This is a really different idea but whatever...

So here is how this will work... (must read)

The tributes will be living in the 'Big Brother' house together where

they cannot kill eachother. Once a day their will be some

sort of competition (memory game, climbing to the top 

of a tree fastest, ect) and the winner of that competition

will be the HOH. After that their will be HOH ceremony were

the HOH chooses 4 tributes  that will go to their own

mini Hunger games were those 4 tributes will fight

to the death till their is one left. Then the same steps

will repeat until their is one person left alive. Comment

if you need clarification on anything. I will be doing

reapings and adding the capitol, and districts 0, 13

and 14.


1. I will accept links and 'on my profile'

2. Reservations last only 48 hours

3. You must be active with advice.

4. You can have 3 tributes.

Tribute Template:









Game plan


Name Gender District Age Personality Strengths Weaknesses Game Plan
male capitol
Cyanea Larkspur female capitol 16 sweet, truth telling, optimistic, happy. persistant, resourcefull, archery, blow gun. holds grudges, curious. try not be called for the mini battles
male 0
Armania Alpha female 0 14 artsy, never gives up, goal drivin. dagger, camoflague, fast.  dyslexic, weak. try to show people how unsmart she is so they wont think of her as a threat..
Lion Scrapes male 1 18 not shy, loves killing. swimming, mace,plant knowledge. daydreams alot, falls for pretty girls easily. stay with careers
female 1
Anders Longtail male 2 16 bloodthirsty, cruel, womanizer, sadistic, rude, good liar. mace, spear, strong, can sense other tributes' weaknesses. slow, ingorant. use peoples weaknesses against them, frame people.
reserved female 2 reserved reserved reserved reserved reserved
reserved male 3 reserved reserved reserved reserved reserved
Ruby Burn female 3 12 sweet, kind, fragile, quiet, serious, attatched easily. knives, smart, healing, resourcefull. slow, emotional, weak. manipulate and be social so she wont have to go to the mini games, but if she does she will hide.
female 4
Thomas Quince male 4 15 kind and nice. tridents, nets, spears, jumping, climbing,  afraid of insects and lightning. stay with careers
Sparks Edison female 5 12 sweet, calm, confident, tough, playful, innocent, day dreamer, mischeivous. nimble, confident, goal drivin, never off target. her love of stiring things up, daydreamer, weak. Use her characteristics to not be put in the 4 way battle.
male 5
Phoenix Deyanira female 6 14 mysterious, elusive, sensitive, idependant. throwing knives, sword, hiding, speed, confidence, nimbleness cant make a split decision, combat, small, daydreams, scared of careers.
Brann Clatch male 6 16 helpful, kind. swords, kind, smart. bad swimmer, scared of the dark. hide and kill a lot.
Viola Schismino female 7 12 serious, nervous, careful. blow gun, throwing knives, smart, stealthy, good with her survival skills. not strong psyichally, bad with weapons, has an imaginary friend/personality that can turn for the worst. use her imaginary friends to help her avoid mini battles but if she does go she will grab a weapon and start killing people, catching them by surprise.
male 7
Marilyn Hearth female 8 16 bittersweet, doesnt trust easily, lethal, smart. agile, throwing knives, blow gun, smart. not strong physically, small, fear of people betraying her. Pull a Johanna.
male 8
female 9
male 9
female 10
male 10
female 11
Rory Wheat male 11 16 loud, kill crazy. axe, throwing knives, fast weapon skills, strong. not social, metally unstabble. Kill all.
Ivy Walen female 12 17 sassy, spunky, impulsive. throwing knives, quick, good at climbing. weak, brain damage, not very smart. stay with an alliance
male 12
Luna Woodland female 13 12 calm, angry. mace, archery, atealth, accuracy, luck. putting power in weapons, weak, anger management.
male 13
Zyana Howel female 14 13 silly, cute, nice. dagger, archery, fast, smart, weapon skills. clumsy, swimming, not brave try to be kind and avoid mini hunger games.
male 14

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