It has come to my attention that we could use a few chat moderators on the wiki. Basically, chat moderators would be able to kickban users from chat who are causing trouble. Administrators automatically have chat mod rights, but as I never visit the chat I'll need a few others to help out with this. I'm going to open up the comment section on this blog for people to volunteer to be made chat mods. I will work on writing up a chat policy page that will lay out the rules and the duties of the mods (UPDATE: see here), but until then we can at least see about picking 2 or 3 users who volunteer. Please do not volunteer unless you visit the chat regularly. There is no point having moderators who are never around to enforce the rules. Just know that chat mods will not be permitted to misuse their abilities; that means they will not be allowed to kickban users simply because they are not friends, or they have had a disagreement, etc. Any mod who appears to be abusing their abilities should be reported to me to be dealt with.

To make things more organized, please only volunteer once in the comments—if you would like to say more later, please leave your new comment as a reply to your first one. Likewise, if you are not interested in becoming a moderator yourself but would like to endorse another user, please say so as a reply to that user's comment. People who are volunteering might want to include a sentence or two about why they should be made a chat mod, and how much time they spend visiting the chat. Thanks. UPDATE: Our new chat moderators have been chosen. Thank you to everyone who volunteered!

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