Okay. So hi, holla, bonjour, sup.

Since the Scare games failed, I hope these succeed. These are the Shotbow games, where you can build a little base, mine for supplies, fight and of course, die. These are going to be my best games yet. Also, you can use tributes entered in previous games of mine.


Use your own, but all I need is:








No rules other than:

Have fun.

Don't flame.

No spamming.

There is no limit to the amount of tributes you can enter, but no more than half the tributes.

Reservations last 3 days.


Males are marked with (M) and females with (F).

Capitol: Leopard Furmen (M), Panthern Asher (M), Ally Lewis (F), Effie Thiessen (F).

D0: Kingsley Orion (M), Lion Koy (M), Hadley Fern (F), Zephira Major (F).

D1: Danny Smyth (M), Jaguar Taz (M), Ruby Orcawitz (F), Emerald Linen (F).

D2: Daniel Halloy (M), Pacster Chalmers (M), Clove Fuhrman (F), Annabelle Darlow (F).

D3: Wire "Weff" Elec (M), Tigre Panels (M), Petra Mines (F), Volta Sparks (F).

D4: Cristopher Kosmos (M), Allan Pieces (M), Grace Lamprey (F), Kai Summers (F).

D5: Kole Lovett (M), Genner Ritchson (M), Liza Sitta (F), Lauren Meyers (F).

D6: Train Archeus (M), Daniel Lores (M), Hailee Lores (F), Rail Archeus (F).

D7: Mist Scorchil (M), Shade Spectrus (M), Duskus Sinrood (F), Lexi Delacore (F).

D8: Yoshi Holiday (M), Fabren Ti (M), Chakra Fatalis (F), Sabrina Mastin (F).

D9: Joren Bakerson (M), Grainier Seedling (M), Hepa Source (F), Alissa Kandle (F),

D10: Angus Claus (M), Stake Deli (M), Angel Liu (F), Missy Teagle (F).

D11: Thresh Ares (M), Sickle Fang (M), Rue Tops (F), Amber Whitfeld (F),

D12: Diamond Reaperson (M), Shaft Coalerson (M), Katrina Simmons (F), Kohle Charc (F).

D13: Radiant Tayz (M), Luke Towers (M), Sabrina Prescott (F), Solstace Alabaster (F).

D14 Mutts: Wolf Genetix (M), Jaguar Claw (M), Veloci Raptor (F), Ruby Corona (F),

D15 Glass: Sand Stoney (M), Reflection Santos (M), Smelt Del Cid (F), Mira Anagram (F),

D16 Fruits: Adam Nanners (M), Chris Pearsson (M), Kiwi Crave (F), Valine Honeyman (F),

D17 Meteorology: Grimm Fahrenheit (M), Metallum Equitus (M), Lightning Torrson (F), Majora Apocalypsis Lunar (F),

D18 Military Training: Colt Incendiary (M), Flippy Twinmind (M), Leonna Borac (F), Onyx Liberty (F).

D19 Insanity: Kodai Hitgoroshi (M), Jeffery Killheart (M), Pinkamena Pie (F), Incubus Soulgem (F).

D20 Medical: Epipen Inject (M), Ty Lenol (M), Delphi Naysmith (F), Emeli Chalice (F).

I need 2 males and 2 females from each District. Please enter!


I know these are tedious but I still am going to do them.


I walk to the reaping square and wait. These are the earliest readings of the day yet! I'm so sleepy......At least I have a coffee. I drink it. Ah! Much better.

Zios walks out and picks 4 names. "Panthern Asher, Leopard Furmen, Ally Lewis and Effie Thiessen!" As I walk up, I remember that the Head Gamemaker is Blake Thiessen. Effie is his niece! Damn. She'll have an advantage.


I finish the constellation and hear Lion call me out. "It's reaping day, Kingsley!" He calls. I come down and we walk to the square.

