• Summer Trailwind, before Game
  • Summer Trailwind, after Game
  • James Trailwind, husband
  • Theo Trailwind, (the baby) in about 5 years
  • District 1
  • District 2
  • District 3
  • District 4
  • District 5
  • District 6
  • District 7
  • District 8
  • District 9
  • District 10
  • District 11
  • District 12
  • Capitol
  • Angelique Chevalier, District 1
  • Annette Chevalier, District 1
  • Randy Spelt, District 2
  • Lola Tish, District 2
  • Lucky Dawn, District 3
  • Belle Taylor, District 3
  • Amara Kirby, District 4
  • Drew Hunter, District 4
  • Denti Frankd, District 5
  • Leslie Stucksure, District 5
  • Dana Oheed, District 6
  • Wilma Sayer, District 6
  • Summer Trailwind, District 7
  • Sandy Frox, District 7
  • Trisha Vale, District 8
  • Jay Jay Meyers, District 8
  • Irene Tankt, District 9
  • Lucy Hamdong, District 9
  • Melanii Adams, District 10
  • Ginger Hay, District 10
  • Jay Sparrow, District 11
  • Claire Heart, District 11
  • Raina Haysburg, District 12
  • Kaylene Blacker, District 12
Welcome to my 2nd annual Hunger Game! This year is going to be a Quarter Quell year! (I pick the years randomly...) Please submit tributes! (Before you submit them please read below, any tributes that don't meet the rules be changed to fit them.)

Quarter Quell

This year to reinforce the fact that future generations die because of the rebellion against the Capitol, 2 pregnant woman between the ages 20 - 28, and their pregnancy 5 - 8 months, shall be reaped from each district.

District 1 - InsertRandomnessHere Angelique Chevalier, 27 Annette Chevalier,27
District 2 - Team Peeta Randy Spelt, 25 Lola Tish, 27
District 3 - Anon Lucky Dawn, 22 Belle Taylor, 22 1/2
District 4 - Hungergames fan girl Amara Kirby, 28 Drew Hunter, 20
District 5 - Team Peeta Denti Frankd, 23 Leslie Stucksure, 20
District 6 - Team Peeta Dana Oheed, 24 Wilma Sayer, 23
District 7 - (^*^) Summer Trailwind, 20 Sandy Frox, 20
District 8 - Fallen Angell Trisha Vale, 28 Jay Jay Meyers, 26
District 9 - Team Peeta Irene Tankt, 26 Lucy Hamdong, 22
District 10 - Hungergames fan girl Melanii Adams, 22 Ginger Hay, 24
District 11 - Anon Jay Sparrow, 21 Claire Heart, 21
District 12 - Fallen Angell Raina Haysburg, 22 Kaylene Blacker, 25

Chariot Rides!!!!!

District 1:

Annette and Angelique come racing out in a sparkly white chariot. The crowd claps before even realizing what the girls are wearing. Drab grey uniforms... Then the girls both snap! Their costumes change into dazzling white dresses that match the chariot. The dresses showoff the girls bellies. Crowds rating:(Out of five) ****

District 2:

Randy and Lola are dressed in what looks like last years costume. Modified peacekeeper uniforms, low cut top with a short skirt. The difference is the costume seems to absorb the girls bellies. Neither of them look pregnant. C.R.: ***

District 3:

Belle and Lucky come out looking like giant glowing disco balls. C.R.: **

District 4:

Amara and Drew are both dressed as mermaids. A sprinkler is in their chariot, giving off mist. C.R.:****

District 5:

(I'm making it medicine.)

Leslie and Denti come out in hospital gowns. They have glitter all over them. C.R.: ***

District 6:

(I'm making it electricity.)

