Fk my last ones, I have all new tributes.


D0 (astronomy): Meteor Clazy (M), Render Glax (M), Charting Edge (F), Axis Zee (F), Aster Belt (M), Zero Archeus (M), Lion Koy (M), Glade Spectrus (M), Kanaya Maryam (F), Total of 9.

D1: Justis Crown (M), Sparklez Glaice (M), Dania Glaice (F), Pin Terrestre (F), Jaguar Taz (M), Knifen Nauticals (F), Bond Gold (M), Galiavent Archeus (F), Emerald Diamond (F), Dave Strider (M), Cameron McClaine (M), Total of 11.

D2: Clay Barines (M), Peece Keaper (M), Mount Everest (F), Melina Razzles (F), Corvus Parvus (F), Lane Nashh (M), Ark Cindre (M), Sharpe Cindre (F), Mason Archeus (M), Farcri Tatau (M), Annabelle Darlow (F), Clove Fuhrman (F), Vriska Serket (F), Aixel Hieronymis (M), Total of 15.

D3: Wire Elec (M), Dexter Watts (M), Rig Trap (F), Powah Line (F), Hundar Glitchi (M), Karpov Androntica (M), Wire "Weff" Elec (M), Kay Tel (F), Zios Elec (M), Current Archeus (F), Tigre Panels (M), Sollux Captor (M), Total of 12.

D4: Minnow Hydro (M), Martin Pump (M), Hannah Pump (F), Wave Tidal (F), Blay Hooks (M), Leine Raftre (F), Ne-Yo Pit (M), Mediterranean Archeus (M), Clay Barines (M), Konami Aretino (M), Aras Tides (M), Aradia Megido (F), Total of 12.

D5: Generation 'Genny Boy' Tody (M), Simon Lane (M), Nile Zee (F), Zoey 'Pro as heck' Proasheck (F), Skye Hepher (M), Porshia Cyna (F), Powers Archeus (F), Genner Ritchson (M), Feferi Peixes (F), Total of 9.

D6: Lane Nashh (M), Hover Craft (M), Sub Way (F), Tract Ore (F), Harvey Swoop (M), Lapis Hovacraf (M), Kawai Krush (F), Ash Briarwood (M), Train Archeus (M), Rail Archeus (F), Clarissa Ens (F), Blaze Nether (M), Blaise End (F), Terezi Pyrope (F), Total of 14.

D7: Jack Lumbarr (M), Chop Tehwood (M), Birch Pine (F), Leaves Meadow (F), Arthonus Logan (M), Amber Redwood (F), Zade Spectrus (M), Splinter Archeus (F), Equius Zahhak (M), Total of 9.

D8: Cotton Twill (M), Texture Tee (M), Fabric Tee (F), Decal Tee (F), Stitch Tee (M), Frost Spectrus (F), Textil Archeus (M), Fabren Ti (M), Kurloz Makara (M), Total of 10.

D9: Wheat Field (M), Grainier Seedling (M), Sunny Dee (F), Watt Erflow (F), Kala Qwerty (F), Polar Astrey (M), Grayson Watergate (M), Kahluà "KK" Kokanee (M), Jade Archeus (F), Joren Bakerson (M), Hepa Source (F), Nepeta Leijon (F), Total of 12.

D10: Leath Err (M), Slaught Err (M), Skinn Err (F), Chopp Err (F), Jesse Hovesworth (M), Butch Err (M), Breed Archeus (M), Angus Claus (M), Stake Deli (M), Eridan Ampora (M), Total of 10.

D11: Sickle Fang (M), Hoe Fluffy (M), Rue Tops (F), Acro Bat (F), Hoe Fufgant (M), Parappa Rappa (F), Crop Archeus (F), Thresh Ares (M), Kankri Vantas (M), Total of 9.

D12: Pik Morrison (M), Coal Ashes (M), Tulip Melody (F), Dizz Aster (F), Charc Koal (M), Mein Koal (F), Shaft Archeus (M), Diamond Reaperson (M), Shaft Coalerson (M), Koal Charc (F), Jarrod Echo (M), Karkat Vantas (M), Total of 12.

