his crossbow. 22nd place

District 2

Ernie Sasalot - Jason threw an axe at him and it landed in his chest. 6th place

Lucy Fighter - She threw knives up at a tree, but they came back down and went into her head. 16th place

District 3 $750

Crayon K. - Amy and Robin's trees suffocated him. 12th place

Sky P - Waterlily speared her with a trident. 14th place

District 4 $900

Splash Blue - Jay's snake bit his neck. 4th place

Waterlily Wave - Maple hit her in the neck with an arrow. 5th place

District 5 $750

Lyon Shade - Joo-Chan threw a spear into his chest. 21st place

Maple Tinder - Drowned in flood waters. 3rd place

District 6

Jason Rivers - Ernie shot him with a crossbow. - 7th place

Andrea Grain - Joo-Chan threw a spear into her chest. 19th place

District 7 $800

Ash Burn - Mauled by Wolf Mutt. 11th place

Moss Dawn - Winner!!!!!!!!!! 1st place

District 8

Jackson Michaels - Stepped off of his plate too early and was blown up. 24th place

Amy Delecroix - Crayon threw a bladed frisbee into her neck. 17th place

District 9

Sam Jones - Poisoned by a Fugu Blowfish. 15th place

Spring Howard - Ernie shot her with his crossbow. 23rd place

District 10 $750

Zero Bismuth - Jay's snake bit him in the heart. 10th place

Ether Lustrare - Maple shot an arrow into her skull. 9th place

District 11 $50

Robin Miller - Crayon threw a frisbee into his head. 18th place

Jay Sparrow - Moss shot her with arrows. 2nd place

District 12

Amethyst Trasten - Ernie stabbed him in the chest with cat claws. 8th place $300

Erien Smith - Sam threw knives at her chest. 20th place

Chariot Rides and Interviews

Since the chariot rides and interviews have ended, I want everyone to read them again and decide which one was their favorite. You can only say one district that was your favorite for chariot rides and one district that was your favorite for interviews. You also can not vote for your own districts. I need at least 10 people to vote. You don't have to have submitted a tribute to vote. Anyone can vote. (But you have to be logged in, just so you don't vote for your own district as a wikia contributor)

The Games

Good luck to all and as Effie Trinket would say "May the odds be ever in your favor'

Day 1: The Bloodbath

The tributes are raised on their plates into the arena. Most are not surprised by the surroundings, pretty normal. Mostly forest and there is a lake. The gong has not rang yet, but the tributes are all counting down, except for Jackson, who has no idea where he is, so he steps off of his plate too early and is blown up. When the gong rings, everyone rushes to the cornucopia. Maple and Ash reach the cornucopia first. They grab a backpack, bow and arrow, and a spear and then run off into the forest. Meanwhile, at the cornucopia, Joo-Chan and Ernie are killing off. Ernie sees no cat claws, but has a knife and crossbow. He is able to kill Spring and Yuri Blue. Joo-Chan, meanwhile has two spears in his hands. Jason runs up to the cornucopia to grab an axe, and Joo-Chan throws a spear at him. It misses and hits Lyon instead. Lucy grabs some random weapons and runs off into the forest. Ernie runs after her, but trips on a tree root and she gets away. Erien goes to the cornucopia to get a machete, but she slips in some mud, which gives Sam enough time to throw three knives at her, which land in her chest, killing her. Andrea Grain runs up as well as Zero to grab a bacpack from the cornucopia. Zero wins the fight for the backpack and grabs it. He then slams it at her, which hits her in the face and knocks her down. Joo-Chan throws a spear at her and kills her. Crayon is on top of the cornucopia and he has some bladed frisbees, throwing knives, and a backpack. He throws a frisbee at Robin, one at Amy, and another at Ether. Jay recieves a very deep cut in her shoulder, Amy gets a frisbee in her neck, and Robin gets a frisbee right through the top of his head. Robin and Amy fall down dead and Jay grabs a few knives and runs. Splash is able to grab some bread, knives, and a trident before he leaves the cornucopia. He runs into the forest because he thinks he saw Waterlily go that way. Sky, Ether, Amethyst, Jay, and Waterlily all run off away from the cornucopia. once the bloodbath is over, eight canons go off. After the bloodbath, Joo-Chan, Ernie, and Crayon make a small career allinace. Meanwhile, in the forest, the tributes with no weapons are all feeling a bit nervous. Sky runs back to the cornucopia and is able to make it away with 2 spears and a snare. She sees the small career alliance staying near the cornucopia and she tries to join them, but they don't want her, so they chase her, until she finally is away from them inside of the forest. That night, eight faces appear in the sky.

