Guess what? Yes! Another games by me! Submit up to 6 tributes. These games have a twist, which I will reveal during the arena design.


If you don't follow these, your tributes will not be accepted, or if the games started, they will be next to die.

Reserves last a day no matter what.

No fighting.

No crying if your tribute dies, it's the Hunger Games, 31 will die. However, you may say something like "R.I.P. (your tribute's name)

I do not take links or profiles, because that means you're just to lazy to copy-paste. It. I owe Samuel a favour so for these games, he got to use links.

Tribute template

(Note: After a line like this --> _______ you can write later when the time has come for them, but I do lots of massive updates so you might want to include that in your tribute form).




M or F?:

Backstory (can range from 50-2000 words):


Skills (1-4):

Weaknesses (same amount of skills you put):

Fears (at least one): ____________________________________________________

Interview angle:

Training angle:

Solo training angle:

BB plans:

Games Strategy:

Feast plan:

Final Battle ideas:



(Note again: The token is optional, as well as all the strategies, however that means I'm writing their strategies by myself, and they're gonna get bad scores).


D0 M: Excel Rose. Weapon: Sword. Perk: Agility, allowing him to move faster. Ranking:

D0 F: Valerie Moonshine. Weapon: Mace. Perk: Hacker, allowing her to detect any enemies around her. Ranking: 31st.

D1 M: Warwickite Jewelly. Weapon: Mace and sword. Perk: Fireproof, making him immune to fires. Ranking:

D1 F: Dazzle Sparks. Weapon: Bow and spears. Perk: Eavesdrop, allowing her to hear conversations up to 250 meters away. Ranking: 29th.

D2 M: Halloween Smiley. Weapon: Knives and hands. Perk: Second Chance, allowing him to survive a death blow once. Ranking:

D2 F: Aqua Majesty. Weapon: Seduction and daggers. Perk: Hardened, allowing her to sustain more damage and do more damage. Ranking:

D3 M: Frade Spectrus. Weapon: Dagger and Crossbow. Perk: Overkill, allowing his weapons to go through a max of 3 tributes in a row. Ranking:

D3 F: Tiara Spectrus. Weapon: Sickle and traps. Perk: Iron Lungs, allowing her to hold her breath for an insane amount of time. Ranking: 32nd.

D4 M: Rade Spectrus. Weapon: Flint and steel and daggers. Perk: Hardline, giving him a random weapon on use, but only usable three times. Ranking:

D4 F: Lumina Spectrus. Weapon: Tomahawks and darts. Perk: Tactical Mask, allowing her to be immune to gases released. Ranking:

D5 M: Shade Spectrus. Weapon: Crossbow and Dagger. Perk: Engineer, giving him the ability to locate traps and set them up easily.

D5 F: Sorcera Spectrus. Weapon: Knives and poison. Perk: Stalker, allowing her to see nearby tributes that are hiding. Ranking:

D6 M: Zak Slaughter. Weapon: Hands and sword. Perk: Scavenger, allowing him to get a random item from each of his kills. Ranking:

D6 F: Mimic Slaughter. Weapon: Knives and Spears. Perk: Lightweight, allowing her to never die from falling and carry extra stuff. Ranking:

D7 M: Connor Kenway. Weapon: Hidden blades and tomahawks. Perk: Camoflauge, allowing him to look like his surroundings if he stays still for a minute. Ranking:

D7 F: Ophelia Carlile. Weapon: Brass knuckles. Perk: Blind Eye, allowing others to not see her when she is more than 7 meters away. Ranking:

D8 M: Darlexx Velvet. Weapon: Sickle and knives. Perk: Last Stand, allowing him to get a gun for the last 10 seconds of his life. Ranking:

D8 F: Fabrey Texx. Weapon: Poison and throwing knives. Perk: Team Player, allowing her to convince others that she is on their team while on another one. Ranking:

