Hello everybody. I'm new to this wiki and I will be doing my first Games right now. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. One district per user.
  2. No offenses to any other users, or being mean and rude to them. Also, no fight between users.
  3. I will accept links and profiles.
  4. Please, don't get mad at me if one of your tributes died.
  5. Reservations last for 2 days only.

Twist Summary

"So, to show to all the districts of Panem that they will not defeat Panem, either allying or being enemy to each other, I show you the First Annual Draft Games. Each tribute will get a random tribute to kill and a random tribute to save. If they save the tribute drafted for him/her, they get a sponsor gift, but if the tribute dies, they suffer of pain. The same for the killing one. If you kill the one who was drafted for you, you get a sponsor gift, and if does not kill him/her, suffers of pain. Just the tribute knows who he or she needs to save or kill, but they can reveal it in the arena if they want to. Happy Hunger Games and good night!"


District Female Age Male Age User
1 Narcissa Malfoy 17 Draco Black 14 AxedFox
2 Melissa Anderson 16 David Anderson 17 Rainfacestar
3 Blaze Inferno 17 Bolt Storm 16 Jabberjay78
4 Cerulean Sparkle 15 Troy Costas 16 Beetee19
5 Ophelia Bourderax 15 Yuma Ivory 14 EHKnight
6 Shock Horror 17 Doomsday Terror 17 Prezziesnow
7 Thistle Wisteria 15 Khair Ochre 18 TBWTPT
8 Hope Perquin 14 Mac Williams 18 Angry birds12
9 Alyss Shepherd 15 Liam Smith 12 Annamisasa
10 Amaryllis Blackberry 16 Zalcharius Richardson 17 D1Obsessed
11 Petiola Midrib 16 Bulgur Durum 14 TDR97
12 Sabrina Wong 18 Alex Murry 15 Los95361
13 Trick Treat 17 Ice Hunts 17 Hybrid Shadow
Capitol Katheryn Coldnova 17 Morgo Roserela 13 VDA1999

Tribute Slideshow

  • Draco Black: District 1
  • Narcissa Malfoy: District 1
  • David Anderson: District 2
  • Melissa Anderson: District 2
  • Bolt Storm: District 3
  • Blaze Inferno: District 3
  • Troy Costas: District 4
  • Cerulean Sparkle: District 4
  • Yuma Ivory: District 5
  • Ophelia Bourderax: District 5
  • Doomsday Terror: District 6
  • Shock Horror: District 6
  • Khair Ochre: District 7
  • Thistle Wisteria: District 7
  • Mac Williams: District 8
  • Hope Perquin: District 8
  • Liam Smith: District 9
  • Alyss Shepherd: District 9
  • Gambler Richardson: District 10
  • Amaryllis "Ellis" Blackberry: District 10
  • Bulgur Durum: District 11
  • Petiola Midrib: District 11
  • Sabrina Wong: District 12
  • Alex Murry: District 12
  • Ice Hunts: District 13
  • Trick Treat: District 13
  • Morgo Roserela: Capitol
  • Katheryn Coldnova: Capitol


The arena of this year's Hunger Games is a large city/town. There is only a small difference; the arena is totally dark. From the cold ground to the stars in the sky, the arena is complete darkness. The tributes can see barely some things at least fifteen steps away from them, but as the arena goes, there is just dark. However, one thing shines bright in the arena, the tributes' bracelets.

Arena Draft Games
Every tribute got a bracelet with a color (District 1: Golden Yellow, District 2: Red, District 3: Silver, District 4: Light Blue, District 5: Ambar, District 6: Light Yellow, District 7: Brown, District 8: Pink, District 9: White, District 10: Dark Green, District 11: Light Green, District 12: Dark Red, District 13: Orange, Capitol: Purple). The bracelet shines all the day and night, and there is no way of ripping it off or something. If the bracelet leaves someone's arm, it automatically explodes, killing everyone near.

Also, supplies and weapons shine too, but less than the bracelets. The Cornucopia, the weapons, medicines, water and food shine, but things as blankets, sleeping bags and tokens don't shine.

Apart from that, around the Cornucopia area, there is a meadow with a lot of trees full with apples and oranges. That is the only natural part of the arena.

Behind, there is four different sections of the city: A school, a cafeteria, some restaurants and some high buildings.

