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  • Team660

    The Big Brother Games

    July 7, 2014 by Team660

    This is a really different idea but whatever...

    So here is how this will work... (must read)

    The tributes will be living in the 'Big Brother' house together where

    they cannot kill eachother. Once a day their will be some

    sort of competition (memory game, climbing to the top 

    of a tree fastest, ect) and the winner of that competition

    will be the HOH. After that their will be HOH ceremony were

    the HOH chooses 4 tributes  that will go to their own

    mini Hunger games were those 4 tributes will fight

    to the death till their is one left. Then the same steps

    will repeat until their is one person left alive. Comment

    if you need clarification on anything. I will be doing

    reapings and adding the capitol, and districts 0, 13

    and 14.


    1. I will accept links and …

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  • Team660

    Chainsaw games

    June 14, 2014 by Team660

    So Here Is How It Works...

    You will make your average tribute....but they won't be going to an average Hunger games. 

    Every year their is a Chainsaw games, were your tribute will be hunted down

    by a chainsaw weilding capitol member, 4 of them to be exact.

    To become a victor of these games you will have to work together (err naw)

    and take out all 4 capitol killers, or to be the last tribute standing.

    Tributes can only kill each other in the blood bath.

    You can make a tribute (districts 1-12), or a capitol killer.

    Please be active and give advice as a mentor.

    You can have 3 tribute or 1 capitol killer and 1 tribute.

    Tribute Data 







    Game plan-



    Name/Age District/Gender Strengths Weakness
    Midas Dal…

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