In Moss' POV

As I am raised up to the arena, I feel very nervous. When I eventually make it into the arena, I look around and see that it is mostly forest, but in the distance I can see a mountain. I'm sure there are probably mutts all over the place, but I won't worry about that now. I barely have time to think before the district 8 kid steps off of his plate and is blown to bits. Poor guy, I heard he was deaf and blind. oh well, I can't worry about that now. The other tributes are already counting down. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The gong sounds and I sprint to the cornucopia, hoping no one has beat me there. I grab a backpack, and a bow and arrow. I start to turn around and I see someone else next to me. I am terrified they will kill me, but then I realize it is only Ash. He grabs some spears and we run off into the forest together. We keep hiking deeper into the forest, but we see no other tributes. Eventually, we climb into a safe tree for the night. I hear eight cannons after the bloodbath and that night I see all eight of those faces.

In Crayon's POV

I am raised up into tha arena and it is only a forest this year. I might see a mountain, but I can't be sure. The other tributes are all counting down right away. I count down too, but after about only ten seconds, I hear an explosion on the other side of the cornucopia. A tribute must have walked off of their plate. Too easy, they're already killing themselves. When the gong rings, I run to the cornucopia. I grab a backpack, some knives, and some bladed frisbees. I then climb onto the cornucopia and prepare myself to throw frisbees into some tributes. I see no one that I can throw at for awhile, but then both tributes from 11 and that little girl from 8 run into the cornucopia. I throw a frisbee at each of them and I am dissapointed to see that only two tributes fall dead. The 11 boy and the 8 girl both fall dead from my frisbee attack. I see the 11 girl grab some knives and I am about to prepare another frisbee, but I have run out of frisbees. I wait up there until the bloodbath is over because I know that if I use up my throwing knives, I will be completely defenseless. Once the bloodbath is over, I make an alliance with the 1 male careers from 1 and 2. The girl from 2 is gone and the girl from 1 is dead. We start going through the supplies at the cornucopia once we are sure that everyone else is gone. We get some food and a tent. I also pick up a few more bladed frisbees. I see Sky from my district walk over to us and she asks to be in our alliance, but we all say no and chase her into the forest. We camp by the cornucopia. That night eight faces show up in the sky.

In Splash's POV

I wonder what the arena will look like as I am raised into it. I look around and see forest and some mountains. Waterlily is six plates over from me, but I try to see which direction she is leaning towards. I see other tributes counting down. The ditrict 8 boy only two plates away from me steps off of his plate and blows up. I think he was blind or something, so he probably would not have lasted long. 5,4,3,2,1. The gong goes off and I make a mad dash to the cornucopia. I pick up a trident, some knives, and a loaf of bread. Then I run in the direction Waterlily went. I start to call for her. I am not worried other people will hear me because I am probably the first tribute into the forest with weapons. Eventually, I spy something moving in a tree. "Waterlily?" I call out. I find a very scared and shaking, but still uninjured Waterlily sitting on a tree branch. I climb up with her and tell her it will be alright. SHe hugs me and we share my bread. Then I hand her a few knives. We sleep up in the tree together. I see 8 faces up in the sky and Waterlily begins to cry because the young tributes from 12 and 8 died, as well as the blind kid from 8. I calm her down by telling her we stilll have each other and she seems to get better.

In Sky's POV

I am raised into the arena and see a giant forest. I am not sure if that is the whole arena though, because I see some hills, maybe mountains. I count down and some other tributes join me. I hear an explosion, but I am too far away from it to tell where it came from. The gong sounds and I run away from the cornucopia. I run into the forest, but not too deep. I climb up a tree and I can still see the bloodbath. When it's over, I make sure everyone is gone. I run back and grab some snares and 2 spears. I start to run back into the forest when I hear the voice of Crayon and some other tributes, I offer to join them, but that creep yelled at me and they all chased me away. I eventually got back into a tree and they all went back to the cornucopia to camp out. That night, I see eight tributes faces up in the sky.

In Zero's POV

I am raised up into an unfamiliar area called the arena, where it looks like a forest, but I'm sure it's full of deadly creatures and traps. The other tributes countdown and I hear an explosion. That blind guy from district 8 has already stepped off of his plate and is blown to bits. I run to the cornucopia and try to grab a backpack. That dumb girl from 6, I think, goes for the backpack too. I am much stronger than her, so I take it and knock her to the ground with it. She lies there unconcious, but I don't look back at her, instead I run into the forest. I look for Ether, but I can't find her. I make a small shelter to sleep in, and it is pretty camoflauged, so hopefully nobody will see me. That night I see eight faces in the sky. All from the bloodbath. Luckily, none of the faces belong to Ether, but I do see that girl I fighted for the backpack at the cornucopia in the sky.

