this is my first games

dun judge dis be teh first game ive made :3 oh and sorry for not finishing the reapings, i wanna start the games. might add more reapings between days in the games. oh and this will be in coal blacks pov.


  • you can make reserves but they last for 24 hours or so
  • can make up to 5 tributes
  • may sponsor a tribute of choosing.

Part of last games

Dustin nobleton stood on the golden horn-shaped cornucopia holding his wooden bow, obviously hand made, just then he saw jake veralis the tribute from district 1, dustin needed to go home to see his family, he aimed his wooded hand crafted bow at jake and was ready to pull back when he felt a stinging in his side, he saw there was a knive in it his side dripping with velvet colored blood. he aimed his bow and arrow at jake and the arrow wizzed from the bow and flew into jakes heart, falling to the ground dripping blood, dustin hopped off and didnt hear the boom of the cannon, and walked to jake grabbing the bloody knive and stabbed through jakes throat to end the games and twisted the knive, then took the knive out and dropped it to the ground along with his bow, standing near the cornucopia waiting to be lifted into the hovercraft, finnaly hearing the cannon and several minutes later he is lifed into the hovercraft.










Name Age District Strengths Weaknesses user
jack 1
Shimmer Backstab 18 1

Climbing swimming


Kayleigh rockstar

john 2
Ann Reed 12 2 Hiding killing Part Deaf Kayleigh rockstar
Cerita Arrows 14 3 strenght running


blake 3
Thalia keene 18 4

Swimming running

doesnt handle death well brynn1999
Gage Pearl 18 4 Running climbing falling thunder/lightning brynn1999
lilly 15 5
Javanese LaPerm 18 5 smart stealthy might not kill nice tributes PUOD
Jake Rivers 16 6 swiming climbing effaminate PUOD
Frey Velveta 16 6 smart swimming not strong PUOD
Cruz polceck 13 7

survival swimming

wanted by gamemakers brynn1999
Bella Woods 15 7 Strength fast runner mines kayleigh rockstar
micheal 16 8
mary 16 8
danny 13 9
jean 17 9
Cole Black 15 10 wolf/human falling in love me
alice 16 10
Ash Evergreen 16 11 smart climbing swimming PUOD
Eve daliah 15 11 climbing plants heavy weapons swimming vda99
Callisto Evergrow 18 12 fast climbing camoflauge Beautiful Mistakes
Pepper Glace 17 12 climbing running not very strong brynn1999


you look around you, you see snow all around, several trees, also filled with snow. in the distance you see ice capped mountains, you can just barely make out some small caves. theres also 2 frozen lakes. 

ARENA WEAR the arena wear is the same for boys and girls

for the 700th games the tributes wear a blue shirt, a black coat, and grey cargo pants. a pair of socks and hiking boots.


Placing Tribute District Killer District Means of death
24 John 2 coal 10 pick axe in chest
23 blake 3 pepper 12 sword in stomache
22 jack  1 bella 7 axe in back
21 jake rivers 6 cruz 7 knive in chest.
20 micheal 8 bella 7 axe to throat
19 mary 8 callisto 12 arrow in neck
18 danny 9 frey 6 knive in stomache
17 jean 9


5 neck snapped
16 frey velveta 6 callisto 12 arrow in heart
15 callisto 12 shimmer 1 arrow to back
14 javanese laperm 5 shimmer 1 arrow in throat
13 Bella woods 7 gage  4 trident to chest
12 ann reed 2 ash 11 spear in chest
11 thalia keene 4 coal 12 pick axe to chest
10 lilly 5 pepper 12 sword in neck
19 eve daliah 11 gage 4 trident to chest
8 Alice 10 shimmer 1 arrow to back
7 gage pearl 4 coal 10 throat ripped out
6 shimmer backstab 1 pepper 12 knives in head
5 cerita arrows 3 coal 10 throat ripped into



i look around me, a couple feet in front of me is a large green bag. behind me his a pick axe, i dont think anyone else has noticed it. as the gong sounds i run and grab the pick axe and then run for the bag. the boy from 2 runs for it instead of weapon, so i slash his face with the pick and then i stab into his chest. 




i keep running into the fields, and i hear 2 other booms of a cannon, while still running i see an arrow fly and hear someone yell get back here wolf boy! and another arrow flies into a girls back. the girl was from my district, her name was alice.



