So Here Is How It Works...

You will make your average tribute....but they won't be going to an average Hunger games. 

Every year their is a Chainsaw games, were your tribute will be hunted down

by a chainsaw weilding capitol member, 4 of them to be exact.

To become a victor of these games you will have to work together (err naw)

and take out all 4 capitol killers, or to be the last tribute standing.

Tributes can only kill each other in the blood bath.

You can make a tribute (districts 1-12), or a capitol killer.

Please be active and give advice as a mentor.

You can have 3 tribute or 1 capitol killer and 1 tribute.

Tribute Data 







Game plan-



Name/Age District/Gender Strengths Weakness
Midas Dalcassian/18 1 Boy Mace, sword, muscular, athletic, close combat. not very intelligent, stealthy or belligerent
Prodigia Gleam /17 1 Girl Senbon, dagger, hand to hand combat, throw weaponary, social skills hatred of district 4, swimming, archery,
Troy Mason/18 2 Boy All weaponary, strong, smart, survival skills. not fast, good at hiding, or climbing.
Amalia Golding/13 2 Girl strong, using weapons, sneaky. swimming
Unknown 3 Boy Unknown Unknown
Wolly Pock/16 3 Girl Smart, athletic, archery. Unlikable, survival skills, offense and defense.
Copper McPrice/17 4 Boy brass knucles, bare hands, axe, traps, strong, fast. ranged weaponary, climbing, hiding.
Allianna Lee/16 4 Girl trident, archery, knives,agility, speed, intelligence, swimming, strength, teamwork, durability, very loud.
Boyd Leere/13 5 Boy smart, good eye sight. strength
Charlotte Yildotte/18 5 Girl sneaky, persuasive, clever. bad immune system, weak.
Eli Winersin/14 6 Boy spear, fists, sword dual wield, ax, fast, good swimmer. using bricks, arrogant, annoying at times.
Drusilla Macabee/13 6 Girl knives, spear, agility, speed, long range. size, hand to hand, strength.
Unknown 7 Boy Unknown Unknown
Zoe Oakley/14 7 Girl axes of any type, fast, good climber. using weapons besides an axe, swimming.
Unknown 8 Boy  Unknown Unknown
Silvia Peck/16 8 Girl defense,running with heavy objects,sword. attacking,hand to hand combat,putting power into weapons
Toby Rodgers/18 9 Boy agile, quick, stealthy, nimble, reflexes, quick thinking, hand to hand combat, climbing, axes, does whatever to survive. mental disorders, cannabalistic.
Luna Iris/15 9 Girl Axe, bow and arrow, smart, survival skills. not good with weapons or strong.
Blu E/12 10 Boy going a long time without eating, fast, survival skills hand to hand combat
Jenny Cover/18 10 Girl survival skills, defense, hdiding hand to hand combat
Unkown 11 Boy Unknown Unknown
Cleopatra Hayes/12 11 Girl throwing knives, spear, axe, stealthy, fighting, fast. strength, survival skills, overly curious.
Unknown 12 Boy Unknown Unknown
Celicia Fen/15 12 Girl knives, bow and arrow, stealthy, intelligent, survival skills. never wants to be violent, any other weapons, weak physically.

Capitol Killer Data






Game plan

Capitol Killer Chart

Name Gender/Age Strengths Weaknesses
Margarret Sanchez Girl/29 quick, good at tricking people sense of smell, bad grip.
Asura Shinigami Boy/16 knife, axe, fists, strong, quick, agile, smart. reckless, easily frightened.
Lily Lay Leone Girl/34 weapons of all kind, sneaking around without being heard. hand to hand combat
Marvel Boy/17 strong, traps. not the brightest, arrogent,

How The Games Will Start...

The games will start with the bloodbath and this is the only time tributes can slaughter each other. The capitol killers will be released 10 minutes after the games have started.


A large mansion. Many rooms for many purposes. Their is a indoor pool, 34 bedrooms, 8 large living rooms and yes, two kitchens furnished with goodies. You can expect capitol killers to linger around the kitchen. Their are long hall ways with many doors on each side, 25% of whats on the other side of the door will be a trap of some sort. The cornucopia is in the large beautiful backyard with a eletrical fence that makes sure no tributes escape. The backyard looks kind of like the cornucopia from the 74th hunger games, exepct more pretty with flowers and bushes and a small fish pond. But, with a somewhat luxurious arena, their will be surprises. Here are a few of those surprises: One of the kitchens are full of poisoness food. From 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. the lights will go off and everything will be pitch black, and of course the capitol killers will have night vision goggles. Lastly, the front yard is rigged with traps. This arena will be deadly.