This year is my volunteering year. I don't give two craps about other volunteers though. As soon as Gemini walks out, I yell. "I volunteer!" Two voices ring out with that. I look around and see me and Lion. "Good! I recognize you as Lion Coy and Kingsley Orion, right?" He asks, and we nod. "Zephira Major and Hadley Fern!" He yells, reading the paper slips.


No one expects that I won't join the Careers. I finish tossing a trident and smile. Today is reaping day. Hopefully it isn't me! A boy I recognize as Allan claps. "Nice job." He says. Even though he's two years younger than me, we interact a lot. "Thanks." I say and walk to the reapings.

Allan follows me and we register up. He may be arrogant but I know the true him. Underneath he's sweet and nice. We walk to our lines and wait. Scale comes out and just looks around. Lots of volunteers. He picks two to come up and says their names. "Cristopher Kosmos and Kai Summers!" Oh yeah. I'm one of them.

Scale then takes two reaped names and reads them. "Grace Lamprey and Allan Pieces!" He yells. Shit! Allan.....Grace seems confused and doesn't move when Scale goes down and takes her up. "Good luck to District 4!"


Today is the day. My first reaping and my sister Rail's last. This is it. We may have good karma or bad. We dress up and start walking to the reapings. Luckily, today isn't a work day.

We get our blood checked and I hug her. This could be either of our reapings. Where we could die. We then walk to our lines. I almost peed yesterday when I heard it was reaping day today. Lucky I didn't!

Motor comes out and picks up two names. "Daniel Lores and Train Archeus!" He yells. Damn. I got reaped. "I volunteer!" Two voices shout. I look to see Rail running up to the stage hugging me. "Rail Archeus." She says. "Oh! A set of siblings. And yours?" He asks the girl hugging Daniel. "Hailee Lores." "District 6 has two family sets? Interesting!" He yells.


Urgh, reaping day. Seeing which one of my District's kids are sent to die. I know already 4 tributes are being reaped from each district. Even more.....I stand up and get dressed. I start walking to the reaping square and keep serious.

They start the reapings and our escort Chip pulls out two slips. "Duskus Sinrood and Mist Scorchil!" He shouts. No. No no no no no! Not Mist! "I volunteer!" I yell. Wait, why am I volunteering? The peacekeepers drag me to the stage and I stammer "My n-name is S-shade Spectrus." "Good luck! We don't win much......" Chip says. "Now, for the other female we have Lexi Delacore!" A girl about my size comes up.


I wake up, and remember that it's reaping day. One of the boys chuckle at me as I walk out of my room in my reaping clothes. They always make fun of my burned eyes. Well fuck them.

I go to the square and wait for them to announce the names. Almost immeadiatly they start. "Ladies first!" Forenzik, our escort says. He pulls two slips out and reads them. "Incubus Soulgem and Pinkamena Pie!" I see a girl with orange hair walk up by a pinked hair girl. I think Pinkamena is the pink one.

"Kodai Hitogoroshi and Jeffery Killheart!" Forenzik yells. Immeadiatly, a kid that I recall named Joker yells "I volunteer!" I slap him and toss him to the ground, snapping in neck. I feel a taser in my back and collapse.


I got bored of reapings...Training tommorow!


Day 1

Ally Lewis

I walk out of my room. Clay is talking with Leopard and Panthern about forming an alliance of wild animals. Hey! I can't blame them. There's them, a 0 boy named Lion, a 1 guy named Jaguar and a 14 guy also named Jaguar, and I shouldn't forget the 3 guy named Tigre. Oh yeah! The other 14 guy is named Wolf too.

I remember a victor from a previous year. His name was......Lynx? Yeah. It was that. I heard ANOTHER guy named Linx was reaped but Wolf volunteered for him. They were brothers, and besides, Linx was 12 and Wolf is 17. "Morning Ally!" Clay says, and invites me to the table. "Where's Effie?" I ask, and Clay says she went to see her uncle Blake. Damnit!

