Things are getting out of hand with people uploading unnecessary images to the wiki. Far too many images are being uploaded that are unrelated to The Hunger Games and thus will never be used in articles—which is what the images here are supposed to be for. There are some exceptions, like using Lunaiis in fan-made Games or adding a few pictures to your user page, but people are taking advantage of our leniency. Note that our image policy says user pages should have no more than 3 images that are not used elsewhere on the wiki (that means in proper articles, not on other user pages) or that are not Lunaiis of characters you use for fan-made Games.

Now I see that people are uploading images that serve no purpose but to joke around in comment sections. Such images and comments will be treated as spam and deleted. Gifs, in particular, have little to no place here since we do not use them in articles. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find good, appropriate images that can be used in our articles because we are so flooded with random ones. I just spent an hour deleting almost 200 images that were either unused or only used to spam comment sections, and that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Before you upload another image to this wiki, please ask yourself, "Is this image useful to The Hunger Games Wiki?" This website is not Tumblr, please stop treating it that way. Thanks.

Update: If you are someone whose user page currently violates our image policy, please remove the extra images and then mark them for deletion by adding {{delete}} to each file's page. Thank you.

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