Hey guys, these are an all NK tribute games I'm making. He did give me permission. These won't have reapings, but they will have pre games. If there isn't a male/female, I will insert one.

The tributes

C: M: Seth Bling. F: Tabby Euphoria.

D0: M: Render Glax. F: Valerie Moonshine.

D1: M: Emerald Opal. F: Glow Décor.

D2: M: Trigger Storm. F: Mount Logan.

D3: M: Wire Elec. F: Karla Flake.

D4: M: Riley Apocalypto. F: Liv Seasel.

D5: M: Theodore Vendetta. F: Nile Zee.

D6: M: Zak Slaughter. F: Mimic Slaughter.

D7: M: Chop Tehwood. F: Lydia Hollow.

D8: M: Cotton Twill. F: Wichita Firehill.

D9: M: Grainier Seedling. F: Bailey Starshine.

D10: M: Slaught Err. F: Helena Krisp.

D11: M: Gloom Ivy. F: Acro Bat.

D12: M: Twix Cinders. F: Delilah Brooklyn.

D13: M: Harley Swoop. F: Piper Quinn.

D14: M: Wolf Mounts. F: Christina Shatter.


Gloom Ivy

I can't believe this. My second reaping and I was chosen. At least Acro is good company. She's pretty nice. I looked to Chaff and asked "How are we going to survive? I know I can eat plants, and Acro can probably hunt. But the bloodbath..." Chaff said "Try and grab an alliance. I know you like to stay alone, but you can have backup then." I knew that was a good choice. So a bit later, I asked Acro if she wanted to ally. Acro told me "Sure, but a few minutes before the train left, I made an alliance with 12. So that's how it is." I agreed.

Harley Swoop

I liked Piper. She would be a good ally. We are very close, just about brother and sister. She then told me that she wanted to ally. I agreed, but asked "I have a family member that was reaped in 3. Could we join with him?" She allowed him in. I couldn't wait to see my cousin again. He's the same age as me. Wire would be happy to see me again, but then again, it's either me, Piper or him that's going to die.

Wire Elec

This is crap. Harley was reaped and now me. I know that his close friend is Piper, as he was crying when she was reaped. The last time I saw him was when the guy fell down the stairs. I chuckled behind them as he laughed. We are soooooo twisted. I had a feeling that I'm going to ally with them. I'm deciding if I should do that, or Anti-Careers. I'm pretty good friends with Karla, we do have personalities that are alike. I'm hyper from ADHD, and she's shy from Asperger's. She gets upset when she can't finish something like me.

Emerald Opal

Even if Glow is alike to me, she's a real bitch. I know she will be my first kill, so I can lead the Careers. I don't really like her. Maybe I could "accidentally" kill her in training! Heh, that would rule. The train stopped, and we had arrived at the Capitol. I flipped the finger at her, and no one saw, not even her. Hah, I'm such a devil.

Zak Slaughter

I was ready to start snapping some necks for the games, plus I had Mimic with me. We will win this. We were good with all weapons. I had a good feeling about this. Since we were from 6, we got the 80's style home. I knew 7 had the camping motor home style place, but enlarged 10x. 12 had the penthouse. 1 had the normal home. I went to my room and took a shower. I needed one anyway.

Bailey Starshine

This Capitol mansion was awesome! We had nothing like this in 9! Grainier was talking to his stylist, Valin and then mine, Perri came over to me. He explained everything with prep and such. I knew Grainier wanted an ally, and so far he's the only person I know stronger then the Careers. I told him that I won't ally with him, but I would truce until the final 3. He nodded and seemed cool with it. I knew he would still make an alliance, maybe with the Careers. He did have a cat named Bueller after his cousin, who died a few years ago, placing second. Night and Bueller were good friends.

Riley Apocalypto

The Capitol messed up, so I have to share a room with Wire. He slept on the other side of the room, and I noticed how innocent he is. I will have trouble killing him. He is my age though, but Liv is apparently a real jerk to Karla. She hurt her ankle, although maybe it wasn't Liv. I talked to Wire about an alliance, and he said he's joining his cousin and his cousin's friend. I asked "Could I possibly join?" He told me he would tell Harley there was an alliance request from a Career.

Piper Quinn

The next day, training started. As usual, Atala said we would mostly die from the environment and blah blah blah. At first, when Wire walked up to me with Riley, I thought he betrayed us. But then he explained the Capitol error and how they shared a room in the beach like home and then he said "Riley would like to join this alliance with me and you two." I looked at Harley, and at the same time, we said "Yes!" He has Career training we could use.

