• Parker Fernx, before the games.
  • Parker Fernx, after the games.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 1.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 2.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 3.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 4.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 5.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 6.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 7.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 8.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 9.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 10.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 11.
  • Parker Fernx, touring District 12.
  • Parker Fernx, touring the Capitol.
  • Tucker Blue, District 1, 17
  • Tex Ipod, District 1, 18
  • Fido Fiderson, District 2, 16
  • Marry Blodbath, District 2, 16
  • Waxifer Swade, District 3, 18
  • Sandra Querturn, District 3, 18
  • Acelin Netter, District 4, 15
  • Jenny Figurehead, District 4, 18
  • Khaz Syde, District 5, 17
  • Kipcha Pryor, District 5, 16
  • Simon Nickel, District 6, 18
  • Ebony Black, District 6, 16
  • Marko Flame, District 7, 16
  • Snow Timber, District 7, 16
  • Loro Noname, District 8, 14
  • Salva Lynns, District 8, 13
  • Jay Mou, District 9, 17
  • Ali Gupi, District 9, 16
  • Venta Jaes, District 10, 14
  • Parker Fernx, district 10, 12
  • Daniel Weedton, District 11, 13
  • May Tulkser, District 11, 15
  • Samuel Dugg, District 12, 15
  • Ashley Yoohgan, District 12, 14
WELCOME!! To my 1st annual Hunger Game! I'll be doing: Chariot rides, training scores, the game, and the final 8 interviews.

Please give the: name, age (12-18), appearance, skills, personality, history, and (optional) token, when submitting tributes.

Parker is the winner of the First Annual Hunger Games!!

District 1- Bigscarydog Tucker Blue, 17 Tex Ipod, 18
District 2- Fidofederson Fido Federson, 16 Marry Blodbath, 16
District 3- Team Peeta Waxifer Swade, 18 Sandra Querturn, 18
District 4- (^*^) Acelin Netter, 15 Jenny Figurehead, 18
District 5- Firecatcher3 Khaz Syde, 17 Kipcha Pryor, 16
District 6- Anon Simon Nickel, 18 Ebony Black, 16
District 7- Mockingjay5 Marko Flame, 16 Snow Timber, 16
District 8- Kelfaless Loro Noname, 14 Salva Lynns, 13
District 9- Elviaalova Jay Mou, 17 Ali Gupi, 16
District 10- DMaddoxx Venta Jaes, 14 Parker Fernx, 12
District 11- Team Peeta Daniel Weedton, 13 May Tulkser, 15
District 12- Team Peeta Samuel Dugg, 15 Ashley Yoohgan, 14

The Chariot Rides

District 1:

Tex and Tucker come racing out in a a red chariot, that is actually a giant ruby. They appear to be in no clothes, although it's hard to tell because every two inches of their skin is covered in small square rubies. They're stunning and the crowd roars approval.

District 2:

Marry and Fido are dressed in modified Peace Keeper outfits. Marry's shirt is low cut, and instead of pants she has on a short skirt. Fido is wearing a lose fitting jacket, which he takes off and throws to the crowd. Both tributes radiate power. The crowd is crazy.

District 3:

Waxifer and Sandra are wearing, what at a first glance looks like, lumpy clothing. After further inspection the crowd sees that they're wearing evening clothes made out of woven wires. The crowd was somewhat expecting this disappointment.

District 4:

Jenny and Acelin zoom out in a plain blue chariot. They're both dressed in bathing suits. Jenny's bikini is dark blue, and Ace's shorts are turquoise. The crowd is greatly disappointed.

District 5:

(I'm making their District, medicine.)

Kipcha and Khaz come out in a blinding white chariot. Kipcha is wearing a sexy nurse outfit, and Khaz is in a flattering doctor's getup. The crowd enjoys this ride more than they normally would because of the previous boring rides.

District 6:

(I'm making their District, electricity.)

Simon and Ebony come out in a shiny yellow chariot. Both of the tributes are alive with electricity. Ebony's hair is sticking strait up with static. The crowd is fascinated and enjoys this chariot ride the most.

District 7:

Snow and Marko are dressed in hideous tree outfits. Their chariot is boring plywood.

District 8:

Salva and Loro are nude. Representing that without their District there would be no clothes. The crowd is falling asleep.

District 9:

Ali and Jay are in white robes. The chariot is giving off puffs of smoke to symbolize factory smoke.

District 10:

Venta and Parker are sporting cow hyde jumpsuits. The crowd groans.

