• Team Peeta

    Summer lay in her hospital bed, watching as President Dusk sits down. He clears his throat and begins with: "You won," Really? I just thought this was heaven. Summer thinks sarcastically. "The doctors have replaced your lungs, ribs, left leg, spleen, and they healed your right shoulder blade. You're as good as new."

    "What about my baby? Is he 'as good as new' too?" Summer questions. For some reason he was really ticking her off.

    "Oh he's perfectly fine. You're lucky he wasn't damaged in the explosion." the president assured her. "Although after you have him you have many offers..."

    Summer raises her eyebrow. "Offers?"

    "Yes, it amazes me how people are willing to pay so much for a person they'd only seen in the Games. But I don't complain. Money…

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  • Team Peeta

    Jenny looked at Ace. He looked like a lost child. Big eyed, scared. It made her sad. Ace was such a strong, brave person...

    "MAY!" Ace yelled. Jenny started.

    "What are you doing!" She demanded.

    "I have to find her before it gets dark. MAY!"

    "She might not be alive, it's-"

    "Ace!!" They heard in the distance.

    May wondered how much of the truth the other girls knew. Once Sandra told her that Ace had ran away, May knew she'd been lying. Ace was a lot of things, but a coward wasn't one of them.

    Her thoughts were interrupted by Ace and Jenny bursting out of the underbrush. Ace ran forward picked May up and spun her around. "May! May, May, May!"

    "Ace, stop." She said sternly, then she quickly whispered "It's a trap." She pushed away from him. Raised her …

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