D13: Radiant Tayz (M), Kenny Uranium (M), Nala Nuc (F), Rain Missile (F), Bacca Benja (M), Nucle Archeus (F), Luke Towers (M), Rufioh Nitram (M), Total of 8.

D14 (Mutts): Wolf Mounts (M), Ursa Major (M), Tyranno Rex (F), Anna Marsh (F), Raptor Veloc (M), Fira Bendra (F), Linx Archeus (M), Wolf Genetix (M), Jaguar Claw (M), Total of 9.

D15 (Glass and History): Shakespeare Nightlock (M), Rasputin Stalin (M), Anastasia Andronov (F), Joan Arc (F), Brutus Johanus (M), Cleopatra Archeus (F), Smelt Del Cid (F), Sand Stoney (M), Reflection Santos (M), Total of 9.

D16 (Fruit): Adam Nanners (M), Kiwi Kalabaw (M), Ophelia Toma (F), Shauna Pearal (F), Coconut Archeus (M), Kiwi Crave (F), Total of 6.

D17 (Meteorology): Thunder Torrson (M), Typhoon Wind (M), Lightning Torrson (F), Kilometer Peour (F), Breeze Archeus (F), Grimm Fahrenheit (M), 6.

D18 (Military): Colt Incendiary (M), Kilo Shank (M), Ammo Lorst (F), Corps Daniels (F), Trench Archeus (M), 5.

D19 (Insanity): Forenzik (M), Ben Drowned (M), Jane Killervein (F), Sally Pencilneck (F), Incubus Archeus (F), 5.

D20 (Medical): Epipen Inject (M), Naproxen Maric (M), Asperin Distri (F), Tylenol Millig (F), Advil Archeus (M), 5.

D21 (Trolling/Memes): Forev Alon (M), Druggie Addict (M), Derpette Drinkerz (F), Derpina Fallo (F), Ragequit Archeus (F), Alexia Skits (F), 6.

Capitol: Seth Bling (M), Dash Hillsong (M), Holly Hills (F), Heather Hills (F), Mitch Jerome (M), Roman Archeus (M), Leopard Furmen (M), Panthern Archeus (M), Effie Thiessen (F), Tavros Nitram (M), 10.

Grand Total: 225 tributes, 2 victors.



This will be an interesting year. No training for any tributes. Naproxen looks around and spots Ben. They made an alliance with Forenzik and Weff. A scream rings out and someone is pushed off their plate. BOOM! The gong rings, and Derpina hits Druggie, the heroin addict, across the face. Druggie falls down and grabs a knife, proceeding to throw it in Derpina's neck. BOOM! BOOM! Jarrod Echo falls down, with a knife in his heart.

Colt and Kilo are currently looking at tasers and a pistol in the cornucopia. Colt has an idea and using Trench's telekinesis, blows it up, sending shrapnel in Glade Spectrus's face. He rubs it off and pulls out a sword, then decapacitates Dash Hillsong with it. BOOM!

The mutts are released and are befriending. The Capitol didn't expect that! Blade grabs an arrow and plunges it in Kenny Uranium's knee. As Blade licks a knife, he says "I once was a traveler like you, then I took an arrow to the knee." He sends the knife in Kenny's throat. BOOM!

Birch Pine is currently running in the woods after grabbing a dagger and bag. She's looking for a nice base when she head burst into Kahluà Kokanee. She stabs at him but misses, and tumbles down a mountain. She lands and thinks. "Damn. I lost my supplies up there." She mutters.

Back at the cornucopia, Kiwi Kalabaw is fighting with Peece Keaper when a sword comes out of nowhere and Kiwi just dodges it. He hits his head on a wall and blacks out. Meanwhile, Peece has cut his hand and pulls out a knife. He slices the other tribute's throat and pulls it out of the shadows. BOOM! He realizes it's Kiwi Crave and walks off, with sword in hand.