Placing Chart (Capitol killers wont be on the chart)

Name District/Gender Killed by How Killed Placing
Unknown 3/male Arena jumped off stand before gong went off, blowing himself up 24th
Unknown 12/male Midas (1) Hit in the neck by a throwing knife 23rd
Unknown 8/male Troy (2) Decapitated 22nd
Unknown 11/male Troy (2) Strangled 21st
unknown 7/male Prodigia (1) Tortured to death. 20th
Amalia Golding 2/female Margerret (CK) Mangled by a chainsaw 19th
Boyd Leere 5/male Marvel (CK) Mangled by a chainsaw 18th
Celicia Fen 12/female Lily (CK) sliced in half 17th
Jenny Cover 10/female Mutts Stung to death by bees 16th
Wolly Pock 3/female Arena Ate poison from the false kitchen 15th
Troy Mason 2/male Marvel (CK) Stabbed in heart with own dagger. 14th
Eli Winersin 6/male Margerret (CK) Hit with a thrown chainsaw 13th
Midas Dalcassian 1/male Prodigia (1) Had an arrow shot into his chest 12th
Cleopatra Hayes 11/female Prodigia (1) Had an arrow shot into her stomach 11th
Zoe Oackley 7/female Toby (9) Face smashes into floor repeadently 10th
Luna Iris 9/female Mutts Fire ants bit her to death 9th
Blu E 10/male Toby (9) Stabbed to death 8th
Toby Rodgers 9/male Silvia (8) Stabbed to death 7th
Copper Mcprice 4/male Silvia (8) Hit with a throwing knife 6th
Silvia Peck 8/female Alliana (4) Hit in head with an axe 5th
Charlotte Yildotte 5/female Alliana (4) Locked in a closet that filled with smoke 4th
Drusilla Macabee 6/female Alliana (4) Chest slit open 3rd
Prodigia Gleam 1/female Alliana (4) Stabbed in back 2nd
Alliana Lee 4/female VICTOR VICTOR VICTOR

boom: tribute

dong: capitol killer



Prodigia's (1) POV

This is it. My dreams are about to come true. All those Hunger Games parties will have no match

on what im about to experience. This is the real deal. No more roleplays, no more day dreams, none

of that. I look around at the arena. Its gorgeous! In front of me is the cornucopia packed with bags of 

food, tools, and knives. KNIVES! That's the only weapon I can see. That's then only weapon out their!

Is this a joke? I practiced with the real deal. Axes, archery, maces not just knives. This will be different.

I guess poking some eyes out wont be that bad. Behind me is a HUGE mansion, with many doors to get 

in it with.  10....9...This is going to be gre-BOOM! Debri and blood fly everywhere. Its the wuss from 3.

He jumped off his and right into the mines, suiciding it. Wow....I can't help but laugh a little.

Silvia's (8) POV

8...7...6..I'm terrified. I wish i could just go back in time. I wish i wouldnt have killed those robbers. I

wish this was just a dream! I look around at my fellow tributes. The careers look blood thirsty as I

expected. This is the only time they can kill. The little boy from 10 looks as terrified as me. Blu I think 

his name was. He doesn't deserve this. None of us deserve this.

Troy's (2) POV

5...4...3..2..I'm ready...1..GONG! More than half of the tributes run to the mouth of the cornucopia, so 

much fresh meat.

Copper's (4) POV

The 6 of us careers make it to the mouth of the cornucopia before anyone else can. The girls start 

gathering as much supplies as possible while the guys and me load ourselves with weapons. The boy 

from one starts chucking knives with deadly accuracy. BOOM! The male tribute from 12 drops down with 

a sharp dagger through his neck. The rest of the tributes finally arrive. What a rush.

Silvia's (8) POV

I reach the cornucopia. 'This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening.' I repeadently

say. BOOM! BOOM! The cannon booms but I'm to terrified to see who is dying. I open a crate just to see a couple

apples and a dull dagger. I hop in the crate and close the lid. Ill hide here until the bloodbath is over, I think to 

myself. I hold the dagger in my hand and rock back and forth. I can't stay like this. If I do die in these games,

it will not be in fear. I quickly get out of the crate. The once soft, light green grass is stained with red. Many 

tributs are still battling it out. I take my bag of apples and dagger and run out of the bloodbath.

Zoe's (7) POV

We're both tugging viciously at the large backpack. The boy from 7 finally lets go and I fall back, landing

square on my butt. "You said you wouldn't kill me!" I screech. I'm surprised that he would even attack me,

we got pretty close during training. He pulls out the knife from his back pocket and lunges at me. I struggle around a bit

trying to hold his knife holding hand away from my heart. That's when he sprays blood all over my face and 

falls to the ground with a knife in his back. It's the boy from 1. He throws the second knife right into my stomach.

Blood splatters onto the grass and I do the first thing that comes to mind, play dead. I have my eyes open and

to my surprise I don't feel anything. The only tributes still out are the careers, who all managed to survive the 

bloodbath. A low moan escapes the lips of the boy from my district. He's still alive, but not for long.

His moan managed to attract the girl from 1 who plunges her small dull knife into his eye. He lets

out a long, pained scream. She then cut a circle over his lips. I close my eyes, I can't watch. Eventually,

the cannon rings out. BOOM! That's when I see her. So does the careers. The capitol killer. She has the

words 'Margerret' carved into her forhead. She's dressed in a black silky dress that barely reches her knees.

