Hey guys. I'm doing a games---which will be updated the weekends I come back and this weekend. It's a second games of My Victor's Children Games---which mean all the tributes will be son or daughter of Victors or important Characters.

I'd like new tributes that you have created, but new ones are fine. But if the tribute was in my previous Games of Victor's Children, I'd rather that you didn't submit them again.

Victor Daughter Son
Peeta Mellark Mellark Mellark
Gale Hawthorne Hawthorne Hawthorne
Finnick Odair Sinead Odair Odair
Johanna Mason Avery Mason Scott Mason
Enobaria di Caprio Shauna di Caprio Rocky di Caprio
Blight Marin Marin Gregor Marin
Cecelia Hastings Gina Hastings Hastings
Gloss Tyke Tyke Tyke
Cashmere Tyke Kahn Sakura Kahn Palace Kahn
Seeder Flora Basil
Haymitch Abernathy Candy Abernathy Chill Abernathy

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