District 11:

Daniel and May come out in a chariot that looks like it's made out of woven straw. May's hair is intertwined with straw, too. She's wearing short jeans with a matching low cut top that ends above her belly. Daniel is in a white top with jean suspenders.

District 12:

Samuel and Ashley are dressed in coal miner uniforms.

Training Scores:

District 1 Tucker Blue: 9 Tex Ipod: 10
District 2 Fido Fiderson: 7 Marry Blodbath: 6
District 3 Waxifer Swade: 4 Sandra Querturn: 6
District 4 Acelin Netter: 10 Jenny Figurehead: 10
District 5 Khaz Syde: 8 Kipcha Pryor: 8
District 6 Simon Nickel: 6 Ebony Black: 9
District 7 Marko Flame: 5 Snow Timber: 4
District 8 Loro Noname: 4 Salva Lynns: 6
District 9 Jay Mou: 5 Ali Gupi: 4
District 10 Venta Jaes: 5 Parker Fernx: 7
District 11 Daniel Weedton: 4 May Tulkser: 7
District 12 Samuel Dugg: 5 Ashley Yoohgan: 5

The Games

Day 1: Noon

Deaths of the Day:

Samuel Dugg - By Tucker Blue

Daniel Weedton - By Jenny Figurehead

Venta Jaes - By Fido Fiderson

Ali Gupi - By Acelin Netter

Jay Mou - By Marry Blodbath

Tex Ipod - By Khaz Syde

The tributes are standing around a small circular lake, behind them is a mighty jungle. All of them are dressed in identical dark green tank top and shorts. Confusion is going through all of their heads. Where is the Cornucopia? Where are the supplies? The gong rings, and h*ll breaks lose.

Tucker grabs Samuel Dugg and swiftly breaks his neck. Jenny grabs Daniel and also cracks his neck. Fido blocks Venta from the tree line. CRACK! Venta's neck lays at an odd angle. Ali and Jay are crawling for the trees when Ace and Marry sharply yank their necks back. Tex grabs Kipcha in a strangle hold. "Any last words, Girly?" Kipcha bites Tex's hand. Reflexively Tex releases her hold. Kipcha turns just in time to see Khaz snap Tex's neck in half.

Day 1: Midnight

"SNAP!" Complained the stick May had just stepped on. It was hard enough to get into the Career Camp, she didn't need a stupid twig giving her away. If her plan worked, she would have food and weapons. She would kill the Careers and most likely win the games. Then she could go back home to her small house and live with her 4 little brothers. Her parents wouldn't have to work anymore, and there would be plenty to eat. But only if her plan worked... The hardest part would be swimming. She'd only seen water in 3 places: the 1 gallon containers they gave each family each month, the misty stuff that came out of the crop waterer machines, and the rare rain puddle. None of the puddles were big enough for learning how to swim. But how hard could it be?

Ace woke up to laughter. He stood up and wandered over to the other Careers. He'd dozed off last night to Marry and Tucker making out, and Fido pole dancing. But that didn't seem to be the case to the amusement now. "What's up?" He asked.

"Someone decided to learn to swim." Tucker informed him.

"Can you tell who it is?"

"Nah, they're thrashing around too much. So you need to get him. It's better television if we kill him." Marry said.

"What?! It's freezing why me?!"

"Because you can swim."

"Jenny can swim too."

"Yeah but it's cold, so you man-up and do it." Jenny snapped.

"Fine. Whatever. But when I get sick you better nurse me back to health." Ace said shrugging his shirt off and diving into the chilly water.

Very hard. Swimming was very hard. She couldn't breath. She couldn't see. All she heard was her frantic splashing. But no, she heard something else. Was someone talking to her? Then she was being pulled upward. "Stop kicking me." The voice demanded.

"Let me go!" May screamed. She could here the tribute sigh.

"Please stop kicking me. The water's cold, and your going to drown us both." May saw nothing wrong with that. She was going to die, and this one less Career was helpful for others.

"Let me go. Now." May demanded. She'd learned a thing or two in training, and she wasn't going down with out a fight.

"Oh my God, just give it up al-" He was cut off as May kicked his soft spot. She had warned him. Splashing and consuming more water that she'd ever drank in her life, she managed her way back to land. But the others were waiting.

"Hmmm... You're not very big... Or very smart. What exactly were you trying to accomplish? You can't swim,very well. If you wanted to kill us you would need weapons and allies. So help us out here, what were you doing?" May stayed quiet.