She has a smile from one ear to another. Total fear washes over the careers face as she charges forward their

deriction, with a golden chainsaw. The careers flee but Margerret follows. This is my chance. I rush over into the

mouth of the cornucopia and grab as much knives and medicine i can find. and run out. BOOM! I knew one of the 

careers were dead.

Midas' (1) POV

We all look at the body. Disfigured, unreconizable. Prodigia throws up what seems like days worth of food. We gather

what material we didn't drop while trying to escape the capitol killer and head down the hall, leaving Amalia's body to rott. 

We all settle in a large furnished bedroom and try to form a little bond. The girl from my district is a Hunger Game's fan-girl,

the boys from 2 and 4 are feirce and strong. The girl from 4 with bright blue eyes is sweet, and some what shy. She

won't last long.

Eli's (6) POV

This isn't a joke, nothing I can say can make this any less horrible. I'm in what looks like the game room, theirs a

pool table, couple couches, and some popcorn machines with no popcorn in them. I look through my bag. Nothing but some 

rope! What a rip-off. CREEAKKKK, the door starts to open and I take cover under the pool table. It's the boy from 5, Boyd.

It's not untill Boyd lays on the couch that I can get a better look on him. He has nothing from the bloodbath, but the small

cut above his right eye shows he went in. I wait until he falls asleep until I make my move. I creep up on him and start

tieing him up with the rope. 'What the-' He starts to say as he wakes up. 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING' he screems, loudly.

It's too late though, he's already tied up to the couch. 'Nuffin' I respond. 'Sense you can't kill in these games,

I'll just wait until a capitol killer gets to you.' He starts squirming, his last resort. I start crushing some vases, hoping

to attract anybody. Finaly, I here the buzz of a chainsaw heading this way. I leave the room, feeling guilty.

End of day 1.

Zoe's (7) POV.

It's at 2 a.m. when all the lights in the mansion go off. It's terrifying, to say the least. I take off my shirt

and observe the stomach wound. 'Wow!' I can't help but say out loud. The capitol medicine has completly

done wonders. The once ugly wound is nothing but a closed scar. BOOM! Wonder who that was...

Blu's (10) POV

'Jenny!' I call out. I can't find my only friend. I plump down to the ground as tears escape my eyes. I

don't want to die! I don't wanna! I don't wanna! I dont wanna! 'Blu?' a voice calls out..but it's not

Jenny's... It's the girl from 8.

Luna's (9) POV

'I think we should start an anti-careers alliance' I exclaim to my alliance of 3. 'Who can you trust,

though?' rebuttles Celicia. 'I guess that's true' I admit. 'I'm in for an anti-career alliance' Cleopatra

announces. We're all doing pretty great. Food, water, daggers. I think I can actually win this.

Alliana's (4) POV

Everyones doing their part for the team and I think we could all win. The boy from 2 stands

guard outside the bedroom, the boys from 1 and 4 continue to sharpen weapons as Prodigia

and I sort out blood bath supplies. I flash the boy from one a quick smile....I think he's kind

of cute. He returns with a half faced smile. 'Too bad you can't get nothing like that' whispers 

Prodigia. 'Excuse me?' I exclaim. 'It's just you people are under some one like thats league' 

Prodigia says. 'Us people?!?' I say flabbergasted. 'District four people' Prodigia exclaims.

'What the hell is your problem?!?' I shout loud enough to were the rest of the

careers here. 'Ugh this is why you people annoy me!' she shouts back louder. 'Ok fangirl,

you're going to wish you never joined these games!' I scream. 'Bring it on!' she exclaims!

Midas' (1) POV

The girls from 1 and 4 are full on cat fighting. The boy from 2, Troy, lifts Alliana off

Prodigia, who is clutching her very bloodied nose. Without saying a word, Alliana storms

off, the boy from 4 leaves with her.  Troy helps

bandage the tearful Prodigia. 'What happened?' I exclaimed. 'Dont you see Midas!

All of them are bad! All of them from district four!' She continues to ball her eyes

out. I don't know whose fault it was, but I do hope Alliana comes back....she was

kind of cute.

Toby's (9) POV

I see stars. I'm so hungry. I'm in the swimming pool room. Even the pool water looks

edible. I have to drink it. I can't drink it. But I have to drink it. I slump down against the

wall and moan. It's around midnight of the second day of these games. I can feel exhaustion hit

my eyes. I don't know how much longer I can go. After resting for a minute, I get to my feet and

go to find some food. Their has to be a kitchen here....I will eat a tribute if I have too.

Copper's (4) POV

I grab Alliana's arm. 'Are you OK?' I ask. She turns to me. 'I'm fine, it's just that girl

was working my last nerve, trust me I'm usualy not one to burst out like that' she assures.