Lion Koy

As I talk to Starsos, our mentor, about plans, Kingsley walks out and I flash him a smile. He smirks back and I look back at Starsos. Well, me and Kingsley have been friends for a while. I look at the time and realize training started 30 minutes ago! I rush to the elevator and press the button to the training room.

When I open the doors, only both Jaguars, Tigre, Jeffery the white skinned guy, Wolf, Panthern and Leopard are down. Damn! I forgot about the time change. A half hour later, only a quarter of the tributes arrived, not including us. Hilt starts giving us instructions.

Danny Smyth

After listening to Hilt, I form up with the Careers. We don't have either of the Capitol boys, nor Jaguar from my district. That pisses me off! The fuckers decided to join with the others that had animal names. Well, maybe they'll truce with us. But Careers don't truce with anyone!

All the rest of the 1 tributes are here, as well as the 2 tributes. But the 4 girls aren't. They're joining with fucking girls? Oh they're dead. The 4 males seem to be here. I look at the recruits. One of the Capitol girls, two from 0, a 13 girl, a 14 girl, two from 17, a 12 year old......from 18, a 19 girl and a 20 girl. The Thiessen girl from the Capitol has also joined the animals. Dammit!

Pacster Chalmers

"Alright! State your first name as we point at you. Then do your best on a dummy!" Danny shouts. "Ally! Kingsley! Zephira! Solstace! Ruby! Metallum! Majora! Colt! Incubus! Emeli!" They all shout, and go in order trying to join.

Ally skewers a dummy with ninja stars, Kingsley rips a dummy apart with a machete, Zephira tortures a dummy with a knife, Solstace shoots a dummy behind her while blindfolded right in the heart, Ruby snipes dummies while in a far away corner, Metallum skewers dummies as quick as the Rake did in the 73rd games (Operator Games), Majora plays a flute and everyone gets voodoo'd, Colt gets a peacekeeper in and disarms him in 10 seconds, Incubus just intimidates us into letting her in and Emeli just gets in because she knows medical stuff. "You're all in. And Majora is now leader." Danny says.


A leader has an exclamation mark, someone that is a co-leader has a tilde and unconfirmed members have question marks. Other special members have semicolons, while normal has nothing but their District number.

Careers (Private): Ally Lewis (C), Kingsley Orion (0~), Zephira Major (0), Danny Smyth (1;), Ruby Orcawitz (1), Daniel Halloy (2), Pacster Chalmers (2), Clove Fuhrman (2), Cristopher Kosmos (4), Allan Pieces (4), Solstace Alabaster (13), Ruby Corona (14), Metallum Equitus (17), Majora Apocalypsis Lunar (17!), Colt Incendiary (18), Incubus Soulgem (19), Emeli Chalis (20).

Anti-Careers (Open): Leopard Furmen (C), Panthern Asher (C), Effie Thiessen (C), Lion Koy (0), Jaguar Taz (1), Tigre Panels (3), Shade Spectrus (7!), Mist Scorchil (7~), Fabren Ti (8), Chakra Fatalis (8), Sabrina Mastin (8), Radiant Tayz (13), Luke Towers (13), Wolf Genetix (14), Jaguar Claw (14), Reflection Santos (15), Mira Anagram (15), Flippy Twinmind (18), Kodai Hitogoroshi (19;), Epipen Inject (20), Ty Lenol (20).

Family Alliance (Private): Train Archeus (6), Daniel Lores (6!), Hailee Lores (6), Rail Archeus (6).

Team Coal (Open): Diamond Reaperson (12), Shaft Coalerson (12), Kohle Charc (12), Sand Stoney (15), Grimm Fahrenheit (17), Lightning Torrson (17),

Alliance Blue (Open): Emerald Linen (1), Annabelle Darlow (2), Kole Lovett (5), Lauren Meyers (5!), Grainier Seedling (9), Smelt Del Cid (15),

Female Alliance (Open): Kai Summers (4), Grace Lamprey (4), Duskus Sinrood (7!), Angel Liu (10~),

Closer Female Alliance (Private): Liza Sitta (5), Lexi Delacore (7).

