"'Ello lads and lasses! It's a fine, sunny day outside and I've decided to create a new Hunger Games! I hope you all join, enjoy a crumpit and a bis-"

You hear sounds from the other side of the mic. Sounds like punching and howling.

"Ugh, finally got that asshat out of the way... Anyways, hey. It's 37 degrees Celcius out there. And I want to be in the A/C. It's also Canada day. So, uh, come join these games with a unique twist! Thanks!"


1. No spam or advertising. Your tributes shall be either lynched or terminated that night.

2. No fighting, unless it's all in good faith from both parties.

3. Any racism, sexism, religious things, homophobicness and the sort will NOT BE TOLERATED! You shall be instantly reported to a bureaucrat and/or admin. If it is severe, I will take it to a Wikia Staff member.

4. 2 tributes are allowed at most. One must be male, the other must be female.

5. No troll tributes, please!

6. ???

7. Profit.

8. You must either send advice (tell your tribute what to do) through PM in chat when I'm on, or at my e-mail, ;if you do the e-mail, you must specify who you are. Any false senders will have their tributes immeadiately killed, and banned from my next three games.

9. Have fun!

10. The only role that will not be present (as a 31st, the Forger, was recently added) is the Werewolf.


3rd Person

As a new year descends upon the Capitol, as decreeded after the 875th Hunger Games, a twist is unraveled by President Axiom Blitz. He walks up the the glistening, golden and shiny podium that rightfully belongs to him, and chatters his teeth slightly. A frosty wind has descended upon the plaza of the Capitol. He spots the massive, mulitcoloured crowd below him. Dressed in party garments, their laughter, speech and sensation dies down as their President tests the microphone.

"Testing, testing? Flaw, is it working?" Axiom quickly asks, hearing the crowd listen intently. He spots Flaw Lisse, the sound technician for games and public events, as well as this year's Head Gamemaker, give him a thumbs up, and continues his speech.

"Welcome, one, and welcome, all, to the 894th Hunger Games' Twist Reading. I'd like to thank you all personally for coming, especially the representatives of each District, and the mayors of the Capitals of each District! However, we are not to delay, so we are to begin the reading of the Twist as we all know. Child, please bring me the official Twist Box!" He beckons to the crowd, and finishing towards the young boy sitting behind him, with a small, brown box in his lap.

The young fellow sits up slowly, arising from his soft chair. Christ, he thinks, if I do this wrong, it could very well be the end of me. He's dressed in a traditional olive green tuxedo, with a navy blue bowtie. As he holds the box in his hands, Axiom beckons him a little quicker. The boy rushes a bit, until he patiently digs his hand into the box, and hands Blitz an envelope.

"Thank you, Retedia." Axiom whispers to the boy, before returning to the crowd. "This year's twist will be a good one, aren't I right, my beloved citizens?" The crowd roars in enthusiasm, before dying down, to let the president of Panem continue. "Alright, the twist is a good one! For the 894th Hunger Games, tributes will be forced to work as a group, in either a safe environment, alone, or with The Family, for these games will take place in Salem!"


(Until I can get a nice table, this will be our format .-.)

District 0: Placeholder Name for Mist, , male, , . Hope Timer, 14, female, whip, silver-tounged and manipulative.

District 1: Lee Kagene, 16, male, knife, angry but with a creepy calm to him. Nutmeg Spica, 16, female, throwings knives, sweet and determined.

District 2: Rodeo Baldios, 16, male, sword, heroic. Placeholder Name for Nick, , female, , .

District 3: Caspian Mahoney, 17, male, melee weaponry, creepy psychopath. Jayda Idylwyld, 17, female, axe, kind and curious.

District 4: Walter Abagnale, 17, male, trident, devious trickster. Bridgette Wells, 17, female, mace, wild and brave.

District 5: Brett Brawl, 15, male, spear, cheeky yet somewhat ruthless. Lucinda Irongate, 13, female, spear, shy yet sweet.

District 6: Dodge Wheeler, 16, male, sword, caring and sensitive. Chrysler Wheeler, 16, female, bow, systematical and outgoing.

District 7: Cylus Orgins, 15, male, flail, curious and kind-hearted. Lillith Parr-Cymri, 18, female, tomahawks, protective of those close to her.

District 8: Timmor Cove, 14, male, sword, outgoing and charismatic. Mary Smith, 13, female, knife, calm yet agressive.

District 9: Tom Webster, 13, male, traps, shy loner. Cheyanne Violanta, 12, female, bow, bubbly and talented.

District 10: (Name), (age), male, (weapons), (personality traits). Shannon June, 16, female, knife, strong-willed.

District 11: Hemsway Shirelale Jr., 15, male, whip, spoiled and ignorant. Skylar Roosend, 18, female, cleaver, evil and sinister.

District 12: Puppet Marionette, 14, male, katana, lonesome and desolate. Sophie Carmwell, 14, female, knife, sweet and innocent.

District 13: Sullivan Matsen, 17, male, axe, daring and seductive. Bree Richmond, 15, female, bow, nice and outgoing.

District 14: Caesar Sharpclaw, 15, male, teeth and claws, reckless and untrustworthy. Tilla Alder, 16, female, axe, sly.

Death Chart

30. (Name of death), killed by (Name of role group/actual role) with (weapon).

The Twist

The games are to play out in the style of Town of Salem! Each person will be assigned a role, and there will be at least 5 mafia (you know, The Family), due to the fact that we have doubled our players. A role list can be found below.


Roles are divided into three groups, and shall be presented like this: (Role name), (effects), (win necessities), (group).

(TBA; will PM you your tribute roles and effects; this is for reference)


A circled town, with the gallows in the middle. There is no escape, until either:

- All town members are dead, all arsonists are dead, all werewolves are dead and all serial killers are dead, for a Mafia win.

- All mafia members are dead, all arsonists are dead, all serial killers are dead, all witches are dead and all werewolves are dead for a Townie win.

- All arsonists, werewolves, mafia members and Townies are dead for a Serial Killer/Neutral Roles win (if neutrals are to win, they must lynch the serial killer, and for the serial killer to win, executioners, survivors, and jesters can still be alive).


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