Suddenly her expression goes blank as she stares down the hall way. I turn to what she's

staring at. It's one of them. The word Lily is carved into her forhead. 'Run!' I let out. We both try

to bolt down the hallways but the hum of the chainsaw follows. Alliana opens one of the bedroom doors

and shuts and locks it. The girls from 9, 11, and 12 are all in the room as well. The Capitol Killer then starts

pounding on the door, that's when they understand what's happening. 'The window!' exclaims Alliana.

The girl from 12 bashes the window open. It's like a 15 foot drop. Alliana is the first to jump, the girl

from 11 goes next, that's when the door finally gives in and the killer walks into the bedroom. I

don't hesitate, I jump. POP! Once landing I feel a sharp pain go through my knee and head. Before

I knock completly out I see the girl from 9 jump out the window but the girl from 12 wasn't so lucky.

I fall asleep to a BOOM! then a DONG!

Blu's (10) POV

The sound of a dong! That means a capitol killer is dead! Silvia and I dance around for a bit.

She's been great. She had a lot of apples and even some weapons. I just hope Jenny is

alright out there. Silvia and I find a room to sleep in, what an easy arena. She tucks me in

and I fall asleep thinking about home. I wake up around 12 p.m. but not to Silvia, it's Jenny!

Jenny and I embrace. She explains to me how Silvia found her and lead her to me.

End of day two.

Silvia's (8) POV

This is what Ive been needing...a purpose. I will keep Blu alive as long as I can.

The three of us wander the halls in search of a kitchen. It's getting late again,

we have to find a bedroom. Jenny opens one of the doors and thousands of bees

fly out. Screaming is masked by the sound of thousands of little hums. Jenny

flails around for a second then falls to the ground motionless. BOOM! 'Jenny!'

Blu screams. I grab his arm and run as far as I can from the bees, after a

minute or two we loose them. Blu starts to ball his eyes out. I lie my hand

around his soldier. 'You will win this' I whisper.

End of day 3.

Alliana's (4) POV

Copper finaly starts to wake up. I explain to him everything, from how the girls from

9 and 11 wanted to start an anti-careers, to how they healed his knee, to how I wanted to

alliance with them and how they killed one of the capitol killers. 'OK' Copper assures. 'Under

one condition, I'm leader' 

Toby's (6) POV

Never, have I ever been so full! I can feel the food rumbling around in my tummy. The girl from 

10 made for a good dinner. I feast until all that's left is bones and eyes....I wonder how the eye

taste. Biting into it made some disgusting noises, but it's just like sushi! 

Cleopatra's (11) POV

We all see each other. Next thing I know we're all battling it out in the middle of a hallway. The

careers and anti-careers. The girl from 1 and Alliana are slamming eachother in walls, pulling hair, slapping.

The boy from 2 and Copper are drop kicking, punching, slamming, it's pretty brutal. The boy from one beats

around Luna. I jump on his back and scratch his eyes. He shrieks and slams me back into a wall. Buzzz. We

all stop fighting for a moment. Buzzz. The sound of a chainsaw was coming our way. We all scattered! 'I think

we lost them' Luna says breathing heavanly. 'Wait, weres Alliana?' Copper exclaims.

Prodigia's (1) POV

'Coast is clear' I assure Troy. 'Wait, were is Midas?' Troy says. Whenever he talks it's with such a 

power and force even I shiver for a second. 'We'll look for him when morning comes, for now we need

a place to sleep.' Troy asserts.

End of day 4.

Midas' (1) POV

'Wow.' I say with a half smile to Alliana. She smiles back. After a few more minutes I help her put

her clothes back on.

Charlotte's (5) POV

The only thing I got from the bloodbath was a couple bruises from the girl from 2. I've been hiding

out in closets, following around various tributes. I've witnessed the death of the girls from 2 and 10

and the career and anti career fist fight. Once I see a tribute die, I go get their supplies and return to a

closet. The sound of foosteps alerts me. I poke a few seeing holes in the closet from the sharp dagger I got

from the girl from 10. I watch as the girl from 6 walks down the hallway. Based on her appearance, she's doing

more than okay. Multiple backpacks, well fed, armed with a dagger. Then, we both hear the hum of a chainsaw.

The girl from six barely has time to do anything before the capitol killer tackles her. He has the word Asura carved

into his forhead. She struggles for a minute, trying to get loose from his grip. Instead  of using his chainsaw, he pulls

out a dagger from his backpack. Torture is probably his plan. Before he can peirce anything on her body, she pulls out 

a dagger from her backpocket and digs it deep into his throat. GONG! She scattles off with tears in her eyes. I rush to the

lifeless body of the capitol killer and take everything he has, (days worth of food, daggers, medicine), including the chainsaw.

I try to start it but it doesn't start. Must only work for the Capitol Killers. I really don't care, I have a great chance of winning.

I will win. I'm not some abused, scared little girl anymore. Once I win, I'll return to my district and my stepfather will

have to respect me.