"I said, what were you doing?!"

The career girl did a mawashi kick at May's head. May fell, and gasped. The career girl started kicking May's ribs. "Stop," she managed. "Please stop..."

"Why should we?!"

"Because, I... I know where the Cornucopia is." May cringed as she said it. But May didn't want to die. And maybe, maybe they would ally with her now.

Ace had just reached the shore. He froze, time slowed. There was an angel. A broken, pained angel. Laying on the ground gasping. Her eyes were filled with fear and doubt.

"Oh yeah? Well, where is it?!" Marry asked harshly. Shut up. Ace wanted to yell. Can't you see that she's an angel?!

"It's in the lake." The Angel was shivering. Ace wanted to run to her. To sweep her out of these games. This awful world. He wanted to help her.

"Ace. Ace. Hello anyone home?!" Tucker asked.

"What?! Sorry! Um, what did you say?" Ace snapped out of his reverie.

"I said, go check if she's right." Tucker repeated.

"No way, too cold. You do it."

"I can't swim."

"Make Jenny do it."

"I'm not going in there. Not at one in the morning. Forget it." Jenny snapped.

"Fine we'll go in once it's warmer." Ace concluded.

In one quick movement Fido swept forward and took The Angel in his arms. "Well thanks for the info." Ace realized what Fido was going to do. As fast as lightning Ace broke Fido's nose. The Careers froze.

"Ace...?" Jenny started.

"What were you doing?! Is this what you usually do?! Kill people who help you?!" Ace exploded.

"What did you want us to do? Let her join us? Her ribs are broken. She's gonna die! Fido was just quickening the process!" Marry yelled back.

"She helped us. No one is going to touch her. Tomorrow we'll get her bandages. Leave her alone. I'll take watch," he said everything with such authority that the others wandered off. "Again." He added.

May stared at the boy. Had he just saved her life? Why? He turned to her. "What's your name?" He asked in a much gentler voice than he'd just used.


"I'm Ace. What district are you from?"


He looked confused. "You're from 11, and you tried to swim. Why?"

"I needed supplies." She said it like it was obvious.

"Oh, okay. Well you should get some sleep."

And with that May drifted off.

Day 2: Morning


Marko Flame - By Snow Timber

"Good morning."Beautiful, he wanted to add at the end. Marko had noticed Snow before, but he never realized how wonderful she was until he started to spend time with her on the tribute train.

Snow opened her eyes and smiled. She liked having an ally. It made her feel safer. Being alone knowing that if she saw anyone she would kill them or they would kill her was terrifying. At least there was one person she could rely on.

Marko sat up, and smiled. "I have a surprise for you." He handed Snow a flimsy bow, and two arrows. Snow gasped.

"Where'd you get that?!"

Marko smiled "I made it, along with this." He held up another bow in one hand, and 3 more arrows in the other.

"Oh, okay, but, ummm..." She hesitated. "I, I'm not a very good shot..." She trailed off nervously remembering the time she'd hit the archery instructor during training.

"Don't worry I picked up a lot of tips in training. I'll teach you them after I make breakfast." He finished gesturing to his bow. " Let's go hunting."

As Marko hunted nearby Snow practiced shooting trees. After making a wild miss and tangling her arrow in some ferns she heard a shout. Fear clouded her mind. She loaded her other arrow.

"Marko!" Snow screamed, she didn't even consider the danger of raising her voice.

"Coming!" He shouted back. Snow started to relax when she heard footsteps coming from more than one direction. She raised her bow, ready to fire. Something sprung from the underbrush. Instinctively she turned and shot. And for the first time ever she hit her target.

Snow raced over. "Nice shot." Whispered Marko. He was gasping like a fish out of water.

"I'm so sorry... I'll fix this. I'll, I'll-" Snow broke off, knowing that he was beyond repair. She burst into tears.

"Don't cry..." He breathed. "Look at me." He said it with such pleading, Snow had no choice. Marko said one thing more, on his last, dying breath. But Snow didn't catch it. Marko's cannon fired. Was it just Snow or did the sound seem to echo?

Snow never got the chance to find out. Because that's when the other set of footsteps found her. And Snow got another surprise...

Day 3: Afternoon


Kipcha Pryor - By Simon Nickel

Ebony Black - By Khaz Syde

Simon Nickel - By Khaz Syde

Kipcha was ready as she'd ever be. Perched in a tree she held a handful of hand-made knives, waiting. She looked down. Khaz had Ebony in a headlock. Ebony was struggling. Kicking and wiggling. But she was no match for Khaz's strength.

