I am going to leave this site. I feel as though my life is hectic as it is. I have found a new wiki which I feel much more comfortable in. You don't have to throw a funeral for me, because I know you guys did it because you like Primrose more. But you don't have to mourn me. I wasn't that important anyway.

Leshawna, you will become an actress and singer someday and I will flip on the TV and see you. Then, when people ask who supported you a lot and you mention everyone on the Hunger Games wikia, I will remember you. :)

Rosella, you are an author that needs to be published. You can write. And I mean good. Trust me. Keep writing, follow your heart, and don't forget to keep writing!!! :)

Firecatcher and Mockingjay, you are both really good writers and I always thought of you as the most mature on this wiki. You two are the glue that keeps this hectic site together. :)

TDR97, you will see me on you know where. Don't mention the place, because if annoying people go there I will be driven to leave there too. Keep writing, and don't worry, people will read your stories. :)

Ireland, we WILL talk on Facebook. You are so random, crazy, and funny, you and I would be perfect friends! Don't let bullies get you down, and good luck with you know who. :)

Racmany, we also WILL talk on Facebook. I didn't know you that much, but I know you are in fact a crazy Austrailian. When I see you on the news as the crazy kid who is going around saying very scary things, like mexican ducks and the like. :)

Fido, I will always remember you as the insane pyromaniac. Keep being yourself, just don't go around too much fire. :)

Moviepop, God only knows where you went off to. But if you ever do come back, I wanted to say that I finally agree with you: District 6 most likely is medicine. :)

Perplexmuffin, I didn't really know you but I always felt you were an amazing writer. People seemed to like you a lot, so don't scare them by leaving so often. :)

And last but not least, Primrose. I knwo you are gone and probably not coming back, but if you are reading this, know that you are ana amzing writer. I always felt a strong bond to you, and I know we would be good friends in real life. Good luck at your new school. And if you ARE reading this, please come back to this wiki. Everyone' heart ripped a bit when you left. This wiki will never be the same without you. :)

Everyone, stay true to your hearts, follow your dreams, and don't forget me. I certainly won't forget you.

Have a nice life.

~ Madi

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