Welcome all! These are my first games, and because I'm on iPad, no charts sadly.

RULES 1. Not too many swears. I will accept swears (crap and damn don't count) 3 times, but after that, your tribute may be the next to die.

2. Males only, guess that should be in the twist category, but whatever.

3. 1-8 tributes per user. No more than 3 of your tributes can ally with each other.









Tribute Chart

D1: Sterlyn MicaX, Emerald OpalV, Justis BeuxX and Zaphire BeuxX.

D2: Trigger StormV, Clay BarinesMIA, Justis CrownX and Soul SilenceX.

D3: Wire ElecX, Dexter VoltsX, Preston EmeryX and Brad TechnoMIA.

D4: Finnin CreachX, Jeremy AlX, Minnow HydroX and Ace CoalsX.

D5: Harley SwoopMIA, Levi WattsX, Generation TodyX and Seedum PlantX.

D6: Daylan FaustX, Zak SlaughterX, Mimic SlaughterX and Lane NashhMIA.

D7: Sextus UnderwoodX, Cruz PolceckMIA, Jack LumbarrX and Felix BalinksX.

D8: Cotton TwillX, Felix CraneX, Clothes FabricX and Lucin CansilMIA.

D9: Bailey TimberlineX, Wheat FieldX, Rodrick MichelX and Whisper RaleighV.

D10: Slaught ErrMIA, Eagle JenstenX, Matte ShoofX and Braxton RheaX.

D11: Hoe FufgantMIA, Dread AnthanthoX, Bash GoldX and Indigo RankineMIA.

D12: Payton JustisV, Twix CindersX, Pik MorrinsonX and Mattie ShoofX.

D13: Radiant TayzX, Harvey SwoopX (the blatant parody of Harley from 5), Haru SakuraX and Thoren NealyX.

Capitol: Seth BlingX, Ward TeelX, Donathan WolfeX and Realt HarringMIA.

Capital X=Dead

Capital V= Victor

MIA= Missing but alive, got messed up.


1: Males only

2: 10-16 year olds

3: Dead tributes go after their killer in a zombie form, if the dead mutt kills them, they both are permanently gone. If another alive tribute kills the tribute the mutt is after, they both go after that tribute. If any tribute kills the mutt, the mutt is permanently gone. At the final 8, the mutts are called off.

4. Double the tributes.

Day 1, The Bloody Confrontation.

Harley Swoop, D5's POV.

I looked at Levi. He nodded.


We ran in to grab supplies. BOOM! Ouch, Ward just got a sword in the stomach by Donathan. BOOM! And then Donathan was stabbed by Levi. Wait, Levi? Oh gosh, I ran in for my sword and grabbed a bag. We ran off before we died.

Sterlyn Mica, D1's POV.

The gong ran and I ran for the spears, killing that Gold kid from 11. I saw Justis kill Harvey with his fists and stabbed Rodrick. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! We met up and ganged up on Slaught. "No, wait! I know what most of the tribute's weaknesses are!" We forced him to join and we went off.

Dexter Volts, D3's POV.

I ran off to Wire and Preston, we grabbed our weapons and a bag and ran off. BOOM! Jeremy got a knife in the head from Felix (7) as he bled to death. BOOM! We all ran into the brush.

Felix Crane, D8's POV.

I ran in to grab my mace. As I took a bag running in, I saw Mimic get ripped by Gen, the mutt from 5, in half. BOOM! "Mimic!" I heard Zak yell. I looked too long as when I looked back at the mace, it was slammed in my head. BOOM!

Braxton Rhea, D10's POV.

I ran in to grab the knives and saw my ally, Radiant kill Felix from 8. I grabbed the vest and ran off to meet with the group. BOOM! I turned and saw that Brad got a kill on Soul.

Finnin Creach, D4's POV.

I ran for the tridents and shot one at Eagle. BOOM! Apparently I ended up hitting goddamn Ace instead. "Dammit Ace!" I yelled. I would have to redeem myself when suddenly I heard a bullet go off and was hit in the head. BOOM!

Payton Justis, D12's POV.

Oh gosh, I had killed someone. I ran off with Daylan to the lake we saw. Uh oh. Bailey and Whisper were there. But they asked for an alliance. We agreed. Then, BOOM! I turned and saw Matte on the floor, as well as Mattie. Then I saw Mattie breathe. "Yes!" I exclaimed.

Wire Elec, D3's POV.

BOOM! I threw my axe in Trigger's leg, as Minnow ran off and Justis Crown bled to death. "No, please, spare me!" Trigger pleaded. We nodded to him, and tended his leg. BOOM! I turned and saw Clay with a dagger in the heart from Zak. "Clay!" Dexter yelled and threw a knife in Zak's head. BOOM!

