• I live in the fabrics of the reality
  • I was born on August 26
  • My occupation is failing (but not failing) science class
  • I am currently hiding under a blanket because I'm cold af
  • That1Girl

    Life is pretty hard right now. I mean it's good but it's not great. Everything is moving too fast and I'm just in the fog on what's happening. I can't go to this wiki- on the roleplaying wiki I was basically tortured, being told my tributes weren't good enough when I worked my ass off on them. I was also told that nobody trusted me there. That may be the case in real life as well because I cannot trust myself nor can I trust anyone around me. Everyone that I have ever trusted has broken the trust. Everything can be destroyed in seconds and that's basically how my trust was destroyed. Turns out those who I trusted the most ended up betraying me. I don't care if it was intended or not, the trust may be harder to build up.

    Many of these users a…

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  • That1Girl

    Hai, are you ready for the first annual Hunger games that have all of the districts and the Capitol? These are my first Hunger games. Are you ready?

    • Please no fighting over spots
    • These are my first hunger games so if they aren't perfect, don't be Mad.
    • No reserves
    • 4 tributes per user
    • Please stay active or your tribute will not live.
    • If you have read these say "I like trains"

    Name District Weapons User

    D1 Male: Gold Sharpes

    D1 Female: Shiny Stone

    D2 M: Nolan Groce

    D2 F:

    D3 M: Darflem Adrici

    D3 F:

    D4 M: Cress Waller

    D4 F:

    D5 M:

    D5 F:

    D6 M: Clenox Kentwell

    D6 F:

    D7 M:

    D7 F:

    D8 M:

    D8 F:

    D9 M:

    D9 F: Kayla Weat

    D10 M:

    D10 F:

    D11 M:

    D11 F:

    D12 M:

    D12 F:

    D13 M: D13 F: Mollie Knots

    Capitol M:

    Capitol F:

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