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  • I live in District 4
  • My occupation is Mentor\Victor
  • I am Female
  • Team Peeta Anna

    Bye Guys.

    March 7, 2012 by Team Peeta Anna

    Hey guys---before you think anything, please just hear me out. I'm not doing this for attention, I'm leaving. Permantnely. So here's why: I guess I owe you guys an explaination

    At the school, I'm going to, you have to have an 93 percent average to get in, mine's 96.8%. I applied for an graduate program at Stanford, and found out I got in. It's for the rest of the year, and I think I need to leave.

    I'd like to focus on my studies without wondering what's going on on this wiki. I'd like to hang out with my friends without worrying about virtual friends and fights. This wiki's all about drama, and I think I created a fair bit.

    Like Jabberjay, I'm turning 16, and I think I kinda need to not have virtual friends anymore and focus on my real life.


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  • Team Peeta Anna

    Hey guys. What Rose was doing looked really fun, so I decided to do one----for fun. I won't be submitting these BTW. Just bored to he**. So comment if you like it!

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  • Team Peeta Anna

    I was surfing the web for an essay topic when I found this article. I think its really amazing and has to do with how CHina is suprisingly like Panem.


    Liam Payne's Girl =D

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  • Team Peeta Anna

    Anna's Games

    February 24, 2012 by Team Peeta Anna

    Hey guys. I'm doing a games---which will be updated the weekends I come back and this weekend. It's a second games of My Victor's Children Games---which mean all the tributes will be son or daughter of Victors or important Characters.

    I'd like new tributes that you have created, but new ones are fine. But if the tribute was in my previous Games of Victor's Children, I'd rather that you didn't submit them again.

    Victor Daughter Son
    Peeta Mellark Mellark Mellark
    Gale Hawthorne Hawthorne Hawthorne
    Finnick Odair Sinead Odair Odair
    Johanna Mason Avery Mason Scott Mason
    Enobaria di Caprio Shauna di Caprio Rocky di Caprio
    Blight Marin Marin Gregor Marin
    Cecelia Hastings Gina Hastings Hastings
    Gloss Tyke Tyke Tyke
    Cashmere Tyke Kahn Sakura Kahn Palace Kahn

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  • Team Peeta Anna


    February 21, 2012 by Team Peeta Anna

    So hey guys------I'm back for the week because my school gives you a break called "Reading Week" Whatever. We're supposed to be "studying." A psh. :P

    So I was thinking of doing a games that will be updated whenever I come back from school. There's a twist.

    Well i'm still deciding. I really liked my Victor's Children Games from before------should i do another one of those? Or maybe have the games written in the mentor's POV. What do you guys think?

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