In the world of Panem, 32 people are chosen as tributes to go in an arena and fight to the death until one is left standing. You will sponsor you favorite and we will see who will be a winner.


You will choose one tribute to sponsor here. You have 750 dollars to spend on your tributes.

The tributes are as followed:

  1. Katniss Everdeen
  2. Peeta Mellark
  3. Maysilee Donner
  4. Haymitch Abernathy
  5. Madge Undersee
  6. Gale Hawethorne
  7. Prim Everdeen
  8. Seeder
  9. Chaff
  10. Thresh
  11. Rue
  12. Cecelia
  13. Woof
  14. Johanna Mason
  15. Blight
  16. Female Morphling
  17. Male Morphling
  18. Titus
  19. Foxface
  20. Finnick Odair
  21. Mags
  22. Beetee
  23. Wiress
  24. Cato
  25. Clove
  26. Lyme
  27. Enobaria
  28. Brutus
  29. Marvel
  30. Glimmer
  31. Cashmere
  32. Gloss

Tributes not chosen have a higher chance of dying early in the game. So you can only sponsor one tribute. Hoever since your tribute can win money by killing and by gaining supplies and staying alive, once you get to 2000 dollars you can sponsor two tributes so keep track now and so will I.


Kill: $100

Staying Alive a day longer: $150


The arena is bigger than New York City and L.A. combined. A giant lake is in the middle with the Cornucopia beside that. One quarter of the arena is jungle, another is a mountain with plenty of caves, another is a redwood forest, and the final quarter is a giant farm w ith big plains, cornfileds, a huger barn, and ferocious mutts.


Water- $100

Food- $50

Sleeping Bag-$50

Canteen- $25

Book on edible plants and the forest- $150

Knife- $50

Knives (x4)- $150

Sword- $500

Mace- $250

Wire- $50

Bow and Arrow- $500

Arrows(x10)- $100

Death Machine- $1500

Camouflauge paint- $100

Medicine kit- $125

Burn Ointment- $200

Snares- $250

Blowgun- $150

Darts (x8)- $100

Extra set of clothes- $500

Spear- $300

Throwing Axes(x3)- $150

Sponsors, Tributes, and Money

fill in once I get some sponsors

  1. Joekeybladeaura- Prim Everdeen: $900
  2. Cloveismywife- Clove: $850
  3. Rainfacestar- Rue: $900
  4. RoboticKing45- Katniss Everdeen: $900
  5. peetaeverdeen123- Peeta Mellark: $900
  6. Clovethevictor- Clove: $900
  7. Rose Hathaway- Johanna Mason: $900
  8. Madrigalmagic- Foxface: $900
  9. Polinarose- Prim: $900
  10. CallamD97- Finnick Odair: $900


Cloveismywife- Throwing Knives (x4)

Death Count

32- Woof

31- Blight

30- Glimmer

29- Seeder\

28- Cecelia


Day 1

The Hunger Games have started and as everyone rushes to the Cornucpoia they look around. They see the arena and are amazed. Woof keeps looking around, but Clove clubs him in the head and he dies. The cannon rings.

During the bloodbath, 4 people besides Woof are killed. Blight is shot with an arrow by Glimmer until Johanna Mason retaliates and kills Glimmer. Seeder tries to defend Rue with the help of Katniss, but Seeder is killed by The Morphlings who have been offered Careership. Rue and Katniss run away with Beetee, Peeta, Prim, and Mags. Over the next five hours,only one more person dies and that is Cecelia who was helping Chaff and Thresh.

The bloodbath is over. The Carrers are settling down when all of a sudden Titus comes and stabs Lyme, but Cato grabs him by the neck and kills him. That fight is over.

At the end of the day, the Careers are by the Cornucpoia. Finnick is not with them neither is the Male Morphling.

Katniss and her group are in the jungle and have met up with Gale

Haymitch is partners with Chaff and Thresh as they hide in the farm barn.

Johanna lives in the forest with Finnick, Wiress, and the Male Morphling by her side.

Madge and Maysilee hide in the caves while Foxface hides above them on the top of the peak.

The Seal appears and everyone goes to bed.

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