D9 M: Silver Clocky Clockson. Weapon: Double knives. Perk: Ninja, allowing him to not be heard by anyone until they see him. Ranking:

D9 F: Anala Henderson. Weapon: Hurlbat. Perk: Dexterity, allowing her to get out weapons quicker after tumbles or trips. Ranking:

D10 M: Herb Bivore. Weapon: Slingshots and knives. Perk: Cold Blooded, allowing him to kill without feeling bad or good. Ranking:

D10 F: Alicia McMoo. Weapon: Knife. Perk: Strong-arm, allowing her to throw even farther. Ranking:

D11 M: Toby Rodgers. Weapon: Axes? Perk: Double Tap, allowing him to have his thrown weapon split in two about a meter away from the person he's attacking. Ranking:

D11 F: Sunnie Husky. Weapon: Slingshot. Perk: Dead Silence, allowing her to make no sound at all when even hurt without will. Ranking:

D12 M: Twix Cinders. Weapon: Spears and fists. Perk: Gambler, giving him a random perk. Ranking:

D12 F: Delilah Brooklyn. Weapon: Throwing knives. Perk: Danger Close, which alerts her to nearby dangers such as environmental hazards, gases, mutts and tributes. Ranking:

D13 M: Harley Swoop. Weapon: Bow and darts. Perk: Juggernaut, allowing him to sustain more damage and continue to survive. Ranking:

D13 F: Piper Quinn. Weapon: Bow and sword. Perk: Bling, halving the price of her sponsoring items for only her. Ranking:

D14 M: Kodai Hitgoroshi. Weapon: Whip and spiked rods. Perk: Martyrdom, making his dead body blow up anyone near him. Ranking:

D14 F: Jackie Mockeri. Weapon: Knife and scythes. Perk: Greed, allowing her to get a double of an item on each kill. Ranking: 30th

C M: Richie Pennici. Weapon: Tridents and bows. Perk: Marksman, allowing him to see camoflauged tributes. Ranking:

C F: Tabby Euphoria. Weapon: Knives. Perk: Marathon, allowing her to sprint faster than normal and for an infinite amount of time. Ranking:


The twist is: Call of Duty perks! Each tribute will have a perk from Call of Duty World at War, Black Ops or Black Ops 2. I think you will all be interested in it!


A slideshow of the arena.
  • The arena is mainly a city with supplies scattered around.
  • On the outside is a beach, with an ocean surrounding it.
  • On the western side to the south side is a winter forest inside the city.
  • Caves with rivers flowing through are on the northern to eastern part.


Warwickite Jewelly

As soon as I saw the reapings, I knew that I would be allying with Dazzle (1) and Darlexx (8). I was just ready to see the blood of other tributes. I can't wait to murder them all! I barely listened to Kam as he explained the things Atala explained all the time. As soon as we were let loose, I jumped to the maces to train.

Aqua Majesty

I looked for the boy I was going to seduce then murder later. A lot of people were joining alliances, but that boy from 11 wasn't heading to one. "Hey, guy." I said with my seductive voice. "Hey. Name's Toby. Yours?" Toby asked. "Aqua" I replied. I asked for an alliance and he accepted. I can tell he will be a great victim for later, but of course we will have a bit of sexytime.

Frade Spectrus

My whole family other than Blade, reaped. Woah. I drank my blood juice, pretending it was tomato juice. I would be with Tiara (3) but I will kill her at the final 10. That's for sure, then I will win! My life? Way better. I would have fun killing Shade (5) and then sucking his blood afterwards. Or maybe not. El Chupacabra didn't suck human blood so I guess I won't.

Lumina Spectrus (Catching on to the pattern guys?)

Rade (4) does have insane skill that will help me out. Pyromaniac? Yes! That's who I like to be allies with! Of course, he might set some people on fire and burn the arena down to the ground. I think I might be able to pull through and win these games, but for now I will stay looking weak. I hope that I come back to Mist and Rebel and all the others. That would be great.