In Lucy's POV

My stylist says good bye to me and I am raised up into the arena. This year it's mostly forest. I don't know why the tributes are on their plates and I'm about to step off when someone else does. I stay on and wait for a minute. A gong goes off and I stand there. Then I remember I am supposed to go to the cornucopia and get supplies. I grab a bunch of weapons and a can of soup. I also shove a little box into my pocket. I am about to go away when someone tries to attack me. I turn around and see Earl from my district. I think he might be confused about me because we are both from district 2, but he has knives and a crossbow and is aiming them at me. I run away into the trees and he follows me. He is about to get me when he falls down. I have enough time to get away from him and eventually he just goes back to the cornucopia. I set out my stuff. And test out some throwing knives. I carve a face in the tree. I make it look like Earl's face and then I stab it. I am confused and mad at him for attacking me. That night I see some pictures of other tributes in the sky. I wonder how they got up there. It must be magic or something.

In Amethyst's POV

As I am raised into the arena, I feel tired. I see the cornucopia kind of close, but decide that I should get away from it. I hear an explosion while waiting for the gong, but ignore it and run into the forest. I find a small cave and sit down. I am completely alone and I have no supplies. Right now I am just waiting for an alliance or sponsor items. I don't even bother to leave my cave at night to see all of the faces. I already counted eight cannon shots and I am too afraid to go outside unarmed. Now I regret not going to the cornucopia.

In Ernie's POV

This year, when I am raised up on my plate, I see the arena is a lot of forest. I count down for the gong with the other tributes. 20,19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10 BOOM! There is an explosion. I think it might be Lucy, because she is so stupid and she would have stepped off, either forgetting to wait, or thinking 60 came after the number 5 again. I look to see who's near me and see Lucy is still in one piece. Dang it! Oh well, I will just kill her later. when the gong rings, I rush to the cornucopia. I have a crossbow and a knife. I am able to kill the girl from 1 and the 12 year old from 9. I don't feel any pity on her, even though she's young. Once I kill them, I turn around to see Lucy. That idiot is grabbing a bunch of weapons she probably doesn't know how to use. She also grabs some matches, which she will, no doubt, either ruin or burn down the whole arena with. I run up to her and she looks confused. I am gaining on her, but I trip on a stupid tree root and she gets away. I walk back to the cornucopia and even though it is not my original plan to have an alliace, I join the district 1 and 3 kids. We raid the rest of the cornucopia and make a camp. We just sit there for awhile and then I see the 3 girl walk up. She asks us to be in our alliance, but we all say no and chase her away. That night, eight faces go up in the sky, unfortunately, none of them are Lucy's face.

Day 1: The Bloodbath Deaths

Jackson Michaels - Land Mine

Spring Howard - Ernie Sasalot

Yuri Blue - Ernie Sasalot

Lyon Shade - Joo-Chan Park

Erien Smith - Sam Jones

Andrea Grain - Joo-Chan Park

Robin Miller - Crayon K.

Amy Delecroix - Crayon K.

Day 2:

The small career alliance is deciding what to do next. Ernie and Crayon are fighting over where they should go. They both grab swords and are fighting, when suddenly Joo-Chan makes them both drop their weapons somehow and he holds up two spears. He trips over some rocks though and is unconcious. Ernie quickly grabs half of the supplies and runs into the forest. Crayon is mad that he got away, but he grabs half of the supplies and runs into the forest as well. When Joo-Chan wakes up, he has no food or weapons. He swears he will get revenge on those two, but in the meantime, he searches the cornucopia for supplies. He finds a really dull knife under a tables, and an apple someone took a bite out of. He walks into the forest anyway, to seek his revenge.

Moss and Ash have made a small camp deep in the forest. They have taken out all of their stuff and are resting. Ash asks Moss, "Is there anyone else you think we can ally with?"

"No I don't trust anyone. I would only trust the 9 girl or the 12 girl, but they are both dead."

" How about the one from 5?"

"No. She only trusted her partner and now he's dead."

"Okay, I'm hungry right now though. We should go hunting."

"Good idea."

The two find a small rabbit and shoot it. Ash lights a small fire and he cooks the rabbit. Moss and Ash then both share the rabbit and put the skin under a rock. They are walking away from the fire, when it lights up a tree and causes a chain reaction, burning some other trees. Crayon sees the smoke and gets to the fire. He starts chasing Moss and Ash, but is stopped when there is too much fire. Crayon goes the other way and thinks he will kill them later.

