Hi! Sence I have joined wiki I have seen many people write Hunger Games. This looked really cool so I thought I should try. So this is my First Hunger Games.

I will have training scores and the games (remember this is only my first one so I can't do everything). At the end of every day I will include a death chart and how each tribute feels. Two tributes per person. I will also include sponsers (there is a list of items below). If you want your tribute to ally with someone please tell me that in the comments. I will add a picture of the arena when I start to get some more tributes. And May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.

District M/F Name Age Strengths (not weapons) Weaknesses Traning Score Wepon of choice Token Appearance
District 1 Male Arron Harthorn 16 Strong Slow,gets attached to things 9 sword none Blonde hair,Green eyes skinny

District 1


Thalia Combe 16 fast,strong short tempered 10 knife throwing, bow and arrow none Dark long brown hair,Blue eyes, porcleain white skin

District 2 Male

Lion Scrapes 18 Good swimmer Day dreams alot 9 mace none blonde hair,green eyes, very tall and strong
District 2 Female Abbie Lennox 17 fast,intelligent inibility to trust 9 swords,hammer none short,choppy ,brown hair, somewhat tall, skinny

District 3 Male

Zap Cowen 14 smart, fast, agile not strong or tall 4 wire,brains none Blonde hair, bright gold eyes, skinny an small
District 3 Female Clarie Alvany 12 Flexibility,fast Shy,Not good with achery 6 Spear none Skinny,Short, red hair,green eyes

District 4 Male

Dila Baidor 15 survival skills,quick ,good eye sight afraid of being alone,mutts, swimming 8 throwing knives,axes emerald ring dark hair,green eyes,not very tall ,small

District 4 Female

Emily Ryan 12 steath,speed,flexibility ants spiders 9 knives a swad of fishing net blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin
District 5 Male Jason Green 14 Smart,Strong impatient 6 sword x tatoo Brown hair, blue eyes, well built

District 5 Female

Sarah Price 17 fast,flexable can't stand cold temperature 7 Bow and arrow none light brown wavy hair, green eyes, skinny
District 6 Male Ocesar Shung 15 strength,hiding, accuracy slow,shy 7 throwing knives bullet tall,blue eyes, brown hair
District 6 Female Guen Rox 15 fast, stelth,leadership too tall,bad with knives 7 sword,spear globe heavy built, tan skin, light blue eyes,medium brown hair
District 7 Male Joey Pride 18 fast, good at hiding not a good swimmer 8 axe a pressed leaf Brown hair, green eyes, strong, medium height
District 7 Female

Roxie Booth

16 Knows edible plants, good swimmer Afraid of losing those she loves 9 axe a twig Brown hair, skinny, large brown eyes, light skin, medium height
District 8 Male Claus Corrello 18 lots of nature experience, can go a long time with out food or water easy to minipulate,not the best fighter 7 dagger a mini guitar tall,brown hair, freckles and glasses
District 8 Female Renee Fear 15 smart,fast not agile 6 axe a pin with ruins on it small,skinny,brown hair
District 9 Male Larz Williams 18 stratigetic,intimidating, slow and stuborn 7 sword Knife from family bakery Hazel eyes,blonde hair, Large in size
District 9 Female Dimitrine Rye 13 running,climbing Emotion, trusting 2 none none ?????????
District 10 Male Camden King 12 fast and nice climbing 4 spear cow bell short,black hair,strong
District 10 Female Tia Grove 14 fast,smart,cunning not,strong 5 knife a piece of wire from a fence black hair, green eyes
District 11 Male Kai Legend 16

Climbing,Running, Adaptable

Fire,Insects,Mud 6 axe,knives a piece of straw Skinny,short,medium brown hair,dark brown eyes, dark skin
District 11 Female Willow Brown 16 steth+camo aim with a blow gun 7 throwing knives a blue diamond anklet Medium height,brown hair,dark skin,
District 12 Male Parker Handson 14 good at climbing, swimming Bow and arrows 6 Sword piece of coal Black hair,brown eyes,short,skinny
District 12 Female Abby Dory 14 scaring people, stealth, running Not good at plant id, swimming 3 a wooden club moccingjay pin Fat,blone hair, hazel eyes

Tribute TemplateEdit



Strengths (not including weapons):


Weapon of choice:




The arena is all woods except for the area around the cornicopia (field) and the outer edges (water).

