District 1- M - Shaun Detroia                F- Hannah Hilton
            2- M - Caian McCoy                 F- Cressia Crandy
            3- M - Rhett Starks                  F- Jette Smith
            4- M - Unknown                       F- Tennesse Williams
            5- M - Marcus Davis                F- Neris Lee
            6- M - Cleve Fosters                F- Chandria Foster
            7- M - Unknown                      F- Unknown
            8- M - Unkown                       F- Unknown
            9- M - Unkown                       F- Johanna Bennett
          10- M - Randy Sanders            F- Unkown
          11- M - Mark Collins                F- Jennifer Evans
          12- M - Josh Aigel                   F- Melinda Harrison


The reaping is done every year to choose a courageous young men and woman to represent their district in the hunger games. So Effie tells her very long speech and after that speech, she picks the female tribute for District 12. She reads the piece of paper. "Melinda Harrison!!!!" A 5'3 foot 16 year-old girl walks to the stage. Effie now picks the Male Tribute. "Josh Aigel!!!". A 6'2 18 year-old teenager walks to the stage. As the tributes shake hands, Effie shouts "Let us applaud for the Disrtict 12 tributes, Melinda and Josh!!" The crowd claps their hands as the tributes walk in the Justice Building, where there goodbyes will be said.


The tributes board the train with their mentors and they went to The Capitol. They were escorted to the Training Center, where they will train. The tributes train. While Melinda was heading for the Wall of Weapons, The girl from 11 approached me. "Hi, I'm Jennifer from 11. Jenn for short.You?". I tell her my name. "I'm Melinda, from 12." I walk and get 3 knives and throw them at the dummies. I hit all 3 knives perfectly, so I shouted "BULLSEYE!!!!". Then we head back to our room and watched the television until we saw the training scores. The lowest is 6, from the Morphling from 7. I saw mine's and Josh's scores. I was like freaked out when I saw my score. " I GOT AN 11???!!!".Josh's score was 10.

Interview and Hunger Games tom.

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