Hai, are you ready for the first annual Hunger games that have all of the districts and the Capitol? These are my first Hunger games. Are you ready?


  • Please no fighting over spots
  • These are my first hunger games so if they aren't perfect, don't be Mad.
  • No reserves
  • 4 tributes per user
  • Please stay active or your tribute will not live.
  • If you have read these say "I like trains"


Name District Weapons User

D1 Male: Gold Sharpes

D1 Female: Shiny Stone

D2 M: Nolan Groce

D2 F:

D3 M: Darflem Adrici

D3 F:

D4 M: Cress Waller

D4 F:

D5 M:

D5 F:

D6 M: Clenox Kentwell

D6 F:

D7 M:

D7 F:

D8 M:

D8 F:

D9 M:

D9 F: Kayla Weat

D10 M:

D10 F:

D11 M:

D11 F:

D12 M:

D12 F:

D13 M: D13 F: Mollie Knots

Capitol M:

Capitol F:


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