Sponsers and Gift listEdit

Each user who has a tribute gets 1,000 dollers to spend on that tribute. If that tribute makes a kill you get 200 more dollers to spend on that tribute. Anyone who wants to be a sponser another persons tribute who does not have a tribute of their own also has 1,000 dollars. But they do not earn any money when a tribute makes a kill. If there is some thing you would like to send to your tribute that is not on the list please tell me in the comments and I will add it.

Gift list:Edit

$400 headache medicine $600 Burn cream

If there is another injury that needs to be fixed tell me and ill give you a price

$150 bottle of water

$100 loaf of bread

$80 fresh fruit

$100 hot chocolate

$700 Sword

$500 throwing knives (5)

$600 axe

$400 bow

$300 arrows (12)

$300 a spear

$1000 a raft

$700 sleeping bag

$950 tent

$200 rope

$75 matches

$300 a backpack (it contains a box of matches a peice of random fresh fruit and a full bottle of water. The back pack may also be helpful for your tribute to carry other things it has.)

$550 a message (you can tell your tribute anything you want except to kill a tribute for example: You could send a note that says go to the forest, or ally with this tribute, or leave your ally, or you could send them a messege to lift their spirits. If you send your tribute a message they will do what you ask.)

Day 1 of the gamesEdit

Larz Williams(9): 60,59,58,57,56,55,54,53,52,51"With in 50 seconds I will have to make my decition. Should I listen to my mentor and run for the woods? Or should I run for that sword, my sword. I know I'm not very fast but, all the careers are on the other side of the cornicopia. I've made my decision.

Renee Fear(8):,49,48,47,46,45,43,42,41,40,39 "I have ally's, three of them Emily Ryan from district four, Clair Alvany from district 3 and, Kai Legend from district 11. Our stratagy for the cornicopia is to each grab a wepon and a backpack if posible. Then to kill a tribute (hopefully a career) together. Then run to the woods. I see exactly what I'm gonna grab right know. An axe and a backpack sitting just to right of it. It's mine"

Abby Lennox(2):38,37,36,35,34,33,31,30,29"I dont't trust the careers. Even though I am one. The truth is I don't trust anyone in here. I'll run right to the cornicopia grab a backpack and a wepon if i can. The careers won't try to stop me because they think I'm one of them. Then I'll run strait to the woods. I'm fast enough. No one will challenge a "career" tribute who got a 9 in training. No one."

Roxie Booth(7):28,27,26,25,24,23,22,21,20,19,18,17,16,15 "I have allied with my district partner, Joey Pride. Our stratagy is to grab two axes (our best weapon) and some supplies. Joey is 5 tributes away from me. I dont completly trust Joey. I think soon I'm going to just leave him.

Tina Grove(10):14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6 "My stratatgy is to go right to the mouth of the cornicopia. I want to leave with a tent, a backpack, or something else useful, and a weapon. Then run in the same direction of the careers to follow them.

5,4,3,2,1 GONG!

Renee Fear(8): "I'm almost to the back pack. 5 steps ,4,3,2 it's mine. I look around for my alies and enimies. I see the girl from district 1 throw a knife into the district 9 boy's back. 1,2,3 BOOM! Then I see the district 2 girl on top of Emily(4) EMILY, I screamed. She looked at me thats when I threw my axe. It hit the district 2 girl in the head. BOOM. I run to Emily pull her up and start to drag her to the woods. She appears to be in shock. I see Kai (11), Clair (3), and Ocesar (6) are already running for the woods. They stop and wait for us to catch up. Kai picks up Emily (who is still in shock) and we all sprint into the woods. We walk untill night fall. Then we set up camp.