Shade Spectrus

Sorcera (5) and me are a good team to be honest. Plus, we have Connor (7), Ophelia (7) and Kodai (14). The Careers only have two members so these will be easy games. To be honest, I can't wait to see the bloodshed off of the Careers. I hate them so much after they killed my two brothers Dread and Farsha (PewDiePie reference ftw). I'm honestly a bit cold, I have to admit.

Mimic Slaughter

All me and Zak (6) need is some training in survival skills. Know what? We don't even need that! We just sat around and watched others. Plus, we're experienced already in killing. The boy from 11 appeared to be an ace with axes and threw them greatly. What speed and agility! I admit, he would be a nice ally. Maybe him and his friend from 2? But I don't trust her. She went to the Careers and I heard her joining them.

Connor Kenway

When lunchtime came, I was starved. I grabbed some groosling and carrots and sat down. The Anti-Careers sat down with me and started to chat. I just listened to Kodai (14) explain his backstory to us. Man his teeth are so sharp, just by touching one's tip that he broke off accidentally, it punctured my skin! It still hurts. I think it's infected. Crap. Just when I'm going in the games too! I kind of hate the Templars. Assassins are always better.

Fabrey Texx

I really like this small alliance of weaker people. We have Herb (10) and Alicia (10), then Sunnie (11) and Jackie (14), and finally, you have me. From crappy old 8. I knew that for the night we would have to say goodbye, and I curled up to head to bed. Tommorow was the interviews, and I'm prepared for them. As I thought of my parents back home, I became woozy, and my eyes closed.

Scores and Odds

Excel Rose, a score of 9, with the odds of 10/1.

Valerie Moonshine, a score of 6, with the odds of 24/1.

Warwickite Jewelly, a score of 9, with the odds of 7/1.

Dazzle Sparks, a score of 8, with the odds of 9/1.

Halloween Smiley, a score of 10, with the odds of 5/1.

Aqua Majesty, a score of 10, with the odds of 4/1.

Frade Spectrus, a score of 9, with the odds of 8/1.

Tiara Spectrus, a score of 7, with the odds of 27/1

Rade Spectrus, a score of 8, with the odds of 15/1.

Lumina Spectrus, a score of 6, with the odds of 30/1.

Shade Spectrus, a score of 7, with the odds of 10/1.

Sorcera Spectrus, a score of 11, with the odds of 3/1 (she seduced the gamemakers :D).

Zak Slaughter, a score of 10, with the odds of 5/1.

Mimic Slaughter, a score of 9, with the odds of 5/1.

Connor Kenway, a score of 5, with the odds of 30/1.

Ophelia Carlile, a score of 7, with the odds of 20/1.

Darlexx Velvet, a score of 8, with the odds of 17/1.

Fabrey Texx, a score of 4, with the odds of 64/1.

Silver Clockson, a score of 10, with the odds of 4/1.

Anala Henderson, a score of 8, with the odds of 15/1.

Herb Bivore, a score of 5, with the odds of 48/1.

Alicia McMoo, a score of 6, with the odds of 37/1.

Toby Rodgers, a score of 10, with the odds of 8/1.

Sunnie Husky, a score of 7, with the odds of 29/1.

Twix Cinders, a score of 1, with the odds of 100/1 (he was naked for solo training and group)

Delilah Brooklyn, a score of 8, with the odds of 16/1.

Harley Swoop, a score of 7, with the odds of 25/1.

Piper Quinn, a score of 9, with the odds of 13/1.

Kodai Hitgoroshi, a score of 11, with the odds of 3/1.

Jackie Mockeri, a score of 6, with the odds of 29/1.

Richie Pennici, a score of 10, with the odds of 6/1.

Tabby Euphoria, a score of 6, with the odds of 19/1.

Guys, the further a tribute makes it in these games, their odds might change, so keep looking!


Anti-Careers: Shade Spectrus (5), Alicia McMoo (10), Sunnie Husky (11).