Militia alliance (Open): Angus Claus (10), Stake Deli (10), Leonna Borac (18!), Onyx Liberty (18),

Techno Alliance (Open): Petra Mines (3!), Volta Sparks (3), Genner Ritchson (5), Sickle Fang (11), Adam Nanners (16), Chris Pearsson (16), Kiwi Crave (16).

Marauders (Closed): Weff Elec (3), Jeffery Killheart (19), Delphi Naysmith (20).

Lovelies Alliance: (Closed): Hadley Fern (0!), Joren Bakerson (9).

Loners: Yoshi Holiday (8), Hepa Source (9), Allisa Kandle (9), Missy Teagle (10), Thresh Ares (11), Rue Tops (11), Amber Whitfeld (11), Katrina Simmons (12), Sabrina Prescott (13), Veloci Raptor (14), Pinkamena Pie (19),

Looking for alliance:

Additional Notes

Lion and Kingsley are truced, despite hating the opposite's alliance.

All the boys referencing animals in their names are a team inside the Anti's.

The Marauders are truced with the Careers.

Angel has a truce with the rest of the 10 tributes.

Kai has a truce with the district 4 males.

Thresh and Rue are truced.


Day 1; Bloodbath

Random Capitol Citizen

The gong rings out and immediately Chris (17) starts running at Hepa (9). Hepa picks up a knife and turns into Chris. The dagger punctures his abdomen. He falls down and Hepa takes the knife. BOOM! The first death has gone off and the others are yet to come.

Yoshi (8) has grabbed a sword and looks for a target. He spots one and takes some throwing knives. When he runs up behind Veloci (14) and is ready to stab her neck, she ran backwards into his sword. Veloci started choking on her own blood and crumpled up. Yoshi pulled out his sword and laughed. BOOM!

Tigre (3) is looking for a bag when he is picked up. It's Danny (1)! Danny is laughing like a crazy person when Tigre kicks him in the face. Danny falls back and Tigre jumps on him. Danny sees a knife and grabs it, and puts it in Tigre's leg. Luckily for Tigre, Wolf came by with a sword and several bags. He dragged Tigre out of the battle zone.

Jaguar (1), seeing what just happened, makes sure to grab a medical kit as he takes some weapons from the back. He looks outside the cornucopia to see all the fights. The white-skinned boy from 19 was busy stabbing Stake (10), but Stake was dodging most of the hits. Jaguar sees Weff (3) taking Sabrina (13) with him, and fearing the worst, runs off.

Sabrina (13) is in panic. One of the two Killers are taking her with them. Weff (3) takes her further in the forest, ties her in a tree and runs off. Weff sees the west is a forest, east is caves, south is mountains and north is lakes. He decides to head north.

Angus (10) sees Stake (10) in trouble and runs over. He smashes his foot into Jeffery's (19) head and Jeffery falls over. He looks for a new target and jumps on Cristopher (4), and stabs him. A cannon sounds and Jeffery thinks Cristopher is dead, but on the other side of the cornucopia, Ruby (1) has been ripped to shreds by Wolf (14).

Train (6) and Daniel (6) are running for some spears and a mace when Kingsley (0) and Danny (1) jump on them. Kingsley takes a mace and tosses it at Train when Rail (6) jumps into the mace, which takes her face off. BOOM! Train cries out and runs to the cave they saw. Daniel and Hailee (6) follow him.

Rue (11) is trying to grab a bag and sees Thresh (11) fighting off Emerald (1), Smelt (15) and Incubus (19) easily. He grabs a sword and stabs Emerald in the head. BOOM! Smelt runs off and sees Rue, but just hands her a knife. Rue smiles but gets a spear in her leg. Thresh carries her to a safe zone and heals her leg. He runs off afterwards.

