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  • I live in in the awesomeland
  • I was born on December 14
  • My occupation is a music fan :3
  • I am me
  • TeenageDream19

    Hello everybody. I'm new to this wiki and I will be doing my first Games right now. I hope you enjoy!

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    1. One district per user.
    2. No offenses to any other users, or being mean and rude to them. Also, no fight between users.
    3. I will accept links and profiles.
    4. Please, don't get mad at me if one of your tributes died.
    5. Reservations last for 2 days only.

    "So, to show to all the districts of Panem that they will not defeat Panem, either allying or being enemy to each other, I show you the First Annual Draft Games. Each tribute will get a random tribute to kill and a random tribute to save. If they save the tribute drafted for him/her, they get a sponsor gift, but if the tribute dies, they suffer of pain. The same for the killing one. If you …

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