Well, I kinda feel like people are pissed off at me. Now normally idgaf but now I'm kind of pissed off. I remade an old tribute and people now say that I copied them. I actually had the original owner's permission. So here are the 5 reasons I'm leaving for a week or two.


Okay, I know that most of you are going to be so damn angry at this. But it's not meant to most of you. Just some people. I'm not mentioning names, but I feel as if I'm at a lower status than about 95% of the users here. Some people mistreat me and it really annoys me.


Yeah. The things I said I loved. But now people just advertise all over blogs. Uh, ask first. Some people think that they can post their games wherever they want. That's reason two for my temporary leaving.


I have too many of these, and as I said earlier, people accuse me of stealing some such as one named Jolt Everest. I said I would remake him, then I would give him to his original creator, Sam. Now it's angering me because I have just a similar name.


I feel pressured to be active here. It's like if I leave for two days, then come back I'm a new user that JUST joined. Uh no. That isn't the case. Get your facts right. Plus just generic pressure to update games and such is really killing me.

Personal issues

Well, I'm failing in around half of my classes. And I figured out my problem (at least I think I did). This wiki is putting too much pressure on my back. So that is my final reasoning.


If you have any questions about this, I'm not leaving until Tuesday, so ask them while you can.

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