Dana and Wilma are dressed in black jumpsuits. They have wings and halos of electricity making them look like evil angels. C.R.: *****

District 7:

Sandy and Summer are dressed in brown dresses. The dresses have wood chips sewn onto it. Their hair is entwined with leaves. C.R.: *

District 8:

Jay Jay and Trisha are wearing unfinished dresses. Pins and extra fabric is still attached. C.R.: *

District 9:

Irene and Lucy are both wearing last year's costume.(White robes) C.R.:

District 10:

Ginger and Melanii race out dressed as... pigs. They've been painted pink and are wearing fake snouts. C.R.:*

District 11:

Jay and Claire come wearing yellow dresses, studded with corn kernels. They have big green leaf-like shawls on. C.R.: **

District 12:

Raina and Kaylene race out dressed in drab chalky black jumpsuits. Then suddenly they blow up! When the smoke clears the girls are still in black spandex but now the suits are embedded with burning embers. The girls faces are remade and alive with makeup. C.R.: *****

( ^ That was for you Fallen Angell!)

District 1 Angelique Chevalier: 10 Annette Chevalier: 10
District 2 Randy Spelt: 10 Lola Tish: 8
District 3 Lucky Dawn: 6 Belle Taylor: 5
District 4 Amara Kirby: 9 Drew Hunter: 9
District 5 Denti Frankd: 4 Leslie Stucksure: 6
District 6 Dana Oheed: 5 Wilma Sayer: 4
District 7 Summer Trailwind: 8 Sandy Frox: 6
District 8 Trisha Vale: 5 Jay Jay Meyers: 3
District 9 Irene Tankt: 5 Lucy Hamdong: 6
District 10 Melanii Adams: 7 Ginger Hay: 8
District 11 Jay Sparrow: 5 Claire Heart: 7
District 12 Raina Haysburg: 4 Kaylene Blacker: 2


Day 1: Evening

Deaths -

Kaylene Blacker - by Randy Spelt

Sandy Frox - by Lola Tish

Irene Tankt - by Annette Chevalier

Lola Tish - by Summer Trailwind

Wilma Sayer

Denti Frankd - Angelique Chevalier

Jay Sparrow - by Annette Chevalier

Jay Jay Meyers - Annette Chevalier.

The tributes are circled around the Cornucopia. All of them are dressed in sterile white hospital gowns that reach their toes. The woman survey each other. Some calculating who they're next to. If they have time to go to the Cornucopia. If they can see their allies. Others are deciding who they're going to kill first. The gong rings.

Annette's running to the Cornucopia, right before she reaches it someone blocks her path. "Stop the violence! We are one! Togeth-" Kaylene gurgles off as Randy sinks her knife into the girls head.

Irene and Sandy are running to the Cornucopia. Sandy is just picking up a backpack when Lola spears her threw the neck. Irene screams and throws her knife. it enters Lola's leg. Annette runs by and slashes Irenes head off. Lola laughs and turns just in time to see Summer's knife as in enters her heart.

Wilma is running as fast as an pregnant woman carrying an eight month baby can, but she knows it's no use the footsteps are coming closer. Gaining. She looks over her shoulder, and trips. Pain shoots through her body. Something's wrong. Trisha comes to a stop when she sees the girl who she'd wanted to ally with dead in a ditch.

Angelique pins Denti to the ground. "Allies?" Denti whispers. Angelique prepares herself, then shoves a dagger through the girls heart.

Jay is hiding behind a box in the Cornucopia with Jay Jay. " We'll leave when they do." Jay Jay whispers. Then the box is lifted and Annette's sword releases the girls heads from their bodies.

Day 1: Midnight

Raina rips her gown up to her knees. Then stuffs the extra fabric back into her pack. She made out good at the Cornucopia. They had lots of explosives. She'd been able to grab lots of food too. Raina pulled out a small sleeping bag, and thought about the girl from District 4. Not the nice one. The other one, Alana or something. She'd chased Raina all around the forest. It was almost funny.

Leslie watched as the girl from 12 got ready for bed. She didn't want to kill her. The girl was smart, and sly. She jumped from her perch. "Hey there." She said. Raina jumped.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I was just wondering if you needed an ally." Raina smiled, and the girls shook hands.

