I just LOOOVE the hunger games trilogy so much! The first time i saw the movie was on Friday March 23rd the day it came out! but i didnt see it at midnight the day before i saw it at 7:45pm and it ended at 10pm And yessss you probably already know that im team peeta lol but no im not trying to turn this into twilight or anything, lol its just fun to know peoples answers :)


And lol i just had to put a picture of Peeta haha and my favorite parts were:

When cato died :) haha

When peeta was in the ground all cool and camoflauged

When they were on the train going to the capitol

And i just loved effie and cinna and haymitch in it lol :) they were kewl

and it was sooooo awesome if you havnt seen the movie witch i doubt anyone on this website hasnt.... GO SEE IT NOW!


Cato, cuz my fav part was when he died :)lol

Team peeta

Lol for fun



<----------------------------------------Katniss doing her sign thing

Bye people i hope u befriend me haha

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