hello and welcome to the Purge Games


  • 3 tributes per user
  • Reservations last 2 days.
  • No profiles.
  • Only District 1-12.
  • Be active
  • Don't be rude, keep those comments to yourself.
  • Enjoy the Games!
  • please comment telling your tributes what to do, they could die if u dont respond.


When President Ravens came to be president he had an idea to give the gamemakers for a games. they will not be aloud to kill in the morning, only the night when the president announces it. there will always be a target.


 Tribute Template










  • Whichever user donated a tribute, may regulate their gifts.
  • Each tribute starts off with $500
  • you get extra 100 if your tribute dies
  • If somebody dies, their money goes to whoever killed them.
  • Every day, everything goes up in cost by $25
  • If there is something unmentioned, tell me in the comments and I'll add it.



Pain Killer: $50

Burn Creme: $75

Sleep Syrup: $25

First aid Kit: $100

Antibiotics: $75

Food, Drink, Survival

Sleeping Bag: $125

Tent: $125

Blanket: $75

Soup: $50

Bread: $25

Canteen (With water): $50

Canteen (without water): $25

Lemonade: $75

Stew: $100

Meat: $75

Matches: $75

Weapons, Armor, Skills

Axe: $375

Armor: $450

Blowgun: $225

Darts (12): $150

Poison: $125

Bow: $350

Arrows (12): $175

Knives (6): $275

Sword: $350

Spear: $325

Awl: $125

Trident: $425

Net: $200

Camouflage Paint: $125

Mace: $250

Pitchfork: $200

Sicle: $300

Sledgehammer: 400


letter from home: 250


Name District Age Weapon Weakness
Emerald Bourke 1 17 Axe over confident
Alecia Bortone 1 17 Twin Blades selfish, wont share
Reserved 2 By Gruffeh
Reserved 2 By Anna
Courage Blitz 3 Sword swimming, climbing
Bella Saw 3 17 Dagger
Nathan Mace 4 18 Mace untrustworthy
Nymph Mere  4 18 Throwing Axe
Slate Vale 5 18 Axe not fast
Solaris Eurus 5 16 Daggers not fast
Dylan Kane 6 14 spear rushing in
Layla Calantha 6 14 Throwing Spears no body strenght
Douglas Gibbons 7 15 Axe endurance, bears
Willow Adair 7 15 Throwing Axe gracefull, temper, careless
Dexter Howe 8 14 Knife hand to hand
Harley Quinn 8 17 Sword was psysically abused
Milo Amaranth 9 16 Spear poor eyesight
Igraine Avena 9 15 Sicle has astraphobia
Hector Cattle 10 18 sledgehammer girls
Angel Wisp 10 14 Knives working with others
Bulgur Durum 11 14 Pitchfork Clumsy, sensitive
Petiola Midrib 11 16 Sicle arrogant
Siel Cardinal 12 16 Chained Spike Ball climbing, swimming
reserved 12 by claudia

The Arena

the arena will be announced the day of the games

Tribute Parade


the 12-14 year olds get a 5 minute edge in the bloodbath to get supplies and go 




Small Alliances:

Anti Careers: Petiola (11), Bulgur (11)

The Games

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