Joey Pride(7) I got a backpack and an axe. Then I hear a scream of fright.I turn around to see. It's Roxie! The district 10 girl (Tina) somehow go on top of her. As she plls out her knife I quickly throw my axe, it hits Tina in the back if the head. BOOM! I help Roxie up and retrieve my axe. She is trembling. We run to the woods, climb a tree, make camp and take invatory of what we got from the cornicopia. Roxie managed to grab Tina's knive, I have my axe, and in the backpack there was a sleeping bag, a blanket, two bottles of water (full), a pack of crackers, and another axe. This should be enough to keep us alive for a little while ,but we are going to need to find more food. We save our crackers and water. I let Roxie sleep in the sleeping bag and I take the blanket. It's going to be a cold night.

Zap Cowen(3): As soon as I come out of the launch room I knew I was in trouble. I had a career tribute on ethier side of me. The boy from district 1 and the boy from district 2. When the gong rang I ran for a backpack. Now I have it and I'm running for the woods. Thats when I notice the career. I know that as soon a I try to dodge his knife I'm to late. The Iast thing I see is his the district 1 boy's smiling face. Then everything goes black."

Day 2 of the gamesEdit

Lion Scrapes (2): "I can't believe I didin't kill a tribute. Not one! I have taken the lead of my alliance. I have made a decition to leave our supplies right at the mouth of the cornicopia. Arron (1) will be hiding inside, hidden from view, then if someone tries to steal something they get a knife in their back. The rest of us will go to hunt down the other tributes. We are going to try to find an alliance to kill multiple tributes, and I allready know which one. Killing this one will come with revenge. The alliance that has the girl who killed my district partner,Abbie (2). Renne Fear."

Willow Brown(11): "YAWN. I sit up cold, hungry, thirsty and alone. At least I have this blanket and this back pack I think. That's when I see it. A gift from a sponser I say a little to loudly! It's a sword. I fold up my blanket, put it in my bag, grab my sword, and tie it to my belt. Then I jump down to the ground. I look, listen. Nothing. I decide to keep moving away from the cornicopia. After walking for about half an hour I know that I'm going to need food and water despretly soon. I freeze I see a boy sitting at fire with his back turned to me. I also see two fish on the fire. Where did he find the fish? I know that I want this boy for my ally. I climb a tree, as quietly as possible, to be a safe distance away from him so he does kil me as soon as he hears me. When I'm about 20 feet up I say Well hi there!

Jason Green(5): I sit there watching my fire warming up when I hear a voice. Whose there and where are you? I ask with a knive in hand on my feet now. The girl answers I'm Willow, I'm from district 11 and I want an ally. I remember this girl from training. She's 16 and can climb up trees very quickly and quietly. I think I can trust her. Alright I say, I trust you. She begins to climb down. When she is 10 feet above the ground she jumps down and lands on her feet. We shake hands. I'm Jason from district 5 I tell her. Then we sit down I share my fish and water with her and we talk for the rest of the day. Then we climbed a tree and went to bed. I never thought I'd say this but it was a wonderful day in the arena.

Claus Corrello(8):I am so tired. I walked all night long. I can't fall asleep though. If I do anyone could sneak up on me and I would be dead. I decide to light a fire and eat some of the crackers I grabed at the cornicopia. I drift off severel times before I really fall asleep.The last time I wake I find a backpack at my feet. A gift from a sponser. I open it. Inside is an apple a box of matches and a full bottle of water. I take a drink. Thats when I hear the screaming voices and stomping feet. I try to grab my stuff and go but they are to quick. My worst nightmare has come true. The carrers have found me. The last thing I see before the district 4 boy's knife enters my chest is the smiling faces of the carrers. BOOM!

Emily Ryan(4): I wake up warm, full, and suprisingly not thirsty. Then I see Renee starring at me. She looks very tired. "Did you stay up with me all night? Oh no. I would have passed out by now if I did, she says. We took turns waching you. Renee, you saved my life. She shrugs. All of a sudden I see three parachutes falling from the sky. We have sponsers!!!! Kai, Clair, and Ocesar wake I say. They sit up. Renee, Clair and I jump and each grab one. Renee tears her's open. It's a tent she squeals! Clair opens hers a back pack! Then I open mine. It's a spear. Clair is holding a ring of knives in her hands. Hey Clair switch? I hand her the spear and she hands me the knives. Now we each have our best wepon. We start to pack up our supplies. Together our alliance has plenty of supplies. Three backpacks, now a tent and a wepon for each. We each pick up our wepon and are about to leave the area when we see the careers running torward us.

