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  • Tatertot623

    In the world of Panem, 32 people are chosen as tributes to go in an arena and fight to the death until one is left standing. You will sponsor you favorite and we will see who will be a winner.

    You will choose one tribute to sponsor here. You have 750 dollars to spend on your tributes.

    The tributes are as followed:

    1. Katniss Everdeen
    2. Peeta Mellark
    3. Maysilee Donner
    4. Haymitch Abernathy
    5. Madge Undersee
    6. Gale Hawethorne
    7. Prim Everdeen
    8. Seeder
    9. Chaff
    10. Thresh
    11. Rue
    12. Cecelia
    13. Woof
    14. Johanna Mason
    15. Blight
    16. Female Morphling
    17. Male Morphling
    18. Titus
    19. Foxface
    20. Finnick Odair
    21. Mags
    22. Beetee
    23. Wiress
    24. Cato
    25. Clove
    26. Lyme
    27. Enobaria
    28. Brutus
    29. Marvel
    30. Glimmer
    31. Cashmere
    32. Gloss

    Tributes not chosen have a higher chance of dying early in the game. So you can only sponsor one tribute. Hoever since your tribute can win money by killing …

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  • Tatertot623

    Welcome to the 51st Hunger Games. Last year was the Quarter Quell, so the following tributes got lucky. But they won't be that lucky. So aanyways to all the tributes, Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor. You have a month to train. Be prepared.

    All tributes will be selected if they put their District and name. A bit of background info would be helpful too.

    District 1 Boy: Mason Hanover

    District 1 Girl: Hollis Cummings

    District 2 Boy:

    District 2 Girl:

    District 3 Boy:

    District 3 Girl:

    District 4 Boy:

    District 4 Girl:

    District 5 Boy:

    District 5 Girl:

    District 6 Boy:

    District 6 Girl:Eliza Kurtz

    District 7 Boy:

    District 7 Girl:

    District 8 Boy:

    District 8 Girl:

    District 9 Boy:

    District 9 Girl:

    District 10 Boy:

    District 10 Girl:

    District 11 Boy:


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  • Tatertot623

    Ok so we know District 12 is in Appalachia, 11 is in Atlanta, Georgia, 13 is in Washington D.C., and the Capitol is in Colorado. Where are the others cause I have a few theories. I think this is it:

    10- is in like Tennesee

    9- is in Ohio

    8- I haven't decided

    7- I think maybe somewhere around Wisconsin or Minnesota

    6- Detroit, Michigan

    5- Idk, but I'm thinking Texas a bit

    4- I think either Hawaii, California, Florida, or South Carolina

    3- Arizonia or New Mexico or Nevada

    2- Washington (the state)

    1- Either New York or Las Vegas

    This is what I think tell me your thoughts!!!!

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