Welcome to the 51st Hunger Games. Last year was the Quarter Quell, so the following tributes got lucky. But they won't be that lucky. So aanyways to all the tributes, Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor. You have a month to train. Be prepared.

All tributes will be selected if they put their District and name. A bit of background info would be helpful too.


District 1 Boy: Mason Hanover

District 1 Girl: Hollis Cummings

District 2 Boy:

District 2 Girl:

District 3 Boy:

District 3 Girl:

District 4 Boy:

District 4 Girl:

District 5 Boy:

District 5 Girl:

District 6 Boy:

District 6 Girl:Eliza Kurtz

District 7 Boy:

District 7 Girl:

District 8 Boy:

District 8 Girl:

District 9 Boy:

District 9 Girl:

District 10 Boy:

District 10 Girl:

District 11 Boy:

District 11 Girl:

District 12 Boy:

District 12 Girl:


The arena is very special this year. It mixes three types of forestries. One third will be a jungle, another is swamp, and the third will be a regular forest. In the middle is a huge lake with the Conucopia on a huge hill beside it. 3 streams are in the forest along with a river in the jungle thst leads to the lake. Be careful of the pits filled with crocodile mutts. Or the salamander mutts roaming around. There will be more surprises to come soon.

Supplies at Cornucpoia

2 backpacks with water, beef, crackers, and a sleeping bag

5 swords

3 tridents

1 Bow

1 quiver of arrows

10 spears

3 backpacks filled with a slingshot, bag of berries, extra clothes, and a first aid kit

1 backpack filled with a blowgun, darts, and a mace

4 night vision binoculars

7 throwing knives

2 backpacks with a map, compass, book on how to identify plants, night vison goggles, binoculars, and some food.

1 backpack filled with all food, some pots, pans, and utensils


you decide that for yourselves. Well you right it in the comments and I'll put it up here. But don't always do high scores. No 12s or 11s unless I say.

District 1 Boy: 9-Mason Hanover

District 1 Girl: 10-Hollis Cummings

District 8 Girl: 8-Eliza Kurtz

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