Lion Scrapes(2): Renne's mine I snarl at my allies.

Kai Legend(11): I have my axe, Renee her's Clair her spear, and Ocesar and Emily have their knives. We are as ready as we'll ever be. The boy from district 2 (Lion I think his name is) steps torward Renne. I step in front of her. Back up, I snarl. Oh I'm sorry he says. Did you want me to kill you before your little girlfriend? Renee steps next to me and grabs my hand. Lion Frowns. Thats when Thalia decides to charge Emily. The fight begins. Lion swings is sword at Renne. She jumps back. I take that chance to punch him in the nose.

Clair Alvany(3): While Renne and kai are fighting Lion, Ocesar, Emily and I fight Thalia(1) and Dila(4).Dila pins Emily down and starts screaming at her for leaving the careers. Ocesar kicks him in the side and Emily jumps up. Right when Ocesar throws his knife Lion rolls out of the way. I throw my spear and it just skins Thalia's side. Blood immedietly starts to drip out. She screams in pain. She drops her bow and her sheath of arrows fall off of her shoulder as she falls to the ground. Before anyone of us can finish ethier of them off Dila scoops up Thalia and sprints away. Lion sees that we are all starring at them and not paying attention. He throws his knife, but Renee is too quick she jumped out of the way, but Ocesar was standing right behind her. It hit himin the stoumache. Then Lion ran away.

Ocesar Shung(6):I look down, the knife, the pain, the blood...... I pass out. When I wake up again all I see is darkness I try to sit up. Ocesar? Ocesar! I can hear Emily yelling my name. Then I hear a zipper. I must be in the tent with Emily. I hear foot steps. "How you doing?" It's Kai. "Well not to great", I tell him. Just hang in there until morning we'll think of something. Renee says. Then I fall back asleep.

Roxy Booth(7): Joey(7) and I both survived the blood bath. We walked all night long to get as far away from the careers as possible. Finally Joey stops and says lets sleep. We both can climb trees very well being from distrcit 7, the lumber district. So we decide to sleep in a tree. As I'm trying to fall asleep I think back to the blood bath. How I didn't trust Parker, but then he saved my life. I look over at Joey. He already fell asleep. He trusts me. I need to trust him now.

Camden King(10): I wake up feeling just about as worse as anyone could feel. Cold, sad, alone, hungry, and thirsty. I ran away from the cornicopia as soon as the gong rang. I left with nothing. I am regreting my choice now. I stand up and I'm about to start walking when I see a parachute falling from the sky. I know its for me. I am so desperate that I jump up in the air to grab it. I open it up. It's a spear. I at least stand a chance of winning now. I decide to keep walking away from the cornnicopia. I alternate running and walking all day. I finally stop when I reach water. This appears to be the end of the arena. I cup my hands and get a drink. I stop drinking when I see a small parachute land in the water. I grab itand step out of the water. I open up the box that was attached. Inside is a small slip of paper it said "go find Joey Pride the district 7 tribute. Ally with him and his ally. -Your Mentor. I relize that I've felt very alone lately and that I really want an ally. For the rest of the evening I spend my time spearing fish and drinking water. Then I go to sleep on the beach, determind to find my ally tomorrow.

Day 3Edit

Clair Alvany(3): I wake to the sound of a cannon. OCESAR! I scream. I run into the tent. He sits up. I'm okay, it wasn't for me. I calm down. Then all of a sudden it stars pouring. I know that Ocesar can't move. I'm not leaving you. I tell him. I can hear the others outside packing up everything. Ocesar looks at me sadly. I'll send the others with most of the supplies and I'll stay here with you, till the end. At this point tears are coming down his face. I'm going to tell the others. I step out of the tent, and look up at the sky. I see a large white rain drop coming down slower than the rest of the rain. I scream A PARACHUTE! I keep jumping for it untill it reaches my hands. Then run back inside the tent.