Clockoween: Halloween Smiley (2), Silver Clockson (9).

Unicorns FTW!: Harley Swoop (13), Tabby Euphoria (C).


Dead: Excel Rose (0), Valerie Moonshine (0), Warwickite Jewelly (1), Dazzle Sparks (1), Aqua Majesty (2), Frade Spectrus (3), Tiara Spectrus (3), Rade Spectrus (4), Lumina Spectrus (4), Sorcera Spectrus (5), Zak Slaughter (6), Mimic Slaughter (6), Connor Kenway (7), Ophelia Carlile (7), Darlexx Velvet (8), Fabrey Texx (8), Anala Henderson (9), Herb Bivore (10), Toby Rodgers (11), Twix Cinders (12), Delilah Brooklyn (12), Piper Quinn (13), Kodai Hitgoroshi (14), Jackie Mockeri (14), Richie Penninci (C),



Every tribute has 500$ to begin with. If they make a kill, they get 25$. If they make an alliance, they earn 50$. If they have an ally killed, they lose 25$ by another person, and 100$ if by their hands. Sponsoring begins on day two, as well as the above rules. Keep track of your money.


Crossbow (12 bolts): 100$

12 crossbow bolts/12 arrows (one or other): 50$

Bow (12 arrows): 100$

Spears (3): 125$

Sword: 75$

Hunting knives (4): 50$

Maces (2): 100$

Trident (3): 275$

Cat claws (1 set): 150$

Brass knuckles (1 set): 125$

Mystery box (3 random weapons): 100$


Homecooked (2 chickens, 1 roast and 3 water canteens): 225$

Take out (5 burgers, 5 fries and 4 water canteens): 275$

Harvest (1 pumpkin pie, 1 turkey and 2 water bottles): 150$

Energy boost (3 carrot packs, 5 containers of random candy and 3 energy drinks): 200$

Perk-a-cola (one random perk, 3 times of usage): 125$ per cola.

Power punch (one random item from each thing other than perk-a-cola): 275$


Instant heal medicine: 300$

Night vision goggles: 225$

Camouflage paints: 175$

Plant ID book: 150$

Misting fan: 175$

Fan: 125$

Empty canteen: 50$

Iodine: 75$

Poison: 200$

MP3 player (max 5 songs of your choice per tribute): 25$

Pack a punch (3 random items): 150$

Easter egg

The Easter egg gives 1 random complete item from each category. You can get bad (ex: Energy boost, Crossbow and empty canteen) or great (ex: Instant heal, Homecooked and tridents). Price: 200$. I recommend this as a last ditch effort.


Day 1

Silver Clockson

I rose to the city circle, which reminded me of the Capitol. Me and Halloween (2) will win these. To my left was Herb (10) and to the right was Richie (C). I could hear the countdown's last seconds. 5,4,3,2,1....GONG! I sprinted over to the silver horn and kicked Delilah (12) in the leg. She fell down in pain and grabbed a knife with a bag, then sprinted off west. I turned back around to grab a pack of knives, and some surgeon supplies for Halloween (2). As I went east, I looked back to see a spear flying at Tiara (3) and know this will be the first death and not the last. BOOM!

Rade Spectrus

I saw Tiara (3) get owned by that spear, and even if she's a bit of a jerk, I grabbed Richie (C) by the throat and cut in his head. "Now, you're marked. Next time, you get death by the flames." I said, while clicking on and off my lighter. I then ran over to Valerie (0) and lit her in flames. She ran to the small pond but I knew she wouldn't make it. Sure enough she collapsed on the ground. BOOM! I saw Alicia (10) running east with a knife and a bag, to get to her allies. The others call them the Weaklings.

Mimic Slaughter

I threw my sword in Jackie's head. BOOM! Toby (11) was busy stabbing the face of Zak (6) but purposely missing. Then that boy from 3 stabbed the Capitol girl in the legs, and without medicine she would die rather in a day or two. Twix (12) had grabbed a spear and tossed it at Darlexx (8), but Warwickite (1) took it in his thigh. I grabbed a knife and stabbed Fabrey (8) in the shoulder. She whimpered, then grabbed a dagger and cut in my cheeks, then ran off with some bags. I groaned because a kill got away.

