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Gale meets Rue,who happens to meet Prim!!!

"Oh Crap!!"I whisper to myself.Freak!!Seriously I've been on a roll here and now I'm caught a stupid net!!"Oh what I am I going to do!?I'm going to die!!"I say to myself.Maybe I should call for help?I mean I'm not gonna be going anywhere soon!!Being stuck in this net and all,I think.And that's when I hear it my four note whistle I taught Katniss!Oh thank god!!I'm saved!."Katniss!!Katniss help!!!"I yell at the top of my lungs.Then someone walks into the clearing me expecting it to be Katniss yells once more.But I was wrong big time!!It was some tall muscular guy walking toward me and he was holding a knife in his hand!!Ok maybe calling out for help wasn't really my smartest move!!

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