Day 2: Morning

Amara Kirby - by Kangaroo Rat Mutts

Lucky Dawn - by Ginger Hay

Angelique Chevalier - by Forcefield

Randy Spelt - by Forcefield

Amara sat down on a rock, she'd been trying to find her way back to the Cornucopia all night. A small stream gurgled beside her so she pulled a empty bottle from her bag and filled, purified it, and drank it. Running after that stupid girl wasn't worth it. Every part of her ached, and she didn't even get to kill the @#$%&. Amara stood up and dusted of her gown. She'd die if she didn't get back to the Cornucopia, and that was not going to happen. Sean will be born. She will win. No question about it.

As she was wandering around she heard a chit chit chat sound. Looking around she saw nothing, she shrugged it off and kept walking. Then it came again and again, until the sound was too loud to ignore. Amara started to run, then the first one grabbed her. Little furry things, with long legs. Amara had never seen a creature like this in 4. She screamed as it ripped off her flesh with its small razor-like teeth. Then more came, and more, until so many buried her that she just looked like a furry clump. She screamed and screamed. No one came, no one heard. Then it was over...

Lucky skinned the fish. The first fish she'd caught in her entire life. It wasn't very big, or apparently very smart it had hopped onto her feet and died. Still she considered it as caught, not suicidal. She was just about to take a bite when she heard a twig snap. She grabbed a large branch and wished it was a sword. Then the girls entered the clearing. First they were surprised, then determined. Lucky threw the branch at the girl from District 4.

Drew easily side stepped the branch, then sent a knife flying into Lucky's belly. The girl screamed and collapsed to the ground, panting. Ginger stepped forward and sliced the girls throat. Then Summer, Ginger, and Drew ran off in the direction opposite that they'd come.

Day 2: Afternoon

Annette pulled out her sword, ready. She'd been hunting tributes with the other girls all day and still hadn't found anyone. It frustrated her... Now she sensed something though, something powerful. Angelique pushed past her sister, irritated. Did she really have to stop in front of everybody?

Angelique stormed ahead. Why of all years did she have to come the year her sister did? It wasn't fair. Not only were they twins but they also met Bryce Spencer, and BAM. Got pregnant the same year, at almost the same time. Then they were both drawn for the Games. What are the odds?

Annette flanked the group. She still felt weird, something dangerous was close by. She always got this feeling right before someone would attack her in the streets.

Then Angelique stopped suddenly and fell to her feet. Not moving. A cannon sounded. Randy rushed over and felt Angelique's pulse, there was nothing... Randy stood and backed up, then she fell and the cannon sounded again. Annette froze, grabbed a rock and threw it in front of her, just over her old allies. The stone stopped in midair and fell. She grabbed a stick and poked it. The rock collapsed in on itself. Then she poked her sister. Her body crumbled. Annette backed up and ran away. The force field in this arena hollowed things, she did not desire to be hollowed.

Day 3: Morning


Belle Taylor - by Trisha Vale

Claire Heart - by Raina Haysburg / Leslie Stucksure

Dana Oheed - by Raina Haysburg / Leslie Stucksure

Lucy Hamdong - by Annette Chevalier

Belle wabbled over to a rock and sat down. She was exhausted, she'd walked around for two days because she couldn't make herself sleep in the arena. Her gown was trashed, now shaded an ugly brown/green, and the bottom ripped to shreds. Her hospital slippers were falling apart. She tore them from her feet and threw them as far as she could. Weak anger pulsed through her veins. Weak because she was too tired to have any room for full-out screaming anger. Why did she have to be in these games? Out of all the years she could have gotten pregnant, it was the year of the Quarter Quell. Belle still remembered the day she'd found out. She'd been so happy and alive. Peter had claimed to be "the happiest man alive,". That all changed when her name was called at the Reaping...

Trisha was walking through the woods, a hand-made knife in her hand. Did she hear something in the distance or was it just her? She carefully crept towards the noise.

Belle was praying that a sponsor would send her food when she heard a noise in the distance. She stood up and ran, then fell, then walked as quickly as she could. Please be a rabbit, please!

Trisha could now here the noise dashing away. She ran in pursuit.

Belle cursed silently as she felt her water break...