Arron Harthorn(1): I sit next to her till the end, holding her hand, with tears in my eyes. I hear the cannon, and she is gone. "Arron we have to move, there's nothing we can do" Lion says(2). I begin to bawl. "Listen we can hunt them down and kill Clair and her pathetic Allies" Lion Says." The hover craft will want to take her we have to move"."Your right" I say. I say good bye to Thalia, we pack up and move on.

Clair Alvany(3): I tear open the parachute it's his medicine! Ocesar Shung(6) "Clair thank you". I help him with his medicine gently applying it to is stomache. He smiles up at me. He closes his eyes and falls asleep.

Camden King(10): I wake up in water. I jump up and get out. I think to my self, I swear I went to bed 50 yards at least from the water. As I get ready to leave only one reason can come to my mind, the water is rising. Then I go to find my allies.

Willow Brown(11): I open my eyes. It's pouring. I look at Jason and it appears that he has also just woken up. We quickly pack up what we have and begin to climb down the tree when I hear someone walking through the bushes. I freeze, but Jason is below me and still moving. "Jason" I say as loudly as I dare. He doesn't hear me. I know that if I say it again the tribute will hear me. So I don't. Then he breaks through the bushes to our camp. Jason screams "Willow!". I throw my sword at the boy just as he throws his spear. He falls to the ground. Then I hear the branches below me breaking. I look down. Jason is fallling out of the tree! "NO!" I scream as he hits the ground I scurry down the tree and run to him. I see that the spear hit him in the stoumache but must have fallen out on his way down. I knw that he will die from this wound. I begin to cry. "Hey" he says softly. "You're goin to be allright. He takes my hand in his. "Take all my supplies and what ever he has." He is lying on the ground also dying. He kisses my hand and I kiss him on the cheek, he smiles. His chest is barely moving. I hear a cannon for the other boy, he stops breathing, then another cannon and I begin to wail.

Joey Pride(7): I look down at Roxy(7) she is still sleeping I get up and decide to look for berries. I take my knife, but leave the rest of my stuff with Roxy so she doesn't think I left her for good. I walk for about five minues when I hear a scream "Joey, Joey help me!" It's Roxy. "Roxy I'm coming" I scream back. I finally see her. She is traped in the tree by the careers. They are circleing her like buzzards. She is much higher up now. I see the district 4 boy standing a little further back from the other careers he also appears to be unarmed, infact he is so close to me that I could kill him. I jump out behind the boy trap him in my arms and put knife against his neck. "Allright" the others turn around. The district 2 boy (I think his name is Lion) looks suprised. "I'm going to make you a deal," I continue," You let Roxy down from that tree and let me run away and I won't kill this kid. Lion smiles, " No way, how about this deal, we let Roxy run away and you take her place. Roxy looks at me, tears are streaming down her face, " no Joey, don't die for me" "Dea"l I say. Roxy begins to scream "NO, NO, JOEY DON'T SO THIS!" "Roxy, climb down from that tree," I tell her. Then she begins to climb down, "back away from her I snarl at the careers". They do. I tie the district 4 boy to a tree with the rope that was attached to my belt. Roxy walks over to me, kisses me on the check and says, Good bye, I will repay you somehow, someday and she runs away.

Roxy Booth(7): I don't know what to do. Joey will now die in my place. After about 2 imnutes of sprinting I see a very tall tree I decide to climb it to watch what the careers will do to Joey. Just as I reach the top I can see the careers closing in on him.

