Hi so I will delete my 7th HG FanFic. So I will make my own FanFic and you can be lucky to be here because the arena and the bloodbath is goona be awesome. So provide the information below and write it in the comments.

I will provide the District and Death.

NAME:( Don't use your real name )

AGE: (Between 12 and 18, of course)





You can also sponsor! Remember, you only have $2000 and you can only sponsor two tributes. The things you can give and their prices are:

Dried meat: $100

Dried fish: $50

Iodine - 1 bottle: $100

Any weapons (except axe, bow and arrow,spear and sword): $500

Bow and arrows (20 arrows only): $600

Sword: $1000

Axe: $900

Sleeping Bag: $1500

Backpack (empty, to hold supplies or full, for more supplies): $1500

Medicine (for wounds, burns, injuries, or sickness):$1500

Spear: $2000

So I will make the list of tributes after all tributes are filled in.

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