aka Tara

  • I live in District 6
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • TaraEverdeen

    <----- Chapter 3 - The Avox

    Tara shifted in her sleep, nightmares of tongues and needles having woken her up frequently over the course of the night, only to calm down and drift off again upon feeling the arms of Blaze around her. He refused to let her stay in her bedroom alone after she burst into tears the previous day. But the morning had arrived and they both woke and climbed out of bed, and Tara hurried over to the wardrobe and opened it. The sight she was met with was absolutely incredible.

    Carina had obviously seen that something was going to happen to her before the Games started, and there was definitely something furry about each of the other two outfits prepared, one labeled ‘Interview’ and one ‘Games’. The first was a beige and s…

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  • TaraEverdeen

    <----- Chapter 2 - The Arrival

    The engagement between Brandon Elphabum and Sheila Callaghan had spread quite quickly through the Capitol, and Tara quickly grew tired of the visits from each of the escorts congratulating her sister. Arching an eyebrow in Effie Trinket’s direction as she came in, last like her escorted district in pretty much everything to do with the pre-Games, Tara was actually quite relieved when Carina ushered all of them out so she could actually fit the costume. Smiling gratefully at her as the ensemble was carefully organized on her, she gave the blonde a hug. “I love the added touch with the tiara, Carina,” she told her.

    “It definitely suits you, you should wear it again after the Games are over,” Carina replied, a bri…

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  • TaraEverdeen

    <----- Chapter 1 - The Reaping

    The journey to the Capitol didn’t take long at all, and Tara got to her feet. She didn’t notice during the travel that she had been crying on Blaze’s shoulder. When they entered the building, she was quite literally tackled to the ground by three women. One had a hairstyle that looked like it could be a treble clef, the second looked as if she had artificial wings sticking out of her shoulders, and the third’s skin was dyed a light shade of lilac. Laughing, Sheila gave them a smile. “Lucinda, you know you could easily get lost in a flower field with that skin. But I suppose it’s better than a forest.”

    The lilac-coloured woman merely nodded. “Thanks for the heads-up, Sheila,” she acknowledged. Then the attention was…

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  • TaraEverdeen

    The reaping. The one thing that many of Panem dreaded... but eighteen year-old Tara Callaghan was ready. The games had been going on for decades, and this time marked a new one. The seventy-first Games, four years before the Quarter Quell. She enjoyed them as much as President Snow, and the seventy-fifth would be the first special one aired that she had seen. Because she had no plans on losing when she volunteered. There was no way anyone would steal her glory of becoming a tribute. Eyeing the rest of her district, she pulled the golden-trimmed robe that was made as a gift for her by her older sister, a previous victor of the Games, as she saw Arsenios Varclain, the escort of the district, take the stage.

    She didn’t need to listen to the speech…

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