Amethyst is wandering around the forest alone, when he sees Jay. They make an alliance and climb a tree. Nearby, Maple and Jason meet up and make an alliance. They also climb a tree. Eventually, the two alliances see each other and join forces. They are all up in the trees. They begin to eat some bread and they all see a silver parachute drop down. They open it together and find nunchucks. They all know they are for Amethyst, so they give the nunchucks to him.

Ernie is in the forest and is alone. He sets out his stuff he got and finds no cat claws. He swears under his breath. Seconds later, he finds a pair of cat claws. He puts them on his handds and makes Lucy's face on a tree. He then slashes it. The cat claws are razor sharp and slice through the tree. Ernie is amazed at how sharp these are, because his back home are not this sharp. He celebrates silently. Then he packs up his stuff and goes hunting for tributes.

Lucy packs up her stuff and looks for tributes. She does not see any at all. She gets tired and decides to rest. She is sitting against a tree and eats some crackers. As she is eating, she hears some movement. SHe looks up and sees four tributes in the trees. they are all together above her, so she throws up five knives at them. Because she is so dumb, she forgets about gravity. One knife hits Jay's thigh and she screams really loudly. The other four knives come down and before Lucy can move out of the way, the knives lodge into her head. She falls down dead.

Ernie heard the scream and ran over to where it came from. He sees Lucy dead with knives in her head. He thinks they came from above, so he looks up. He sees nothing, but thanks whoever it was. Then he walks up to her dead body. He slashes her face and her chest until the whole body is covered in blood. He walks away from her, satisfied.

Ether and Zero are in the forest and they have found a river. Zero stabs a fish with his sword and examines it. The fish looks safe to eat, so he cooks it and shares it with Ether. The fish is not poisonous, so the two are fine. Nearby, Sam has been watching and he is in a tree. He sees the two eat a fish that is safe, so once they leave, he rushes to the river and spears a fish. He reuses their fire, and while he waits for the fish to cook, he gets out his water bottle and fills it. Then he puts in iodine and waits. About 30 minutes later, he drinks some water and starts eating his fish. His fish tastes amazing, so he eats it in two seconds. He catches another and eats it. It also tastes great. He gets another fish and grills that one. When he eats it, his stomache starts to hurt and then he falls down. His skin turns blue and he can't breathe. Then, he vomits all over the place. Sam now realizes that he ate a poisonous fish. He remembers what he was told in training; always be 100% sure you know what you are eating is safe. He had checked, but he had not double checked. Sam is about to die when suddenly a silver parachute falls. Inside of the parachute is a needle with orange liquid in it. He realizes it is for him and tries to jam it into his thigh, only to find out he is paralized. Then he remembers that on his favorite show Total Drama Island, Lindsay prepared a bad Fugu Blowfish and Trent was poisoned. Then Trent turned blue and vomitted, he also couldn't breathe so Chef gave him mouth to mouth and had to jam a needle into him because the poison paralized him. He lies there, very sad and slowly begins to die. Minutes later, the poison from the Fugu Blowfish has killed him and his cannon fires.

(I might randomly throw in sponsor items if I am feeling nice, so don't comment stuff like I demand a free sponsor item, because Sam didn't even use the needle.)

Day 2: Deaths

Lucy Fighter - Lucy Fighter

Sam Jones - Fugu Blowfish

Day 3:

Sky is alone in the forest and has some spears and snares. She is near a small pond and she starts setting snares all over the place. Then she rests for a little while and sits there. She is so relaxed that she doesn't notice one of the snares catch something. She eventually notices and sees a deer. She skins the deer and eats it raw. After eating she notices that she is really thirsty and needs something to drink out of and iodine. She has not drank any water since before the games started and is dying of thirst. She is about to pass out when suddenly she sees Splash and Waterlily running through the forest. They don't see her, so she calls out to them and asks if they want to be alies. Waterlily shakes her head, but Splash says yes. Sky leads them in between snares and the 3 join around the pond while they drink purified water. Sky sets down her spears and is about to tell them that she has snares planted all around them, but Waterlily spears her with her trident. Sky's cannon fires and Warerlily tells Splash they need to keep going alone, because she doesn't trust anyone else. Splash is somewhat mad at Waterlily, but he gets over it and agrees with her that they should remain alone.

Jay, Maple, Jason, and Amethyst are all sitting in the branches of a different tree and are discussing what they should do next. Maple says "We need to kill the careers. The male tributes from 1, 2, and 3 are all really dangerous."

Jason then tells her "Okay, but we need to find them and make sure they are not all together, otherwise, they might kill us."

