Before Info

Trainers Main Pokemon Pokemon 2 Pokemon 3
Trainer Grey Voltage (jolteon) veleno (ekans)  WoS (registeel)
Trainer Ignis Char (Charmander) Elastic (sylveon)
Trainer Noctis Darkness (Umbreon)

Chapter 1: Grey's Plans

I finally had aqquired everything I needed to summon a beast so legendary, so I could make the world mine. The pathetic people would have to bow down and serve me in any ways fit. I would have endless power. No one knew of my shack out here in this bog, so I was certain my plans were safe. I sat down and read them, making sure there were no mistakes. I readied myself. I decided to take a break from reading them over as I walked out the door.

Chapter 2: Unlikely Heroes

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