Mediterranean, who has been dubbed Medit, is looking for a trident and pulls one out of the rack. He turns and sees a lot. The Glaice twins are fighting his brother and sister Train and Rail, both from 6. They're evenly matched, and suddenly, Dakota Frosch, one of the mutts, bites down on Rail's neck. She screams and falls down, her sword hitting Sparklez Glaice in the neck. Their cannons go as Train and Dania run off, surprisingly as an alliance.

Terezi Pyrope has found Tavros and Rufioh Nitram and they have been grabbing weapons, such as lances and spears when Justis comes up. He smashes his foot into Terezi's neck and then grabs a spear. He sends it at Rufioh, who dodges and it hits Ursa Major, who was running away with a pair of fangs. BOOM! Justis turns and Peece Keaper comes to his side. But Peece stabs Justis in the thigh and runs into the caves. Terezi is helped up by Tavros and despite Tavros being in a wheelchair, they hurry to the lake.

Ash Briarwood and Kawai Krush are fighting with Weff's alliance. Weff pulls a knife out and plunges it in Kawai's face. BOOM! Ash, spooked, drops everything and runs. He trips on something and finds that he kicked a dagger into Brutus Johanus's chest. Brutus breathes once and collapses. BOOM! Ash smirks and grabs two bags, and also pulls out the dagger, then runs into the jungle.

Dave Strider is in trouble. Tyler Deadlocks and Quentin Mudkipmarshtompert are both on top of him, being mutts. But behind these mutts lurks a danger. They sidestep just in time to avoid the two tridents from Medit. Dave quickly grabs his machete and his bag, then runs to the jungle to meet with Ash.

Reflection grabs a mirror and smashes it. He grabs the broken, jagged glass shards and starts blindly tossing them. He sees one enter a dead Brutus Johanus, another hitting the cornucopia and the final one hitting Equius Zahhak in the arm. Equius however, is busy. He grabs Wolf Genetix and snaps his neck. BOOM! Jaguar Claw and Wolf Mounts run off, with Wolf's fangs and Jaguar's claws. Jaguar Taz, seeing this, picks up two large bags and takes Brutus's machete, then chases after the two so they can meet up.

Eridan Ampora is currently trading punches with Kurloz Makara. They are evenly matched, despite Kurloz having turned 19 yesterday and Eridan being 14. Vriska comes up with a chainsaw and-

"A chainsaw? Seriously?" Head Gamemaker Blake Thiessen yells. "Sorry." His Prime assistant murmurs, and removes the weapon.

Continuing on, Vriska's chainsaw disappears and they all run off. A sponsor gift comes down for Vriska and unsurprisingly, it's another chainsaw.

Farcri is stabbing at Karkat when Thunder and Lightning Torrson run up and kick Farcri in the chest. They then take him away to the caves. The camera with them blacks out and the Torrsons are a mystery. For now.

Cameron is currently exchanging blows with Emerald Diamond and Bond Gold. Galiavent Archeus comes by and snatches Cameron's puny little body. She then grabs a knife and starts removing the flesh from his hand. She puts some Velvet in his mouth when Bond goes over and slits her throat. "Remember who the real enemy is." He says and walks off. BOOM!

Holly and Heather Hills are on the cornucopia shooting arrows at everyone. One goes into Lane Nashh's thigh and he falls down. Heather places herself to finish him when she falls down off the cornucopia. She lands in a pile of needles and screams. She has poison in her body when Holly does something incredible. She kills her own sister with a shot to the eye. BOOM!

Hover Craft sees Lane on the ground dazed and Adam Nanners comes over, then proceeds to stab at Wheat Field. Wheat runs after dodging but trips on the body of Jarrod Echo, and lands on a knife. He rolls around screaming and yelling when he takes his last breath and becomes still. His grip on the knife slackens and his chest lowers. BOOM! Adam and Hover proceed to carry Lane to the mountains.