Tabby Euphoria

I saw Rade (4) light Valerie (0) in flames, and I grabbed the bags in front of me and ran off. Harley (13) came over with lots of weapons, and Piper (13) with medical items. I looked back to see Kodai (14) mauling Dazzle (1). BOOM! She stopped struggling and I looked away, running away. I grabbed an apple I found on my way out, and took a bite. Harley (13) took a crossbow, a sword and a set of knives. He gave the sword to Piper (13) and the set of knives to me.

Aqua Majesty

I grabbed a whip, even if I hated using them and hit Lumina (4) in the head. I then ran over to Rade (4) and threw a knife in his head. BOOM! Everyone else had ran off by now, so we stayed at the cornucopia. The poor girl from 4, we forced to join. BOOM! Someone had just died, and I don't know who did. But then again, I don't care. Then I heard a yell in anger from a girl. BOOM! Either she just died or she made a kill. And then again, I don't care.

Frade Spectrus

I walked along the river with my knives in hands. I heard a twig break and Mimic (6) burst out in tears. I ran over and hugged her. We had a rather close bond for being psychos together. I knew that Zak (6) and possibly Toby (11) were dead. Sure enough she confirmed it. They got in a fight and Toby (11) killed Zak (6), then Mimic (6) killed Toby (11). The anthem started and we looked to the sky, with Mimic (6) still sobbing slightly.

The fallen: Valerie Moonshine from 0, Dazzle Sparks from 1, Tiara Spectrus from 3, Rade Spectrus from 4, Zak Slaughter from 6, Toby Rodgers from 11 and Jackie Mockeri from 14.

My reaction knowing that Tiara died was sadness. But I knew from then on I would win for her. Win for her and Rade, even if it meant killing Mimic and Shade.

Day 1 trivia:

Mimic was going to die instead of Zak.

Toby was going to survive, but I had to kill an 11 tribute.

Frade was going to kill Mimic.

Lumina was going to die and not Rade.

Valerie was going to make it to the pool.

Day 2

Halloween Smiley

I woke up to the sound of a loudspeaker. "Attention tributes! One random tribute from each district will be dropped in at each alliance. They may wish to join, or they may kill you. May the odds be ever in your favour!" Weird. I heard the door open and I saw Sharpe walk in. "NOOOOOOOOOOO! FUCKING GAMEMAKERS!" I yelled. A boy from 9 was also here. Sharpe was obviously angry, as her eyes were staticky. We kept quiet and stood there. (Author's note: These new tributes owned by me may kill your tributes but won't pop up on the death chart if killed. My special twist for first week of school. By the way, send advice if you want your tributes to survive! -Head Gamemaker Blake)

Kodai Hitgoroshi

We had an escape plan ready, but we stayed at the base for the newcomers. Then they came down. There was Jack from 7, Gener from 5, and Wolf from 14. All three were boys. I told them our plan and we went off. Shade (5) and Sorcera (5) would guard camp with Jack while the rest of us went off. We saw the Careers and I whistled the freaking epic note and ran to them. Aqua (2) turned around and sent a knife towards me as I dodged it. I grabbed my machete and stabbed her shoulder. We would keep her alive on purpose. To see the pain. To feel it. Excel (0) tossed a spear at Connor (7), and it hit his waist, sending him limping back. My knife was tossed and hit Excel (0) in his back. BOOM! It was supposed to hit his neck, but whatever. He died. Anala (9) went running back, dragging Aqua (2) with her as I took Lumina (4). We ran back to the mall.