Drafting Tributes Chart

Tribute District Tribute to Save Tribute to Kill
Draco Black 1 Morgo Roserela Cerulean Sparkle
Narcissa Malfoy 1 Khair Ochre Thistle Wisteria
David Anderson 2 Cerulean Sparkle Liam Smith
Melissa Anderson 2 Katheryn Coldnova Sabrina Wong
Bolt Storm 3 Zalcharius Richardson Katheryn Coldnova
Blaze Inferno 3 Ophelia Bourderax Melissa Anderson
Troy Costas 4 Alyss Shepherd Khair Ochre
Cerulean Sparkle 4 Petiola Midrib Blaze Inferno
Yuma Ivory 5 Ice Hunts Petiola Midrib
Ophelia Bourderax 5 Sabrina Wong Yuma Ivory
Doomsday Terror 6 Troy Costas Trick Treat
Shock Horror 6 Melissa Anderson Nacissa Malfoy
Khair Ochre 7 David Anderson Alex Murry
Thistle Wisteria 7 Trick Treat Alyss Shepherd
Mac Williams 8 Blaze Inferno Zalcharius Richardson
Hope Perquin 8 Liam Smith Draco Black
Liam Smith 9 Draco Black Bolt Storm
Alyss Shepherd 9 Hope Perquin Morgo Roserela
Zalcharius Richardson 10 Thistle Wisteria Doomsday Terror
Amaryllis Blackberry 10 Alex Murry Ophelia Bourderax
Bulgur Durum 11 Amaryllis Blackberry Ice Hunts
Petiola Midrib 11 Bolt Storm Amaryllis Blackberry
Alex Murry 12 Doomsday Terror Troy Costas
Sabrina Wong 12 Mac Williams Hope Perquin
Ice Hunts 13 Narcissa Malfoy Mac Williams
Trick Treat 13 Bulgur Durum Shock Horror
Morgo Roserela Capitol Yuma Ivory Bulgur Durum
Katheryn Coldnova Capitol Shock Horror David Anderson

Table Explanation

Tribute & District Column

Green means the tribute is alive.

Red means the tribute is dead.

Yellow means the tribute's status is unknown.

P.S. if a tribute dies, all the section go red.

Tribute to Save Column

Green means the tribute is alive and the other tribute is saving her/him.

Red means the tribute died and the other tribute failed.

Tribute to Kill Column

Green means the tribute is alive, and the other tribute is currently failing.

Red means the tribute died, but the other tribute didn't kill him/her.

Purple means the tribute died, and the other tribute managed to kill him/her.

Training Scores

Tribute Score
Draco Black 9
Narcissa Malfoy 11
David Anderson 10
Melissa Anderson 8
Bolt Storm 8
Blaze Inferno 9
Troy Costas 10
Cerulean Sparkle 9
Yuma Ivory 6
Ophelia Bourderax 5
Doomsday Terror 11
Shock Horror 11
Khair Ochre 9
Thistle Wisteria 6
Mac Williams 11
Hope Perquin 8
Liam Smith 5
Alyss Shepherd 5
Zalcharius Richardson 7
Amaryllis Blackberry 8
Bulgur Durum 8
Petiola Midrib 4
Alex Murry 6
Sabrina Wong 7
Ice Hunts 7
Trick Treat 12
Morgo Roserela 8
Katheryn Coldnova 6

Dead Chart

Day 1

28th: Shock Horror (District 6) - Dagger in stomach by Narcissa (D1)

27th: Sabrina Wong (District 12) - Knife into temple by Melissa (D2)

26th: Ophelia Bourderax (District 5) - Knife in throat by Amaryllis (D10)

25th: Khair Ochre (District 7) - Trident into back by Troy (D4)

Day 2

The 1st Draft Games

Day One: Bloody Party

Yuma Ivory’s POV

As soon as my tribute platform arrives at the arena, my eyes look for some light. But all I can find is pure darkness, nothing more. I try to clean my eyes using my fingers, something is wrong. Why would the arena be dark?

So, from the nowhere, an enormous and horn-like thing starts to shine bright golden. The Cornucopia.

The other tributes around me stare in the distance, as some weapons and supplies start to shine too. As I check the place around, I feel a light coming from my arm. I rise it up, and I see my bracelet. It is shining with the color amber, and it is actually pretty.

I turn my head to behind and see just the darkness, by my sides, I can see the bracelets of the other tributes, but not totally their faces and bodies. I bet they are all staring into the Cornucopia, chasing the useful supplies just with the eyes. My hands shiver of cold and afraid, I don’t know what is around me, maybe there is an arena trap right behind me and I have no idea about it. But as my nerves start to get myself confused, the countdown rings out.

And it suddenly stops. “May the 1st Draft Games finally begin!”

Petiola Midrib’s POV

All of the twenty-eight tributes are sent into the darkness, just as the loud noise of the gong makes everybody run as fast as their can.

In my way, I realize that the dark field is actually inclined in this part of the Cornucopia, but plain around the tribute platforms. I keep in my rhythm of running, approaching the golden horn more and more. As I am about to put my hands over a sickle, I stumble in something at the ground.

I fall and my head collapses against the ground. My head remains numb for at least, thirty seconds, but then I move my arms to the side, managing to see a dark green backpack. It was thing I ran into.

I run again, taking off the backpack, now I am heading for another thing. I want to leave the Cornucopia as much as I can, and I see the shining woods. I can still camouflage though.

