Woooo more psychos in a mansion than The Purge c: Submit yours if you want, all i need is age, name, personality and amount of insanity on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being insanely psycho

The psychos

Halloween Smiley

Ark Cindre

Toby Rodgers

Sharpe Cindre

Clocky Clockson

Juna Moonray

Wire Elec

Blade Spectrus

Zak Slaughter

Mimic Slaughter

Helena Krisp

The psycho gallery

Halloween Smiley


Clocky clockson


Sharpe Cindre


Ark Cindre


Toby Rodgers


Wire, District 3


Blade Spectrus-GRAYSON Project


Cole (maskless)


Zak Slaughter


Mimic Slaughter


Helena Krisp


Radiant, District 13


The first week

Blade walked up to the huge home. Perfect for him. Perfect to kill in. He walked in to see a boy who was about 17 with another one, about 18. They were talking away. One had rather long brown hair and the other had short, messy black hair. The black-haired one said something about surgery and killing, while the other listened carefully. They looked over at Blade and came over.

"Hey." Said the longer haired one. "Name's Wire. This guy is Halloween. You?" Blade replied "Blade." He was welcomed in and saw a boy with a clock for an eye playing a game with a white eyed boy, who was problably the youngest person here so far. Two girls were on the couch, one with black eyes and the other with scars across her head. Blade went upstairs to see a kid burst out of the room labeled "Toby Rodgers" while muttering something. He looked at the end of the hall and saw his room, labeled "Blade Spectrus".

Meanwhile, Toby had found a knife that Clocky owned in his room, and went out to give it to him. He heard a scream and knew that Halloween was performing a surgery. When he turned, he saw the bloody random guy with long, blonde hair. Radiant walked out of another room, so he knew he was safe. Halloween laughed like a maniac. All of the people in the mansion laughed at his pain. Halloween took the bladder and mumbled something about a specimen for his collection.

Cole was in the theater watching The Purge. Ironically, he was in a mansion himself. Those masks were freaky, he thought. But then again, life is freaky. He paused it to go to the main room. Three people were talking to Halloween. He learned they were Zak, Mimic and Helena. Heh, psychotic names, he thought. Toby walked over and started talking with him.

Then, the butler named Gravier came over. He introduced them all. Then he let them to their rooms. Toby talked with Clocky and they went to their rooms respectively.

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