Richie Pennici

My forehead was bloody from Rade (4), but he died. I grabbed my spear and went with Warwickite (1) and Darlexx (8). We saw two parachutists come in. They were Jaguar from 1 and Texture from 8. I gave Jaguar a sword and Texture a pair of knives. They seemed happy. We went in search of some tributes. We walked for around an hour when we found the Anti-Careers at the mall. I tossed my spear and it found a home in Sorcera's (5) skull. BOOM! Shade (5) shouted "Sorcera!" He turned to us as Kodai (14) bit Texture's throat. Texture fell down dead, and Shade (5) tossed a dagger at Darlexx's (8) head. BOOM! I looked at Connor (7), locked in combat with Jaguar and Warwickite (1) fighting Ophelia (7) and Kodai (14). I bit my lip and stabbed the new kid from 5 in the head. Suddenly the boys from 14 and 7 tossed spears at us, hitting Jaguar and Warwickite (1). BOOM! I ran out quickly.

Anala Henderson

Aqua (2) was trying to get out of the Careers, but that means I'm solo. Whatever. I let her go and wandered away. I was pondering what to do when I heard a knife whizzing by. I ducked and turned to see Frade (3) and that girl from 6. I threw my dagger at the girl and hit her leg. "Ow! Shit!" She screamed. Frade (3) jumped at me and I tossed a sword in his chest. He grabbed a pack and took medicine out. I tried to slice his head but he ducked and put medicine on his chest. It instantly healed and he got back up. He tried to stab me but I backed up into a corner. He tossed a knife at me but I grabbed it and stabbed his testicle. He screamed and I took out one of them. I ran off with a testicle on my knife. Suddenly, one newcomer from 3 and one from 6 blasted out of a wall and tossed spears at me. I dodged them both and stabbed one in the neck, but that 3 boy dodged and ran away with the 7 boy.

Twix Cinders

I'm wearing shorts but I don't give a fuck. Randomly a spear came at me and I ducked. Delilah yelled but was silenced by it hitting her neck. BOOM! Pik, the newcomer went in to the fight and started hitting the alliance of 4. He was tossed back and I saw the knife in his head. I started to run. I ran. And ran. Finally, I turned around a corner to see the boy from 3 and Mimic (6). I jumped in a dumpster and hid. My eyes grew heavy and I fell asleep.

The fallen:

Excel Rose

Warwickite Jewelly

Sorcera Spectrus

Darlexx Velvet

Delilah Brooklyn

Day 2 trivia:

The Anti-Careers were going to all die except Shade.

Twix was going to land in a spike trap.

Richie was going to kill Warwickite.

Day 3

Clocky Clockson

All special tributes alive were removed during the night. At least Sharpe's alive with Ark. I went around the building, patrolling when i heard a scream. I ran forward to see Richie (C) fighting some beast. It looked like that beast......*flashback*

"No!" Clay yelled. Jeff started running back with his knife, and shoved it in his throat.BOOM! *end of flashback*

It's Jeffery! I ran to Richie and threw him in the dumpster behind me. I turned with my knives in hand and stabbed Jeffery. He groaned and threw a knife at me, hitting my arm. "I'll be back..." He hissed (A/N: He won't). I turned to Richie (C) and held out my hand. "Alliance?" I asked. He nodded and we went to Halloween. I heard ringing and recognized the Capitol colour. Richie (C) grabbed it and took out a sword, double knives and a surgeon pack. Stuff for us, I thought.

Shade Spectrus

I heard some rings while guarding with Kodai (14) and saw a parachute. I grabbed it to see two hidden blades. I knew Mist sent me this, and thanked him. Kodai (14) walked over and murmered how his mentor hated him. Suddenly, i heard something fly through the air. BOOM! Kodai (14) fell down and I saw Mimic (6) start sprinting away. "How dare you!" Ophelia (7) yelled, and tossed a spear at her. BOOM! Mimic fell down. "NO!" I heard Frade (3) yell, and Ophelia (7) ended up with a dart in her neck. BOOM! Somehow, in all this fighting, my hidden blade became lodged in Frade's (3) neck. BOOM!