Wichita Firehill

I went over to plants, as the Careers and Cotton (who got in with them) went to weapons. The 4 boy, 3 boy and 13 were at fire skills. 0 was at camouflage, so I'm gonna have to watch out. Then as the 1 boy went to throw a knife, at that station, it flew behind him, striking his District partner in the neck. "Crap!" I heard him yell out, with the slightest bit of sarcasm. I later found out his name was Emerald, and the girl, who is now dead was Glow. He was crying, but I knew he was acting like that.

Trigger Storm

That's bad. First, Riley left and now Glow is dead. I felt betrayed, so being the leader of the Careers, I let in 0 and the 3 girl and kicked out Emerald. He was obviously angry, and I would probably let him back in later. Still, for now he's a skank. A really big skank.

Christina Shatter

Wolf was at knots when I crept up on him. He said "Christina, I know that's you." We were allied with 10, the 8 girl and 5. I walked away and decided to join the 4 boy at tridents. "Hello, may I join you?" I asked. "Sure. Name's Riley. You?" He said. "Christina." I told Riley. "I suck with these." I said to him. "I heard you use knives. I suck with them. One hour of tridents for an hour of knives?" He asked. I accepted.

Theodore Vendetta

As I noted Trigger letting Emerald back in to the Careers, I was excited for my allies to kill them all. Then I would kill them off, and everyone else. I remember Mr. Higoroshi's hanging. Hah, that was fucking epic.


Hey readers, I lost interest in continuing the group trainings, so I'm skipping to the interviews.


Render Glax

Caesar Flickerman: Welcome all to the 73rd annual Hunger Games's interviews! Tonight instead of 30 tributes as planned, we have 29 due to the unfortunate death of Glow Décor from 1. Our first interviewee is Render Glax!

Render: Hey guys.

Caesar: So Render, why do you think your odds are high even if you sadly got a 3 as a training score?

Render: Mainly my size helps, and because I'm part cat.

Caesar: Oh! A twist!

Render: Yep.

Caesar: Ladies and gentlemen, Render Glax!

After my interview, I knew the Capitol loved me. I watched the others. Valerie sang, which probably improved her odds. Emerald appeared as mean and ready for a challenge. Trigger appeared innocent and charming, but I knew that was an act. Mount was very sweet and cute, even I awwed at her performance. Wire told his story and how the odds put him in these games with his cousin. Karla came off as mysterious and with good chances to win. Riley appeared nice and commenting that so far his favourite interviews were the D3 ones. Liv appeared as a rude and evil yet sarcastic and funny comedian. Theodore came across as emo and outspoken. Nile looked as if she was ready to accept fate and die. Zak and Mimic were really ready to kill. Chop was calm and silent, as Lydia showed her tomboyish side. Cotton was charming and arm wrestled Caesar, winning. As Wichita came on, a blackout occurred, but they kept doing the interviews. However, I didn't know the rest of the ones. I went to my room and fell asleep.


Render Glax|3|10/1

Valerie Moonshine|7|16/1

Emerald Opal|9|5/1

Glow Décor|N/A|N/A (deceased)

Trigger Storm|10|3/1

Mount Logan|10|4/1

Wire Elec|10|4/1

Karla Flake|9|5/1

Riley Apocalypto|10|3/1

Liv Seasel|8|10/1

Theodore Vendetta|7|6/1

Nile Zee|4|34/1

Zak Slaughter|10|8/1

Mimic Slaughter|10|6/1

Chop Tehwood|6|17/1

Lydia Hollow|8|11/1

Cotton Twill|5|25/1

Wichita Firehill|7|18/1

Grainier Seedling|10|4/1

Bailey Starshine|9|8/1

Slaught Err|1|600/1

Helena Krisp|6|23/1

Gloom Ivy|8|12/1

Acro Bat|7|13/1

Twix Cinders|6|17/1

Delilah Brooklyn|8|14/1

Harley Swoop|10|6/1

Piper Quinn|10|5/1

Wolf Mounts|9|9/1

Christina Shatter|8|12/1

Seth Bling|7|19/1

Tabby Euphoria|9|8/1


Careers: Render Glax (left), Valerie Moonshine, Emerald Opal, Trigger Storm, Mount Logan, Karla Flake, Liv Seasel, Cotton Twill (left), Helena Krisp. DISBANDED DUE TO ALL MEMBERS DEAD OR LEFT.

