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  • I live in I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you :)
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Writer, piano player, reader :D
  • I am Female
  • TeamPeetaForever

    Hi! So a lot of people were wondering how you edit lunaii dolls, so this blog is created specifically for teaching those who want to learn!

    Braids can be short, long, and even multiple braids can be created easy! Just follow these steps, and you will have great looking braids anytime! Note that you can use any hairstyle basically for the part that stays on the doll, some look better than others. I just used a simple hairstyle below, but some can be more elaborate, such as the curly hairstyle. This will take more patience at erasing the parts you don't want, so it's really all up to you.

    Make a lunaii doll and copy and paste it into paint. If you have an older computer, you paint will look a little bit different than mine. Nevertheless, editi…

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  • TeamPeetaForever

    Well... I'm back.

    November 5, 2011 by TeamPeetaForever

    Some of you will remember me.

    Some of you won't.

    Either way, I'm back, and I think I'm here to stay.

    When I left, life was pretty hectic. Nothing's really changed, except my attitude. I miss the Hunger Games. I have found a new website that I am in love with, if anyone who loves to write wants a link, tell me! So I'd like to just say hi.

    I won't be making games, at least not yet.

    I need to reread the books. I have kind of cut them out of my life, and they sit dusty and dirty on my book shelf.

    I miss the games more than you can imagine.

    More importantly, I miss you guys.

    I was going through, and I noticed there are a lot of new users. So if we haven't met, hi. I joined on December 1st of last year, and stayed until May. I loved it here, I loved the…

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  • TeamPeetaForever


    April 25, 2011 by TeamPeetaForever

    I am going to leave this site. I feel as though my life is hectic as it is. I have found a new wiki which I feel much more comfortable in. You don't have to throw a funeral for me, because I know you guys did it because you like Primrose more. But you don't have to mourn me. I wasn't that important anyway.

    Leshawna, you will become an actress and singer someday and I will flip on the TV and see you. Then, when people ask who supported you a lot and you mention everyone on the Hunger Games wikia, I will remember you. :)

    Rosella, you are an author that needs to be published. You can write. And I mean good. Trust me. Keep writing, follow your heart, and don't forget to keep writing!!! :)

    Firecatcher and Mockingjay, you are both really good write…

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  • TeamPeetaForever

    Ok. The most epic, awesome,EPIC dollmaker EVER is called.....

    Here isthe explanation for how to add them on to here, and make them.... Any questions? Just Ask!

    Step 1. Use the all types scroll downthing. The "Everything" scrolldown thing is pointless, so don't use it. Anyway, pick what you want. I suggest starting with face, then hair, then so on. Under all of your options are your colors. Pick one of the boxes to see your options. Ok fordifferent genders, the GC= Girls stuff and the CC= Boys stuff. The boys stuff is like really mixed up,sonot all of the CC choices are for boys... just kinda pick them out.

    Step 2. When you're done making it,click the thing that says full size selfy.

    Step 3. Position the doll so you can see the f…

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