Indigo Rankine, D11's POV

We had our weapons and were looking for tributes. BOOM! Don't know who that was and I don't care. Me and Hoe continued down the path. BOOM! I saw that Haru stabbed Twix in the neck. We ran the other way, knowing that Haru got an 11 in training.

Preston Emery, D3's POV.

I walked around our camp, waiting to see any tributes. I was armed with a spear, and Wire, Brad and Dexter were off hunting. Crack! I heard a snap and turned to see a sword get thrown through my neck. BOOM!

Lane Nashh, D6's POV.

Me, Daylan, Payton and Sextus were out in the wild desert. As night fell, we looked in the sky to see who died. Ward, Donathan, Bash, Rodrick, Harvey, Jeremy, Felix from 7, Mimic, Zak, Felix from 8, Soul, Ace, Finnin, Preston, Twix, Clay, Justis from 2 and Matte had died. We were tired so we left Sextus on watch and fell asleep.


Day 2: Alliances form.

Sterlyn Mica, D1's POV.

As I awoke, I decided I would leave the Careers with all the supplies. As I pondered on what to take, I heard a snap and felt pain in my back. I collapsed. BOOM!

Minnow Hydro, D4's POV.

I was separated from the others, and I knew all my district partners were dead. BOOM! Wonder who that was, don't care. Then I saw the body of Dread, and Trigger and D3 other than Preston. "Please, don't kill me! I want to help!" I pleaded. They accepted me in the alliance.

Whisper Raleigh, D9's POV.

I had no supplies but I had 4 allies. Seth, Realt, Haru and Radiant. Haru and Radiant had both made kills, and they gave me knives to use. As we walked around, we saw Justis and Zaphire with Emerald walking around. We ran up to them and decided to form an alliance.

Radiant Tayz, D13's POV.

We had just made an alliance with D1, when suddenly, BOOM! We turned and saw that Thoren, Wheat and Bailey had killed Jack. "He was sneaking up on you guys." Bailey said and they ran off. Weird.

Harley Swoop, D5's POV.

I'm mourning Levi, my best friend had been killed by Sterlyn. As I cried, I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I looked up, it was Braxton (who had gotten seperated from Radiant) and Eagle, both with cuts. My first instinct was to kill them, but they were 12. I felt ashamed. That left one option up. "Alliance?" I asked. They nodded.

Pik Morrinson, D12's POV

As I was the youngest competitor, I was scared. I had only a full canteen, some apples, a pack of meat and a small knife. I saw Harley, and ran over. "Alliance? I can supply you guys with info." I told them. They agreed, and we went off.

Slaught Err, D10's POV

I had taken some supplies, and was alone when the anthem started. Sterlyn, Jack and Dread had passed. I continued through the night to a city. I started raiding the hospital when I saw a wolf mutt pack. I ran out into the forest again. Better luck next time, I thought as I fell asleep in a tree.


Day 3: The torment.

Cruz Polceck, D7's POV.

As I woke up, BOOM! I saw that Radiant killed Wheat with his mace. I quickly scrambled off and smashed into something blunt. "Ow!" I yelled. I saw that Emerald alone was above me, and I quickly grabbed my dagger and shoved it in his leg. "Ow! You idiot! I wanted to ally!" He yelled. "Crap, sorry." I told him, and bandaged his leg.

Brad Techno, D3's POv.

As a cannon woke me, I saw a kid about to kill Wire, so I stabbed him in the chest. BOOM! Wire and Dexter awoke, with Trigger as well. "What the hell happened?" Trigger asked. I fessed up everything.

Generation Tody, D5's POV.

I'm half wolf, so that helps me blend in with the wolves. They don't notice I'm a tribute, so that's good. BOOM! Haru ran off as Seth fell victim to us. I ran after Haru and convinced him to ally with me.

Zaphire Beux, D1's POV

As me and Justis hunted, we stopped for the anthem, which will start in about 5 minutes. BANG! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Three cannons went off. We waited and the anthem started. Wheat, Clothes, Seth, Harley, Braxton and Eagle died. I took watch as Justis fell asleep.


Day 4: The fallen arise.

Trigger Storm, D2's POV.

The Capitol announced that they would give two tributes another chance. They announced that at noon today, Harley and Clay would arise again, and two tributes would die automatically, and they were Zaphire and Justis. BOOM! BOOM!

Harley Swoop, D5's POV.

I can't believe it! I died and was raised again with Clay. We went in with our supplies, and were ready. We made an alliance, and went in. Trigger and his allies were waiting for us, and we made an alliance. BOOM! No! Dexter had been killed by Thoren. BOOM! Thoren was killed. We ran off.

Haru Sakura, D13's POV.