Emily Ryan(4): Ocesar's medicine worked so fast that he was able to walk again in just under an hour. While Clair and I have been taing care of Ocesar, Kai and Renne have made a plan. Any tribute we see we will have them join our alliance. Then together we will whipe out the careers. As we were walking we heard another female tribute screaming we followed the area the voice was coming from until we were about 15 ft away from the voice. We could see everything that was going on though. The screaming girl was in a tree surronded by all the careers. Except for Thalia. I whisper into Clairs ear, it must have been Thalia who died this morning, she nodds and keeps watching. Suddenly a boy jumps into the clearing and takes the district 4 as a hostage with his knife. He eventuly makes a deal with the careers to take the girls place if they let her go. She runs away, Renne points in her direction and then at Clair and I. She wants us to follow her. So we scilently do until she climbs a tree.

Clair Alvany(3): Emily and I are both small and light enough to climb the tree we are 10 feet away from her when Emily says "It's okay" the girl whips around and reaches for her empty belt loop, probably for knife that must have fallen out. "We arn't going to hurt you" I continue. She looks at us and nodds. " Come up and join me". So Emily and I climb up next to her. "I'm Emily and this is Clair. Who are you?" Emily asks. I'm Roxy and down there is my ally, Joey. She begins to cry again. "It's okay Roxie, our allies are going to save him." As she looks up Renee, Kai and Ocesar emerge scilently from the bushes.

Lion Scrapes(2): "Allright Joey, we are going to have a little fun, I'm going to interview you and any answer I don't like your going to be punished. Arron, untie Dila and tie Joey to the tree instead. Both of you take out your knives and be ready to punish him". I turn back to Joey, "Anything you wanna say before we start." "I am not sorry that I gave my life for Roxy". I whipe away a fake tear, "alright, lets get started".

Arron Hawathorn(1): Dila and I are on eithier side of Lion. "First question. What district are you from?" Joey just stares at Lion. "Dila" Dila walks over to Joey and is about to cut into his skin when a knife barely misses my head.

Renne Fear(8): "How you guys been?" I ask Lion. He turns around and frowns, "Shut up, we are in the middle of something here, Dila, continue." I lift my axe. "Dila freeze, Lion begins to move, I look at him, "freeze. Your out numbered with wepons," I continue. "So we are going to make you a deal, nobody touches that boy you have tied to that tree, or any of us, you give us those two knives, and you all run away. Or else we attack." Lion looks at his allies. "Fine" he snaps. Dila and Arron both put their knives down by my feet and all three run away. I pick one up and run over to the boy. I begin to cut away the ropes "It's okay we arn't going to hurt you, we want you to join our alliance." he smiles. "Deal, I'm Joey." "I'm Renne thats Kai and Ocesar, also we have two others but they are only 12 so we sent them to follow your ally." I finally cut through the ropes and find on his arm a cut. I should have known they would have never fully followed through with the deal. "We should really start looking for them". So we do.

Emily Ryan(4): When we reach the ground we quickly find the others. Roxie runs over to Joey, and they walk hand in hand until we make camp. Roxie and Joey go to find edible plants and the rest of us open up our backpack and take out what food we have left. 4 packs of crackers, 3 slices of bread, and 1 rabbit leg that Renne caught in a snare yesterday. We know that this won't be enough so I decide to go with Renne to set up some snares. While Renne sets up her third I see a wild turkey and throw m knife at it. It hits it right in the head."Yay!" I squeal, Renne turns around suprised and smiling. "Well now that you got that we shouldn't need to set up any more snares" So Renne picks up the Turkey and we walk back to camp. "Look what I got" I say when we get there. "Nice one, kid. Our stoumaches shouldn't be rumbling tonight." After Kai cleans the turkey Roxie and Joey get back with their arms full of apples. We enjoy our enormous dinner and have 2 legs and 7 apples left over. We decide it would be safest to sleep in the trees tonight so we spread out in to 3. Joey and Roxie in one, Ocesar and Kai in another, and Renne, Clair, and I in the third. Our tree has 2 blankets so the three of us squish together under one blanket and then we put the other blanket on top. Renne is in the middle and Clair and I are on eitheir side of her. Renne turns on her side and whispers n my ear "good job today, with out you we would have been very hungry, I don't know long it's been sence Roxie and Joey had some food but it seemed like a long time seeing how much food they ate." I feel very happy knowing that I'm of some help to the alliance, and for once I feel safe. Warm, full, not at all thirsty, and not lonley eithier. "Thank you, Renne." "Good night sweetheart." "Good night".