Wolly's (3) POV

I finally found the kitchen! I open up the fridge and I can't help but cry. Ice cream, lunchables, ham. I rip out some

ham and basically swallow it whole. 'What the?' I say out loud. It tastes like poison. the last thing I think

before I throw up chunks of blood and fall back. BOOM!

Prodiga's (1) POV

Troy and I hace checked everywhere for Midas but can't find him but we found someone else to replace him.

He says his name is Marvel and he was the tribute that killed the capitol killer earlier today, he even has the chainsaw

to prove it. 'It's getting pretty late, we should find somewhere to sleep.' Marvel suggests. We all find and settle into

a large cheetah decorated room. It's not till Marvel is almost asleep till we ask him what district he's from. 'Uh, 3' he responds.

'Cool' I respond calmly but on the inside I'm freaking out. The real boy from 3 commited suicide before the games

even started....this must mean Marvel is a Capitol Killer. It's not till Marvels asleep that I warn Troy. He takes

a sharp dagger and walks to were the capitol killer is sleeping. BOOM! Unfortunatly, blood doesn't splatter off 

Marvel, it splatters off Troy as he falls to the ground with his own dagger in his heart.

The Capitol Killer grabs his chainsaw and chases after me. I run and I don't stop

running until the hum of the chainsaw is long gone. I'm alone now, all alone.

This isn't how I picturedthese games to be. This isn't fun, I'm terrified.

End of day 5.

Drusilla's (6) POV

I wake up around 6 a.m. to the sound of a game makers perky voice voice. 'Hello my friends!

Today, staring now, is the feast! The rest of you 13 tributes, and 2 capitol killers, make your

way to the backyard which has been completly redecorated just for you! You all can benefit

from whats there, so i'll hopefully see you there! Goodbye for now' I pack up my weapons and food

and head down the backyard. It's been decorated like the 74th hunger games. I wait at the outskirts

of the cornucopia and veiw the feast. Theirs food, medicine and real weapons! Tridents, archery,

swords! The boy from my district is the first to run up to the feast and to no ones surprise

both the Capitol Killer pop out from different crates. The boy from six beraly has time to react before

the female Capitol Killer throws the chainsaw right into his abdomen. His screeching lasts only for a minute.

BOOM! The girl from 1 is the next one to rush to the feast. She dodges the chainsaw thrown at her from

the male capitol killer. She reaches some bow and arrows and before the blink of an eye launches one

right into the female capitol killers heart. GONG! The second arrow is dodged by the male capitol killer

and so is the third one but the fourth one digs into his shoulder. He manages to tackle her and they fight

around for a while. The girl from 4 and male from 1 then run to the feast and gather supplies. The girl from 7

then runs for it as well. She grabs a gold lined axe and drives in into the last capitol killers back, saving the girl

from one who was being strangled. GONG! Wait, does this mean the games are over? 'Hello friends!' A game makers

voice comes over the arena. 'Sadly, all our friends from the capitol are dead but we don't want the fun to end!

You may now kill eachother. Goodbye, hope your hunger games experienc is great!' 

Zoe's (7) POV

I leave the bloodbath with food and medicine, under radar.

Alliana's (4) POV

Midas and I attempt to gather as much supplies as possible. Everything after that happens so fast

and it feels like slow motion. I see an arrow go right threw the chest of Midas and he falls back onto the

ground. I turn to see Prodigia launch her next arrow right past me, into Cleo's stomach, who was

coming to the rescue. I put both bodies over my shoulder and run with a power I never knew I had.

As I'm running out of the feast, Copper rushes to me and takes Midas, and Luna takes Cleo.

All 5 of us run back into the mansion. Copper lies Midas down and Luna lays down Cleopatra.

neither of them look like they're going to make it. I cry over Midas. 'Please don't die' I whisper.

'You can do this, Lily' is the last thing he says. BOOM! BOOM! I turn to Luna who is mourning

over her bestfriend. We both just hug as tears fall from both our eyes.

Prodigia's (1) POV

I make sure no more tributes come out and wait until the feast is picked up by the game makers

helicopter. I managed to grab a weeks worth of supplies and kill off a trader. Today was a good

day. These games are getting fun again.

End of day 6.

Charlotte's (5) POV

I hear something. Footsteps. I remain as quiet as I can in my little closet. I see the girl from

7 walking down the hall with a huge axe. I look closer to see the boy from 9 creep up behind her

He jumps on her back and she wails him into a wall but his grip remains firm. He starts digging his

stubby nails into her eyes. She grabs her axe and lodges it hard into his theigh, he screeches and

falls to the ground gripping his mangled leg. She takes her axe and smashes it hard into his theigh

again. He screams with a crazed look on his face. He doges the next swing and stands to hit feet.

The next swing misses the boy but hits the wall. The girl from 7 tries to pull it out but its

stuck. The boy from 9 wastes no time at all and hops on her back again, ramming her into the wall.

She falls to the floor with a gash above her right eye. He starts slamming her face into the ground until

shes unreconizable. BOOM! The unthinkable is next. He starts to eat her! I can't believe my eyes.

