Le Golden Rules

  1. You can curse but to a minor extent only.
  2. Post at least once every 24 hours or you could get injured/killed.
  3. Don't cry if you die.
  4. Absolutely no godmodding. If you don't know what that is,

-It can be killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission.

-It can be when they simply can’t be hit and dodge all attacks or anything for this matter aimed at them.

-It can also be using other characters that other people RP with.






Weapon (just 1 weapon) 

Tribute chart

District and gender Name, Age, Weapon
D1 MALE Bob, 18, crossbow
D1 FEMALE Jade, 16, bow
D2 MALE Trent, 15, sword
D2 FEMALE cati, 18, spears
D3 MALE Blake, 14, throwing axe
D3 FEMALE Toast, 14, garrote
D4 MALE Nick, 14, mace
D4 FEMALE Liza, 15, bow
D5 MALE  Bloodbath Death Person
D5 FEMALE Tara, 16, club
D6 MALE World, 14, sword
D6 FEMALE Summer, 14, crossbow
D7 MALE Mist, 14, crossbow
D7 FEMALE Katrine, 18, sword
D8 MALE Patch, 17, trident
D8 FEMALE Emma, 14, sledgehammer
D9 MALE  Eli, 13, axe
D9 FEMALE Rebekah, 13, mallet
D10 MALE Brian, 15, spears
D10 FEMALE Xia, 15, sword
D11 MALE Bloodbath death person
D11 FEMALE Jinx, 15, whip
D12 MALE Gabriel, 13, throwing axes

marquel, 18, throwing hoe

Tribute Status

Bold means DEAD

Arena and clothing

the arena is an underground maze of tunnels. the only source of water are underground water holes and the only source of food is the cornucopia or algea. the algea isnt the best source of food as it will make you sick and potentially throw up. the other source of food is mushrooms, that you will have to test your luck with as some are safe and edible where as some are poisonous and will get you sick. The rocky walls of the arena are dangerous as they can collapse. another part of the arena is the above ground, which is full of life and water and edible food, but its hard to get there. (i will tell you if your getting close to a passage.) 


Sword (3)
Various backpacks (48) [I will tell you what is inside]
Throwing hoes (3)
Pack of throwing axes (3) 5 axes in each pack
Boomerang (2)
Mallet (2)
Morning Star (2)
Whip (2)
Trident (2)
Rope, wire (3)
Spear (5)
Axe/Hatchet (3)
Sword (3)
Cleaver (2)
Pack of throwing knives (5) 5 knives in each pack
Bow (3); quivers filled with 20 arrows each
Garrote (2) 
Mace/morning star (4)

Crossbow (2): quivers filledwith 20 arrows each


Place Victim Killer
24th none blew up
23rd none blew up
22nd Trent Liza
21st Bob Bryan
20th Cati Eli
19th Mist Summer
18th Emma Emma
17th Tara Summer,Toast,Rainie
16th Nick Toast
15th Xia Eli
14th Gabriel Eli
13th Marquel Eli
12th Katrine Eli
11th Jinx Poison
10th Brian Poison
9th World Poison
8th Mist Poison
7th Patch Poison
6th Jade Poison
5th Blake Poison

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