Jay says "Fine. I think they might be together still though, because that cannon we heard a minute ago might be from the careers. But before we do that, does anyone have a bandage I could use for those knife cuts from yesterday?"

Everyone shakes their head, but then a parachute falls and inside is a bandage. Jay puts it on her leg, covering the whole cut so it doesn't get infected. Then Jay asks if anyone has seen a snake. Everyone says no, but then another parachute falls and inside is a snake with inch long fangs. Jay is delighted by this and sets the snake on the branch. She commands it to catch a mouse, so it leaves and after about 15 minutes, it brings back a small mouse. Everyone cheers that the animal is trained and works for Jay. Now that everything is taken care of, the whole alliance begins their search for careers.

Joo-Chan has been alone in the forest and has already finished his apple. He only has a dull knife and can barely manage to get any food. He heres a rustling noise behind him, but doesn't attack behind him in time. Ernie stabs him in the back with his cat claws and laughs when he hears his cannon. He throws him to the side, but is mad when he finds Joo-Chan has no items. He curses and continues on looking for more tributes.

Day 3: Deaths

Sky P - Waterlily Wave

Joo-Chan Park - Ernie Sasalot

Day 4:

Maple, Jason, Jay, and Amethyst are all walking in the forest looking for a river. They find one and fill up their water bottles, then they purify the water, and drink it. After drinking, they all rest for a minute, then get up and begin their hunt for careers. Nobody can seem to find Ernie or Crayon. They know Joo-Chan is dead because his face was in the sky last night. The alliance is still having no luck until they see Crayon running through the woods. He sees them and throws a bladed frisbee. it misses everyone and he curses. Crayon then starts running until he is away from them. He then finds a river. After drinking some water, he finds a big, open area. It is circled with 12 trees. He begins looking for a tree to hide, when suddenly he hears a snap. He turns around and no one is there. He begins getting a little creeped out. He is about to run, when he realizes he is trapped. He hears screams and messed up voices. They are familliar, but he is not sure why. THen it hits him, they are dead tributes voices. Each tree has a dead tributes face in it. The faces are all disturbing and Crayon screams. Some branches pull him in and he realizes he is being pulled in from Robin's tree. Then he hears the little 9 girl's voice and it says "Why Crayon, why did you do this to me?"

He yells back, "Go away! Stop it!" He then starts screaming for help, but it is too late and Amy and Robin's trees have pulled him down under the dirt. They are strangling him, and suffocating him. Seconds later, his cannon fires. The hovercraft has to dig his body out of the ground and remove the roots from the other trees to get him.

Waterlily and Splash are still by the pond and are out of food, they need something to eat, so they decide to hunt. They pack up their stuff and start to head out. As they are leaving, Waterlily gets caught in one of Sky's snares. They try to get her out, but she is stuck. Then, Splash gets his trident and releases her. They continue on, but Waterlily's leg is hurt.

Ernie is walking through the forest and decides he should go to a different part of the arena. He walks over to the mountains and finds a cave. He sets out his stuff and melts some snow for water. He realizes he is cold, but he can't find any wood, so he runs to the forest ot get some. When he comes back, the few things he left in the cave are gone. He walks into the cave and sits down. Then he sets out his wood and starts a fire.

Zero and Ether are also in the mountains. They realized the forest was too dangerous because everyone else was there. They came across Ernie's ave and took what he had left in it, a spear, a sleeping bag, some bread, and a knife. Then, before he comes back, they run to the other side of the mountain. There, they find another cave. They are both very cold, so they share the sleeping bag and eat the bread they stole.

Day 4: Deaths

Crayon - Cursed Trees

Day 5:

Ernie's POV

I spent last night hiding in my cave behind a rock. I knew I wasn't alone, so I hid behind a rock sleeping. I saw Crayon's face in the sky last night, so I know I have no competition. Except for district 4 maybe. I walk outside of my cave and bring all my stuff. I don't think I will be going back there at all. I hear a noise and I see a creepy animal. It hisses at me and I see that its face is messed up. I gasp as I realize that it's a mutt. I slice it up with my cat claws, but then two more appear. I slice those up and four more appear. After slicing up those, I drop an apple. The snakes all go after it. Then I take out another apple, but this time I make sure it is poisoned. They all get part of it and fall down dead. No more snakes come out after that. I am relieved and I walk to the forest. I find a river and make camp in a tree next to it.

Maple, Jason, Jay, and Amethyst know there are only 11 tributes left and realize their alliance must end soon. They agree to not kill each other until they break up, which will be the final 8. Jason realizes this first and runs off alone. Everyone else looks at each other worriedly, knowing that they all will probably die.