I start to weap for her. The capitols anthem comes on then the face of the girl from 7 flashes over the arena. 

Fifteen dead. Nine alive. I try to count whose left. The bitchy fan girl from 1, the strong, feirce boy

from 4, his sweet district partner, the sneaky girl from 6, Silvia from 8, the crazy boy from 9, his

district partner, and the twelve year old from 10.

Luna's (9) POV

Alliana and I have been growing pretty close as friends. She's really nice and funny. Her

district partner not so much. The three of us are walking down a hall when I see her necklace.

It's gorgeous, with a owl and it's light blue wings. 'Where'd you get it?' I ask motioning

it's deriction. 'Midas gave it to me, it was his token' she replies somewhat glumly. 'I'm sorry..'

She smiles at me, 'It's pretty isn't it?' After a hour of searching for tributes we all come to a stop

at a gold painted door. 'Let's go in? I ask. Copper nods. I open the door and walk into what looks like

the best bedroom ever. Pool table, ping pong, huge T.V., and a fridge. Alliana walks in next but before

Copper can come in the door shuts and locks itself. 'What the?' Copper says from behind the door.

Alliana starts screeming and pointing under the bed were thousands of little red ants start to pour out.

'ANTS!' Alliana screams. They start crawling up both of us and their bites feel like bee stings. 'The

window! Jump out the window!' Copper shouts from behind the door.

Copper's (4) POV

I hear either Alliana or Cleopatra bash the window in. Their screems fill the bedroom. 'It's to

far!' I hear Alliana scream. 'Just jump!' I scream. BOOM! The screams died down. I knew

one had jumped and one wasn't so lucky. I finally smash the door open to see Luna

on the floor, her mouth foaming and body covered in tons of little red dots. I head to the

backyard to see if Alliana was okay from the fall but when I get there her bodies missing.

Alliana's (4) POV

I wake up to the boy from 9 in a candle lit room. I'm tied to a couch. I don't know what's

going on till I see the fork and knife in his hand.

Silvia's (8) POV

'If we lost, who would you want to win?' Blu asks. 'Don't talk like that, you will win.' I

respond. 'Okay, well who would you want to come second?' Blu wonders. 'I would

say the boy from my district, but hes dead, so I guess the girl from 4, Alliana.' I say.

'Why?' Blu asks. 'Well her and I and the boy from my district became pretty good 

friends during trai-' 'Shh' Blu interrupts. 'Wha-' 'Shh' Blu interrupts again with his finger

in the air. 'Do you hear that?' he asks. I listen closely. The faint sound of screaming

comes from down the hall. 'Wait here' I tell Blu as I go check what the sounds coming from.

I follow the screams to a bedroom were I find Alliana tied up to a couch. I pull out my little

pocket knife and rush to start cutting her loose. Alliana's eyes get big. 'Behind you! She

screams. I don't have time to turn before i feel the sharp pain go through my head. I fall to 

the ground and everything becomes blurry. I see the boy from nine holding a pan with my

blood smeared over it. He stands over me but before he can do anything Alliana comes

from behind him and starts punching his back. He turns to her and laughs then grabs

her by the hair and smashes her face into a window. A bunch of glass shards and Alliana fall

to the ground. Her face appears very broken and a large glass peice peirces through

her nose. Before she can even get up the boy from 9 lifts her by the throat and chucks

her out the window. I wait to hear the boom of a cannon but I don't, thank god. Toby then turns

to me and starts to choke me. Everything becames even more hazey and I know

this is the end. I think about Blu and my friends back home. Suddenly, I feel the boy

from 9's weight left off me as he falls over with a large bloodied glass shard in his back

and behind him is a teary eyed Blu. I reach up to hug him. 'It's okay, you did the right thing,

he would of killed me' Blu assists me on walking out the hall when I realize their was never a

cannon. I rush back to the room to find blood puddles but no body.

Blu's (10) POV

Silvia paces back and fourth with her fingers on her head. 'This is not good, this is not good.'

she keeps on saying. I try my best to make her at ease. 'Why isn't it good? I ask. She stares at

me for a second. 'Revenge, Blu. He's going to want revenge.'

Alliana's (4) POV

I'm hardly alive. I can feel blood rush down all over my face and the bone in my arm is clearly

visible. The boy from 9 has everything! I have no medicine, weapons, or food. I walk in the mansion

and start roaming the halls. The only chance of me winning is if I take some supplies from another

tribute and I'm pretty sure theyre not just going to hand it over. After while I just collapse to the ground.

Silvia's (8) POV

Blu and I are both running down the hall but it's too late. The boy from 9 tackles Blu to the ground

and ofcourse I come back to help. Before I can even try to lift the boy from 9 up, he pulls out a pan

from his backpack and hits it hard over Blu's head. He then turns to me and chucks the pan right at

me. I feel a pain go over my head then it's all black. I wake up nailed to a wall by the hands and feet.