Trisha cut through trees and hurdled bushes. This tribute was NOT getting away from her. Then the trees opened out into a rocky landscape. She searched it with her eyes, looking for someone wearing bright white. Nothing... Trisha was about to turn around when she heard a scream. Then another. It came from the wrong direction. She quickly considered this as a trap. Then shrugged it off and ran in the opposite direction. Maybe she'd just gotten lost...

Belle was panting, blood was everywhere. She picked up her baby, a girl. She was so small and perfect. Then a rustling noise came close. She hugged her baby close to her, Felicias.

Trisha ran into the clearing her eyes instantly finding Belle, instinctively throwing her knife into the other woman's skull. Then Trisha fell to her knees. The woman was covered in blood, and holding a small bundle. A crying, screaming bundle. Trisha crawled over and took the baby. She ripped a large chunk of dirty gown from Belle, and wiped the baby clean. Then she pulled the small blanket from her pack and bundled the baby. The girl was perfect. Black fuzz on her head, dimpled. Trisha held the baby. Would they take the baby from the arena, and send her to her father? Or would they take and kill her? Or just leave her defenseless in the arena?

Trisha didn't want to defend an infant. She didn't want to have to worry about keeping someone else alive in these games. She laid the baby in her mothers arms, and walked away...

The hovercraft came and retrieved the baby and body. The body was quickly carted away. The doctors had strict instructions to kill any baby they picked up. A nurse placed Felicias on a cart and wheeled her to an empty room. The nurse, Gillian, grabbed a needle and walked over. She took a deep breath, Felicias watched her with big chocolate eyes. Gillian turned quickly and checked behind her. Nobody was in the room but them. She scooped up the baby and quickly laid her in her purse. Then she ran into a room full of pickled objects. She yanked a preserved baby off the shelf and plucked it from the jar. Running back in she toweled the liquid off it and covered it with a sheet. Just in time. A doctor walked in, checked that the baby was dead and gave the nurse a key to the morgue.

Gillian turned back to the baby. Sadly there was no way to give her to her father. That left two options...

Day 2: Noon

Leslie and Raina sun-bathed on the rocks. Just to frustrate the Gamemakers. Finally Raina sat up. "We need to do something before I go crazy."

Leslie joined her. "Okay, well there's only one Career left so blowing up the Cornucopia could be fun. Um, the girl from 4, the red-head, and the girl from 7 are the biggest alliance right now. We could get them..."

Raina considered her options,then decided. "Let's get the Cornucopia. Then we'll set traps all around the arena."

Claire and Dana tip toed to the Cornucopia and peeked inside. Dana gave a sigh of relief. Nobody was here. The girls walked in and immediately stuff food in their mouths. When your pregnant all you've had for the past 24 hours was a few mangoes you don't worry about manners. About an hour later the girls drift off, their bellies full...

Raina runs back to the nearby tree that Leslie sits in. She gives the thumbs up sign, and dashes up the tree. Leslie jams her thumb onto the big red button.


Raina laughs, the one good thing about working in the mines is knowledge on explosives. Golden nuggets rain from the sky... In the explosion the girls didn't hear two cannon blasts.

Day 2: Afternoon

Annette follows tribute tracks. Constantly checking her back, not having allies is terrible. Finally the tracks end in a stream, she looks around, no one in sight. She curses and wades up stream.

Lucy and Melanii sit in their cave. They saw Annette coming up the stream towards them and decided defense would be better than offense.

Annette finds more tracks leading up into a cave. She freezes, more than one tribute's tracks are here. They outnumber her... What am I thinking? Annette demands from herself. I can kick any tributes @$$ in this arena. I am the future victor.

Lucy bites her lip, Annette was close. I'm not going to win, she tells herself. Might as well take down the competition for the others...

Lucy grabs her club-like tree branch and jumps onto Annette.

Annette grabs Lucy's hair and yanks, Lucy shrieks and is about to hit Annette over the head when the club is torn from her hand. Annette throws the club into the river. With Lucy punching her she can't get her sword. You wanna fist fight? Annette thinks, Well then we'll fist fight.