Draco Black’s POV

Her wild blonde hair calls my attention as I pick up another small axe just to make sure I will not be without weapons sometime. While I keep selecting supplies, I hear Narcissa’s scream.

Her brown boots cross me and she hides herself for a while behind the crate. She balances her golden yellow bracelet, exactly like mine, at my direction and I nod positively.

“Apparently, those two monster tributes from District 6 that got an eleven too are both behind me. I think one of them needs to kill me.” She whispers, and I take out my small axe again. Time for fun.

We hear some footsteps approaching our location and she nods, asking me if I am ready for the combat. I grin, somewhat evilly, and reply: “Of course”.

I stare at the district 6 tributes as Narcissa rolls out of her hiding place and tries to throw a dagger at the giant district 6 boy. She is clearly not the best using long-distance weapons, so the district 6 boy dodges it easily. He groans as his district partner takes an axe out of her backpack and runs, approaching Narcissa.

“Be careful,” I shout as I change my weapon. I leave Narcissa fighting with the district 6 tributes as I get a hatchet. Perfect.

As I turn around, I see a weird scene. Narcissa punches the boy, making him fall to behind. The girl advances on her with the axe, but I run to where the two girls are fighting. I catch the district 6 female by the hair and I push her off Narcissa. It is kind of hard to watch this fight at total darkness, but I am seeing by the bracelets. As the male starts to get up, I advance against him. I rise up my hatchet, but the boy punches my leg, and I fall too.

The boy gets on top of me and places his axe on my neck, but we both hear something behind.

The female is opening her mouth to scream for help, but Narcissa sends her dagger through the girl’s stomach.

As soon as the girl drops dead, her district partner leaves me and goes towards her body. I stand up and call Narissa; we both run towards the Cornucopia again.

Hope Perquin’s POV

At the noises of someone crying, I keep searching for the district 9 boy, Liam. He is the tribute I need to save, so I need to keep him close to me. I also want to know where the district 1 boy is. I need to kill him as soon as possible, and make sure I get the sponsor gift.

I keep those things in mind while I meet up with the other people from my alliance. It is small considering that there are about eight career tributes, and we have just four. It is myself, the boy from 10 called Gambler, the boy from 13 called Ice and my crazy district partner called Mac. It is actually a pretty good alliance, though I am not totally sure we all will survive for the day.

“We must move as soon as possible,” Ice comments and we all agree with his sentence.

“We should make pairs, two of us go searching supplies while the other two of us go hunting out some tributes.” I give an opinion and once again, everyone agrees.

“I will go with Gambler!” Mac says, automatically. It is somewhat weird…

“No, I want to go with you!” Ice comments and I start to think what is going on. I have pretty sure Mac needs to kill Gambler and Ice needs to kill Mac. I need to find a way to don’t let them kill themselves right here in the start, I need every single strength to wipe out the career alliance.

“Better idea: we all go searching supplies; we can’t risk our lives this early.” I say and they three change looks. Next time, I will find a better alliance.

Cerulean Sparkle’s POV

The district 11 girl, the one I needed to save, left this bloodbath really quickly. It was actually my best chance to keep her next to me and don’t let her die, as I will suffer of pain if she does so. Though, I am almost sure the district 3 girl is still here. And I need to kill her.

While David and Melissa are fighting against the district 12 girl, I join their fight. I think one of the siblings has the district 12 girl as “tribute to kill” and they are enjoying their best opportunity to do it. As soon as I approach the fight, the district 12 female shoots one poisonous arrow into the leg of David. He starts to yell as the poison is probably entering in his veins.

“You suck!” Melissa says, chasing her out. As they approach me, I jump over the district 12 girl, making she fall to the ground. Melissa searches for a weapon and she finds a small knife, good for quick deaths.

She shoves the knife into the girl from district 12 girl’s temple, as the girl releases a quick noise of pain. As soon as the girl closes her eyes, Melissa and I run towards where David is sitting on the ground, with his bare hands shaking over the wound.

As we help him, I can see his leg’s veins shaking and getting purple. I don’t think he will die, but he will not be a strong runner again.

Alyss Shepherd’s POV 

“Liam,” I whisper seeing the small black-haired boy running with a backpack. He stops and turns away at me. I show my bracelet to him, shining up my face and he slowly heads in my direction.

“Did you call me?” He says, putting his backpack over his shoulders.

“Let’s ally, I promise I am not the one who needs to kill you and two is better than one if we stop to think…” I try to make him accept the alliance, but he remains silent, probably he does not know what to say now.

“Oh come on, we would work better as a team!” I say.

“Alright, I accept it. But we have to run fast, the bloodbath is almost ending up and I seriously don’t want to be here when the chaos starts.” He comments and I nod positively, but I don’t agree with one thing he said. The chaos is not about to start.