Ether and Zero are both in their cave and are snuggled up next to each other because they are cold. Ether tells Zero she loves him, he tells her that he has a girlfriend, but she kisses him on the lips. Zero looks at her shocked for a second, but then kisses her back.

Ash and Moss are in a tree. They climb down and start hunting because they have no food. They catch another rabbit and eat it raw because a fire would be too obvious.

Waterlily and Splash are by another pond and have made sure that their are no snares around them. Waterlily's leg is still hurt badly and she is barely able to move it. Wave leaves her their with a trident and goes hunting. He gets a groosling and they make a small fire. The two eat the groosling and quickly put out the fire. Then Splash looks at Waterlily and says, "Do you remember when we were little and we were best friends?"
"Yes Splash I remember. I take back what I said when my friends said boys were gross."

"Then do you still like me Waterlily, as a friend?"

"Yes Splash, I do like you as a friend."

"Anything more then a friend?"

"Uh sure. We're... best friends."

"Anything more than that?"

Waterlily kisses him on the lips and the two hug. Then Waterlily starts thinking about home and cries. Splash hugs her and tells her it will be okay.

Day 5: No deaths because I'm nice ;)

Day 6

Ash and Moss are going hunting for food, as usual. Moss and Ash catch a big deer, which they roast and eat. They decide to catch some more so they head out. They find some more deer and are about to kill them when a wolf-like mutt starts going for the deer. Ash and Moss begin to back away, but Ash breaks a twig and the wolf runs up to them. It claws Moss' face and she falls to the ground. Then it claws Ash's face and his chest. Then it starts to rip open his chest and his cannon fires. The wolf tries to eat Ash, but the hovercraft scares it away. Moss is able to get up, but her face is in a lot of pain and she starts getting tear eyed from losing the only one she could trust.

Ernie is alone still and is counting on his fingers how many are left. He realizes he has to kill 10 more tributes. Then a cannon fires and he realizes he only needs to kill 9 more. He spends about an hour making sure he isn't being followed while looking for tributes, but finds nobody. He rests to eat some of his food and then a silver parachute lands near him. He opens it up and finds a blowgun. Not his preferred weapon, but he was great with using it at a distance. He shoots one at a plant and it falls over dead. He now knows all of them are highly poisonous.

Zero and Ether are both lying down together in their cave. They know that they are running out of food and that they have to kill people. Zero tells Ether that they need to kill people and have to leave the cave eventually, but Ether just tells him that it's not that close to the end yet, so they stay there.

The three person alliance of Maple, Amethyst, and Jay is sitting at the edge of the forest and then Jay says "We should break up at the final 8, but try to not kill each other then, because the other tributes are all stronger and if we kill each other, then they will kill the rest of us. We need to get some tributes, soon, and I don't think we'll find much in these trees." Everyone agrees and they make their way to the mountains.

Jason is alone and is going crazy. He is sitting in his tree and is just staying there doing nothing. He doesn't want to kill anyone, but he knows he has to.

Waterlily and Splash are still by their pond when Splash hears something. A loud screeching noise. He turns around and he sees some messed up mutt creature charging for them. He grabs out his trident to fight it, but some snares catch him. He sits back down next to Waterlily, when suddenly he hears more screeches and they now realize that they are surrounded. Waterlily and Splash both grab tridents. Some of the mutts get caught in snares, but a lot of them avoid them and go for Splash and Waterlily. They both have tridents and are killing mutts left and right. A mutt goes for Waterlily's neck, but Splash kills it. Eventually, they kill them all and grab their stuff. They decide to stay in the trees and stay hidden from mutts. He starts to climb, but suddenly notices Waterlily is following slowly. Her leg had been bitten by a mutt, not poisonous, but still a big gash. He helps her up and uses some leaves to stop the blood. She is crying and he gives her a kiss on the forehead.

Ether and Zero are still in their cave and have run out of food. They see the three person alliance and decide to avoid them. Little did they know, a snake was following them

Maple, Jay, and Amethyst are all on the mountain. They found two people in a cave, but wanted to make it look like they didn't see them. Jay lets go of her snake and commands it to attack Zero and Ether.

Ether and Zero are all armed and sneaking up on the three person alliance. They are behind them, about to attack when all three turn and the five are facing each other. Zero laughs at how few weapons they have, Jay has no weapon, Amethyst has nunchucks, but Maple has a bow and arrow. He knows he can take them all if Ether helps. He is about to run up when he feels something bite his leg. It attacks him and bites him all over. Finally, it bites his heart and he falls over. His cannon fires. Ether is about to cry, but then she runs away, because she knows those people are not safe. Jay's snake slithers onto her arm and Maple, Jay, and Amethyst all go off into the mountains to find more tributes.