Annette punches Lucy squarely in the jaw, then she shoves her palm heel into Lucy's nose. Shoving it into her brain. A cannon blast and the nothing. Annette straightens her broken nose and throws Lucy into the river. She pulls out her sword and peeks into the cave, nothing.

Melanii doesn't stop running until the Anthem starts up. Panting like crazy she sits down, pictures of Lucy jumping on Annette playing in her head...

Day 3: Midday

Deaths -

Drew Hunter - by Raina Haysburg

Melanii Adams - by Fire

Leslie Stucksure

Trisha Vale - by Raina Haysburg

Leslie watches as Raina runs around in circles doing crazy leaps and spins, trailing wire behind her like a spider with its web. Finally ending her dance with one last spin. Raina raises her brows at Leslie. Leslie shakes her head and looks away. Trying to look like she was "guarding" not staring. Then the girls raced off, still trailing wire, to their nearby hiding spot. Raina swiftly plugs the wire to her "magic box" as she called it. The girls sit and wait...

Ginger leads Drew and Summer to the waterfall. The girls sit and scoop water to their lips. All of them listening intently. Being in the Games for 3 days with no sign of trouble was scarier than having trouble. Summer picked up her back pack and pulled out the knife. She started to peel the dead rabbit Drew had caught earlier when they heard something. Like dogs they all whipped their heads around.

Leslie screams again. Raina laughs and brandishes her knife incase another tribute was nearby. Leslie sits down. "I think I hear them coming." Then she laughs, and they listen.

Drew runs into their campsite and immediately falls. "STOP!" She screams. Ginger and Summer - who are just arriving - freeze. Drew thrashes around, silver glints all around her. Panic starts to come. She screams "Holy fishtart!" then starts to cry. Summer leans forward to help but Ginger pulls her back.

"Stop, it's a trap." Summer nods, and tosses Drew a knife instead.

"Ok, lets get this show on the road!" Raina says as she hits the big red button.

Summer and Ginger are blasted back as Drew and their camp goes up in smoke.

Day 3: Afternoon

Annette runs toward the fire. Fire means tributes. Tributes mean death. Death means sponsor's awe. And a sponsor's awe means food. Real food, not raw roots and a skinny rabbit.

Leslie gapes and Raina cringes. She'd used to much electricity. If they hadn't been hiding in a cave they'd have been blown back, or fried. Instead they were just burned slightly.

Trisha gapes at the small mushroom cloud, and runs.

Melanii sits up to get a better look at the fire. Her head was pounding. Was there 2 fires or was she seeing double?

Annette reaches the edge of the fire and takes a step back. No tributes were insight and the fire was taller than she thought. Was this a trap?

Raina grabs her pack and starts to creep out of the cave. Leslie stays. Raina calls her name, but Leslie seems to be in shock. Raina steps forward to shake her when her foot steps in a puddle. Wait a puddle? The explosion evaporated all the water around here. That means this water is new, and it could only come from one place...

Trisha runs blindly. Fire scared her to death. Once when she was little her house had caught on fire...

Ginger sits up and tries to open her eyes. Everything was black. She reached her hands up and felt her face, her hands slipped away. Warm.

Summer tried to stand but fell back down. Where was she? Her vision was blurry and the world seemed to have gone silent. Where was Ginger? Drew? What happened?

Melanii closes her eyes, shivering. Fire was warm, and she would do anything for warmth.

Trisha races toward a cave. Caves were safe enough.

Annette runs. Her gown catching on every tree, her feet tripping on every stone. Why did this have to happen now? Why couldn't she have been clumsy earlier today, when all she was doing was hiking?

Trisha freezes as she nears the cave. Someone was close by.

Melanii stumbles forward. All she could see was red now. It was so warm... She laughs as the fire massages her feet and caresses her face. Then swallows her into oblivion.

Raina grasps Leslie's hand, feeling her pulse. Nothing... Two still-born boys lay in their mother's arms.

Trisha takes a step back. Cracking a twig.