It started a long while ago.

Trick Treat’s POV

My nose searches for blood, anywhere. Most of the tributes are looking the others via their bracelets, but I prefer to smell their blood. My nose shivers as I approach one tribute.

But the blood of this one is not normal, it has a weird smell. Seems like I am smelling a monster, and it is dead. I can recognize by a miles when someone died or is still alive.

I fall to the ground as I see the bracelet of the dead tribute. Light yellow, the color of District 6. Oh no. Immediately, I go for her head and I see the hair falling down her shoulders. Oh my god, no! Damn! Someone killed Shock, the tribute that I needed to kill, before me. That sucks.

I am almost sure I will start to feel pain as soon as the faces of the dead tributes appear in the sky. And with pain, my mission of making everybody die will be harder.

But I have to enjoy while I am feeling normal, right? I take the sickle out of my jacket and I grin evilly. Let the Games finally begin for me!

Alex Murry’s POV

The Cornucopia bloodbath is crazy. I have seen weapons flying, bodies collapsing and coward people running without even a fight. But I can’t judge them; I will do the same as soon as I get someone to ally with.

I think that in an alliance, my chances will be bigger than my chances alone. There is some tributes still here and I think I can convince at least one of them to join my alliance.

So, I look at the distance, a girl from 10 hiding behind a crate. She is hiding from some tributes’ point of view, but she is totally visible in my perspective.

I stare at her eyes, chasing the girl from 5 which is collecting bottles of water. Hmm… I think she needs to kill the girl from 5, and if I help it, she will accept my alliance.

I approach her and I whisper “I can help you” next to her ear. She turns around, a bit scared. She nods and hands me another throwing knife, I think I can work with this. She counts silently to three and when she makes the sign, I throw the knife at the girl’s leg.

“Aw!” The girl shouts and as she opens her mouth, Amaryllis shoots another knife at her throat. The girl collapses to the ground, totally dead. Ellis celebrates and gives me a backpack. We start to run towards the meadow’s woods, preparing ourselves to later.

Katheryn Coldnova’s POV

Morgo and I take some food supplies before finally leaving the Cornucopia bloodbath. We run as fast as we can, and suddenly, we start to feel the woods in our feet’s.

I stop for a second because I tripped my foot in a heavy plant. Morgo stops too and we both check the big plant which is on the ground.

“It seems like a heavy watermelon,” Morgo comments and I nod.

Behind us, we see an image emerging from the nowhere. The yellow eyes staring at me, at my heart. Bolt. I think he needs to kill me now, but I am lucky that I got Morgo by my side.

As Bolt extends his knife at me, ready to throw it at me, he is sent all over by a trap in his leg. Morgo slaps my shoulder and I turn around, and I start to run with Morgo towards a section with huge buildings. I think I escaped for now.

Blaze Inferno’s POV

Yay! I caught a prey! I saw the rope balancing, making someone go updown to the tree where I put my snare. I seriously hope it is the stupid girl from 2, because I will be able to end up with her life already.

But as I approach my trap, I see the black and yellow hair. Melissa does not have black and yellow hair, just one tribute has.


I approach him and he is screaming to someone release him. I smile. “Let’s see who I caught here…”

“You! Release me please!” He shouts and I keep smiling. This is so hilarious.

“Alright, but with one condition. You must obey me and help me killing the district 2 girl.” I say and he sighs, agreeing.

“Ok, but please, release me!” He says and I take his knife out of his hand. I slice the rope off and it makes his body trip to below, falling on the woods.

Thistle Wisteria’s POV

As I watch the district 9 female running away with her district partner into the woods, I feel that I failed. I was planning on killing her already in the Cornucopia bloodbath, because it would be easier than just find her out in the arena, but whatever now.

I move my head to behind and one of the career boys comes running in my direction, I would fear them, but I know this one. It is Khair.

His left hand rises, coming in the direction of my forehead, but I immediately crumple to the ground, avoiding his attack.

“What the hell!? What are you doing?” I shout as he recovers from his failed attack. He quickly grabs a throwing knife in his jacket and he aims it at me.

“I’m sorry Thistle, but I have to eliminate the competition. I need to avenge my family.” He says, jumping in top of me and locking me in the ground. My arms are kept in the ground by the strength of his hands, and he slowly takes the throwing axe and starts to cut neck. I shout of agony, but suddenly, he stops. He opens his mouth slowly and a strange red liquid pours out his mouth. Blood.

I take his body off mine, and I look behind him where the boy from 4 Troy is retrieving his trident out of Khair’s back.

“Thanks for saving me…” I begin. “But why did you save me?”

“Because I needed to kill him and it was not fair. He is for sure stronger than you and had a weapon. By the way, I will let you go. I don’t know why, something is telling me to.” He replies and walks away again. Well, I was just saved by a career tribute.

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