Anti-Careers: Seth Bling, Tabby Euphoria, Chop Tehwood, Nile Zee, Grainier Seedling, Theodore Vendetta, Wolf Mounts.

Cousins alliance: Wire Elec, Riley Apocalypto, Harley Swoop, Piper Quinn.

Poor ones: Gloom Ivy, Acro Bat, Twix Cinders, Delilah Brooklyn, Christina Shatter.

Twisted souls: Theodore Vendetta (left), Wolf Mounts (left), Zak and Mimic Slaughter.

Men in Multiple colours: Cotton Twill, Render Glax.

Girl power: Lydia Hollow, Glow Décor, Wichita Firehill.

Alone: Everyone (if anyone) left.


The arena is a gigantic city, with supplies not only at the cornucopia but scattered too.

Complete Death Chart

31. Helena Krisp, killed by Wire Elec with an axe in the skull in the Bloodbath.

30. Emerald Opal, killed by Glow Décor (who never died) with a knife in the heart at the BB.

29. Seth Bling, killed by Harley Swoop and Zak Slaughter with a gunshot in the chest and a sword through the abdomen respectively at the bloodbath.

28. Nile Zee, killed by Mimic Slaughter with a sword through the chest at the bloodbath.

27. Mount Logan, throat slit by Tabby Euphoria's hidden knife at the bloodbath.

26. Liv Seasel, sickle in heart wielded by Render Glax on day one.

25. Valerie Moonshine, spear in neck thrown by Trigger Storm on day one.

24. Karla Flake, spear in head tossed by Trigger Storm on day one.

23. Trigger Storm, neck snapped by Cotton Twill on day one.

22. Acro Bat, stabbed in chest by Christina Shatter on day two.

21. Wolf Mounts, arrow in head shot by Slaught Err on day two.

20. Chop Tehwood, shot in neck with an arrow by Slaught Err on day two.

19. Slaught Err, stabbed self on day two.

18. Theodore Vendetta, stabbed in chest by Zak Slaughter on day two.

17. Mimic Slaughter, cut in chest by Theodore Vendetta on day two.

16. Christina Shatter, decapacitated by a scythe thrown by Gloom Ivy on day two.

15. Riley Apocalypto, "stabbed" in heart by Wire Elec on day two.

14. Wire Elec, "stabbed" self in heart on day two.















Day 1

Helena Krisp

I was ready for the bloodbath. I knew I would kill lots in the games, especially here. I giggled, and yelled at the girl from 5 "You're first!" I kept checking around for a broadsword, and saw one right beside the boy from 11, who I think is named Gloom's plate. I decided that I would kill him second. Then, GONG! I ran to the girl from 5 and shoved her on the ground. Next I turned and ran to the broadsword, but Render also wanted it. He handed me a katana and I let him take it. I looked for the girl and she was fighting with Mount. I ran over but Mount then was jumped on by the girl from 11, and she let the girl grab a weapon and go. The girl from 5 ran off, and I changed to the 11 girl.

Acro Bat

Oh crap! The 10 girl was coming at me so I grabbed my silver blade and ran at her. She twirled around it and jabbed at my chest. She missed me and I grabbed Gloom. We ran off to see 12 and Christina at the motel with several supplies. The girl from 10 appeared to have gone after the 4 boy. BOOM! She fell down, with an axe in her skull. Wire, who helped me out with my snares, had brought down an axe in her skull. They chatted for a few seconds before the guy from 9 ran by and tossed a sword to Wire. He caught it and yelled at the boy "Thanks Grainier!" I looked back one last time just to see the guy from 1 get tackled and a knife going at him.

Glow Décor

"Glow? I killed you!" Emerald yelled at me. I smirked, knowing how he just missed my brain. "I survived." I whispered at him. His eyes went blank and that was because my knife beside my plate went in his heart. BOOM! I looked for Wichita and Lydia and saw them fighting Valerie and Render. Render's tail smacked Lydia's face and he ran. Wichita blocked Valerie's attack and cut her leg. Then she grabbed Lydia and ran to me. I handed Wichita two quivers and a bow, then slipped an axe in Lydia's pocket. She woke up and we started to run to a nearby hotel.