Day 6: Deaths

Ash Burn - Wolf Mutt

Zero Bismuth - Jay Sparrow's snake

Day 7: The Announcement...

Everyone wakes up early in the morning when it is still dark out and then there is an announcement. It comes from nowhere and says that there will be a feast tomorrow. Everybody is happy, but Maple, Jay, and Amethyst decide not to go, or to break up. Maple says that they need to split up. Everyone agrees and awkwardly walks away in different directions.

Ether is all alone in the mountains crying in a cave. She misses Zero and is rocking back and forth because she is so sad. She ignores everything else and doesn't care what is happening around her. She is crying and screaming very loud, when she suddenly realizes she needs to win for Zero, and stops crying and keeps quiet. She gathers herself up, but it is too late, and Maple's arrow has already entered her skull.

Ernie is alone back in the forest. After hearing about the feast, he decides to get closer to the cornucopia. He makes a camoflauged shelter in a tree right outside of the cornucopia and waits, crossbow and cat claws ready.

Jason is going crazy and has been leaping around in the trees for days. He climbs to the very top of a tree and is able to see the whole arena. He is amazed at how far he can see, but he is so high up, he nearly falls off of the tree.

Moss is alone near a pond drinking water and deciding whether or not to go to the feast. She needs more supplies, but might get killed. She decides to go near and see who else goes. Then, she sees Splash, dragging along an injured Waterlily. Waterlily still has a badly hurt leg and is limping a lot. Moss sees them and runs away, but Splash and Waterlily can't chase her because of Waterlily's leg. Instead, they sit near the pond and drink water.

Day 7: Deaths

Ether Lustrare - Maple Tinder

Final 8 Interviews

Ernie Sasalot - Ernie's Mother comes to his interview. She tells Ernie that he is the only strong one left, so he will for sure win. She also states that she was proud when he cut up Lucy's body, but was dissapointed that he didn't kill her. She also says that she is waiting for him. The Capital likes this, but the districts boo.

Splash Blue - Splash's little sisters come with his parents. His parents are happy that he made it so far and wish him good luck. They say encouraging things about him and say that they hope to see him soon. His little sisters say "Hi Splash!" to the camera, thinking Splash will see this directly.

Waterlily Wave - Waterlily's parents come with her twin sisters looking sad. They hope that her leg gets better and they don't like her killing people, but tell her to do what she needs to come back home safe. Emma and Anna both miss their sister and the whole audience awws at them and thinks Waterlily's sisters are really cute.

Maple Tinder - Lark, Pine, and Cedar all show up for her interview. Lark looks the saddest and tells Maple to remember that she knows how to hunt better than anyone in the whole arena and that she is sorry she could not protect her from going into the hunger games.

Jason Rivers - Jason's whole family comes, looking worried. They tell him to hold on until the finals and win for them. His sisters all look sad, but they smile anyways. His dad tells him that he is proud of Jason for making it so far, and that even if he dies, he will still be proud.

Moss Dawn - Moss and Ash's families both show up. Ash and Moss' sisters are holding hands and are next to their parents. Ash's sister is crying and Moss' sister is hugging her. Their parents are telling Moss to win it for them and to win it for Ash.

Jay Sparrow - Jay's mother shows up, but Mr.Sparrow cuoldn't come because he was a mutt. Her mother tells her she has done well and she is glad Jay was trained by a victor. She tells Jay that she knows she will be a victor training other tributes some day and she tells Jay to make it out alive.

Amethyst Trasten - Nobody shows up for Amethyst because his mother is the only one who would be able to come, but is busy dating other men.

Day 8: The Feast

Everyone has decided they need to go to the feast, whether or not they need supplies, they might need to kill other tributes. An announcement in the arena goes off saying the feast is in 5 minutes and there might be some good stuff there.