Sickle Fang finds a sickle and looks around. Forenzik is busy stabbing Incubus Archeus in the stomach. Typhoon Wind sends Tulip Melody into the swamp with a knife in her back. Sunny Dee kicks Tract Ore in the skull. Generation 'Genny Boy' Tody launches a trident at Genner Ritchson. A lot is happening, so Sickle gets up and grabs two large bags, then heads for the taiga. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Zade Spectrus has met up with Blade, Glade and Farsha Spectrus, with the first and last being mutts, and Glade being a tribute. They make a plan and Blade and Farsha launch knives at the Err family. Chopp and Leath are hit in the head, Butch dodges and Slaught gets cut across the arm. The two boys meet as their brother and sister's cannons go off, and the boys sprint to the city. Started with 5 and already down to 2, Slaught thinks.

Lapis has found a dagger and sees a dark-hooded figure rip the spine out of Cleopatra Archeus. Obviously, this figure must be Quentin Mudkipmarshtompert, a mutt. Her cannon sounds off with 4 others and Lapis sees the dead bodies of Angus Claus, Watt Erflow, Coal Ashes and Kala Qwerty. All have been blown up by Tigre Panels's mines. Lapis sees everyone running off and realizes he got the cornucopia to himself!

Aftermath of Bloodbath

Tigre Panels is walking in the forest when he spots a sleeping Birch on the ground. He decides to end her poor little life and goes in to stab her when she awakes and manages to steal the knife. Tigre backs up and Birch stabs his legs. Tigre is screaming in pain when Birch cuts his left arm and finally cuts out his testicle. "Bitch." She says, and leaves with his supplies. (P.S: You guys reading can sponsor)

Frost Spectrus is lying down in the jungle when she hears a snap. She runs into a bush and hides. When she peeks out, she can see Quentin, Tyler and Dakota walking around as a mutt alliance. Frost slows her breathing. When the coast is clear, she grabs her items hidden in a tree trunk and sprints off.

Radiant Tayz is with Wire Elec and the two boys are walking around. They discuss plans and hop over a snow bank when Clay Barines and Effie Thiessen, the guy being from 4 and the girl from the Capitol come out from the tree line. Effie runs up to Wire and puts a dagger in his skull. BOOM! Radiant drops all his gear and runs off, crying.

Nothing else happens in the day other then that the anthem shows.

End of Day 1.

Alliances at end

Careers: D1 tributes, D2 other then Peece, D4 tributes other than Konami and Clay from 4, Equius Zahhak, Colt Incendiary.

Scares Alliance: Weff Elec, Forenzik, Ben Drowned, Sally Pencilneck, Jane Killervein, Naproxen Maric.

The Err Bros: Slaught Err, Butch Err.

Archeus Alliance: Archeus members other than Mason and Medit.

Torrsons and Co.: Farcri Tatau, Thunder and Lightning Torrson.

Homestuck Alliance: All Homestuck characters.

Spectrus Alliance: Glade Spectrus, Blade Spectrus, Farsha Spectrus, Zade Spectrus.

Loners: All not mentioned above are loners, or are seperated from their allies.

Day 2

Karkat Vantas sees Eridan Ampora swimming in the lake and pulls out his sickle. He calls Eridan over and asks for an alliance. Eridan swims over and smiles. He agrees and they walk off together. Karkat starts talking with Eridan and says "What would you do if I betrayed you?" He asks smugly. "Wha-" Eridan starts but Karkat slams his sickle through his chest. Eridan chokes and falls over. Karkat then walks away, laughing. Betrayal is his middle 'name'.

Konami Aretino is hopping in the trees when he sees a groaning Tigre. He hops down and Tigre whimpers. Konami smirks and bites his hand. Tigre manages a scream and smacks Konami before blacking out. Konami grunts and takes out medication and places it on Tigre's wounds, saving his balls for last. He then sits beside Tigre and makes a fire.

Clay from 4 sees his doppelgänger from 2 walking by, hunting. Clay gets ready and jumps down, and sends a knife flying at 2. It contacts with the jugular and 2 falls down screaming, then his cannon sounds. BOOM! Clay smirks and walks away, into the city to find another kill.