Herb Bivore

I was looking through the box that landed. I found some knives, a sword and cat claws. Cool, I thought. I gave the knife to Alicia and kept the claws. They seemed cool. Suddenly, the girl from 9 ran by and cut my leg with the sword. Aqua (2) came over with her and they started kicking me. I screamed for Alicia (10) and the girl from 9 fell with a knife in her chest. BOOM! The other one turned to Alicia (10) and swiftly hit her head. My partner fell but no cannon blasted. The 2 girl came back over and was about to slice my head off when a dart landed in her neck. BOOM! My joy wasn't lasted for long when her sword hit my chest. I screamed more and looked to my saviours. It was the Anti-Careers! Shade (5) went to Fabrey (8) and took her. The girl from 4 took hold of Alicia (10) and Sunnie (11) while the boy from 7 looked at my injury. "It's too deep." He said in a very sorrowed tone. I gave him the claws and closed my eyes. BOOM!

Nothing else happens for the day, and the anthem plays.

Day 3 trivia:

Day 3 was the shortest day yet.

All of the Weaklings were going to die.

Aqua was going to survive.

No one could find Twix Cinders that day, even the cameras.

Only District 13 has both tributes remaining.

Day 4

Twix Cinders

"Attention all tributes! A feast will be held at the cornucopia. Do not kill each other please, we have it set up specially." I was already at the cornucopia. Hooray, I thought. I sat down at the large table and waited. The Anti-Careers were next to come. "Welcome." I greeted them. "Hi." Shade (5) said. Harley (13) and Piper (13) were next to come. Afterwards was Tabby (C) and Halloween (2). Just Clockeye and Richie (C) were left. Clocky (9) came next and a cannon went off. BOOM! Must be Richie (C), I thought. Sure enough I saw his body being eaten by mutts. "There goes Richie!" Head Gamemaker Blake said. "Tabby! Choose three people to receive gifts." Tabby chose Shade, Sunnie and Piper. Piper's shot a dart in her head. BOOM! Shade got a knife and Sunnie got a bomb. She threw it on me and I heard two explosions, one being the bomb and the other was my cannon. BOOM!

Shade Spectrus

After Twix blew up, all hell went loose. Clocky (9) threw a knife in Connor's (7) neck as Halloween (2) snapped the spine of Lumina (4).BOOM! BOOM! I signalled Alicia and Sunnie as Tabby (C) killed Fabrey (8) with her knives. We ran out of there, with 3 members lost. BOOM! Fabrey's (8) cannon went off.

The rest of the day passes. The anthem plays.

Day 4 trivia:

Shade is the last Spectrus standing.

Shade also had the shortest PoV in the whole games.

Day 4 is now the shortest day, with only two POV's.

Day 5 (will be in 3rd person)

Shade looked out the building. An hour ago, 14 previous tributes were sent against the final 7, two for each person. Shade himself had Darlexx from 8 and Frade. Sunnie had Twix and Delilah, while Alicia had Anala and Aqua. Shade knew also that Clocky had Connor and Richie as well that Halloween had Lumina and Sorcera. Shade assumed that Tabby had Fabrey and Piper while Harley had Herb and Tiara. Then the door broke down. "Your mistake, five." A female voice said, and Shade turned, twirling his sword in his hands. It was Tabby and Harley! Harley tried to run but Tabby took his sweater and tossed him at Shade. BOOM! The amount of guts were insane. Sunnie jumped at Tabby then stabbed her head. BOOM!

Clocky heard the cannons and looked at Halloween. He knew that it had to be Harley and Tabby, because Harley's glasses fell at them, and Tabby would've protected him, so she must be dead too. Little did he know of her betrayal. Clocky easily killed his zombies and Halloween's. Suddenly another cannon went off. BOOM! He heard two screams and knew an anti-Career died. Suddenly Shade burst out of the doors, with Sunnie close behind. Shade threw his knife at the duo and hit Clocky's chest. Sunnie ran away, and Shade just easily stabbed Clocky's heart. BOOM!