i should feel sad about her dieing, but i really dont. i never knew her so it was ok, just then i run into cruz and pepper. hey guys i see pepper has a sword and cruz has a knive. nice to see you both. wel', lets walk abit and set up camp. as we walk, i ask them both do you guys know who died?  cruz says i killed jake rivers. just then pepper looks down and says that boy john, i killed him after she finishes i then say i killed someone too, john or whatever, lets sit down and check our bags. i finaly open my bag and see a big water bottle and its full, i look around more and see a sleeping bag, 8 packs of crackers and a couple energy bars and a box of matches. i put all my stuff back in the bag. so pepper and cruz i stop and then continue whats in your guy's bags? i ask and pepper says a sleeping bag and some crackers, also a half full water bottle. cruz then talks i have a bottle and it has no water, but i have a bag of 8 cookies, and 4 pieces of jerkey. we have food to last us awhile. i notice its getting kinda dark so we decide to set up camp. ill light a fire, and ill take first watch, after all i can stay up for 3 days without sleep i say with a smile. they both pull out there sleeping bags as i set up some rocks and put wood in the middle of the rocks. i light it with a match, and we have a fire. they are laying with there backs to the fire, and im sitting up. i hear a rustling behind me and i hear someone say dont move or you get a spear in your head dude its just me, coal and the voice says coal black? i then nod. i turn around and see ash. ash cmon and set camp up with us. he drops his bag down and plops down next to me. what did you get ash? he opens his bag to show me, a water bottle and some iodine, a sleeping bag, a small pot and a plant book. hmm maybe the plant book is to show what plants are healthy. i open up a thing of crackers, it has 4 of them, i hand him half and eat both. i wasnt that hungry, but ash looked hungry. he gets into his sleeping bag and eats both his crackers, he falls asleep and i watch, then the anthem plays, showing the dead tributes.

DAY 1:

i look up and see a sponsor gift. i open it and its a thing of soup and 4 bowls and 4 spoons., i read the note good job coal, heres some soup for you and your allies. i dump the soup in the pot ash got and i put it over the fire. after its done cooking, i taste a bit hmm thats good i dump an even amount of it in each bowl, and put the spoons in, after that i wake up my friends. wiered i called them friends but who are your friends in the hunger games ash smiles mmm soup. i hand them all there bowls, and they begin to eat, i start eating my soup. better than i had thought it would be. after we all finish our soup, the bowls are empty and so is the pot. we put them in our bags and ash puts the pot back in his bag. we all roll up out sleeping bags and put them in our bags. we should get going guys. i say and we begin walking. i hear 2 cannons



i wonder who died, we will find out later tonight i guess. they all look full from the soup and, we keep walking, just then  cruz and ash begin to pant. they must be thirsty. hey guys were close to the lake we keep walking and we see the lake. yes water! cruz and ash both say. ash and cruz then take there bottles out and so does pepper. they take there bottles and bring them under the water, they pull them out and there full. ash puts a drop of iodine in cruz, and peppers, then a drop in his own. while were here we should bathe. says pepper, i nod in agreement. ill go first says pepper. everybody else is watching out, im looking twords pepper, just in case. after about 3 minutes she walks out and changes in a bush. then ash goes and after ash cruz goes in. when he walks out and changes.i get in and after i finish and change i hear 2 booms of cannons.



we all look at echother in shock. i wonder what people died thats 4 booms today, that means only 15 are left. well now that we all have water and bathed, lets get going. but before i could finish pepper says wait this place is pretty good, and under the waterfall theres a small cave, we should stay there. i didnt realise there was a cave there and we all nod in agreement. we swim over to the cave and crawl into it. after that little crawl space theres a large area and its enough room to stand up and to walk around. i look around and see a small hole, in the back and its night. we roll out our sleeping bags. tonight i descide to sleep, i keep on guard and have my pick in my hand just incase. they all have there weapons in hand too. after about 2 or 3 hours i wake up from a nightmare. i see cruz is awake. so cruz, sence ur awake tell me about your life before the games. he starts talking well i live in district 7, im living on my own, and i have no other family than myself. i could tell he was lieing no i mean before district 7. he looked at me i wont tell anyone cruz he started to talk ok, well i did have a family, i had a mom, a father, 2 sisters and a brother. before i went to district 7 my family was caught by piecekeepers, and they were shot, i was the only one who got away. i saw tears starting for him. im so sorry. i handed him 2 things of crackers and 2 cookies. i ate 2 pieces of jerkey. and he fell asleep. i fell asleep a bit after him. 

DAY 2:

i woke up to the sound of 3 booms.