Tavros Nitram sees blood on the ground and races over to see a bloody Eridan. He screams and everyone rushes over. "Karkat? Where is he? Oh no. He betrayed us!" Shouts like these are all over and Rufioh starts to bandage up Eridan with a mute Kurloz Makara. "Please help this poor son, despite being annoying as fuck." Sollux prays.

Stake Deli is walking in the jungle when he hears crying. He cuts down some foliage and hits his arm. He shouts in pain, but grabs it and makes a bandage for his arm. He looks around and sees blonde hair. Walking over, he sees it's Radiant Tayz. He reaches his arm out and the two form an alliance. But they hear a crack and look up to see the wood collapsing on them. Radiant' last thought is "At least I'll be with Wire!" BOOM! BOOM!

Lapis is at the cornucopia when he spots the Careers coming by. Cameron McClaine seems angered that Dave Strider and Equius Zahhak left them during the night. He spots Lapis and chucks a knife at him. Lapis opens his mouth to scream as the knife enters his tiny belly. Lapis yells in pain until he is reduced to groans. He slaps on a bit of instant heal and collapses. Cameron meanwhile, sends a sword across Lapis's back, so he is reduced to laying.

Peece is currently running away in the mall. The Err brothers are chasing him down when he slams into a wall. Peece has an evil idea and turns around. He sends his axe at Chopp and it lands in his stomach. Chopp collapses on the ground and whispers "Butch, go. Avenge me." He coughs and goes still, giving time for Peece to run into Canadian Tire.

During the night, every location moved into the mall. The lake is in a very realistic area. The cornucopia is in the food court, the jungle being inside Toys R Us, the caves being accessible from underneath Aéropostale and Sears, and finally, the only location outside is the mountain. It however, crumbles down and is sent underneath the ground, taking two lives with it. BOOM! BOOM!

Farcri and the Torrsons come up from Sears and walk into a hallway. They have three stores to choose from, now that Sears has been taken by the mountain. Booster Juice, EB Games or Victoria's Secret. They hear tributes and see the Archeus group walk into Victoria's Secret, so they sneak over to EB Games. Farcri is amazed by all the video games inside, including Hunger Games Simulator 3.0, Assassin's Creed IV, Star Wars Battlefront 3 and NHL 14.

Kiwi Kalabaw wakes up to find himself in a crate with Lapis Hovacraft. He takes his medicine and quickly puts it on Lapis's back. They make a truce and on 3, they agree to jump out. "3, 2, 1." They burst out and Lapis shoots two knives at the Careers while Kiwi slices the neck off of Corvus Parvus. They sprint into different directions as two cannons sound. One of Lapis's knives hit Kala Qwerty from 9 who was about to shoot Jaguar Taz with her bow.

Jaguar Claw is in a brawl with the Archeus family. Being the little perverted idiot he is, he snuck into Victoria's Secret and hid in the girl's bathroom. When Cat Archeus, the mutt, walked in she spotted Jaguar and threw him out. Panthern sends a knife at Jaguar and it cuts across his back. He screams and starts running. But he does not notice Dexter Watts setting up a trap with a flamethrower system. He hits the tripwire and starts burning, finally collapsing and ending this pedophile's life. BOOM!

The gamemakers announce something. "No more alliances! Or be punished!" Seranok Templesmith yells. The alliances look at each other and run off, with splits from each of the supplies. The mutts decide to ally, but without the Spectrus mutts who have allied with the other Spectri. Wolf Genetix screams and is forced to the ground by Trench Archeus, who then silences the boy with a knife to the jugular. BOOM! Trench proceeds to dye his hair with Wolf's blood.

Vriska Serket has her chainsaw when she bumps into Justis Crown. She starts revving it up and sends it in his chest, activating the blade and guts go everywhere. As punishment for doing so, she is shown a knife and it pierces her armpit. She takes it out and starts screaming from the blood gushing out. She collapses and her cannon goes off with Justis's.

