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  • I live in places.
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is dabbing.
  • I am dead inside.
  • Tehblakdeath

    "'Ello lads and lasses! It's a fine, sunny day outside and I've decided to create a new Hunger Games! I hope you all join, enjoy a crumpit and a bis-"

    You hear sounds from the other side of the mic. Sounds like punching and howling.

    "Ugh, finally got that asshat out of the way... Anyways, hey. It's 37 degrees Celcius out there. And I want to be in the A/C. It's also Canada day. So, uh, come join these games with a unique twist! Thanks!"

    1. No spam or advertising. Your tributes shall be either lynched or terminated that night.

    2. No fighting, unless it's all in good faith from both parties.

    3. Any racism, sexism, religious things, homophobicness and the sort will NOT BE TOLERATED! You shall be instantly reported to a bureaucrat and/or admin. If i…

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  • Tehblakdeath

    Hello everyone! Well, as you may know, I have joined the wiki a year and two days ago. I meant to make this blog on Wednesday, but I was busy, and Thursday I had soccer. So here is a list of people that made this year very special!

    Oh my god, Jay has supported me through most of my time, and we even have Clockowire. This alliance in Hunger Games has dominated. He deserves credit for refusing to give up on me, and even if we had our rough times, we have still been friends.

    Mist is probably my best friend on the wiki. Me and him have made some very wacky tie-in tributes and have even made up the Spectrus family. They are no longer often used, but they already made their mark. Even Banette and Shuppet are special!

    Both Sams have been very friend…

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  • Tehblakdeath

    Hola. Here is my second attempt at making a roleplay games. So, most of you know the rules. But to the newbies I will explain them.

    1. Absolutely no godmodding. This is where you say that you killed someone without verification, got certain supplies (This only counts for bags), said you dodged something or control someone.

    2. No flames.

    3. Have fun!

    4. You may use a tribute name of yours, a character from a fandom, or your user self. However, if they have powers, they will not have them in these. *cough cough CASSANDRA ORACION cough cough*






    Alliance (if not chosen you are alone):

    District 1 (M), (F): World, Tara.

    District 2 (M), (F): Nathaniel, Aqua.

    District 3 (M), (F): Frade, Tahlia.

    District 4 (M), (F): John, Toast…

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  • Tehblakdeath

    Fk my last ones, I have all new tributes.

    D0 (astronomy): Meteor Clazy (M), Render Glax (M), Charting Edge (F), Axis Zee (F), Aster Belt (M), Zero Archeus (M), Lion Koy (M), Glade Spectrus (M), Kanaya Maryam (F), Total of 9.

    D1: Justis Crown (M), Sparklez Glaice (M), Dania Glaice (F), Pin Terrestre (F), Jaguar Taz (M), Knifen Nauticals (F), Bond Gold (M), Galiavent Archeus (F), Emerald Diamond (F), Dave Strider (M), Cameron McClaine (M), Total of 11.

    D2: Clay Barines (M), Peece Keaper (M), Mount Everest (F), Melina Razzles (F), Corvus Parvus (F), Lane Nashh (M), Ark Cindre (M), Sharpe Cindre (F), Mason Archeus (M), Farcri Tatau (M), Annabelle Darlow (F), Clove Fuhrman (F), Vriska Serket (F), Aixel Hieronymis (M), Total of 15.

    D3: Wire Elec (M)…

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  • Tehblakdeath

    The Regular Games

    December 18, 2013 by Tehblakdeath

    Hi. Just wanted to do another games while my ShotBow games go.

    No flaming, reserves are for 2 days, and no whining and hating when your tribute dies. Also, max of 6 tributes.








    Appearance (lunaii preferred, no description unless photo/lunaii included):

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