Raina runs from the cave and sends a knife into the other girls temple.

Summer gropes around. She was so HOT. She couldn't see, in all she was miserable. She felt something damp, and grabbed for it. Then she slipped and fell in a swamp...

Annette doesn't stop running until she reaches a wall of vines. Pulling them aside, she finds a small swamp. She jumps in.

Ginger thrashes around, was she stuck in something? Had she moved from her last spot? Was she regaining sight? Nope, everything was still black. As black as the Gamemakers hearts....

Day 4: Dawn


Ginger Hay - by Annette Chevalier

Annette Chevalier - by Summer Trailwind

Annette wakes to a splashing sound. She untangles her self from a hidden vine-insulated ditch she'd found. Who or what was nearby? Whatever it was wasn't going to be around much longer.

Ginger tapped the ground around her. She'd accepted that she was officially blind.

Summer splashed her way to shore. All night she'd thrashed and crashed through the swamp. She was soaking and cold.

Annette readied her sword and jumped on a bolder. It was dark, but she could just make out what looked like a small fire. Annette ran in that direction.

Ginger finally found her knife. She swiftly scooped it up and listened. Touch and feel were all she had in this place. Never again would she see a soft yellow daisy. Or the never ending green of a pine tree. She would never see her family. Her husband and daughters. Her mother and father. Her baby....

Summer looked around, was someone nearby? She looked behind her, a faint glow of a fire... She'd had enough fire for a lifetime.

As Annette was getting closer she heard someone run behind her. Turning she saw Summer.

Summer fell as a knife connected with her shoulder.

Ginger shakily stood. Someone was close.

Annette took her time walking over to Summer. One more tribute down....

Ginger listened then threw her knife.

Annette whipped around as a knife sank itself in her back. Panting she reached for another knife. The fire wasn't fire. It was Ginger.

Summer yanked the knife from her shoulder.

Annette's hands came up empty. Cursing she threw her sword at Ginger.

Ginger listened. Nothing. She took a step forward. Why wasn't a cannon sounding?

Annette's sword flew into Gingers belly. Causing her to crumple. Lifeless.

Annette turns just in time to see Summer throw the knife.

Summer cringes as the knife enters Annette's skull.

Day 4: Midday

Raina stomps the ground in frustration. Where was she going to find Annette? How was she going to kill her?

Summer cradles her arm as she walks through her old campsite. Now both of her allies were dead, and the only other tribute left was an older, smarter, and more skilled woman that had more courage. How did I get here? She thought. I'm just a girl from District 7... The Careers wouldn't even take me. I'm doomed.

Raina paces, thinking... Then a big furry thing came running at her.

Summer stops and listens. Did she here thunder or was it just her?

Raina looks around all the trees were made weak in her explosion. They might hold a little girl, or a small woman. But a 6 month pregnant lady? Forget it. She ran instead.

Summer climbs onto a big boulder, just as Raina runs into the clearing.

"Buffaloes!" Summer screams. Drawing her axe as they race towards her.

Raina pounces onto the bolder.

A buffalo opens it's mouth revealing long, sharp, pearly white, fangs. Then it bites Summer's leg.

She falls, screaming. Raina pulls the axe from Summer's hands, and hacks at the beasts face.

Roaring the buffalo releases Summer, and stumbles backward. Only to be replaced by another. The rock that once looked big now looks small, surrounded by giant mutt buffaloes, intent on killing one of them.

Raina pulls Summer up. Summer's leg is shredded. Summer grabs Raina's shoulder trying to get her balance. Raina hands Summer the axe back. "Whoever survives this wins." Raina shouts. Summer nods and hands the girl a knife.

They hack and hack. Once a buffalo dies it disintegrates leaving room for a replacement.

Day 4: Evening

A buffalo lunges at Raina. Grabbing her arm. Yanking her down. Summer - who had been leaning on Raina -screams and falls with her.

The buffaloes retreat.

Raina stands cradling her arm. Summer gets onto her knee. The girls look around. No hoof prints, or fur, or droppings. It was like a nightmare.