Suddenly, the mall blows up. A lot of screams occur, and in the gamemaker's room, people are arguing. Kent, the twists manager accidentally blew up the mall. Blake Thiessen, our lovely head Gamemaker pulls out a Deagle and shoots Kent in the face. "Find out which trackers are still on and who is still alive." He says. Only 13 remain, and 3 victors are to come.

Trench Archeus wakes up after blacking out and realizes he's one of the last 13 tributes. He stands on a podium and sees the rest. Tavros and Rufioh Nitram, Tigre Panels, Konami Aretino, Glade Spectrus, Lane Nashh, Jaguar Taz, Cameron McClaine, Jane Killervein, Acro Bat, Zoey Proasheck and Aradia Megido. He licks his lips. "Bloodbath time, 2.0."

The final 13


Tavros Nitram


Rufioh Nitram


Konami Aretino


Glade Spectrus

Lane Nashh

Lane Nashh

Generation Tody

Jaguar Taz


Cameron McClaine


Trench Archeus


Tigre Panels


Jane Killervein


Acro Bat


Zoey Proasheck


Aradia Megido

Jane stepped off her pedestal and sprinted at Jaguar. The poor boy had the time to scream before he was in the water. Jane kept dunking his head over and over until Jaguar went still. There were not cannons in this finale, so she prayed he was dead and moved on to another kill.

Aradia was in a struggle with Lane. He had tossed her at a tree and she was very dizzy. Blindly, she swung her fist at her attacker and felt less pressure. She wiped her eyes and saw Lane cowering in fear, a sword at his neck. His mouth opened and he said "Sor-" before being cut off from a slit throat.

Cameron pulls up his sword and slices just over the head of Tavros. Rufioh goes from behind and kicks Cameron in the back of the neck. But Cameron comes back up, then stabs at the head of Rufioh. But Tavros jumps in the way and takes the blow to the skull. "Tavros!" Rufioh screams and runs off. Cameron laughs evily and turns to make another kill when he is decapacitated by Jane.

Konami sees all the blood and sees the distance between two pedestals is different than the others. Seeing the long blue hair, he deduces that Farcri Tatau was alive, but was crushed by rubble stuck in a tree. Konami then pulls out his trident and looks around. Jane has returned to Aradia and they're exchanging slices, Rufioh is not seen, Trench is attacking Zoey and Acro, Tigre is laying down in the middle of the lake, a guaranteed victor as no one but him can swim (A/N: Konami can swim, but he would rather fight on ground.) but Glade is somewhere. Konami turns around and puts his trident up. Glade lands right on it and collapses.

Rufioh comes out of the forest. He has gone insane almost instantly after Tavros's death. They were brothers. So who wouldn't? He looks for Jane, having stolen his kill. The little bitch better watch out, he thinks to himself. He spots her fighting Aradia Megido. Not another one, he thinks. He runs up behind her and tackles her into the lake. He trips on some weeds and falls in too. They both have knives, and now it's basically who can hold their breath longer. Rufioh slices at her legs, hitting. Jane screams in pain, swallowing lots of water. While he has the advantage, Rufioh puts a giant rock into her mouth. Then, he brings her up. He kicks the stone straight through her mouth and throat. Jane is dead. Rufioh laughs before falling asleep and landing right into the water. Aradia launched a dart into his neck. Rufioh drowns.

Zoey and Acro and locked against Trench. She sends him down, but he gets right back up. He sends his scythe to the side and Zoey ducks, the blade missing her. Acro, however, is a different story. She's missing half her head. Zoey cries out for her before jumping onto Trench. She slits his wrists with her knife and starts pounding his face in. After two minutes, everyone is watching her, and she gets off, to reveal Trench's bloody face. She starts to cry and Aradia hugs her, before stabbing her in the stomach. Konami sees this betrayal and sends his trident into Aradia's skull. But Konami has his throat slit by Tigre Panels. Zoey is still breathing, but not Konami or Aradia. Zoey and Tigre have won, but are they truly victors?

