Okay guys so this is like Whodunnit with users! Kay so first murder is same as show but rest are different.

The sacrifices


Rowanne RIP












Butler: Blake

Day 1

Picking up from the murder.....

Erlend's PoV

BANG! I heard a crash and sprinted to the main room. I saw Kekai in shock, yelling. Jade had fainted beside him, and Kiki and Emma were freaking out. Ian burst in and asked "What the hell happened?" I looked over the stairwell. There, laid Rowanne. Dead. I ran down to see him and a cord started fizzling. I stood back as Blake ran in. He ushered us into the foyer, and said "Shit! It started...." We all panicked and a voice clip came on, saying we were here for life or death. Shit. The twist? The killer is one of us. Double shit.

Jay's PoV

Blake let us choose if we wanted to head to the last known whereabouts, the morgue or the crime scene. I knew I wanted the morgue and couldn't wait. In the end, me, Jade, Ian and Nick would head to the morgue. Mist, Emma, Kekai and Kiki wanted the crime scene and Erlend, Joan, Justin and Tyler would head to Rowanne's room. When we arrived at the morgue, we found a pellet hole and pellet in her neck. I was shocked. Ian thought she drowned, and I tried to tell him that she was shot in the neck, and he believed me.

Kiki's PoV

I can't believe Rowanne is dead.

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