I look over to Blu who is also awake and tied to the couch. The boy from 9 then walks in the room.

'Hello, my name is Toby.' he says. Through out the day I find out Toby is mentaly insane. He eats 

the remains of the girl from 7, thinks he sees ghosts, he slurs whenever he speaks, whenever

he moves his body cracks, and he's extremly bipolar. He tucks Blu and I in at night then tucks himself

in. I see he has completly bandaged his back.

End of day 7.

Charlotte's (5) POV

The girl from 4 has been on the ground the whole night and she looks pretty out of it.  I pull

out my dagger, I'll finish her off if I have to, I need to win this.

Silvia's (8) POV

I awake up around 5 a.m. to Toby watching Blu sleep. After awhile he whispers something

to Blu that I heard crystal clear; 'Remember when you hit me with that glass shard?' Blu's

asleep so of course he doesn't answer. 'Answer me!' Toby screams as he pulls out his

knife and plunges it in Blu's stomach. Blu wakes up and starts gasping for air but Toby

plunges it again, and again, and again. BOOM! I start screaming and crying. 'You

monster!' I scream. 'When I get out of this I will kill you!' I don't stop screaming and

crying. He looks at me heartlessly  and starts eating Blu. I start screaming really loud hoping 

another tribute would come and finish both of us off but it never happens. I close my eyes. 

This is my fault Blu is dead! I should have never followed the screams! I will get revenge.

Alliana's (4) POV

As I lie down, I feel a presence come over me but I'm too hurt to even look who it is, I'm

surprised I'm not dead yet. I feel someone lift me over their shoulders and I fall asleep to

the rythem of the walk. I wake up feeling brand new! I look around at my surrondings.

I'm completly bandaged up on a comfy bed, and across from me is Copper!

Silvia's (8) POV

I wait till Toby's asleep to make my move. I rip my hands through the nails pinning

me up against the wall, then pull out the knives from my feet. Bloods everywhere

but to my surprise, all I feel is anger. I walk to the couch were Toby's sleeping,

I'm sweating bullets. I haven't killed a tribute yet. I stand over him and start counting

down from three. plunge the knife in his forhead. BOOM! He's dead

but I can't stop! I keep plunging my knife into him until limbs start falling off, and till I'm

covered in blood as well. 'This is for you Blu' I whisper. It felt so good!

Alliana's (4) POV

Copper and I have been through so much together. We've been in the careers together,

who are all dead besides Prodigia who I plan to kill, and the anti careers who are all

dead too. He seems tough at first but now I consider him a big brother. He saved my life.

I think about everyone in the games who have been there for me. I got close to the pair from

8 during training and the male is dead, in fact I watched Troy decapitate him. The female,

Silvia saved me from Toby who I know is after her. Cleopatra died coming to my rescue

during the feast. I witnessed Luna die painfully when I could have done more to save her. 

Midas died in front of my eyes because I told him we should attend the feast.

Copper has been there for me this whole game. I owe the tributes a debt.

Silvia's (8) POV

I dedicated the rest of my games to Blu. I will get him his revenge. I think about who

he didn't like, I go as far back as training. The boy from 2 picked on him but he's 

dead, his district partner made fun of Blu when he tried to practice with a sword

but she's dead too. I think about how he died, Toby. He died because he got on 

Toby's bad side. I think hard. The reason he got on Toby's bad side was because

he tried to save me. He saved me from Toby because I was trying to save Alliana...

ALLIANA! It's Alliana's fault! I will kill her! 'I WILL KILL THEM ALL FOR YOU BLU'

I scream. 

Alliana's (4) POV

It's around midnight were the door to the bedroom me and Copper are staying at opens. Silvia

walks in soaked in blood. 'Are you okay?' I yell. She doesn't reply. 'Is she a friend?' Copper whispers

to me. 'Yea' I reply. I walk to Silvia who blankly stares at the ground holding a knife in each hand. 'Blu

is dead' she says with no emotion. 'I'm so sorry' I say. 'And it's your fault' she continues. Before I can even

say anything she flings a knife right past me and right into Copper who dies instantly. BOOM! 'Are you

insane!?' I scream. I'm completly stunned. She then starts swinging her knife at me. 'I don't want to

hurt you' I say. She continues swinging with no emotion. I rush to Copper and pull out his axe he was

keeping under his bed. 'Stay back!' I say. 'Do you think I'm crazy?' she asks while crying.

She takes another step my way. I chuck my axe right into her skull. BOOM! I cradle Copper's

body. 'I'm so sorry' is all I can say. My tears drop over his face. I gather my materials

and leave.

Charlotte's (5) POV

3 cannons in one day. I get comftorable in my closet as I watch the boy from 4, the girl from 8,

and the boy from 10 flash up on the roof.

End of day 8.