i looked around in fear and saw they were all still asleep. oh thank god, but this early in the morning? atleast only half of them are left. only 8 to die untill there are the victors. then alex and the others awoke. i smiled how did you guys sleep? they all replied pretty good for sleeping in a sleeping bag i nod and say well theres only 12 people left, only 8 have to die before we all win. alot of people might be injured and such, i wonder when the feast will be. i hear a loud voice say hello tributes, it may be only day 2 but alot of you are injured or hungry, so i will be holding a feast, theres something you all really need, tomorrow will be the feast. good luck and happy hunger games. as the person stops talking i say we all dont need anything right? after i say that cruz moves his shirt out of the way and shows me his shoulder it got stabbed before i ran into pepper and you. i look at him why didnt you tell me? you couldve got an infection and died! i knew one of us had to go and, out of everyone in the group i knew i was capable of getting what we needed and getting back. fine, ill go tomorrow and get our bags. then pepper started talking no! what if your attacked, we all go. they all then say yeah we could be helpfull. i smile then its agreed we all go to the feast.but what about today, what will we do today? we cant stay here all day, we should do something, but first lets eat. i hand pepper the energy bars and ash 2 cracker things. and i give cruz 2 cracker things and i take 2 cookies. we have 4 cookies left, and 4 things of crackers. if we finish these today we will have to start hunting. i didnt think by day 2 all of our food would be gone, we shouldve rationed it out better. but then again we could head to the cornucopia and check to see if theres any bags left. first ill check to see if anyones at the cornucopia. i ran out of the cave and turned to wolf form, i ran twords the cornucopia and saw nobody was there, and there was 2 bags. i ran to them and put them on my back and ran back to the cave. they all sat there and said that was quick. i turned back and i put the bags down. i opened the bags and saw 2 pieces of jerkey and 2 cracker thingswow and i thought there would be more.'but atleast we have about as much as we had before. we have about 48 pieces of food. they all smiled and i asked them so guys, what do we do if were attacked, i know we have weapons but the careers have weapons too. theres 4 of them, but then theres others we need to be worried about too. i know this place is safe and all but think, they could be anywhere in the arena. we havent even explored the abandoned city and the mountain or the jungle. maybe we dont need to go to the feast i dont wanna loose you guys. as if on cue a sponsor gift came down into the cave from the hole. woah i wonder what it is i opened it and saw it was 2 spools of blue thread, a needle, numbing medicine and pain relievers. i look at cruz well lets get started. i rub the numbing medicine around where he got the cut. then i tie the thread into the needle and sew up his shoulder. he moves it around and says much better. i hand him a pain relieving pill just incase. then i put the things i had just gotten into a bag. just for later. i say. 


seven left to die i guess it starts getting dark and we put our sleeping bags down and get ready to sleep.

DAY 3:

i wake up to see all of them already awake. oh hey guys and cruz says the girl from my district was the one who died yesturday. we all got up and we all ate a thing of crackers. 32 things of food now. and today is the feast so lets go. i clutch my pick and they all clutch theres. we start walking so we save our energy. once we get there we all run in and grab out bags, the girl from 2 jumps onto ash from the cornucopia but her chest is caught by his spear and he throws her off and takes her knives.that was a close one ash. after i finish what im saying im tackled by the girl from 4 and i slash her face with my pick axe for her to only screatch. i try to slash at her but she blocks it with her sword and slashes at my arm, i luckily dodge it and slam my pick into her chest.



someone died after that, i wonder who. i turn and look at cruz, a dead girl at his feet. pepper is standing next to him and so is ash. oh we start walking away and i hear 2 more booms



its getting dark looks like we should end it lets make a fire. i say and have my pick in hand cruz makes the fire and holds his knive with a firm grip. we all get ready and stand on the cornucopia, to end this. gage pearl jumps at me and i shove him down. i wont kill you yet, i like to play with my food before i kill it. i say and i grab his arm, i twist it and shove him back down. oh no your hand is broken, and thats your dominant hand. i say with a smirk. i pick him up and throw him of the cornucopia and jump onto him. he throws me off and holds me to the wall of the cornucopia and choking me.i wont end it like this, i will win this. he says while shoving me back harder. i struggle at his grip. i turn into a wolf and slide under him. then tackle him and bite his arm down. i get up and i look down at him. you wont win, you knew you wouldnt from the start,now its time for you to die. i bit down on his throat and then i rip out his throat and spit it out. i turn back to a human and tast his blood in my mouth, it tastes metalic. you guys ready for the last 2 to come?we can win this guys! i say and turn back to a wolf. i look at the moon and i howl, not a sad howl but a victorious howl. i see an arrow whiz by. shimmer! i see pepper grab a throwing knive and smile. pepper, you can do it, i know you can she flicks her wrist and the knive flies out of her hand and is thrown out of the way by an arrow. holy crap! the arrow falls with it pepper grabs 2 more and throw them both, they both land into shimmers head. this is it guys, the last person will walk out, if they die we win. cerita walks out and has a creepy smile you all thought i was dead didnt you you were all wrong. she begins laughing evily i fallowed you guys, when you guys were asleep i took from your food, i took from everyone. she raises her bloody axe and laughs again. now its time to die she shoves me to the cornucopia wall. and i grab my pick but she knockes it out of my hand. she holds her axe to my throat, a drop of blood drops and whimper and she looks at cruz, ash and pepper dont come near me or i kill him, and dont move at all. if i go down he goes down with me. she begins to laugh evily again i shove her off and cruz runs twords her, she punches him and he falls back i said dont move! she runs at me swinging her axe and i move out of the way just in time. her axe gets stuck in the wall. while she tries to get her axe i swing my pick axe onto her hand and cut it off. then i cut her other one off. you may have took from us but you wont take my life! you see i knew you were fallowing us, i didnt do anything about it. i honestly thought you died in the bloodbath. but you didnt, you somehow outsmarted everyone and didnt kill anyone. you could win this, but i wont let you. nobody wants a psycho as a killer, goodbye cerita. as i turn into a wolf i claw her throat and bite into her throat. as i hear the final cannon i howl a howl of victory and turn back. i hear a loud voice congratulations to our winners, coal, pepper, ash and cruz. we are lifted into the hovercraft.

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