Hey guys. These are my new games I'm making. They will be monthly. NEW: Extra slots! Two new slots for all but Samuel.


No drama. I hate drama.

No fighting over tribute spots.

Reserves only last a day, unless you specify to me a reason why you can't put it up in a day.

No crying at me if your tributes die. It's the Hunger Games, 27 will die. You may say something like this: For example, Wire Elec gets stabbed by Radiant Tayz and dies. I can say "RIP Wire", but not "OMG F U YOU KILLED WIRE!!".

No links. Just copy and paste the page or section with your tribute. Don't be too lazy bro.

4 tributes per user. The more detail, the more of a chance of surviving the bloodbath.

If you submit advice within an update, you have an almost guaranteed chance of your tribute surviving.

Districts 1-13 and Capitol are competing.

I'm making these monthly, so if you miss your chance, submit in a month. If the spots aren't filled within 3 months of a games starting, they are cancelled due to lack of traffic.

Tribute chart




Male or female?:


Interview Angle:

Training Angle:

Individual Training Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Feast Strategy:

Final Battle Strategy:




You don't have to do the angles or final two strategies, but that means I'm writing them myself.


D1: M: Colton Thorne. F: Vanessa Hayes.

D2: M: Brad Smith. F: Missy Longshore.

D3: M: F: Caputa Singh.

D4: M: Riley Apocalypto. F: Evren Lewith.

D5: M: Theodore Vendetta. F: Icelia Wintersmith.

D6: M: F: Carmen Odalis.

D7: M: Zak Slaughter. F: Mimic Slaughter.

D8: M: Fir Naysmith. F: Sedge Hart.

D9: M: Silver "Clocky" Clockson. F:

D10: M: Wolf Silverhorn. F: Elizabeth "Liza" Stars.

D11: M: Toby Rodgers. F: Hadley Newberry.

D12: M: Mason Everwood. F: Breccia Lynch.

D13: M: Harley Swoop. F: Piper Quinn.


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