D9 male, 1st dead.

3....2....1... GONG!

I ran towards the center of the cornucopia, hoping to grab a weapon. Halfway there, I thought that maybe I shouldn't, and just grab a backpack instead. I ran to an orange one, as the District 12 female ran for it as well. I picked it up, and struggled to grab it from her. A sharp object entered my back, and I fell. Everything went black. BOOM!

D10 female, 2nd dead.


I ran over to some items to grab, and saw the D9 male get a knife in the back. I started to run, then I was tripped and turned over. Marvel was straight over me. "Bye bye, pretty!" His spear entered my abdomen. The last I ever heard was my cannon going off. BOOM!

D3 female, 3rd dead.


I ran for the weapons I use in the District. I grabbed a wire, some food and a knife. I ran after turning around. Straight into the District 5 male's sickle. BOOM!

D5 Male, 4th dead.


I ran off to grab the sickle. It was my favorite weapon to use. I stabbed the D3 female in the neck, and ran off. Then that golden haired female from 1 attacked me. She pinned me on a crate and stabbed me in the stomach. As I sat there and bled to death, I prayed I would have my family safe. BOOM!

D7 male, 5th dead.


I ran for that sword back in the horn. Ouch, that looks like it hurt. The D3 female got stabbed and her killer got killed next. I grabbed the sword and attacked that brute from 11. Bad move. He slashed his sword at my throat. BOOM!

D4 male, 6th dead.


I'm the smallest tribute, but I'm also fast. I ran for the trident I saw, and tripped on a crate. Uh oh. D2 was above me. "We're allies, right?" I asked. "Nope." He replied, and slashed my throat. BOOM!

D7 female, 7th dead.


I ran off to the bags on the side, then grabbed the knife. No! I saw Cruz get slashed down by 11. When I looked back, the spear was millimeters away from my head. BOOM!

D9 female, 8th deceased.


I ran in, as I didn't care about death anymore. I attacked the D1 female and she stabbed me across my chest. Well, I don't care, I thought as she stabbed me in the abdomen. BOOM!

D8 male, 9th dead.


I ran in, and grabbed the bag. I ran off, and was meters away from the forest when I was tackled by that snob from 1. I tried to grab my knife, but was stabbed in the kidneys and he ran off. BOOM!

D4 female, 10th deceased.


I ran to the Cornucopia. I saw several die, and then I saw Xavier get his throat slit. Fuck, I thought. He didnt deserve to die! I tackled Cato with my knife, but he just stuck his sword through my lungs. BOOM!

D6 male, 11th killed.


I ran to my bag and turned. I knew Cato was after me, so I ran as fast as I could. Then that freaking bastard from 12 tripped me, and Cato slashed my waist with his scythe.

D6 female, 12th killed.

I was going to go down with a fight for fuck's sake. I ran for the sickle I saw, and grabbed a bag. Who's my first kill? Then I was tackled and I felt my kidneys get stabbed. BOOM!

The fallen!

Female from 3, D4, male from 5, D6 and 7, male from 8, D9 and the female from 10.

D8 female, 13th deceased.

I was so cold, even by my fire. Crack! I turned. "AHhHhHhhHhhHh!" I screamed, and was slashed by Cato. I was bleeding, and heard talking. 12 came back and mouthed the word sorry. He stabbed my heart. BOOM!

The fallen!

D8 female.

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