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A Masquerade

Everyone add ur masquerade costume/mask


  • Annie: phantom of the opera mask/costume
  • CassBlack feathery mask, and a strapless short black diamond dress with midnight feathers.
  • Kikiprincess With a diamond tiara, a mask filled with diamonds, and a long, deep purple dress with diamonds everywhere
  • Caylinprincess With a diamond tiara, a mask filled with diamonds, and a long, deep pink dress with diamonds everywhere
  • Claudia:  shimmering black mask, witch hat, and a shrouded, misty dark blue dress. Oh, and a classy broomstick.
  • JessicaDress so white it practally glows, diamonds along the whole edge of the entire dress with a bow on the front, sleeveless and strappless,  and a mask that has bird feathers on it. Complete with angel wings, and glass slippers.
  • KekaiGolden suit, with a Kronos mask. The mask, like the suit, is golden and it covers the person's entire face. Red streaks are scattered on the cheeks and a single streak of crimson acts like some kind of eyeliner. The eyes look like 90 degree tilted semi-circles with a barely noticeable opening in the center. Light emanating from the person's amber eyes can be seen glowing vibrantly.
  • JayLeather crow mask that covers half his face, leaving his mouth to show. beak isnt sharp. top of it ends at hairline, whole mask is black. black trousers, a black tailcoat, and a vest. . He also sports a pocket watch with a chain, and a black tie.
  • Dani: black dress with white diamond shapes in it, black gloves and black shoes, she also sports a simple black mask
  • Juliawhite dress, black sweater, and a red bowtie because bowties are cool, and  a simple red mask
  • EmmaMine will look like princess jasmine with her hair down and a dark blue mask Blue or brown arabian style shoes,both long light blue bedlah pants and a top that shoes both breast,cleavage and bellybutton, sapphire adorned headband
  • RomaLorica segmenta (Steel armor), Galea with crest(Helmet with a red crest that is on top of my helmet), Caligae (Military sandals),Greaves (shin armor), Tassets (Decorative leather straps attached to a belt), My Decorative Gladius (A gold ingraved sword), Discus Honorum (Discs of silver, that is attached to leather straps that i wear on my chest, medals for winning battles), and of course my Imignifer Mask (a silver plated mask that covers the full face, with holes for they eyes and mouth.)
  • Colin: bob marley mask and a baseball uniform
  • Iron BerryI will be wearing a dark blue blouse that is puffy and tucked into my pants. It will have a silver belt that's wrapped around my ribs and pulls...all the stuff in (It's muscle. I swear on my life it's muscle, I go swimmer 3 times a weak! My body is that of a man's ._.) My pants will be baggy and black with silver stuff embroidered in the folded back ends. My High heels (*cough*Can'twalkinthem*cough*) will be cream coloured.​ silver mask with moon on it.
  • JoanA black suit with little dark blue details of stars that remember about the night. A Music inspired venetian mask.
  • ErlendI will be wearing a slim tuxedo with a purple bowtie and midnight-blue top hat. The tux has a thousand golden stars inplanted in it which glows like real stars. I will be wearing a Pierrot mask

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