Joren (9) and Hadley (0) are close together, looking for his whip and her bow. They grab their items and turn to see the Female Alliances running at them. Joren smacks Grace (4) across the face with his whip, leaving a gash. Hadley shoots an arrow at Annabelle (2) who is leaving the area and gets a shot in the face. BOOM! BOOM! Shaft (12) has been blown up by Tigre (3) who returned to grab some mines and a knife.

Everyone clears as the Anti-Careers claim the cornucopia, and the bloodbath has now ended!

Day 1: Aftermath

Yoshi Holiday

I made a kill in the bloodbath. Good.....I should go think of plans. I climb a tree very slowly and start thinking. An assasination? A fire? So many possibilites! I hear a snap and I look around. Maybe just a bird. Snap! It happens again. I jump down a few branches and survey the area.

Angus (10) and Stake (10) both come walking out with gear. Stake has an iron chest plate on and Angus is wearing a helmet. Onyx (18) and Leonna (18) walk out behind them. I was so close! I crawl up a few branches when the one I'm on collapses and I fall to the ground.

Stake looks at me and yells. "It's an assasin!" He pulls out a spear and I get up, starting to run. Don't look back, or should I toss a knife in his head? I turn ready to strike when I realize they didn't chase me. Phew.

Incubus Soulgem

Me and the Careers are walking around. We lost Ruby (1) in the bloodbath and the Anti-Careers have not lost anyone. They even named themselves that. So, that must make them against us? Of course, you idiot! Of course it does!

I have no remorse for losing her though. I'm not sad, nor happy. I barely even understand when Kingsley (0) and Majora (17) talk with each other. Metallum (17), he's quiet. Don't really understand him. Clove (2) brags about how 100 years ago her great-great-great grandmother Clove was in the games. I don't really understand them.

Lexi Delacore

Me and Liza walk around. My axe was taken from me, but i found another one. Suddenly, Diamond (12) runs out with Grimm (17). "They're coming!" He screams, and continues on the run. Lightning (17) follows and is panting. "They got Kohle, and they took Sand." She mutters and continues following. As if on cue, another cannon rings out. BOOM!

Shade Spectrus

Kodai (19) is following me as I lead the group through the mountains. We left Mira (15), Sabrina (8) and Mist (7) guarding the cornucopia. It's so steep, I think and that's when Jeffery (19) jumps at me. I move out of the way however, and he tumbles down the mountain. He appears to have a concussion. Alliance Blue comes by and Kole (5) tackles Luke (13), and stabs his face. BOOM!

All hell breaks loose and Smelt (15) grabs Radiant (13) and Ty (20), then throws them down the hill. Radiant hits a rock and seems to break his arm, but is okay. Ty, is a different story. I can't even recognize him. BOOM! Grainier (9), the 7 and a half feet tall boy, grabs Effie (C) and Leopard (C) by their necks and smashes their skulls against one another's. Their cannons go off as Smelt is stabbed in the chest by Epipen (20). BOOM!

Jaguar (14) and Wolf (14) both attack Grainier and bite into his arms, but are kicked off into a tree. Wolf falls from it head first, while Jaguar is flown into a branch as another collapses, sending it through his neck. BOOM! BOOM! So far, it seems like another bloodbath!

Lauren Meyers

Fabren (8) jumps out at me and we wrestle on the floor. "Die girl!" He yells. I spit in his eye and he rolls off, allowing Kole (5) to stab his chest. "Eurgh....." He whispers and starts coughing up blood. He goes still and me, Kole and Grainier (9) run off. (A/N: People with no known personality will have shorter PoVs).

Missy Teagle

As another cannon rings out, I feel a bit scared. Something big occured. I wish Teal was here! Or even Grandmother! I miss them...I hear a branch snap and run. Run, run, run. Until I'm safe. I sit down and start to think about stuff. Teal, the games, Teal, killing others, Teal, death, and did I mention Teal? Oh yes. I did.

