Ok. The most epic, awesome,EPIC dollmaker EVER is called.....

Here isthe explanation for how to add them on to here, and make them.... Any questions? Just Ask!

Step 1. Use the all types scroll downthing. The "Everything" scrolldown thing is pointless, so don't use it. Anyway, pick what you want. I suggest starting with face, then hair, then so on. Under all of your options are your colors. Pick one of the boxes to see your options. Ok fordifferent genders, the GC= Girls stuff and the CC= Boys stuff. The boys stuff is like really mixed up,sonot all of the CC choices are for boys... just kinda pick them out.

Step 2. When you're done making it,click the thing that says full size selfy.

Step 3. Position the doll so you can see the full doll. Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.

Step 4.Open Microsoft Paint. You're gonna need it.Press paste.

Step 5. Click the toolthat looks sorta like a box. Itsmore towards the bottow of the toolbox,and it shaded in. Then click the middle box from the thing that shows up under it. Choose the white color.

Step 6. Drag the box over all of the computer stuff. Cover everything except your doll.

Step 7. Click the dotted line sqaure at the top of the box. Drag it over the whole doll (this is the final picture, so make sure you get everything in there!)

Step 8. Right click, and click copy to. Name it what you want. Save it.

Step 9. Go onto It's free to sign up, just click the regular package (not the one that costs money). Upload your picture. Click it. Right click, and press save as. Make Sure you choose the one that says .png in the save as type.

Step 10. Upload onto here as normal!!!!


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