Prodigia's (1) POV 

I'm half awake when the game makers voice comes over the arena. 'Hello friends! Were down

to the final 4! The capitol would like to thank the final 4 for making these games, truly special. But,

sadly, our time must come to an end. In roughly 20 minutes or so, we will have our victor! Goodbye

for now, friends!' Suddenly I feel really warm and turn over to see a fire has engulfed half the room

including my supplies. I rush to the hall way to find that too is half way covered with fire. I run

as fast as my legs could carry me down the stairs and to the first level of the house to find the

fire has just reached that as well. I head to the backyard to find the girl from 6 already there armed with

a dagger.

Alliana's (4) POV

I'm sprinting down a hall way while the fire seems to be trying to chase me. I stop at the end closet

to catch my breath for only to second then I see the girl from 5 is in the closet not even awake yet.

I lock the door knob using my hair pin and then continue my sprint down to the backyard.

Charlotte's (5) POV

I wake up to the smell of smoke and fog completly hovering over my closet. The musky gas

has completly filled my lungs and I'm banging to get the closet door open but the damn thing

wont open! I pull out the wrench I got from the girl from 2 when she had died and start busting

the door open but when it does open I find that the hall way is completly filled with fire and that

fire starts filling my closet. I curl up in the corner and start coughing up black liquid. I up

the smoke gets to me before the fire  which I think does because everything goes black before

I feel any heat. BOOM!

Alliana's (4) POV

I rush outside to find the girl from 6, I think her name was Drusilla, and Prodigia full

on fist fighting with a dagger a few feet away from them. I'm armed with Copper's

axe which I'm not very good with. I take a deep breath and chuck it at the duo fighting

but missed terribly. Prodigia notices my arrival and takes one last hit at Drusilla then

comes for me. I rush to my axe but she beats me to it. 'Ready to die, sweety?' she

asks me. I see Drusilla creep up behind her with the dagger. 'The question is, are you,

bitch?' I say with a crooked smile. Just then Drusilla digs the knife in her back and she falls

over, dropping the axe, screaming in pain. I reach for the axe and then swing it at Drusilla,

causing a red smile to go across her chest. 'Sorry' I say. She drops to her kness, looking like

I owed her one, she looked betrayed. That look will haunt me forever. She lays completly still.

BOOM! I look over to Prodigia who is still screaming in pain. I bend down to her. 'You do

not know how long I've been dying to do this.' I say as I dig the knife even deeper in her back.

Her screams die down to moans until those moans turn into silence. BOOM! Suddenly, confetti

fills the air as a game makers voice congratulates me. I have won the Chainsaw Games.

Victors Interview

Alliana's (4) POV

After the games the capitol fixed my lungs so now I could breath with no struggle at all.

My stylist fixed me up in a stunning dress. Today is the Victors Interveiw. I prepare myself

backstage and then walk out to find Leenty with his huge smile and the audience 

clapping for me. Leenty grabs my hand and sits me down on a fluffy pink chair. For the next

few minutes their is just flowers thrown at me feet and Leenty continually congratulating me.

After that we watched the whole entire games. The theme practicalling revolved around me

meeting the people who helped me (Midas, Luna, Cleopatra, Drusilla, Silvia, and Copper, the

boy from 8) and how one by one, they all died. The bloodbath was super gross. Troy was a beast in it,

not only being the only one with two kills, but killed them with a force. He would stangle them

and ring their neck. The boy from 8, my friend from training, head even came off after three snaps

to the neck. After the bloodbath was the death of Amalia. Then how I left the careers with Copper

and joined the anti careers, then how i ran off with Midas. The feast was expecially hard to watch.

The death of Midas and Cleopatra. I teamed up with the anti careers again. The rest of the games

were pretty heart breaking, noting the fact Luna died so painfully, Silvia went crazy, and my brother

in the games (Copper) died because of it. Some of the tributes games really stucked out to me. Charlotte

stayed in a closet and practically witnessed the whole games, she would also take the supplies of dead

tributes. Toby had a disgusting games, eating dead tributes, including Blu, Jenny, and Zoe. The finally

was when I really shined because I got all the kills. After the video I was in tears. Leenty then starts with the

questions. 'Would you volunteer for the games again?' he asked. 'When I volunteered for the games, it

was out of heart break because of problems with my personal life, but guess what? I'm even more heart

broken.' I reply. 'Okay well, if you didn't win these games, who would you want to? he asks. I start getting

frusterated at him and the audience. He sees im distressed but continues asking stupid question. 'Copper'

I finally reply. 'How did Silvia growing insane, affect you?' he asks. 'Are you kidding? It affected me because

she was a good friend, saved my life, and killed Copper. Are you done with your stupid questions!?' I say.

The audience gasps but Leenty still continues. 'You started out very sweet in the games, do you think

you will remain sweet after these games?' he asks. 'No' I say as I walk off the stage.


Alliana grew depressed after the games but she soon fell in love with someone who really

cared about her. She had a daughter she named Sunshine, and a son named Copper.

She lived the rest of her life happy and donated all of her winnings to the families of Copper,

Midas, Luna, Cleopatra, Silvia, the boy from 8, and Blu.

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