The Hunger Games Wiki has been invited to take part in a Fantasy Fellowship to celebrate the upcoming film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Next Saturday is September 22, a day known by Lord of the Rings fans as "Hobbit Day". The Fantasy Fellowship is a way of linking Wikia's fantasy-related wikis together to kick-off a countdown to the release of The Hobbit. Apparently it will also make us eligible for exclusive Hobbit-related content, like goodies from the movie, games, merchandise, etc. You can read the full details here.

Is this something people are interested in being a part of? I'm not sure how many Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit fans we have here (other than myself). Let me know in the comments below if you think we should join in, and if there's enough interest then I'll sign us up. Thanks.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who commented. The response was positive so we signed up.

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