Then Simon burst into the small clearing. Finally, thought Kipcha. She'd begun to worry that she'd misread the look Simon got in his eyes when he looked at Ebony. That he wouldn't go looking for her when she disappeared. But he did. And in doing so he'd walked into her trap.

At seeing Ebony in Khaz's arms Simon froze. Kipcha smiled and threw a knife. It made a sickening noise as it met with his back. He fell, breathing heavily. Kipcha jumped from her perch, and walked over. Grabbing another knife as she went.

Simon could hear the girl come closer. He slowly glanced up at Ebony. She didn't look scared. More annoyed with herself. They had been through so much, and this is how it would all end. He took one last look at her big blue eyes, then the girl was standing over him. She crouched down to slice his throat.

Quick as he could he punched the girl in the nose. She fell, dropping her knife. Simon grabbed the knife and stabbed her stomach.

"Kipcha!" Screamed Khaz. What Khaz saw wasn't possible. Kipcha was gushing blood. The situation had gone from controlled to a disaster in less than a minute. Without thinking Khaz yanked Ebony head back. Not even hearing her cannon fire. He ran over to Simon, pulled out his hand-made knife and repeatedly stabbed Simon's spine. Even after his cannon had fired. Then Khaz turned to Kipcha.

She was barely breathing. Khaz scooped her up and cradled her. "Kipcha, Kipcha I'm so sorry. I should have, I," He didn't know what to say. Or if she could even hear him. "Kipcha, I love you." Kipcha smiled, and then her cannon fired.

Khaz stood. He felt like he was stuck in a nightmare. These games were bearable with Kipcha, but without her he felt like he was falling very slowly. He picked up Kipcha's body. That's all it was now. He'd always thought it was wrong how when you died your body remained. Your body is more like a tool you use to communicate with others. And once you've died you move on and can communicate with other dead people. Dead people. It was hard to think of Kipcha as dead. But the proof lay in his arms. He didn't hate Simon. Because even though he did this, it wasn't his fault. It was the Capitol's. And he wasn't going to let them have Kipcha's body with out a fight.

Khaz carried Kipcha's body until he found a ditch. He laid her down carefully, as if she was sleeping. He pulled off her necklace. The gray wolf was covered in blood. Then handful by handful Khaz brought dirt to cover Kipcha until she was buried in a respectful grave. Then he took his necklace off too. He positioned the red wolf next to the newly cleaned gray wolf. The small figures stood side by side. And only then did Khaz finally cry. Big silent tears...

Day 4: Dawn


Sandra, Snow, Ashley, Salva, and Parker stood in a loose circle as Sandra told them her idea while she examined the throwing knives Parker had made her. Parker was digging up some roots, Snow was sharpening her newly crafted spear, Ashley was fashioning sheath for her bow's (Snow's old one.) arrows, and Salva was sharpening the sword Parker had made for her. When Sandra finished all of the girls looked up. Salva spoke first.

" I don't know... It seems sorda risky."

"I think it's perfect. There's plenty of us. We have weapons, and Parker knows how to find food." Ashley said.

"I like it. It might be fun, who knows one of us may win!" Parker added.

"I'm in. I want to go home, and if some people don't," Snow gestured to Salva, "then we'll just have to hunt them down too." Sandra looked at Snow. She'd changed. Snow wasn't the same girl she'd been before. The arena had killed the sweet, innocent girl. Now Snow was hard and somewhat mean.

"Then it's decided. Welcome girls to the real Career Pack. Those other tributes are blubbering idiots. Especially Whatshisname from 2. The one that pole dances." Sandra smirked. These girls were so easy to manipulate.She thought, it was almost like fun...

Day 5: Midday


Tucker Blue - By Ashley Yoohgan

Marry Blodbath - By Ashley Yoohgan

Ashley Yoohgan - By Jenny Figurehead

Loro Noname - By Jenny Figurehead

May sat and inspected her knife as she recounted her last few days in the arena. Day 1: Almost drowned. Day 2: Get rewarded for telling the Careers where the Cornucopia is by getting left alive. Day 3: Sit around and "Rest" for Ace's benefit. Day 4: Sit around and watch Fido pole dance. Day 5: Sit around and watch more pole dancing. Never once have the Careers hunted down any tributes, and May could tell that Ace was losing it.

Earlier this morning May had asked: "If they're such big idiots why don't you kill them?" He'd answered:

"Because they're strong and powerful idiots and they'll kill me first. Not to mention what they'd do to you."