The girls look at each other. Realizing what's next.

Quick as a flash a knife sinks itself into Summers chest.

Panting Summer sends her axe flying into Raina's belly.

Blood from both new and old wounds coats the ground.

The girls stare at each other. Sizing up each other. Summer has more injuries, but she has another knife.

Raina grabs the axe handle and pulls. Summer grabs her spare knife.

WARNING: Below is very graphic violence.

The knife sinks itself into Raina's breast. Half screaming half panting Raina pulls out the axe and knife. Then jumps on Summer.

Summer screams and punches Raina's stomach. Raina screams back and stabs Summer's ribcage. Summer rolls on top of Raina and reaches for the other girl's eye. With a sickening pop Raina's eye was pried from its socket. While they're fighting blood spurts everywhere. Summer's blond hair turns scarlet as Raina tries to stab her skull. Summer keeps dodging the axe blade. Instead of full out dying her skin and hair is peeled off instead.

Raina yells in frustration, and grabs Summer's remaining hair. Holding her down. Summer kicks her back and punches the girl's jaw.

Raina starts slicing the skin over Summer's ribcage apart. The bloody flesh flies everywhere. Raina grabs one of Summer's ribs and laughs.

Summer's scream scares all birds, within a 30 mile radius, out of their nests.

Raina tosses Summer's rib aside. Summer's eyes are covered in blood. Everything looks red or black. Feeling the grass around her Summer searches for something, anything that she could use as a weapon.

Raina grabs a knife and places it above Summer's belly. "You killed mine. Now I'm gonna kill yours."

Summer snags the knife a knife from the grass and blindly stabs at Raina. Her knife misses Raina's heart by an inch. Raina kicks Summer's head. Then returns to the girls belly. Lightly marking an X.

Raina raises the knife above her head with two hands, then begins to bring it down.

Summer rolls, the knife sinks into the ground. Wiping the blood from her eyes she crawls as fast as she can and retrieves the axe. Raina flattens Summer.

Both girls are crying and barely concious.

Day 5: 12:00

Deaths -

Raina Haysburg - by Summer Trailwind

Raina yanks Summer's hair. Summer tosses the axe behind her. It arcs over Raina's head and buries it self into the girls spine. Splintering it. Raina's body stills.

Summer doesn't even have the energy to move the girl off her. Instead she lay and wait.


Summer lay in her hospital bed, watching as President Dusk sits down. He clears his throat and begins with: "You won," Really? I just thought this was heaven. Summer thinks sarcastically. "The doctors have replaced your lungs, ribs, left leg, spleen, and they healed your right shoulder blade. You're as good as new."

"What about my baby? Is he 'as good as new' too?" Summer questions. For some reason he was really ticking her off.

"Oh he's perfectly fine. You're lucky he wasn't damaged in the explosion." the president assured her. "Although after you have him you have many offers..."

Summer raises her eyebrow. "Offers?"

"Yes, it amazes me how people are willing to pay so much for a person they'd only seen in the Games. But I don't complain. Money is money." He chuckles "Although I think they were quite disappointed last year. You can't sleep with a 12 year old girl..."

Summer gapes at him. Was he planning to use her as a prostitute? "But, I'm... married."

"I know. We flew him in when you won." the president stands to leave then remembers.

"Oh, for the District Tours you better smile. Last year she pouted the entire time. It's bad television. I don't care how depressed you are." and with that he left.

After Game Ceremony

Summer holds James's hand, as she smiles and waves to the audience. Then the lights darken and she's forced to watch her Game. She holds back tears as she watches. All the dead mothers and infants. All the mourning families. How do the Capitol Citizens enjoy watching this? It's disgusting and depressing and ... Summer struggles to find a word. Nothing comes to mind so instead she silences her brain and watches, rubbing her tummy. The one baby that survived... She thinks.

But little does she know another baby is alive. Felicias lay in Gillian's arms. Sleeping sweet dreams about clouds and butterflies and balloons... Too young to understand how close she was to dying. And if Gillian played her part well enough Felicias would never know.....

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