The 123rd Hunger Games was the first to go longer than 30 days, totaling 42 days total. It was also the first to have no bloodbath as weapons, food, and supplies were scattered throughout the Arena.


Edwick; District 1 Male; 15

Lora; District 1 Female; 13

Hal; District 2 Male; 17

Yoko; District 2 Female; 12

Marcan; District 3 Male; 14

Mariana; District 3 Female; 16

Oscar; District 4 Male; 18

Jazmyna; District 4 Female; 18

Rickorik; District 5 Male; 17

Karim; District 5 Female; 15

Shad; District 6 Male; 14

Kavalle; District 6 Female; 16

Angelo; District 7 Male; 18

Tiana; District 7 Female; 17

Noe; District 8 Male; 18

Cora; District 8 Female; 12

Hyrul; District 9 Male; 16

Whit; District 9 Female; 16

Abel; District 10 Male; 15

Violet; District 10 Male; 17

Cobalt; District 11 Male; 18

Jen; District 11 Female; 15

Oak; District 12 Male; 16

Acorn; District 12 Female; 14

The Arena

The 123rd Hunger Games Arena was a big Mountain Range with many tunnels and caves used for strategizing. Weapons were hidden across the arena, making it harder to kill the other tributes. There was 1 water source, 1 small lake off to the side used to lure other tributes in and get some action.

The Games

On Day 1, the tributes strayed off into the vast Arena to find weapons. Angelo ran after Yoko later getting her killed by punching her to death. Oak and Acorn quickly align with The District 8 Tributes. Cobalt was the first to find supplies in a cave, gaining him an ax, a serrated knife, a bow and arrow, and a pack with fruit, night-vision goggles, and a sleeping bag. He was also the first to find the lake. After Day 1, Yoko from District 2, who strayed from the pack of tributes, who was brutally killed by Angelo on Day 1. 23 Tributes Left.

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