Piper Quinn

I was worried for the other boys. I had Harley with me but the others weren't coming yet. Then I saw Riley carrying an injured Wire over. Wire appeared to have injured his leg and passed me a sword and some knives. Then he handed Harley a handgun, a cartridge with 6 bullets in it and a blowgun with 12 darts. Harley seemed interested in the gun and accidentally shot it. I watched the bullet and saw it hit someone in the chest. I heard a shout from a male, and recognized the green hair as Seth's. He put something on it and hobbled off to a hospital nearby. BOOM! He fell down with a sword in the chest, and I saw Zak laughing with his bloodied sword.

Wolf Mounts

I don't trust any of my allies at all, so that sucks. I might go and join Christina in her alliance, but these guys would hunt me down for sure. I decided to just go with the flow and stay with them. BOOM! That 5 girl just got stabbed by Mimic and we ran away from the bloodbath like crap. We made it to the small campground before stopping to rest a bit. BOOM! I have no idea who just died and I don't really care. Theodore looked at me and said "You want to leave these two tonight and join the Anti-Careers?" I nodded and decided that we would not separate for a while.

Tabby Euphoria

I took back my knife from slitting the throat of Mount and ran back to my allies at the thrift shop. We decided to set up camp there and remembered the sacrifices of Seth and Nile. Just three of us versus around 7 of them. The odds aren't in our favour right now. If only I could get some more allies... WHACK! Everything went black, and when I woke up, I saw that I hit my head on a bar and the 5 male was with the boy from 14, talking with Chop and Grainier.

Render Glax

Trigger is very ruthless and mean to us. Being our leader, he decided to have us all guard while he took a nap. I whispered to Valerie, Karla and Cotton "Should we kill the rest?" They nodded and agreed that we would pretend to take shifts and then kill the original ones. We waited for Liv to fall asleep and then attacked her. BOOM! I saw Trigger get up and throw a spear through Karla and Valerie. BOOM! BOOM! "NO! KARLA! You bitch!" Cotton yelled, before snapping Trigger's neck. BOOM!

Christina Shatter

I knew my allies would be quiet, and as I looked up at the night sky, the anthem started. First up was the girl from 0, which was good because a career was dead. Next was the 1 boy who killed his district partner. Then it was both from 2, and apparently the girl from 1 survived, otherwise it would have shown her in the anthem. Next were the girls from 3 and 4. So many dead Careers, I thought. Then the girl from 5 came up, as well as the the girl from 10. To end the anthem, was Seth from the Capitol. Then a gamemaker announced in the arena "Attention tributes. The Careers have been disbanded due to their deaths and the last two having left it. May the odds be ever in your favour" What. The. Fuck. That was the best announcement ever! I decided to head to bed and drifted to sleep peacefully.

Day 2

Slaught Err

Shit. I didn't get any allies. I walked around to see the Anti-Careers. BOOM! I don't know what just happened, but the group running from them was the two surviving Career boys. I grabbed my bow and loaded an arrow. I shot one and the boy from 14 was hit in the neck. BOOM! Theodore from 5 ran at me. Shit. I shot two more and one hit his leg, and the other hit the boy from 7 in the head. BOOM! I ran for my life and hid in some rubble. I peeked out to receive a spear in my arm. I screamed in pain and jumped out to receive another in the leg. I was crying on the ground now and grabbed my knife. I then stabbed my heart. BOOM!

Zak Slaughter

Those bitches from 5 and 14 left us! I yelled out, wanting to get revenge. No one abandons the Slaughters! I threw a spear at that boy from 10 running by. His name? Slaught Err. That was my last name! Damn. He killed himself and I walked off to see Mimic on the ground, screaming. "Mimic!" I yelled out and ran at her attacker, Theodore. I stabbed him. BOOM! Mimic cried in my shoulder, with a nasty wound in her chest. Her arms went limp as I cried there. BOOM! I can't live without Mimic, so I will win these for her. She will live on!

Gloom Ivy

I looked at Christina and smiled. A smile that would be her last sight. She had betrayed me by killing Acro. I threw my scythe in her neck, severing it from her body. BOOM! I'm a psycho. My only love is dead. I looked at Twix and he applauded. I went over to him and asked "Why an applause?" Then I put two and two together and knew that he thought the kill was made in style. I made a complete truce with him. We went to Delilah, and the MP3 I found then played "Hey there Delilah" by the Plain White T's. We laughed and looked around.

Wire Elec

I knew how to get Riley back home safe, with me. But we would play dead. I pretended to cut his heart out, then faked stabbing mine. BOOM! BOOM! Good. They thought we were dead back at the Capitol. The hovercraft delivered us to 3 and 4 respectively. When I came home, I explained how I survived.


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