Sunnie was in the forest with nothing but a dagger and the so-called "Harvest" meal. Halloween ran over to her yelling "I'll fix you up!" Shade suddenly came out of nowhere and tossed a scalpel at Halloween's head. Halloween was hit, but wasn't going down without a fight. He grabbed an axe and sword, then ran at Shade. Shade tossed another knife at Halloween, aimed for his arm, but it hit the other tribute's neck. BOOM!

Sunnie ran to Shade. "We did it...But are we really winners?" She asked. "Time will tell young one, time will tell."


Death Chart

32. Tiara Spectrus, skewered by a spear thrown by Richie Pennici.

31. Valerie Moonshine, lit up in flames by Rade Spectrus.

30. Jackie Mockeri, got a hole-in-one by a sword owned by Mimic Slaughter.

29. Dazzle Sparks, mauled by a wolf named Kodai Hitgoroshi.

28. Rade Spectrus, brain split by a knife thrown by Aqua Majesty.

27. Zak Slaughter, neck snapped by Toby Rodgers.

26. Toby Rodgers, got a splitting headache from Mimic Slaughter's sword.

25. Excel Rose, got some whiplash from Kodai Hitgoroshi's knife.

24. Sorcera Spectrus, rented a home to a spear in her skull, which was owned by Richie Penninci.

23. Darlexx Velvet, got brain surgery from Shade Spectrus's knife.

22. Warwickite Jewelly, decided to get stoned by smoking Wolf Mounts's spear.

21. Delilah Brooklyn, became the hunted on a hunting trip by Herb Bivore.

20. Kodai Hitgoroshi, hooked on being stabbed by Mimic Slaughter's trident.

19. Mimic Slaughter, hunted and caught by Ophelia Carlile's spear.

18. Ophelia Carlile, sniped by Frade Spectrus's dart.

17. Frade Spectrus, asassinated by Shade Spectrus's hidden blades.

16. Anala Henderson, decided to try the knife in her shirt look with help from Alicia McMoo.

15. Aqua Majesty, shot with Shade Spectrus's dart.

14. Herb Bivore, became Aqua Majesty's new cauldron for her sword.

13. Richie Pennici, became a squirrel mutt pack's meal.

12. Piper Quinn, poisoned by the Capitol's dart.

11. Twix Cinders, became confetti made by Sunnie Husky's bomb.

10. Connor Kenway, bladed by Clocky Clockson's knife.

9. Lumina Spectrus, spine ripped out by Halloween Smiley.

8. Fabrey Texx, slain by Tabby Euphoria's knife.

7. Harley Swoop, ripped by Shade Spectrus's sword.

6. Tabby Euphoria, brain severly damaged by Sunnie Husky's knife.

5. Alicia McMoo, zombie zombie zombie zombie YEAH!!!

4. Clocky Clockson, was a sacrifice made to the god Shade Spectrus.

3. Halloween Smiley, couldn't pump more blood because Shade Spectrus had a heart.

Victor: Shade Spectrus.

Victor: Sunnie Husky.

Complete Games Trivia

Alicia was going to win, but John won another games very recently.

Shade made the most kills, with a total of 5.

Blade Spectrus was going to make an appearance in the games on day 2, but the idea was scrapped.

The feast was going to be the final day.

My favourite tribute in the games that didn't make it was Harley, but Samuel has a guarenteed victor in my all tribute games for him.


Shade and Sunnie had a great victory tour, even to Districts where they killed those tributes. Shade opened a Career academy which was more advanced then normal in district 5. Sunnie moved to 5 to open up a school for kids who were mentally or physically challenged. Together, they became the mentors for district 5, and eventually married when Shade was 26 and Sunnie was 24.

Good job everyone, and I hope you liked the outcome! Join my next games, being uploaded tonight! Another special twist!

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