Bang! I heard an explosion as I saw 3 people die. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Then, as I ran, I hit a wall and fainted. BOOM!

Emerald Opal, D1's POV.

As 4 cannons went off, me and Cruz ran. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! We kept running until the anthem started. Zaphire, Justis, Dexter, Thoren, Pik, Mattie, Radiant, Haru, Seedum, Minnow and Generation were killed. We kept running.

End of day 4. (D4 and 13 are gone)

Day 5: The finale.

Payton Justis, D12's POV.

I shot the shotgun. BOOM! Bailey died. BOOM! Sextus died. BOOM! Oh crap! Daylan died. Bang! BOOM! Over and over again. Then: "Congrats to the victors of the 1000th Hunger Games, Payton Justis, Emerald Opal, Whisper Raleigh and Trigger Storm!" I did it, I won!

GONGRATS TO Brynn1999, TWAC, and whoever made Trigger! Oh yeah, and you Samuel!


52. Ward Teel, from Capitol, killed by Donathan Wolfe from the Capitol with a sword through the abdomen.

51. Donathan Wolfe, from Capitol, killed by Levi Watts from D5 with a knife through the heart.

50. Bash Gold, D11, killed by Sterlyn Mica from 1 with a spear.

49. Harvey Swoop, D13, killed by Justis Beux from 1 by snapping his neck.

48. Rodrick Michel, D9, killed by Sterlyn Mica from 1 with a knife.

47. Jeremy Al, D4, killed by Felix Balinks from 7 with a knife to the head.

46. Felix Balinks, D7, killed by Jeremy Al from 4 by blood loss/legs cut off.

45. Mimic Slaughter, D6, killed by Generation Tody from D5 by getting ripped in half.

44. Felix Crane, D8, killed by Radiant Tayz from 13 with a mace to the face.

43. Soul Silence, D2, killed by Brad Techno from 3 with an arrow to the knee.

42. Ace Coals, D4, killed by Finnin Creach from 4 with a trident to the face.

31. Finnin Creach, D4, killed by Payton Justis from 12 with a bullet to the neck.

40. Matte Shoof, D10, killed by Sterlyn Mica with a knife thrown in the back.

39. Justis Crown, D2, killed by BB wounds/knife in stomach.

38. Justis Beux, D2, killed by Zak Slaughter from 6 with a knife in the back.

37. Zak Slaughter, D6, killed by Dexter Volts from 3 with a knife in the head.

36. Levi Watts, D5, killed by Sterlyn Mica from 1 with decapacitation by sword.

35. Twix Cinders, D12, killed by Haru Sakura from 13 by knife to the neck.

Day 2 deaths

34. Preston Emery, D3, killed by Daylan Faust from 6 with a sword through the neck.

33. Sterlyn Mica, D1, killed by Dexter Volts from 3 with a sword in the back.

32. Dread Anthantho, D11, killed by Wire Elec from 3 with a mace.

31. Jack Lumbarr, D7, killed by Bailey Timberline from 9 by throat slitting.

Day 3 deaths

30. Wheat Field, D9, killed by Radiant Tayz from 13 with a mace.

29. Clothes Fabric, D8, killed by Brad Techno from D3 with a dagger in the stomach.

28. Seth Bling, C, killed by wolf mutts.

27. Zaphire Beux, D1, killed by explosion.

26. Braxton Rhea, D10, killed by explosion.

25. Eagle Jensten, D10, killed by explosion flames.

Day 4 deaths

24. Dexter Volts, D3, killed by Thoren Nealy from 13 with a dagger in the brain.

23. Thoren Nealy, D13, killed by Dexter Volts with a spear in the skull.

22. Radiant Tayz, D13, killed by explosion.

21. Pik Morrinson, D12, killed by explosion.

20. Mattie Shoof, D12, killed by explosion.

19. Haru Sakura, D13 killed by acid waste.

18. Wire Elec, D3, killed by dagger to the heart by Minnow Hydro from 4.

17. Minnow Hydro, D4, killed by explosion.

16. Generation Tody, D5, killed by explosion.

15. Seedum Plant, D5, killed by dagger collapsing in heart.

Day 5 deaths.

14. Bailey Timberline, D9, killed by shotgun fired by Payton Justis from 12.

13. Sextus Underwood, D7, killed by shotgun fired by Payton Justis from 12.

12. Daylan Faust, D6, killed by suicidal reasons.

11. Clay Barines, D2, killed by explosion.

10. Harley Swoop, D5, killed by radiation.

Everyone else: Alive, but missing.

VICTOR: Payton Justis.

VICTOR: Emerald Opal.

VICTOR: Trigger Storm.

VICTOR: Whisper Raleigh.

Thanks all!

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