Dila Baidor(4): We walk for about half an hour and it starts to get dark. Lion snarls "we are sleeping here tonight". I really would rather sleep at the cornicopia, but I know that Lion is in a bad mood and I don't want to argue with him. So we go to bed hungry and cold.

Day 4Edit

Ocesar Shung(8): I wake up to the sound of rushing water. I know that I'm in trouble, the water is at least 30 ft deep and I can't swim. I look over at my allies and they look as suprised as I do. "I can swim, can you?" Kai asks me. I shake my head. I look over at Renne's tree, and Clair was crying, but Emily looked almost happy, considering shes from district 4, the fishing district, she must miss swimming. We could survive a couple of days with the left over food from last night, but then what. Clair appears to be having a meltdown, thats when she falls in. "CLAIR!" screams Renee. Emily jumps in after her. Clair is bobbing up and down, but Emily is swimming like the water is calm. Emily reaches Clair pulls her up into another tree I am watching them so closley and leaning so far off the tree that I fall in.

Abby Dory(12): I have been fine for days now. Making a spear, hunting rabbits. I haven't seen anybody senice the cornicopia. I hear a cannon then 2 more. I look to my left (the direction in which the cannons came from then see it. One glimpse and I know that the huge wave will swallow me up, I have about 5 seconds. I know what I have to do.

Willow Brown: All of a sudden I hear cannons all just about a    minute apart, what is whiping them out, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, sudenly it appears a tusami l look down and see a girl sneaking up my tree scream from under me. Get up hurry quickly. she looks and is immediatly swallowed by the wave BOOM!

Clair Alvany (3): Emily just saved my life and is about to save Ocesar when the water has a huge wave and pulls everyone from the trees in to the WATER! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I scream, Emily pushes me further into the tree, and jumps in. They are pulled away in the current and I loose sight of them. WIth in 15 seconds I hear a BOOM. Who could it have been, a tear swells up thats when I notice the tide rising. I begin to continue up the tree. BOOM, BOOM! Now I am balling. Suddenly I stop and am swept away. I take my last breath and go under. BOOM! 

Arron Hawthorn(1): We hear so many cannons. What is this????? Oh my Go.... I feel this incredible pain in my arm and colapse. "Sorry Arron theres only so many of us left, come on Dilla. BOOM!

Renne Fear (8): I push  myself up out of the water one last time. I know I can't do it again. I have run out if energy. Thats when the water begins to disapear, suddenly I can touch the ground. I begin to laugh and smile. I'm not going to die! I am now able to walk and I begin to realize that people died. Most of my alliance must be dead after the amount cannons that I heard. What if all thats left is my alliance and we have to kill each other. I begin to scream their names. "Emily, Clair!!!! OCEASAR" Thats when I hear the crying and I see Emily on the ground I run to her and scoop her up.  She cries into my shoulder, and thats when I see what shes looking at. Everyone in our alliance, is on the ground dead. I out emily down and walk over to Clari. I begin to tear up. And then I see Roxy and Joey holding hands. The tears stream down my face. None of the have thier backpacks anymore,so theres nothing to take. I walk back to Emily who is still siting on the ground, crying.

Emily Ryan (4): Renne walks back over to me. She helps me up and we walked until everyine was out of view. Why would the gamemakers do such an awful thing? Why do they want the games to end so early? Its only the fourth day! Renne tries to give me food and water but I'm not hungry after awhile I fall asleep on the ground.

Day 5Edit

Dlia Badoir (4): We went to sleep in the cornicopia. I know that today the games will most likely end. I look over and see that Lion is still asleep. I began to think. Arron was his biggest competator, so thats why he killed him. This means that he desn't see me as a threat. Well he's going to now. I put a knife in the pocket of my bag and begin to get ready to get out of the arena.