So now May watched as Ace stood up. "Hey, Fido stop pole dancing for a minute and Marry and Tucker... separate. Okay so let's take a minute and remember. Why are we sacrificed to the Capitol? Oh yeah, to kill each other. Not for pole dancing, or lip sucking, or mooning around. So I'm going to go use my strength, skill, and weapons to kill some weak tribute butt."

Day 5: Evening

Loro was attempting to fish in a small stream when he heard nearby footsteps. Let them come, he thought, I'd rather die fighting then starve to death slowly. And only moments later they appeared only a few feet away from him.

There was 3 big boys, 2 big girls, and a small girl with her middle rapped in bandages.

"Well it's about time. I was beginning to think we wouldn't find anyone." Complained Tucker. Ace rolled hiss eyes it was typical for Tucker to whine.

"Yes but now that we have found someone, who should get the honor?" Jenny asked.

"I think May should," Marry said smiling, "she's the only one who hasn't killed anyone yet." Ace stiffened.

"I think we should quit wasting time. We have 6 more tributes to kill, and standing around deciding who's gonna kill each one is just more time in the arena. I'll kill him." Ace stepped forward knife in hand. Tucker stepped forward blocking Loro. Fido stepped behind Ace.

"Why Ace" Fido said with mock surprise, "Did you just ignore Marry and Jenny?" May watched with big eyes, she was still panting lightly from the hike. Ace looked at her. They were so opposite. Ace was big and May was small. May knew about plants and crops. Ace knew about fish and the ocean.

May stepped forward, her knife ready. Loro looked at her, and he picked up a good sized branch. He hadn't quite understood why the Careers had allied with such a small girl. But looking at the boy they called Ace he understood. She was his. He wondered how long it would last, before he would get tired of her and he would kill her.

Loro swung the branch. It connected with May's head and made a sickening crunch.The Career's spun around. Ace gasped and began to step forward. Mid-step an arrow entered his leg. Ace staggered. "Nobody move!" A voice commanded.Tucker began to pull out his sword, and was shot through the heart. He fell blood spurting everywhere.

"Tucker!" Marry screamed she moved to crouch over him, and was shot in the throat. Jenny who had been sweeping the trees with her eyes, quickly loaded her bow and shot an arrow. A small girl crumpled out of a tree.

"Your little ally was skilled, but now this is over." Jenny said to Loro, then shot him in the heart.

Ace ran to May. "May, May are you okay? May!" Ace was so occupied with May he didn't here Jenny tell him to duck.

Ace crumpled onto May as a big rock collided with the back of his head. Fido ducked as a rock came for him. Jenny reloaded her bow and was about to shoot when something hard hit her and her vision turned black.

Fido picked Jenny and Ace up and ran. Leaving May behind without a backwards glance.

Day 6: Dawn


Fido Fiderson - By Acelin Netter

Waxifer Swade - By Sandra Querturn

Salva Lynns - By Acelin Netter

Jenny Figurehead - By Snow Timber

Khaz Syde - By Acelin Netter

Acelin Netter - By Snow Timber

Snow Timber - By Sandra Querturn

Sandra Querturn - By May Tulkser

May Tulkser - By Khaz Syde

Sandra glanced behind her to check if May was still unconscious. She was. Sandra cleared her throat. "All right, May got a 7 in training. The more skillful people in our group the better, but she might not cooperate if we tell her what really happened. So follow my lead when I talk to her ok? Or better yet try not to mention anything related to what happened. Got it?" They all nodded. Sandra looked into each girl's eyes. Snow's were trusting, Salva's scared, and Parker's were still wet from Ashley's death.

"Wake up!" May felt herself being shook. May opened her eyes expecting Ace's blue/green eyes to be there. But instead there were big green ones. She started, her hand went to her belt, her knife was gone! She tried to sit up was restricted by a strong hand. This is it, May thought, this is how I'll die.

Sandra smiled. "Nice to see you up. I'm Sandra, and these are the girls." Sandra introduced Salva, Parker, and Snow.

May sat up. Her head felt like it was a sandbag. "W-what happened? Where am I? Where's Ace? W-why did you leave me alive? What's going on?!"

Sandra gave May a sympathetic smile. "Well that's a lot of questions. Where to begin? As far as what happened well, Ashley and Snow found the boy from District 8 and were about to kill him when the Careers came. Ashley killed the boy from 1 and the girl from 2. Then the girl from 4 killed her and the boy from 8."