Train Archeus

I keep sobbing. I lost Rail. I lost her. No. I can't live without her. I can't! This isn't possible! No! I must win for her. I can't just sit around and cry. I stand up and walk out of our cave. I hold my spear when Kiwi (16) jumps out and stabs my cheek. "Ow, bitch!" I yell and stab her leg. She screams in pain. I know she wasn't Rail's killer, but Rail must have a sacrifice! I crawl on her and slowly cut her cheek open with a knife. She keeps crying but I continue. BOOM! I grab my token and hold it up. Ah yes, her beautiful face. No longer existent.

Duskus Sinrood

Some cannon just rung out. Wonder what happened. This female alliance we have though. We may merge it. Maybe. Suddenly, Hepa (9) bursts through the woods and seems to be in pain. I lay her down and see what will be a fatal wound in two days, even with instant relief. She sigs and I hand her a knife. "Gladly." She whispers and slits her own throat. BOOM!

Thresh Ares

"Attention tributes! All of you have been given special powers to experiment with! So head on with them and do stuff!" I can't stop thinking of Rue (11). A sponsor gift comes down and it looks like some bread from my district.

Genner Ritchson

I am with Volta (3) and Sickle (11). The rest were seperated after the bloodbath, and I saw Chris (16) die with my own eyes. The poor kid, he was only 12. We start doing stuff on the trees and Sickle realizes he got a tunic. It seems to be able to deflect hits. Volta sees a thing known as a Hell Star and she knows she can teleport away with it. I see a sleeping Jeffery (19) and manage to steal his jacket and he doesn't notice. So, I'm a theif.

Zephira Major

Night falls and the anthem starts.

Chris Pearrson, Veloci Raptor, Ruby Orcawitz, Rail Archeus, Emerald Linen, Annabelle Darlow, Shaft Coalerson, Kohle Charc, Luke Towers, Ty Lenol, Effie Thiessen, Leopard Furmen, Smelt Del Cid, Wolf Genetix, Jaguar Claw, Fabren Ti, Kiwi Crave and Hepa Source.

All those faces show and I am surprised by the amount of dead anti-Careers. A fight must've occured. I felt very weak today but this night, I feel very strong. Yoshi (8) pops up and tosses a spear at Clove (2). I dive to save her but she sidesteps, putting it in my thigh. I fall over and start to see black. This isn't a fatal wound...

Day 2

Head Gamemaker Blake

"Hadrian! Where is the surprise event?" I yell. "Sorry sir, but they need at most 60 tributes." He mutters. I slap him. "Impact these games, idiot!" I scream. All the other gamemakers look at me and they seem to know why I'm angry. Effie died.

Jaguar Taz

Death Chart

88. Chris Pearrson, stabbed by Hepa Source.

87. Veloci Raptor, skewered by Yoshi Holiday.

86. Ruby Orcawitz, ripped to shreds by Wolf Genetix.

85. Rail Archeus, face ripped off by Kingsley Orion.

84. Emerald Linen, smashed by Thresh Ares.

83. Annabelle Darlow, shot by Hadley Fern.

82. Shaft Coalerson, blown away by Tigre Panels.

81. Kohle Charc, jaw crushed by Danny Smyth.

80. Luke Towers, face jabbed by Kole Lovett.

79. Ty Lenol, crushed by rocks.

78. Effie Thiessen, skull smashed against Leopard Furmen's.

77. Leopard Furmen, skull smashed against Effie Thiessen's.

76. Smelt Del Cid, stabbed in chest by Epipen Inject.

75. Wolf Genetix, skull smashed against rocky terrain.

74. Jaguar Claw, impaled by tree branch.

73. Fabren Ti, stabbed in abdomen by Kole Lovett.

72. Kiwi Crave, mutilated by Train Archeus.

71. Hepa Source, throat slit by Hepa Source.



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