Renne Fear (8): No one stayed up guard last night. There was no need. I only stayed up to see who else died. It was awful. The only people left are Lion, Dilla (who is from Emily's district), Emily and me. I begin to worry, what if Emily and I are the last two left. I shake the terrible thought out of my mind. I decide it's time to make a plan. I wake up Emily. She is acting almost like her normal self. I'm pround of her for trying to be happy.  "Emily it's time for us to make a plan" I say. She nods in agreement and her stomache rumbles. "The first part is to get breakfasts" she smiles. Thats when 2 parachutes drop down from the sky. We each jump up and grab one. Emily tears her's open and finds 3 loaves of warm bread. I quikly open mine and find a small contair of fruit. Together we finish the fruit and 2 loaves of bread. We talk until noon. not about out plan but home, friends, family, likes, dislikes. We start to get hungry again decide that we should have some meat. We decided that after lunch we will make our plan. Emily egsme to let her go hunting on her own and finally I decide to let her. I begin to work on a small fire when I hear a snap and a scream.

Lion Scrapes (2): I smile as I see the little girl traped up in the tree in my net screaming for Renne. "AHHHHHH" I scream out in pain  then I feel the knife pulled out of my body. I fall onto the ground and try to fght back but my vision begins to blur. The last thing I hear is Emily's screams. BOOM

Emily Ryan (4): "RENNE!!!!!!!!!!! RENNE!!!!!!!!" I begin to ball, im in hysterics. "RENNE!!!!!!!!!!!" Dilla starts disappers from my sight. "Why Dilla!!!!!,  we got along fine at home!!!!! He doesn't reply. Thats when I sense Dilla above me and Renne comes crashing though the trees.

Renne Fear (8): When I come through the trees I immedietly stop. Emily is curled up in a net hanging from a tree  and Dilla is positioned right above her with a knife pointed at her head. "Take one more step and she dies he says" When I head Emily's screams a bow was the closest weapon, so I have that amied at him. We stand in scilence and suddenly the tree comes alive.

Tributes Killed

Name+District Placed in Games Day Killed by+District
Larz Williams 9 24th 1 Thalia Combe 1
Abbie Lennox 2 23rd 1 Renee Fear 8
Tina Grove 10 22nd 1 Joey Pride 7
Zap Cowen 3 21st 1 Arron Hawthorn 1
Claus Corrello 8 20th 2 Dila Baidor 4
Thalia Combe 1 19th 3 Clair Alvany 3
Camden King 10 18th 3 Willow Brown 11
Jason Green 5 17th 3 Camden King 5
Abby Dory 12 16th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Dimitrine Rye 9 15th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Guen Rox 6 14th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Parker Hanson 12 13th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Sarah Price 5 12th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Willow Brown 11 11th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Ocesar Shung 8 10th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Kai Legend 11 9th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Roxy Booth 7 8th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Joey Pride 7 7th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Cair Alvany 3 6th 4 GAMEMAKERS
Arron Hawthorn 1 5th 4 Lion Scapes 2
Lion Scrapes 2 4th 5 Dilla Badoir 4


Alliance 1: "The Careers" Dila Baidor 4

Alliance 2: Emily Ryan 4, Renee Fear 8

Money to use to sponser tributesEdit

District Name

Money to spend

1 Arron Hawthorn ELIMINATED
1 Thalia Combe ELIMATED


Lion Scrapes 1,000
2 Abbie Lennox ELIMINATED
3 Clair Alvany ELIMINATED
4 Dila Baidor 1,200
5 Jason Green ELIMINATED
5 Sarah Price ELIMINATED
6 Ocesar Shung ELIMINATED
8 Claus Correll ELIMINATED
8 Renee Fear 150
9 Larz Williams ELIMINATED
9 Dimetine Rye ELIMINATED
10 Camden King ELIMINATED
10 Tina Grove ELIMINATED
11 Willow Brown ELIMINATED
11 Kai Legend ELIMINATED
12 Parker Handson ELIMINATED

Tribute StatsEdit

Carrers: all have cuts and bruises.

Alliance 2: all have cuts and bruises. Ocesar's stoumche wound is fully healed and Joey has a small cut on his arm.