Death Chart

225. Skinn Err, jumped off plate by Tyler Deadlocks mutt with mind control.

224. Jarrod Echo, stabbed by Farcri Tatau.

223. Derpina Fallo, murdered by Druggie Addict.

222. Dash Hillsong, head lopped off by Glade Spectrus.

221. Kenny Uranium, wasted by Blade Spectrus mutt.

220. Kiwi Crave, throat slit by Peece Keaper.

219. Rail Archeus, airways crushed by Dakota Frosch mutt.

218. Sparklez Glaice, neck skewered by Rail Archeus.

217. Ursa Major, speared by Justis Crown.

216. Kawai Krush, face mauled by Weff Elec.

215. Brutus Johanus, knife kicked in chest by Ash Briarwood.

214. Wolf Genetix, neck snapped by Equius Zahhak.

213. Galiavent Archeus, throat slit by Bond Gold.

212. Heather Hills, shot by Holly Hills.

211. Wheat Field, tripped on Jarrod Echo and lands on a knife.

210. Incubus Archeus, stabbed by Forenzik.

209. Tulip Melody, knife in back by Typhoon Wind.

208. Tract Ore, skull fractured by Sunny Dee's foot.

207. Genner Ritchson, tridenti'd by Genny Boy Tody.

206. Chopp Err, knife in brain by Blade Spectrus mutt.

205. Leath Err, knife in forehead by Farsha Spectrus mutt.

204. Cleopatra Archeus, spine ripped out by Quentin Mudkipmarshtompert mutt.

203. Angus Claus, blown up by mine tossed by Tigre Panels.

202. Watt Erflow, blown up by mine tossed by Tigre Panels.

201. Coal Ashes, blown up by mine tossed by Tigre Panels.

200. Grimm Fahrenheit, blown up by mine tossed by Tigre Panels.

199. Wire Elec, skull stabbed by Effie Thiessen.

198. Clay Barines (2), jugular slit by Clay Barines (4).

197. Stake Deli, crushed by falling tree.

196. Radiant Tayz, crushed by falling tree.

195. Holly Hills, buried under mountain.

194. Leopard Furmen, buried under mountain.

193. Corvus Parvus, decapacitated by Kiwi Kalabaw.

192. Kala Qwerty, knife in spleen by Lapis Hovacraf.

191. Jaguar Claw, roasted by Dexter Watts's trap.

190. Wolf Genetix, silenced by Trench Archeus.

189. Justis Crown, chainsawed by Vriska Serket.

188. Vriska Serket, knife in armpit.

187 to 15. Blown up.

14. Farcri Tatau, crushed by rubble.

13. Jaguar Taz, drowned by Jane Killervein.

12. Lane Nashh, throat slit by Jane Killervein.

11. Tavros Nitram, sword in skull by Cameron McClaine.

10. Cameron McClaine, decapacitated by Jane Killervein.

9. Glade Spectrus, impaled by Konami Aretino.

8. Jane Killervein, stone sent through skull by Rufioh Nitram.

7. Rufioh Nitram, drowned by sleeping dart in neck from Aradia Megido.

6. Acro Bat, head cut off by Trench Archeus.

5. Trench Archeus, ground-and-pounded by Zoey Proasheck.

4. Aradia Megido, trident in skull from Konami Aretino

3. Konami Aretino, throat slit by Tigre Panels.

Victor: Tigre Panels, with 5 kills.

Victor: Zoey Proasheck, with 1 kill.


Worst Death: Farcri Tatau, the little gay guy got crushed.

Favourite Tribute: Zoey Proasheck, my other half of the duo, the lesbian.

Worst Tribute: Skinn Err, dead before the games...

Most Kills with Intent: Jane Killervein, tied with Cameron McClaine, 3 Kills with intent.

Most Kills Without Intent: Tigre Panels, with 4 kills without intent, and one with intent.

Most Kills Overall: Tigre Panels again, with 5 kills.

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