May looked confused. "But, then, why don't I remember that?"

"Oh sorry I forgot. The boy from 8 hit your head."

"Okay but why didn't Ace take me back to the lake?"

"He ran off after the girl from 2 was shot. Which sorda confuses me. From what Parker's been seeing we thought he loved you. But boys are stupid confusing creatures."

"Why'd you leave me alive?"

"Because we need your help... The boy from 4, Ace right? He dosn't love you but he does trust you..."

Day 6: Morning

"You left May there?!"

"She was dying! And I can only hold 2 people! That girl was still throwing rocks and-!" He stopped as Ace stabbed his heart.

"Ace!" Jenny screamed. Ace turned.

"You can come help me find May or you can die too."

"Ace, she's probably dead. Whoever was attacking us probably killed her, and if they didn't then she might have gotten a concussion and died, or-"

"Yeah I get it. Her odds are zero. Blah blah. I don't care! I'm gonna look for her! Oh and he was lying. So don't get too upset about me killing him. She was hit with a tree branch. Not even a very big one. It wasn't fatal." Ace stomped off into the jungle. Jenny hesitated then followed him. Cursing under her breath.

Day 6: Midday

"Are you almost done yet Parker?!" Snow snapped.

"Yes here you go." Said Parker passing Snow a woven bowl full of red berry juice.

Snow dipped her fingers in and started painting May's left ear red. "Are you sure this juice will turn brown when it dries?" Sandra asked. "It has to look realistic."

"I'm sure." Parker chirped. "I'll go spy some more on the Careers."

"They might not be back yet. If they went a long way from the lake to kill whoever they just killed this morning." May reminded them.

"I bet they killed Waxifer. I'm surprised he's lasted this long." Sandra stated. That's when a brown thing jumped from the underbrush and tackled Salva. The girls all sprung to their feet and ran forward. Sandra jumped on the thing and stabbed it repeatedly. Salva stood up, she only had a few bruises. The creature seemed to be rabid. Foam dripped from its mouth and it growled and made rasping noises. At last it stopped moving. Then it whispered.

"Hey Sandra..." Sandra looked shocked. The cannon blast reinforced what they were all thinking.

"It was a, it's a tribute... Oh. My. God. Who was it?!" Snow gasped.

"Waxifer." Sandra said without needing to check.

Day 6: Twilight

Jenny looked at Ace. He looked like a lost child. Big eyed, scared. It made her sad. Ace was such a strong, brave person...

"MAY!" Ace yelled. Jenny started.

"What are you doing!" She demanded.

"I have to find her before it gets dark. MAY!"

"She might not be alive, it's-"

"Ace!!" They heard in the distance.

May wondered how much of the truth the other girls knew. Once Sandra told her that Ace had ran away, May knew she'd been lying. Ace was a lot of things, but a coward wasn't one of them.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Ace and Jenny bursting out of the underbrush. Ace ran forward picked May up and spun her around. "May! May, May, May!"

"Ace, stop." She said sternly, then she quickly whispered "It's a trap." She pushed away from him. Raised her dagger. She was facing away from the other girls, so she spoke with her eyes. I'm sorry, her eyes said, please play along.

But in reality she said, "Get away from me." Ace was momentarily confused. Then she could see it click in his eyes.

"Ah come on May..."

"You left me! I've been wandering around in these trees all day!" She added that to help him. Jenny was an archer maybe she could kill the other girls.

"I know. I'm sorry." Ace's eyes were understanding, but how much did he really understand?

"I kept waiting for one of the four other tributes to find and kill me!"

"May, there's five other tributes not four."

"You @#$%! Go !@*& a $%^)! I hope you #$&**@$$#%#^$%@#%$%$!" May's words became slurred. Ace hoped this was distracting the people in the trees. He lifted his spear and threw it at a gray haired girl in a nearby tree.

Parker froze as she watched Salva fall from her tree. Parker hated hiding in tree's. You couldn't run without being seen... Parker was forced to watch Snow throw a spear into the Jenny's head. She was forced to watch Jenny's head explode. She was forced to watch Khaz come running into the clearing and stab May's stomach. She was forced to watch Ace pull Khaz's head off. She was forced to watch Snow stab Ace. She was forced to watch Sandra stab Snow. She was forced to watch May struggle to her feet and stab Sandra. Then she was forced to watch them all bleed to death. Slowly... As Parker watched she changed. Something inside her died. Slowly...

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