Everybody positions themselves near the cornucopia or close enough so that they can kill someone. Five minutes is quickly over and a table raises up. On the table is a loaf of bread, a medical kit, and a few swords. Amethyst takes the first move and sprints out to grab some food. He has the loaf of bread in his hand, when suddenly Ernie's cat claws sink into his chest. Amethyst falls down and his cannon fires. Ernie grabs the bread and looks for more tributes. The others are all hidden. Jay is hidden in the trees and sees Amethyst get stabbed. She and her snake now begin to move away from the cornucopia. Jason is in a tree near the cornucopia and sees Amethyst. He is now going even crazier after seeing someone get killed and so he runs at Ernie, screaming. He chucks his axe at Ernie and Ernie shoots a cross bow at him. Jason falls down, and his cannon quickly fires. Ernie takes his cat claws and says, "I'm sorry dad." He then throws them away and gets rid of all of his weapons. As he slowly dies, his cannon fires. Waterlily and Splash see how many people have already died at the feast and Waterlily is sad, she tries to tell Splash that he needs to stay, but he ignores her and goes to the feast. Moss and Maple are both at the feast and Maple grabs some bread and then leaves quickly. Moss grabs a medical kit just in case she needs it and sprints away. Splash now knows it is safe to grab whatever he needs from the cornucopia. He grabs some weapons and some bandages for Waterlily and leaves.

Maple runs a few miles from the cornucopia and gets out her bread. She is very hungry and eats a lot of it. Then she saves the rest for later and continues looking for somewhere safe she can stay.

Splash and Waterlily are back together in the forest and Splash applies the bandages onto her leg. Then he looks through the weapons he got, a sword and some knives. He buries the stuff he does not need and Waterlily and Splash try to move away from where they were.

Moss looks through her medical kit and sees bandages, some poison antidote and burn ointment. She tosses it all into her back pack and keeps walking to find a safe place.

Day 8: Deaths

Amethyst Trasten - Ernie Sasalot

Jason Rivers - Ernie Sasalot

Ernie Sasalot - Jason Rivers

Day 9

Maple is the first up in the arena today and realizes there are only 4 other tributes left. She tries to remember who they all are but only remembers district 4 and 7. She keeps walking through the woods and spots Waterlily and Splash. She carefully sneaks up on them and hides behind a tree. She hears Splash say to Waterlily, "Waterlily, the end is close. If we are the final two, I will let you win. But for now, we need to protect each other." Maple quietly climbs up a tree near them, while they continue talking. She fires an arrow and it lands in Waterlily's neck. She is quiet and Splash can't see her. Waterlily tells him to look in the tree and she collapses. Her cannon fires and Splash begins to cry. He runs towards where she is and blocks her arrows. She begins climbing the tree higher until she is sure that Splash can't reach her, but a branch breaks and she falls. She lands on the ground and is near death. Splash jumps onto her and is about to slash her face when suddenly a snake bites him in the neck. He kills the snake with his trident, but is not strong enough to finish off Maple. She gets up and now knows that it is only Jay, Moss and her. She looks for Jay, but can't find her. She hears leaves rustling and fires an arrow. It misses Jay, and hits a tree. She still can't find Jay, but then Jay jumps onto her back and punches her. She continues punching her until she is sure Maple is dead. She walks away for the hovercraft to come, but realizes that her cannon never fired. She goes back to finish her, but realizes she is gone. Jay climbs up a tree and hides, knowing the final day will be tomorrow.

Day 9: Deaths

Waterlily Wave - Maple Tinder

Splash Blue - Jay Sparrow

Day 10:

The arena is calm today and every tribute is nervous. Everyone knows it will be the last day, so either they die or win. Jay, now without a snake has a knife she stole from Splash's supplies. Maple is alone with her bow and arrow, but she only has 4 bows left. Moss is sad about losing Ash and now is fighting for him. They all begin to look for each other, but nobody can find another tribute. The gamemakers decide this is really boring and they want this to be the last day. When the tributes start to rest, the lake and rivers begin to overfill and it starts raining, hard. The arena is beginning to flood and everyone has climbed something. They are all on trees, but are slipping and realize trees are too short. They all wade through the water and meet back at the cornucopia. Maple and Jay climb up the same section and Maple is about to kill Jay with her bow and arrow when she slips and falls off the cornucopia. She yells for help, but Jay ignores her and watches her drown, making sure that her cannon fires.

Moss and Jay look at each other from opposite sides of the cornucopia and know that right now somebody is winning and somebody is going to die. Moss has her bow in her hand and aims it at Jay. She fires and the arrow misses Jay. Jay stands up and moves towards Moss. When she is close to Moss, she takes out her knife. She throws it at Moss and it goes into her chest. Moss fires 2 arrows at Jay and Jay falls down. The knife did not go into Moss hard enough to kill her, so Jay is dying faster. Jay has an arrow in her neck and chest and then she says to Moss, "You deserve it more than me. The capital has ruined me." Moss looks at her and closes her eyes.

Day 10: Deaths

Maple Tinder - Flood

Jay Sparrow - Moss Dawn

Victory Tour

District 12 - Moss gives a small speech and tells that

District 11

District 10

District 9

District 8

District 6

District 5

District 4

District 3

District 2

District 1

District 7

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